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1863 BDM's Otago Witness

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The Otago Witness, newspaper published weekly, on Saturday mornings.  The shipping column and BDM's are usually found on page 4 above the editorial. 

January 3 1863 Saturday 
Births. At Dunedin, on the 2nd instant, the wife of Donald Mackay of a son.
At Totara Tree, Oamaru, on the 29th ultimo, the wife of William Brown, Esq., of a son.

Death. On Wednesday, 24th December 1862, at Hampden, Otago, N.Z. Jane, eldest daughter of John Young, storekeeper, Hampden, aged 28. Home papers please copy.

Fatal Accident at West Taieri.
A magisterial inquiry into the cause of the death of John Curle, the man who was shot at West Taieri on Christmas Day, was held on Tuesday 30th December, at the house of his Honor J.H. Harris, at West Taieri, before Vincent Pyke, Esq, J.P. Thomas Casey, deposed: On Christmas Day I officiated as marker at a target in Lee's Bush. The person's firing at the target were Mr James Fulton J.P., Mr John Barker Jn. Cockerell J.P., Mr Charles Sproule and myself. It so happened that a bullet fired by one of them accidentally struck a rider on a horse. Robert Cowie, a duly medical practitioner attended the deceased.

From the frontpage of the Otago Witness 27 Feb. 1864

January 9 1863 page 4
Marriage. On the 30th ultimo, at Mataura Ferry, by the Rev. A.H. ?Stoin, James Stuart Shanks, Esq., Junior, to Jessie D., eldest daughter of John McGibbon, Esq. 

January 9 1863 page 7 Licensing Meeting
March 21 1863 page 5 Publicians Licenses 

January 9 1863 page 7
Mary Ann Edhouse died in the night of 2nd instant. Inquest held at the Albion Hotel, Great George-street by Vincent Pyke, Esq., J.P. 12 months ago she was charged with shooting at her husband. But of late they have been living together, most unhappily in a house in Leith--street. Lately they have "that the deceased died from the effects of excessive drinking. " Her eldest daughter is 23 or 14 years of age. Dr Hector.  Edward Hulme, Provincial Surgeon. Dr Wilson. 

January 16 1863
Marriage. On the 8th inst., at the residence of George Shand, Esq., Princes-street, by the Rev. Dr. Burns, Charles Edward Hayward, to Agnes Weir, second daughter of Andrew Lees.

Birth. At Koan Bank, Inch Clutha, on the 19th ultimo, the wife of Mr E. Bowler, of a son.

January 31 1863
Marriage. On the 26th January, at Dunedin, by the Rev. Dr. Burns, Mr James Rae, of the Albion Hotel, Junction, Dunstan, to Matilda Jane McPhee, relict of the late Ewen McPhee, Esq., of the G.P.O. London, grandson of the late Sir Allen Cameron, 79th Highlanders, N.B.

February 7 1863
Died. On the 5th inst., William Petrie, youngest son of James Anderson, carpenter, Mornington.

February 21 1863
Died, On the 18th inst., at the age of 21 months, David, youngest son of Mr David Warnock, Walker-street, Dunedin.
pg8. Death of Mr James McFarlan, a poet. He was born in Glasgow 9 April 1832. His father is still living. Attended school at Glasgow and Kilmarnock. ........ Glasgow Citzen

March 7 1863
Married. On the 4th inst., at Hawkesbury, by the Rev. J. A. Fenton, James Wilson, Esq., to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of William McLauchlan, Esq., Hawkesbury.

Died. On the 23rd inst., at York Place, Samuel John, youngest son of Mr Henry Wright, boatbuilder. Should this meet the eye of any friend of Mr Wright on the Goldfields, they will confer an obligation by conveying the intelligence to him.

March 14 1863
Married. On the 12th inst., at the Episcopal Church, Dunedin, by the Revd. J.A. Fenton, M.A. McLeod Clement, son of John Orbell, Esq., of Waikouaiti, to Alice Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Colonel Bamford, Staff Officer of Pensioners, Birmingham, England.

March 28 1863 page 7
Inquest before Joseph Wood, Esq, R.M. on the body of James Macauley, late Postmaster at Wakatipu. Witnesses. Henry Vanrennan, Publican at the Arrow in charge of the Post Office Hotel. Dr James Douglas, Detective Barratt, Sergeant John William Lynch. The Jury found that the deceased had committed suicide in a fit of temporary insanity. 

March 28 1863 page 4
Died. On the 15th inst., at Otelaike, Waitake, Guy Heywood, infant son of W.H. Dansey, Esq., aged 3 months.

April 4 1863 page 3
Inquest March 23 at Queenstown before J. Nugent Wood, Esq., R.M. on how Robert Donaldson, a miner, met his death, at Lawrenson and Cameron's. Witnesses: Henry B. Wright, a miner, John Angus McDonald, William Thomas, a colored man, a miner, Detective Callan, John Malloy, a barman at the Nations Hotel, Mr Lawrenson, the landlord, Dr Evison, William Haggaty, a miner, Denis Maoney, night watchman.

April 4 1863 
Married. At 2 Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh, on the 7th January, by the Rev. Dr Begg, Henry Orbell, Esq., Ballingdon, Station, Waikouaiti, Otago, to Margaret Scott, eldest daughter of Edward McGlashan, Esq, Otago, New Zealand.

On the 24th March last, at Oamaru, by the Rev. Algernon Gifford, William Benjamin Scandrett, of Invercargill, to Susanna Hinton, eldest daughter of Mr Joseph Milstead, Oamaru.

Died. At 2 Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh, on the 9th January, Jane Cook, aged 14� years, second daughter of E.M. Glashan, Esq., of Otago.

April 11 1863
Birth. On the 1st instant, at her Father's residence, George-street, Dunedin, Mrs D. Campbell, of a daughter.

Deaths. On the 6th instant at Rocklands, Deep Stream, the infant daughter of Campbell Thomson, Esq.
On the 16th instant, Drowned at Lake Wakatipu, Otago, New Zealand, Matthew Robertson, aged 24, late of Leith. 

May 2 1863
Birth. On the 29th inst., at Brown-street, the wife of T.E. Young, of a son.

Married. On the 28th April, at Pear Tree Hill, Green Island, by the Rev. Dr. Burns. Mr James Lonnes?, contactor, to Mary, eldest daughter of David Andrew, Esq. 

May 9 1863 page 4
Objections for Voters list for Bruce

Otago Witness May 9 1863 page 4
Died. On the 6th inst., at Ravensbourne, West Taieri, Eliza, widow of the late Major R.B. Fulton, of the Bengal Artillery, aged 63.

Married. On the 22nd instant, at Upper Wyndham-street, the residence of John Anderson jun., Esq., by the Rev. William Bannerman, James Brugh Esq., Cloan, South Clutha, to Isabella M., youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert Thomson, farmer, Woodside, by Auchterarder, Scotland.

May 16 1863 page 4
Birth. On the 7th inst., at Corner Bush, Waikouaiti, the wife of Thomas James, Esq., of a son.

June 13 1863
On the 1st June, by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, at the residence of J.P. Hepburn, Esq., Goodwood, James. eldest son of Alex Ritchie, of Prestonpans, Scotland, to Margaret, third daughter of the late Alex. Falconer, farmer, of Cathness-shire, Scotland.

On the 11th inst., at the house of P.J. Aldenan, Esq., by the Rev. Dr. Burns, Margaret, daughter of the late Thomas Rattray, Esq., of Brewlands, Forfarshire, to John Douglas, Esq., Merchant, Dunedin

June 20 1863 page 7
Married. On the 9th instant, at St. Paul's Church, by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, Walter Day, Esq., of the Treasury, Dunedin, to Jucy Jane, youngest daughter of the late Vincent Walls, Esq., formerly of Tauton, Somersetshire, England. No cards.

July 31 1863 page 4
Birth. On the 18th inst, at Marchmont Long Bush, Southland, Mrs George Sherriff, of a son.

August 15 1863
Married. On the 30th ult., at Alderston, Saddle Hill, by the Rev. J. Macnaughton, Mr James Pryde, of Maryburn, addle Hill, to Grace Dickson, eldest daughter of Mr William Brash, of Alderston.

Otago Witness Friday 21st August 1863
Missing. Should this met the eye of Donald McDonald of Glenurchart, Inverness-shire, his brother William would like a letter addresses Sandy Point, Molyneux, Dunstan.

Otago Witness Friday 28th August 1863
Birth. On the 20th instant, at Kuri Bush, Mrs Stephens, of a daughter.

Friday September  4  1863
Death. At Dunedin, New Zealand, on the 31st ultimo, Andrew Quigg, in the 28th year of his age.

11th Sept.
Died. On the 8th instant, at Tuapeka Flat, William Pagewells, junr., aged 4 years and 4 months - the son of Mr W. Pagewells, storekeeper.

Otago Witness Saturday 24 Oct. 1863
Married. On the 22nd inst, at the Roman Catholic Church, by the Right Revd. Father Moreau, of Dunedin, James Harris Baker, Laurence, Tuapeka, to Mary, third daughter of James and Mary Costijan, Muckleford, Victoria.

Otago Witness Saturday Sept. 6 1873 page 11
Isaac Crisp, a seaman belonging to the ship Allahabad, now alongside the Railway Pier, lost his life by drowning on Wednesday evening. On coming down at 11 o'clock, he missed his footing on the hatch placed from the vessel to the Pier, and fell overboard, striking the ship's side with his head. His body was shortly afterwards observed by Sergeant Neill, and taken out of the water. An inquest was held on the body on Thursday afternoon, in Mr Dodson's Provincial Hotel, before Dr O'Donoghue, the Coroner.

10th October 1863
Died. On the 2nd instant, at Mount Stuart, John Murray, Esq., late of Marygold, Berwickshire.

Oct. 24 1863
Married. On the 22nd inst, at the Roman Catholic Church, by the right Revd. Father Moreau, of Dunedin, James Harris Baker, Laurence, Tuapeka, to Mary, third daughter of James and Mary Costijau, Muckleford, Victoria

November 21 1863
Married. On the 16th instant, at the residence of Mr William Mclelland, Russell-street, Dunedin, by the Rev. D.M. Stuart, William Stevenson, Esq., M.P.C. of Winearua East Taieri, to Sarah Jane only daughter of John Donaldson, Esq., merchant, Esk-Bridge Cottage, Penicuik, near Edinburgh.

November 28 1863
Birth. On the 23rd inst., at Waikouaiti, Otago, the wife of Henry Williams, Esq., L.S.A., of a daughter.

Saturday Dec. 5 1863
Birth. On the 2nd instant, at Scriminante, George-street, Dunedin, the wife of Alexander Williamson, of a son and heir.

Saturday December 12 1863 page 4
On November 30th, at Awamoa, near Oamaru, the wife of E. W. Roxby, Esq., of a son.

Died. On the evening of the 6th inst., at his residence, Ilartley-street, Dunstan, aged 36 years, Mr Donald Kesson Campbell, native of Glasgow, Scotland, and of the firm D.K. Campbell, and Co., late of Maryborough, Victoria, deeply regretted by all who knew him.

Saturday December 19 1863
On the 16th instant, at St Paul's Church, Dunedin, by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, John Locke, Esq., Manager of the Bank of New Zealand, Oamaru, to Jane Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Captain Francis Balston, H.E.I.C.S., and late of Cape of Good Hope.

On the 18th instant, at the Albion Hotel, Dunedin, by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr D.H. Miller, to Christina, daughter of Mr John Morison, senior, of Arlington-street, Woodlands, Road, Glasgow.

Select poetry page 7 unless otherwise stated

January 3 1863 
Till Death by Astley H. Baldwin, in Once a Week
Sea Weeds - Good Words

The earth is the Lord's and fullness thereof... page 3 Waste Lands

January 9 1863 
Sunshine - Anon
Answer to the Enigma by J. Perry, King St. Dunedin

January 16 1863
The Last Appeal by James Simmonds
Answer to Enigma by the Rev. J.A. Fenton. by A.M.

Jan. 24 1863
The Fancy Fair - Shakespeare

January 31 1863
The River by Rev. Professor Kingsley - Macmallan's Magazine
Faith and Will - Weekly Review

February 7 1863
A Deathless Love by David Winnate

February 21 1863
The Winds by F.M. Hughan, Oct. 1862 from the Herald

February 28 1863
An Apple Gathering by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A Schoolboy Friend - 'Verses and Translations' by C.S.C.

March 7 1863
A Castle in Spain from Temple Bar

March 14 1863
Heath and Mountain - All Year Round
The Battle With Time by J.W.K - Cornhill Magazine

March 21 1863
The Orphans by W. Oland Dourne, M.A.
The Southland Folks are stirring.. page 5

March 28 1863
Harris and Separation page 6
My Valentines

April 4 1863 
Lines by P'Leeceman X. page 3
In the "Times" from London Society

April 11 1863
Three Travellers by J.W. Sullivan
Only a Little House by J.S. Bigg
Lord Jones - London Society

April 18 1863
Drifting - London Society
Shall We give Up Gibraltar - Punch

May 2 1863 
Amy Wenworth - Atlantic Monthly

The Wreck of the Orpheus

May 9 1863
Mother-Earth - by J.E., Chamber's Journal
Clear the Way by Mackay

May 16 1863 
pg 6 The Lonely Grave

May 16 1863 
A Mother's Love by Agnes Henderson, Court House, Dunedin

May 16 1863  pg 8
Household Baby by Grace Greenwood 
Rediviva from Fraser's Magazine

Otago Witness May 23 1863 
The Orphans by W. Oland Bourne, M.A.

May 29 1863 
On a Miniature of my Wife by William C. Bennett page 6 
Reading Sermons.

Love the Old by Virginia L. Smith 
Patience (From the German) M.E.R. Nov. 14, 1862
War's Blood-Sprinkled Banner J. Cross, Volunteer Laureate of Victoria. Dunedin, 23rd May 1863 Volunteer Lyrics - Lay 1st. Respectfully inscribed to the Loyal Volunteers of New Zealand

June 6 1863 
Fortune by Aberdonian, Manchester, May 1862

June 13 1863 
O'er the Hills the Sun is Setting by S.H. Bradbury
Homeless by Adelaide A. Prooter

June 20 1863 
By the Seaside by William Buchanan
Passing Clouds

June 26 1863
Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on the Celebration of their Nuptial by John Cross, Volunteer Laureate of Victoria, Dunedin, 15th June, 1863

July 4th 1863 page 7 & 4
Parting For Ever by A Donaldson from the Cornhill Magazine 
The Greek Potter and his Two Vases by W.T. from the Cornhill Magazine 
The Picket on the Potomac

July 11 1863 page 8
Come Sober Hame at E'en by Thomas Liddel, Bell Hill, Dunedin
Passed By (from Temple Bar) by A. Donaldson

July 18 1863
Love's Inconsistences (from Temple Bar) by A. Donaldson
Requiescat in Pace (from Temple Bar) by A. Donaldson

July 25th 
Written After a Walk to the Ocean Beach by C. Fulton
The Suicide of Judas Macmillian's Magazine for August

July 31 1863
Printer's Blunders page 6
The Rose's Death page 7
Dawn in an Eastern Jungle (Suggested by a night Journey in Ceylon) (From Once a Week) by T. Steele

August 7th 1863 
The Volunteer Laureate's Enigma by John Cross
The Otago's Miner's Song by John Cross Volunteer Laureate of Victoria

Oh! come to this land of gold;
'Tis a glorious mountain clime;
Its valleys explore for the glittering ore
 Near the snow mantled ranges sublime.

Oh! come to this land of gold;
For who would labor in dread
Of the rich man's frown, in a crowded town,
When the pleasure of life are fled?

I came to this land of gold;
With Katy, my dark-haired bride,
From a snug little farm with a babe on her arm,
And pitched by a streamlet's side

I dug in this land of gold
Where lie hidden treasures unknown;
And kind fortune smiles on the gold miner's toils,
Who maketh her riches his own.

Then come to this land of gold,
'Tis a gloroius mountain clime,
Its valleys explore for the glittering ore
Near the snow-mantled ranges sublime.

August 15 1863 
A Prayer - Chamber's Journal
Wedding Words - Chamber's Journal

Friday September 25 1863 
A Tangi, or Lament on the death of Epiha Putini, or Mangree, Chief of Ngatit Maoha.
The Angel and the Child by E.B. Litton

 Friday  October 2nd 
The Sister by George Eric Mackay.

Friday 16th October 1963 page 6 
Extracts from "Honours", a poem by Jean Ingelon

10th October 1863 
Crinolinian by Dunshun

Friday 16th October 1963 
The Lay of the Labourer by Thomas Hood.
Curious Epitaph page 8

Oct. 24. 1863 
The Village Blacksmith by Longfellow

Oct. 30th
From the Spirit Path

Saturday November 7 1863
The Better Land by Hemans

Saturday November 14 1863
Colin Campbell, Lord of Clyde from Punch

November 21 1863
My Confession by G.T.R (from Once a Week)

November 28 1863 
A Celibrate Consoled "Ex Pumo" by R.A.B.

Saturday Dec. 5 1863 
All Wears Away (From the Dublin University Magazine.) Francis Davis
A Dear Young Lady

Saturday December 12 1863 
Doubts and Hopes by G.C. Swayne

Saturday December 19 1863
Strife and Peace by Jean Ingelow
Mexico and Monrob from Punch

December 26th 1863
The Parting by Grace Aguilar
The Warning by Grace Aguilar

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Otago Witness Saturday 10th Feb. 1883 page 18 column 2
On the 1st February, at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Roslyn, by the Rev. R.A. Kerkham, Thomas Bracken, M.H.R., to Helen, second daughter of Charles Henry Copley, barrister-at-law, formerly of Clifton, Bristol, England.

August 22 1885 page 17 column 3
Births. Bracken - On the 17th August, at Mornington, the wife of Thomas Bracken, of a son.

August 22 1885 page 24 column 1
The Emigrant

Oh, grandly as he sailed away
The sun-streamed o'er the wave,
And to the scene one mighty sweep
Of glittering spleandour gave.

But what was all the loveliness
To him of sea or sky?
For other scenes were flittering then
Before his mournful eye.

'Twas Sunday, and he seemed to hear
The village church-bells chime
As sweetly as they chimed for him
In the happy olden time.

He roam'd again in flower-deck'd field
Or the forest's deep'ning shade,
And he listen
d to the pleasant sound 
Which the rippling brooklet made.

And resting by its waters clear,
Upon the grassy knoll,
Grand hopes and grander visions filled
His young, aspiring soul.....

10 more verses
by Eva Smith, Dunedin, August 15