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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 03 December 1886 page 19

Grafton, s.s., 297 tons, Nordstrom, from Westport, via intermediate ports.
Buchanan	Mr
Grange 		Mr
Gren 		Mr
McEwan 		Mrs
Maloney 	Mr
Runciman 	Mr and Mrs and family
Webb 		Miss
Williams 	Mr
Williams 	Misses (2)
and 4 steerage
Tarawera, s.s, 1239 tons, Sinclair, from Sydney, via East Coast
Byrne 		Miss
Comedy 		Mr
Company 	Mr
Davis 		Miss
Howard 		Mr
Hughey 		Miss
Kirkham 	Mr
Lawson 		Mr
Logie 		Miss
Logie 		Mr
Pearson 	Mr
Reeve 		Mr
Risk 		Mr
Spicer 		Mr
Wybert 		Mr
Woods 		Mrs
and 8 steerage
Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from Owake river. K. Ramsey, agent
Nov. 26 - Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Grant from Oamaru. Passengers: 8 saloon
Zepher, brigantine, 135 tons, Tippet, from Hokitika
Nov. 26 - Kpranui, s.s., 301 tons, Oliver, from the West Coast. Passengers: 2 steerage
Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Neville, from the North.
Blackadder 	Mr
Boynton 	Mr
Campion 	Mr
Carrier 	Miss
Faill 		Mr
Fox 		Mr
Morrison 	Mr
Thompson 	Miss 
and 2 steerage
Nov. 27 - Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bernech, from the West Coast
Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from Waikawa
Nov. 28 - Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, White from Oamaru. Passengers: 5 saloon
Invercargill, s.s., 136 tons, Sunstrom, from Invercargill
Kawatiri, s.s., 284 tons, Metcalf, from Westport W Hay, Dickson, agent
Waikato, ship, 1021 tons, Taylor, from London (August 22) New Zealand Shipping Company agents.
Kirkwood 	Mr
Livingston 	Mr and servant
Nov. 30 - Mararoa, s.s., 1258 tons, Edie, from Melbourne, via Hobart and Bluff Harbour
Bradshaw 	Mr
Callow 		Mrs
Callow 		Miss
Campbell 	Mr
Dodson 		Mr
Douglass 	Mr
Edie 		Miss
Fraer 		Mrs
Fraer 		Miss
Hall 		Miss
Hallenstein 	Mr
Isaacs 		Mr and Mrs and family
Lee 		Mrs
Morton 		Mr
Peake 		Miss
Piper 		Mr
Smith 		Mrs
Trotter 	Mr and Mrs and servant
and 22 steerage
Arawa, s.s., 5200 tons, Stuart, for London, via Wellington. N.M. and A., Co., agents
Nov. 26 - Orawaiti, s.s., 288 tons, Gibbs, for Westport.

Te Anau, s.s., 1028 tons, Kennedy, for Sydney, via the East Coast ports.
Passengers for Lyttelton:
Smith 		Mr
For Wellington 
Ashbury 	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Don 		Mr
Francis 	Miss
Larnach 	Mr and Mrs D and child
Treadwell 	Mr
Troup 		Mr
For Napier
Coates 		Mrs
Gilpin 		Mrs
Leary 		Miss
For Auckland
Goodhills 	Miss
Snider 		Miss
Somerville 	Miss
Spurgeon 	Rev T
For Sydney
Aird 		Mr
Grinie 		Mr and Mrs
Tow 		Mr
and 6 steerage
Tarawera, s.s., 1269 tons, Sinclair, for Melbourne via Bluff
For Bluff
Bradshaw 	Miss
Wadell 		Miss
For Melbourne -
Calder 		Miss 
Erfert 		Mr
Gallie 		Mr
Morrison 	Mrs
Oakley 		Mr
Roberts 	Miss
and 9 steerage
Nov. 26 - Grafton, s.s., 279 tons, Nordstrom, for the North
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Grant, for Oamaru
Nov. 27 - Lilly, schooner, 84 tons, Connor, for Wellington. G Blyth and Co agents.

Areola, barque, 947 tons, Peregrine, for Kaipara. Gibbs, Bright and Co. agents.
Atlantic, brig, 291 tons, Janssen, for New Britain. Scoular and Co., agents.
Rotorua, s.s., 578 tons, Neville, for Northern ports. 
Passengers: For Wellington
Bunny Mrs and son
Campion 	Mr
For Manukau - 
Bodle 		Mr
McLellan 	Mr
and 2 steerage
Kawatiri, s.s., 284 tons, Metcalf, for Westport. W.H. Dickson, agent.
Nov. - 30 - Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Grant, for Oamaru
Koranui, s.s., 301 tons, Oliver, for Greymouth via intermediate ports.