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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the  publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window) 

August 26 - Mahinanua, s.s. 205 tons, Holme, from the North. J. Mills, agent.
Balfour 	Mr
Batchelor	Mr
Bruce 		Mr
Coventry 	Mr
Edwards 	Mr
Ford 		Mrs
Franks 		Mr
Hankins 	Mr
Kenny 		Mr
McCulley 	Mr W
Mi-s-son? 	Mr
Munro 		Mr
Ritchie 	Master
Sise 		Master
Waite 		Mr J
Wilson 		Mr
August 28 - Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bernech, from the coast.
August 30 - Hawea, s.s., 422 tons, Hansby, from the North.
Bland 		Mr
Brown 		Mrs J C
Cohen 		Mr
Fowler 		Miss
Poter 		Mrs
Symes 		Miss
and two in steerage
September 1 - Rotomahana, s.s., 835 tons, Carey from Sydney via East Coast. 
Passengers from Sydney -
Chrystal 	Mr
Forrest 	Mr
McNeil 		Mr H

from the Coast - 
Borgen 		Mr
Bullen 		Mr
Caffin 		Miss
Coates 		Mrs
Cooper 		Mr
Dymock 		Mr
Goldel 		Mr
Greenwood 	Miss
Kimbell 	Miss
Matthews 	Mr
Perry 		Mr (3)
Ramsay 		Miss
Scoullar 	Mr
Solomon 	Mr
Zeigel 		Mr
and 16 steerage
August 26 - Camille, brigantine, 222 tons, Helgeon, for Auckland.
Manapouri, s.s. 1020 tons, Logan, for Melbourne, via Bluff and Hobart. 
For the Bluff- 
Palmer 		Mr

For Hobart:
Bowling 	Mr
Huntley 	Mr
Liddy 		Mr

For Melbourne
Bayley 		Mr
Bastings 	Mr
Beaumont 	Mr
Day 		Mr
Downey 		Mr and Mrs and family
and 15 in steerage

August 27 - Mahinapua, s.s. 205 tons, Holmes, for the West Coast

August 30 - Penguin, s.s., 163 tons, Allman, for the North.
Passengers for Lyttelton
Henderson? 	Mr

For Wellington - 
Lees 		Miss
Reeves 		Mr 
and seven steerage

August 31 - Ohau, s.s., for Auckland via Oamaru and the East Coast
Te Anau, s.s. 1028 tons, McIntosh, for Sydney, via the East Coast.
Passengers: For Lyttelton - 
Fraser 		Misses (2)

for Wellington - 
Lloyd 		Mrs and servant
for Napier - 
Hope 		Mrs and child

for Gisborne - 
Kerkham 	Mrs
Jeffs 		Miss

for Auckland 
Souness		Mr

for Sydney
Dakin 		Mr
Bell 		Mr
5 steerage

The Direct Steamers
Wellington, August 26
Sailed: R.M.S. Aorangi, for London via Rio and Madeira. The frozen meat going with her consists of 16,500 carcases. She has 68 passengers, as follows:

Acland 	Mr H D
?Clannoor 	Lord 
Cartwright 	Mr
Chartress 	Mr
Dobson 		Mrs
Dobson 		Mr Robert
Everett 	Mr
Everett 	Mrs
Gibbs 		Mrs
Gibbs 		Mr Isaac
Harper 		Mr C D
Harper 		Mr J
Harper 		Mrs
Jeaning 	Dr E
McKenter 	Mr
Shaen 		Mr W

Second saloon:
Arhurt 		Mr
Burton 		Mr Alfred
Dawes 		Mr Frank
Forde 		Miss M
Gardiner 	Mr W
Grant 		Mr W
Hardy 		Mrs
Harvey 		Mr Arthur
Johnston 	Rev. J
Melville 	Mr
Quay 		Mr
Sale 		Mr John
Smail 		Rev. J
Wilde 		Mr J
Young 		Mr J M

Beer 		Miss C
Beer 		Miss A
Berg 		Miss Adee?
Cormick 	Miss Helen
Crawford 	Annie
Floyd 		Mr J E
Francis 	Mr J
Kendrick 	Mr F
Lance 		Mr Charles
Lanagan 	Mr T
Loasby 		Mr F
Matthews 	Mr R S
Mitchell 	Mr T
Oolsen? 	Mr
Osbourne 	Mr P
Playde 		Mr W
Richardson 	Mr Alfred
Robertson 	Mr Alex.
Satchall 	Mr A
The Mararoa on her outward trip took the following passengers:
Bateman 	Mr and Mrs
Broad 		Miss
Clifford 	Mr
Fairbrother 	Mr and Mrs

Hazlett 	Mrs
Jones 		Mrs
Manifold 	Mr and Mrs
Mayne 		Miss
Pickard 	Mr
Wiggan 		Mr W H
Wood 		Mr

Steerage -
Abbe 		Mr J H
Beran 		Mr and Mrs
Cargill 	Mr J
Cargill 	Mr and Mrs W
De Lacy 	Mr J
Grafton 	Mrs J
Hope 		Mr J
Horace 		Mr J
Ireland 	Mr C W
Ives 		Mr J
Mitchell 	Mr and Mrs
Mitchell 	Mr G
Mitchell 	Master
Robinson 	Mr D
Wilson 		Mr W J

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