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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the  publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

 Otago Witness Shipping News 01 October 1886 pages 17 & 18

September 23 -  Koranui, s.s. 301 tons, Oliver, from Greymouth, via intermediate ports.
		Beautiful Star, s.s., White, from Oamaru. Passengers: 3 saloon, 4 steerage
		Elizabeth Firth:, 138 tons, Millman, from Greymouth, Kennedy Brothers, agents
Hauroto, s.s., 1276 tons, from Sydney, via The East Coast. Passengers:
Aldridge  	Miss
Anderson 	Captain
Beal 		Messrs (2)
Campbell  	Miss
Doig 		Miss
Douglas 	Mr
Evans 		Mr
Fraser  	Miss 
Fraser 		Mrs
Fraser 		Hon Captain, M.L.C.
Gellibrand  	Miss
Glendining 	Mr
Jenkins 	Captain
Luke 		Mrs
McGill 		Mrs
Miles  		Miss
Turnbull 	Mr
and 27 steerage

Sept. 24 - Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Hansby, from the North. Passengers: 
Beaver 		Mr
Bunny 		Mrs
Cameron 	Miss
Cameron 	Captain
Dickson 	Mr
Evans 		Mr
Hyndmond 	Mr
Isaacs 		Mr
Scott 		Mr
Solomon 	Mrs
one in steerage
September 26 - Tainui s.s, 5200 tons, Barlow, R.N.R., from Plymouth (August 12),
via Teneriffe, the Cape of Good Hope, and Hobart. B. and N.Z.M. and A. Co., agents. photo
{passengers for Otago: Cabin:
Cutten 		Miss
Rankin 		Mr
Shennan 	Mr and Mrs W
Second Saloon:
Findlay 	Mrs J
Roberts 	Mr and Mrs
Roberts 	Mr
Traviner 	Mr
Barnes 		Mr and Mrs J
Barnes 		Mr and Mrs J, jun
Bishoprick	Mr and Mrs
Corner 		Mr F
Currle 		Mr and Mrs C
Currle 		Masters R,F, A, and G
Currle 		Miss A
Ferguson 	Mr R
Gibbs 		Mr and Mrs T
Gibbs 		Misses A,E, and N
Gibbs 		Master T
Graham 		Mr W
Irvine 		Mr J
Jackson 	Mr D
Jackson 	Mr D
Jansen 		Mr and Mrs N
Jansen 		Masters E M and M 
Knox 		Mr and Mrs A
Knox 		Master A
Knox 		Misses J, H, J, and E
McKinnon 	Mr D
Meenan 		Mr J
Nettleship 	Mr G
Paulsen 	Mr M
Paulsen 	Mr O
Paulsen 	Mr P
Paulsen 	Miss C
Smith 		Mr T
Stanford 	Mr G

For Lyttelton - 
Bradshaw 	Mr F
Cramp 		Mr A

September 28 - Go ahead, s.s., 132 tons, Plumley, from Wellington.

September 28 - Wairarapa s.s., 1023 tons, Chatfield, from Melbourne, via the bluff. Passengers: Saloon - 
Anderson 	Mr
Bayley 		Mr
Benjamin 	Mr
Blakely 	Mr
Buckley 	Mr
Chatfield 	Mr A W
Huggins 	Mr and Mrs J
Lodge 		Mr and Mrs T and two infants
Plaistead 	Miss
Rhodes 		Mr
Sheanan 	Mrs
10 in steerage

Sept. 29 - Invercargill, s.s., 136 tons, Sundstrom, from Lyttelton. K Ramsay, agent
Grafton, s.s., 297 tons, Nordstrom, from Westport via intermediate ports. Passengers:
Ellison 	Mr
Morrison 	Mrs 
McGillvray 	Miss
Priest 		Mr
Vernon 		Mr
Zander 		Mr
and 3 in steerage

Wairoa, ship, 1015 tons, Holbeche, from London (July 3). New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. Passengers:
Brook 		Mr and Mrs 
Brook 		Misses (3)
Brook 		Master


Sept. 23 - Hauroto, s.s. for Melbourne
Sept. 24 - Nettie, American brigantine, 437 tons, Lowry, for Auckland
	   Mahunapua, s.s., Holmes, for Westport
	   Koranui, s.s., 301 tons, Oliver, for Greymouth, via Oamaru
Sept. 26 - Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bernech, for Auckland, via East Coast ports.
Sept. 27 - Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Hansby for the North. Passengers for Lyttelton Mr J R Scott
For Wellington - Miss Preston, Mr Forsyth and 20 steerage
Sept. 28 - Go ahead,  for Wanganui
Sept. 29 - Invercargill for Invercargill

Wairarapa, s.s., 1023 tons, Chatfield, for Sydney, via East Coast
For Lyttelton
Baldwin 	Mrs
Calvert 	Mr
Mackintosh 	Miss
For Wellington
Hubbard 	Mr
Maule 		Mr
Stuart 		Mrs
For Napier  -
Dryden 		Mrs 
Filuell		Mrs
McLean 		Mrs and Mrs
McLean 		Mrs and Mrs M
For Auckland -
Findlya 	Mr
Frase 		Mr
Frade 		Miss
Guest 		Mrs
Grant 		Mrs
Ross 		Mr and Mrs
and 15 in steerage