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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Nov 5 1886

October 28.-
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons. White from Oamaru. J Mills, agent. Passengers: 13 saloon, 3 steerage.
Timaru, s.s., 279 tons, Keebles, from the Bluff K Ramsay, agent.

October 29. - 
Jasper. barquentine, 288 tons, Rodgers, from Brisbane, via Lyttelton. Mackerras and Hazlett agents.
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Hansby, from the North. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Martin, Mr and Mrs C Allen, Messrs M'Farlane, Cohn, Dalgleish, and 14 steerage.

October 30.-
Enterprise, brigantine, 84 tons, Bell, from Napier. G. Blyth and Co, agents.
Wakatipu, s.s., 1158 tons, Johnson, from Sydney, via Cook Strait. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Messrs Rankin, Aulesbrook, and 2 steerage.
Beautiful Star, s.s. 146 tons, White, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent, Passengers: 5 saloon, 6 steerage.

October 31.-
Kakanui, s.s.. 59 tons, Best, from Timaru. K.Ramsay, agent.
Doric, s.s., 4744 tones Jennings, from Plymouth (September 11) via intermediate ports. Dalgety and Co., Limited, agents. Passengers: Saloon-Misses Stewart (2), Mr E T Rhodes and wife, Miss J Black; second saloon-Mr and Mrs Coull, Misses Hunter, White, Jepson, Mr Rowney; third cabin-Mr and Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs Kelly, Mr and Mrs Rose, Messrs Taylor, Arbuckle, Brown, Wallace, Kerr (4), Teesdale (2), Crossley, Sharpless, Saxelby, Brown, Walker.

November 1.-
Go-ahead, s.s., 132 tons, Plumley, from Wellington. K. Ramsay, agent.
Wareatea, s.s., 288 tons, Ewan, from Westport. W. Hay Dickson, agent.

November 2.- 
Catlin, ketch, 46 tons, Hanning, from Invercargill. Dunedin Iron and Woodware Co., agents.
Manapouri, s.s., 1020 tons, Logan from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Saloon-Mesdames Warburton, Carr, Jones, child, and nurse. Cameron, Messrs Cooper, Brown, Hamilton (2), Mendershausen, Friedlander, Neill,
Wright, Bickerton. Robinson, Hatch, Rutherford. Masters Rutherford, Morrison. Mallaby Dramatic Troupo (Misses Wade (2). Bryer. Gwynne, Messrs Alleyne, Melville, Power, Haygarth, Beaumont, Stuart, Ebden, Robinson).
Lizzie, cutter, 35 tons, Joss, from Timaru. G. Blyth and Co., agents.

November 3. -
Prospero, brig. 198 tons, Shimmins, from Hobart. G. Blyth and Co., agents.
Guiding Star, barquentine, 249 tons, Iken, from Hobart. D I and W Co., agents.
Mahinapua, s s., 205 tons, Holmes, from the West Coast. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Mrs Percival, Miss Brown, Messs Black, Woodhouse; & steerage,
Hauroto s.s., 1276 tons, Kennedy; from New Castle. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Mr Parker; 1 steerage.
Waihora, s.s.. 1269 tons, Popham, from Sydney, via the East Coast. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Bodle, family, and servant, Mr and Mrs Lloyd and family, Rev. Mr and Mrs Cairns, Mesdames Baldwin, Pearson, Tribe, Waterhouse and 2 children, Misses M'Callum, Benson, Sir R. Fowler, Messrs Whiteside, Bodle, Tennent, Boldini, M'Kerrow, Sunderland (2), Keast, Rochesson, Todd, Brown, Fowler, Goss, Willcocks, Carter, Roberts, M'Intosh, Waters; 37 steerage.
Invercargill, s s., 136 tons, Sundstrom, from Lyttelton. K. Ramsay, agent. Passenger: Mr Kingsland.

October 29.-
Wairoa, ship, 1017 tons, Holbeche, for Oamaru. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.
Eliza Firth, brigantine, 138 tons, Millman, for the Coast. K Ramsay, agent.
Grafton, s.s., 548 tons, Nordstrom, for the West Coast, via intermediate ports. J Mills, agent.
Beautiful Star, s.s. 146 tone, White, for Oamaru. J Mills, agent.
Timaru, s.s., 279 tons, Keebles, for the West Coast, via Timaru. K Ramsay, agent.

October 31.-
Wairarapa, s.s., 1023 tons, Chatfield, for Melbourne,via the Bluff. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: For the Bluff-Messrs Wright, Neill, Ackhurst. For Melbourne-Mr and Mrs Triggs and family, Mr and Mrs Martin, Colonel Sargood, Mr Martin.

November 1 -
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Hansby, for the North. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: For Lyttelton-Messrs Johnston, Jefferd, Collins. For Wellington-Miss Allen, Mr Herncus. For Picton-Mrs and Miss Heany; 8 steerage.

November 2 -
Go-ahead, s.s., 132 tons, Plumley, for Wanganui, via Oamaru and Wellington. K. Ramsay, agent.
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, White, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Warearea, s.s., 288 tons, Ewan, for Westport. W. Hay Dickson, agent.

November 3.-
Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, for Owake River. K.Ramsay, agent.
Pet, barque, 259 tons, Bowden, for the Coast. T. Paterson and Co., agents. 
Manapouri, s s., 1020 tons, Logan. for Sydney, via the East Coast. J. Mills. agent. Passengers: For Lyttelton-Mr Butterworth. For Wellington-Mr and Mrs Denniston, Mr and Mrs Babe , Mrs Petrie and child, Misses Larnach (2), Pearson, Messrs Lewis, Blundell, Isaacs, Martin. For Napier-Misses Simpson (2), Mr. Simpson. For Gisborne-Miss Jones. For Auckland-Dr and Mrs Brown, Mrs Boyle, Messrs Ewen, Johnston. For Sydney-Mr and Mrs Kitt and 2 children; 19 steerage.
Doric, s.s, 4474 tons, Jennings, for London, via Lyttelton. Dalgety and Co., agents.
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, White, for Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.

The s.s. Doric will arrive at Port Chalmers on Sunday next, about 4 p.m., from London, via Wellington.
The New Zealand Shipping Company are advised that the Rimutaka passed Madeira, homeward bound, on October 27.
Up to September 9 the following passengers were booked by the New Zealand Shipping Company's steamers for New Zealand :-
For Lyttelton: First saloon-Mr and Mrs T M'Clatchie, Messrs G C A and F A Jonson, Mr and Mrs C W Turner, Mr G Oram, Mrs H Clogstoun and two daughters, Rev W T P and Mrs Winter, Mrs E Huckell, Mr R Milne. 
Second saloon- Mr and Mrs T Rogers, Mr Murgatroyd, Mr and Mrs J Potter, Mr J A Atkinson, Mr and Mrs J A Jones and two children, Mr C Atkin, Mrs S A Green and three children, Messrs R and J Burney, Mr and Mrs Barnes and two children, Miss E Barnes, Mr H A Williams. 

For Auckland: First saloon-Mr and Mrs J DuMoulin, Miss Sinclair, Messrs J Taylor, R F Luks, George Brayshaw, H Fatham, Miss J A Sinclair, Mr J H Willan. Mrs Sheppard, Mr L B Nathan and daughter, Mrs Darling and maid.
Second saloon- Mr and Mrs T T Frimnell, son and daughter.

For Port Chalmers: First saloon-Mr M C Binnes and children, Misses E and S H Walker, Mr and Mrs H L Harding, Messrs J B and C M Nevill.
Second saloon- Messrs J Scanlan, A M Alison, J Brice, A Martin, Misses B O'Neill. J Martin, M'Kay (2).

For Sydney: First saloon-Mr and Mrs W A Hills.

For Melbourne: Second saloon-Mr C T Nash.

For Hobart: First saloon-Mr J A Fawns and two daughters.

For Wellington: First saloon- Messrs W M Newman and A Duncan, Mrs M Tylee. Second saloon-Miss Galway, Mrs Lowes and daughter, Mr and Mrs J Meek, Miss C Richardson, Messrs D Asher, A Johnson, and F C Turner, Mrs Luxford and three children, Mr E Mouet, Mrs England.

For New Plymouth: First saloon Mr A J Wise. Second saloon-Mrs Barclay and child.

For Napier: Second saloon-Miss Lowe, Mr J Dodds.

R.M.S. AORANGI                   .
For Wellington: First saloon-Mr and Mrs F Arkwright and two daughters, Mr C P Mather, Miss Sutherland, Miss E Hoggard, Mr P H Lawrence, Miss M Walker. Second saloon-Mr R B Jackson.

For Nelson: First saloon-Rev J L and Mrs Nightingale, Mrs and Miss Blundell. 

For Lyttelton:
First saloon-Mr and Mrs Wilder and family. Mr and Mrs W J Marshall. Second saloon-Mr W Austin, Mrs Ross, Mr G H D Ross, Miss N Turnstall, Mr and Mrs J Black.

For Napier: First saloon-Mr J Nairn. For Auckland: First saloon-Mrs Atkinson and son, Mr and Mrs Roach, Miss Owen, Mrs Heather and daughter, Mr and Mrs H N Firth, Mr J Edson. Second saloon -Mrs E Percy, Miss Scott. 

For Port Chalmers: First saloon-Mr G R Binson. Second saloon-Mrs E. Bolt, Messrs J Hopkins, T Barmby, H B Austing, Mrs A Horsfall and children, Miss H Snowden, Mr A F Wheeler.

For Invercargill: Second saloon,-Miss M Quinn. 

For Melbourne: Second saloon-Mr T. Lloyd.

For Lyttelton: First saloon-Misses S D and J E Tripp, Mrs and Miss R St B Haslam, Miss K Bealey, Miss E Wahl, Mr A S Williams, Captain E R Boyle.

For Auckland: Miss E A Parkinson, Mrs Dawson and children. Miss Binks, Lady W Robinson and party.

For Wellington:
Mrs Sutherland and children, Mr and Miss Talbot, Mr W H Rose. For Gisborne: Mr B Preston For Bluff: Mr G Watson.

Otago Witness Shipping News 05 November 1886

 Otago Witness 02 January 1886

Eighteen hundred and eighty-six! To a genuine old identity, who digested his pea-soup and "bouilli" on board the John Wickliffe or the Philip Laing. Possibly "Civis" came to Otago with Captain Cargill, Dr Burns, and the original band of Argonauts, in one of the first ships. Possibly he didn't. Possibly he landed at Sandridge, when Sandridge was "Liardet's Beach," on which lay, exposing her black hull against the shinning sand, close to the lo ti-tree scrub, the old Duke of Bedford, in the character of an old extemporised boarding-house, and when the City of Manchester, the Lady Elgin, the Black Ball Eagle, with a carven presentment of the bird after which she was named surmounting her maintruck - when these, with a hundred others, teak-built merchantmen of the olden time, lay derelict in Hobson's Bay, their crews bolted to the diggings..