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Shipping News to Otago 1882 
New Zealand Bound

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Loch Eck 	10/01/1882 		43 pass.
Oamaru		25/01/1882 Wright 	39 pass. 
Auckland 	26/01/1882 Alex McDougall 
Westland 	07/02/1882 Moffatt 	40 pass. 
Loch Linnie 	12/02/1882 Pittenreigh  13 pass.
Aros Bay	04/03/1882 Willis	12 pass.
Himalaya 	17/03/1882 Culbert 	03 pass.
Dunscore 	18/03/1882 Young 	06 pass.	
Otago 		18/03/1882 Falconer 	23 pass.
Janet McNeil	28/04/1882 Jones	25 pass.
Akaroa 		07/05/1882 Thomas Bowling 26 pass.
Araby Maid 	08/05/1882 		11 pass. 
Invercargill 	12/05/1882 John Muir 	31 pass. 
Manapouri 	08/06/1882 Logan via Melbourne 11pass
Fontenaye 	21/06/1882 McKechnie 
Timaru 		03/07/1882 10 Salon, 4 Steer. 161 ass
Abeona 		06/07/1882 Wilson  	11 pass.
Wild Deer 	07/07/1882 Kerr 	33 pass.
Vallejo		29/07/1882 Wilkinson	22 steerage
Star of Erin 	10/08/1882 
Lyttelton 	16/08/1882 Strang 
Auckland 	05/09/1882 Alex McDougall 16 pass. 
Ben Nevis 	21/09/1882 Wm Mackie 	36 pass.  
Zealandia 	10/10/1882 Sellars 
City of Bombay 	18/10/1882 John Rhind 
Waikato 	28/10/1882 Sutherland 
Jessie Readman 	02/11/1882 Gibson 	39 pass. 
Piako 		11/11/1882 		34 pass.  
Dunedin 	11/11/1882 		38 pass.
Taranaki 	14/11/1882 Hird 	41 pass.
Canterbury 	11/12/1882 McMillan 
Loch Dee 	18/12/1882 Black 
Nelson 		25/12/1882 Bannantyne 	59 pass.
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Otago Witness 7 January pg. 14 & (Saturday 11 Feb.  pg 14)
Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Westland (Captain Moffatt) from Glasgow, November 1st and Greenock 2nd-
For Otago, New Zealand (consigned to Messrs Cargills, Gibbs, and Co.)

Saloon - 
Hassell		Dr.
Lamont 		Mr John
Lamont 		Mrs
Lamont 		John L.
Mathie 		Mr

Second cabin -
Bachop 		Elizabeth
Bachop 		Catherine
Bachop 		Jane
Bunn 		James
Forrester 	William
McMowan 	George 
Melville 	Miss Mary Ann
Milladew 	John  		(Melladue)

Steerage -
Allan 		Laurence
Anderson 	Isabella
Bachop 		John
Baird		Mrs
Balsille 	Mrs
Balsille 	John 		(child)
Barnet 		Euphemia 
Brunton 	Anne 
Bower 		Mrs
Bower 		David
Bower 		Ann
Bower 		Ellen
Braid 		Mary Ann
Brown 		John
Coyle 		Edward
Forsyth 	James
Majilton 	John		(Magilton)
McKellar 	Peter
McKellar 	Mary
McKellar 	John
McKellar 	Jessie
McKellar 	Archibald 
Rule 		William
Sinclair 	Mrs
Slight 		Mrs
Slight 		Mary  		(child)
Slight 		Elizabeth 	(child)
Torrance 	James
Walker 		Miss Grace

Per P. and O.'s Pekin, from London (November 9th)
For Port Chalmers: Mr W.A. Donald
Per Orient liner Garonne (now at Adelaide)
For Port Chalmers: Mr J.L. Butterworth, Miss Butterworth and servant.

Otago Witness Saturday 14 January 1882 pg14
[also see Otago Witness, 10 December 1881, Page 14]
Arrival - On Tuesday Loch Eck, 1641 tons, from London (October 20). NZ Shipping Company, agents.

Passengers saloon - 
Bailey 		Mr [Frederick H. Barley]
Cazar 		Mr [James Cayzer]
Gardiner 	Mrs
Gardiner 	Misses (2)
Gardiner 	Messrs (2) [Allen F. & William R.]
Marsh F 	Miss  [Miss Francis L Marsh]
Roberts 	Mr Herbert
Stalker 	Dr Daniel
Strang 		Mr [Walter Strange]
Taylor 		Misses (2) Catherine & Susan

Second cabin - 
Carlin 		Mr [Patrick Cardlin]
Everett 	Miss [Sophia Errad]
Innes 		Mr David
Mann 		Mr
Thompson 	Mrs and family (3) [Miss Jessie Thomson]
[Thomson	Master George]
Turnbull 	Mr Walter P
[Mason		Mr]

Colclough 	Mr (2) [John & Thomas]
Foley 		Mrs and 4 children [Fooley, Margaret, Mary, Margaret, Jeremiah, Bridget, John, Catherine]
Leffler 	Mr J
Lynch 		Mr [Jeremiah, Bridget]
Lyset 		Miss
Pearce 		Mr Claude
Sutter 		Miss
Taberville 	Mr [Turberville,
Thomas 		Mr David and Mrs Harriet and child, Elizabeth
Tuller 		Mr
Wells 		Mr Alfred and Mrs Mary A. (2) children, Richard, Ernest
Williamson 	Miss Mary A. 
[Sullivan	Edward]
[Sullivan	Josephine]
[Chapman	Edward]

Arrived -  Rising Star from Liverpool on Sunday - no passengers.
Arrived on Monday - Loch Eck from London.
Arrived on Tuesday - Lock Fleet from the Bluff.
On January 21st -  Typhoid fever on "Helen Scott"

Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, Anderson, for the North., Mills agent. Passengers: -
For Lyttelton - Messrs Crowm Easton, A.A. Rattray, Cogan, Mrs Dunkley
For Wellington - Messrs Shingleton, Clyde, Hayes, Wignall, Rev. J.C. Potter, Miss Auld
For Nelson - Miss Hargraves
For Taranaki - Messrs Watson, White
For Manukau - Mr Ryan

, s.s., 623 tons, Sinclair, for Northern ports. J. Mills., agent. Passengers: For Wellington
Mesdames Gardiner (2), Glover, Laing, Misses Marsh, Messrs Grdiner (2), Laing, Wilson, Rev. J. White.
For Napier - Miss Aslin, Mr Hastie
For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Ross and 3 children, Mrs Kirkwood and 2 children, Mrs Ross and 3 children, Messrs Houlston, R.B. Lewis.

Otago Witness Saturday 28 January 1882 pg 14
Port Chalmers Arrivals Wednesday - Oamaru from London
Oamaru, ship, 1306 tons, Wight, from London (October 29) NM and A Co., agents. Passengers

Saloon - 
Bessemer 	Mr E.G.
Macnair 	Miss [McNair]
Russell 	Miss
Trubridge 	Mr J.
Williams 	Mrs and family (4) [Gertrude, Helen, Ethel, Enid]

Second class and steerage - 
Ambler 		Mr M.
Bate 		Mr Thomas
Corcoran 	Mr James
Cork 		Miss
Eaton 		Misses (3) [Elizabeth, Sarah & Mary]
Fraser 		Mr Thomas and Mrs and child [Thomas]
Harman 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Larner 		Mr James [Miss Larner]
Liken 		Mr Thomas and Mrs
McDonald 	Mr Donald
McLennan 	Mr John
McMillan 	Mr John and Mrs Emily and 3 children Agnes, Annie, Mabele
Reasling 	Mr
Stophr 		Mr [John Stopher]
Streath 	Dr Henry and Mrs Mary
Swan 		Mr Jospeh
Also see Otago Witness, 31 December 1881, Page 15
English Shipping
[Rearly 	Alfred]
[Rowe		William]
[Harmer		James, Mary, Esther, Fred.]

Otago Witness Saturday 4 February 1882 pg 10
Arrival of the Steam Dredge No. 222 from Greenock.
Captain James Stewart, Mr John Balsillie as first mate. Hull of iron, 280ft stern to stern, 501 tons register, beam 40ft, came out under brigantine rig, both sailing and steaming well, her average being 7 to 8 knots, an hour. Engine room is aft, fitted with two pairs of compound surface-condensing engines of 130 horse power nominal, and capable of working up to 600 horse power. On Sept. 24 a start was made from Greenock with a complement of 29 men. On Saturday, January 14th, a casualty happened in the loss of the fourth engineer (Mr Brown), who disappeared, and it is supposed he fell over board. Followed on the 17th January by the death of a fireman, of John Kincaid, who died from general debility. The passage occupied 126 days, including stoppages.

Otago Witness Saturday 4 February pg 13
Outwards Wednesday - Taranaki for London Dalgety and Co. agents.

Passengers: Saloon
D'Elsa 		Mr and Mrs
Young 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
McKenzie 	Dr and Mrs
Sleigh 		Mr

Second-class and steerage
Griffiths 	Miss
Murray 		Mr
Todd 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Todd 		Miss

Per New Zealand Shipping Co's Loch Linnie (Captain Pittendigh), from London November 14th
For Otago (consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company, Limited):

Levy 		Mr Ernest
Second Cabin: 
Aukland 	Mr William
Aukland 	Mrs Hannah
Eye 		Mr William
Mann 		Mr Arthur Campbell

Bailey 		William
Carson 		Mr Richard S.
Dew 		Samuel J
Langrish 	Jane
Langrish 	John S.
McLeod 		Margaret
Newns 		Henry
Simpson 	Thomas

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co., Aros Bay (Captain Willis), from London November 39th: For Otago, N.Z. (consigned to Messrs Dalgety and Co., Dunedin)
[also see March 4th]

Saloon -     	
Abbott 		Mr S.L.
Abbott     	Mrs C.
Littler 	Mr H.
Schacht 	Mr George H

Second Cabin:
Freudeathell 	Mr E.
Richard 	Walter

Andrews 	Henry
Laidler 	John
Laidler 	Mrs
Masterston 	Elizabeth
Peacock 	Fred.

Per. P. and O. Company's steamer Mirzapore (Captain C.G. Perrins), from London November 30th: For Bluff Harbour, N.Z.

Northcoate 	Mr F. Stafford
Northcoate 	Mr W. Stafford
Wharton 	Mr and Mrs

Per P. and O. Company's Khedive (Captain T.S. Tomlin, from London, November 24th; For Dunedin, N.Z. -
Mr J. Davidson.

Otago Witness Saturday February 4th 1882 pg9
Melbourne, January 31st
Sailed this afternoon, Union Company's steamship Te Anau, for the Bluff. Sir John O'Shanassy is a passenger by her en route for England.

Sat 11th Feb page 14
Te Anau from Melbourne with a large list of passengers and also 89 steerage.

Otago Witness 1882 Saturday Feb. 18th
also see Otago Witness,  4 February 1882, Page 13
Loch Linnie, ship, 1382 tons, Pittendreigh, from London, (November 14). N Z S Co agents.

Passengers; Saloon.
Levy		Mr Ernest 

2nd Cabin & steerage
Aukland 	Mr William
Aukland 	Mrs Hannah
Bailey 		Mr William 
Carson  	Mr Richard
Jew 		Mr Samuel J [Dew]
Languish 	Mr John S.
Languish 	Mrs Jane
Mann  		Mr Arthur Campbell
McLeod 		Miss Margaret
Newns  		Mr Henry
Nye  		Mr William [Eye]
Simpson  	Mr Thompson

Dunedin, ship, 1249 tons, Whittson, for London. NM and A. Co. agents.
Passengers: Steerage -

Coggins 	Mr JH
Gray 		Mr A

Otago Witness March 4th 1882 p 13
Aros Bay, 1413 tons, Willis from London (November 28th) Dalgety and Co, agents.

Abbott 		Mr
Abbott 		Mrs
Little 		Mr
Schacht 	Mr
Tait 		Mr

Second Cabin and steerage
Andrews 	Mr
Freidentheil 	Mr
Laidlaw 	Mr
Laidlaw 	Mrs
Masterton 	Miss
Peacock 	Mr
Richards 	Mr

Otago Witness March11th 1882
No shipping from London or thereabouts.

Otago Witness Saturday March 18th 1882 Page 14
English Shipping
Per Messrs P Henderson and Co's Janet McNeil (Captain Jones) from Glasgow. January 18th and Greenock 17th.
For Otago

Second Cabin
Bautrier 	Frederick W
Fairlie 	James
Forrest 	William

Barclay 	James
Elliot 		Mrs
Elliot 		children 2
Graham 		John
McCracken 	Jessie
McGregor 	Donald
McIver 		Joseph
McIver 		Mrs
McIver 		children 7
Rennie 		Helen
Ross 		Helen
Sutherland 	Mrs
Watson 		James
Wards 		William

Per P and O Company's steamer Tanjore, to leave Venice February 10th

For Dunedin
Michie  Miss A
For Auckland
Penny  Rev A

Per P and O Company's steamer Ravenna from London, January 18th
For Dunedin
Bereris 	Mr
Silverston  	Mr A

Per P and O Company's steamer Shannon, from London January 19th
For London
Johnson  	Mr T J
Skinner  	Mr A
Walker 		Mr J C

Otago Witness Saturday March 25th Page 14
Himalaya, barque, 1008 tons, Culbert, from Liverpool (November 29) NZS Co. Agents.

Jones Mr B 
Hodgson Mr J 
Pearson  Mr N

Otago, ship, 993 tons, Falconer from Glasgow (December 9) N M and Co agents,
Second Class and Steerage

Bews 		Mr
Crawford 	Mr
Maben 		Mr
Maben 		Mrs
McHarrie 	Miss
Morrison 	Mr
Morrison 	Misses (2)
Shearer 	Miss
Sinclair 	Mr
Smith 		Mr
Smith 		Mrs
Smith 		children (9)
Smith 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr

Dunscore, ship, 1000 tons, Young, from London (December 22) NZS Co agents

Hely 	Mr
Hely 	Mrs
Hely 	Misses (3)
Hely 	Master

Otago Witness, April 15th 1882

A short time since the ship Phasis, which arrived at Lyttelton, from Calcutta, brought a boats crew - the captain, second officer, and ten men -that the master of the Phasis had picked up at sea. They had belonged to a Dutch ship named the Albasserwaard, which took fire, and they had been compelled to abandon her. From their report the other boats crew had not been heard from, but the following taken from a Montrose (Scotland) paper, announces the arrival of the missing boat at Cape Town. There was therefore, no lives lost:- "Cape Town, January 15th - The Alblasserwaard, from Sheilds for Batavia was abandoned on fire November 28th, in latitude 35.5 N., 80E. Part of the crew are known to be safe. Nothing known of the remainder - captain, second officer, and 10 men." The news of the arrival at Lyttelton of the Captain and men had clearly not reached the Cape at the time the above was written.

The Melbourne Argus of March 31st states it is conjectured that the ship Loch Maree may have been wrecked on some of the islands of New Zealand, and assigns as a reason for such a conjecture that the only intelligence of the Loch Maree (which left Geelong on the 29th of October last year, and is now over 152 days out) has been that given by Captain Murdoch, of the barque Don Diego, who was in company with the Loch Maree off Kent's Group on October 30th. The Don Diego was bound for Otago through Foveaux Straits, and before entering there encountered a heavy northerly gale. The sea was very high at the time, and the weather thick, and the vessels lost sight of each other. The gale veered round west about to S.E. and raged with great fury for some hours.

Otago Witness April 22nd 1882 Page 15

Arrivals - Alhambra from Melbourne on Friday no passengers listed.

Te Anau from Melbourne
Te Anau, s.s. 1650 tons, Carey, from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff. J Mills agent.

Arderne 	Miss
Austin 		Mr
Bennie 		Mr
Bridges 	Mr
Bridges 	Mrs
Fenton 		Miss
Fowler 		Mr
Kellas 		Mr
Lawson 		Mrs
Noble 		Miss
Mahoney 	Mrs
Martin 		Mr
McKenzie 	Mr
Murray 		Miss
Parker 		Mr
Shoobridge 	Miss
Williamson 	Mr
Winter 		Mr
Young 		Miss
and 15 steerage.

Otago Witness April 29th 1882 page 14

Janet McNeil, barque, 898 tons, Jones, from Glasgow (January 17) B and N Z M and Co, agents.

Bankier 	Mr
Fairlie 	Mr
Forrest 	Mr

Second Cabin and Steerage:
Barclay 	Mr
Elliot 		Mrs
Elliot 		children 2
Graham 		Mr
McCracken 	Mrs
McGregor 	Mr
McIver 		Mr
McIver 		Mrs
McIver 		children 7
Rennie 		Miss
Ross 		Miss
Sutherland 	Mrs
Ward 		Mr
Watson 		Mr

Albion s.s. 591 tons, Webster from Melbourne, via the Bluff. J Mills agent,

Hamlyn 		Mr
Grimwade 	Mr
Roe 		Miss
Wade 		Mr
and 7 steerage

Page 15
We extract the following from Mitchell's Maritime Register respecting the Woodville bound from Liverpool for this port:- "Woodville for Otago put back in charge of mate, vessel having gone ashore on Blackwater Bank on 25th February. The master (Nelson), boatswain, and two seamen got into one of the boats, which is supposed to have swamped. Vessel came off making water (not leaky, as first reported). On Sunday afternoon she was taken in tow by the Strathyre and brought to Holyhead, and from thence was towed to Liverpool."

Passenger Lists
Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s Sarah Bell (Captain James Ward) from London March 2nd for Otago NZ (consigned to Messrs Dalgety and Co.)

Agnew 		R
Burnley 	Sarah E
Clapham 	Herbert
Doyle 		Thomas
Hill 		James
Mehaffey 	Sarah
Mehaffey 	William
Welsh 		Bridget

Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Invercargill (Captain John Muir) from Glasgow February 15th and Greenock 16th for Otago NZ (consigned to the National Mortgage and Agency Company of New Zealand Limited)

Donaldson 	Mr Peter J 
Gray 		Mr James P 
Gunn 		Mr
Home 		Mr Scott J 
Home 		Mr Scott R 
Inverarity 	Mr Ronald 

Carruthers 	James
Clarke 		Nicholas
Ferguson 	Mrs Margaret 
Fotheringham 	Agnes
Gardner 	Alexander
Gibson 		David and family
Kelly 		George and family
Mader 		Andrew
Mader 		David
McBrearty 	Annie
Shaw 		Elizabeth
Shaw 		John
Stevenson 	Mrs
Stevenson 	Lottie
Stevenson 	William
Taylor 		Michael
Wilson 		Mary

From Otago Witness 1882
P15 Saturday 13th May 1882

Akaroa, barque, 1297 tons, T. Bowling, from London, (January 7th), Dalgety and Co. Agents.
Second Cabin

Adolphus 	Mrs
Broughton 	Miss
Brown 		Mr
Gain 		Mr
Meyer 		Mrs
Scott 		Mr
Scott 		Mrs
Scott 		family (5)
Vaughan 	Mrs
Vaughan 	Masters (3)
Vaughan 	Miss (2)
Walker 		Mr
Whitaker 	Mrs
Whitaker 	family (3)
Wilham 		Mr
Wreathall 	Messrs (2)

Araby Maid, barque, 837 tons, Cromarty, from London, January 27th, NZ Shipping Co agents. Passengers:

Cumming Gordon Mr
Second Cabin
Huddlestone Mrs
Huddlestone Masters (2)
McDonald Mr
McLelland Mr
Waters Mr
Wilde Mrs
Wilde Miss
Wilde Masters (2)
Page 14 Saturday January 28th 1882

Otago Witness 1882
Page 15 Saturday 13th May 1882

Araby Maid, barque, 837 tons, Croamrty, from London (January 27th) NZ Shipping Company agents.

Cumming Gordon 	Mr
Huddlestone 	Mrs
Huddlestone 	Masters (2)
McDonald 	Mr
McLelland 	Mr
Water 		Mr
Wilde 		Mrs 
Wilde 		Miss
Wilde 		Masters (2)

Saturday May 20th 1882 Page 16

Invercargill, ship, 1246 tons, Muir, from Glasgow (February 16th) NM and A company agents.

Donaldson 	Mr
Gray 		Mr
Gunn 		Mr
Inverarity 	Mr
Scott 		Messrs (2)

Ferguson 	Mrs
Fotheringham  	Miss A
Gardner 	Mr A 
Gibson 		Mr D 
Gibson 		Mrs 
Gibson 		family (6)
Kelly  		Mr G
Kelly 		Mrs
Kelly 		children (2)
Mader  		Mr A
Mader  		Mr D
McBrearty 	Miss 
McCann  	Mr H
Shaw 		Miss
Shaw  		Mr J
Stevenson 	Mrs
Stevenson 	Miss
Taylor 		Mr M 
Wilson 		Miss M 

Otago Witness Page 15 Saturday 17th June
Manapouri, s.s. 1020 tons, Logan, from Glasgow via Lisbon and Melbourne. J Mills agent

From Glasgow
Arthur 		Mrs
Bates 		Mrs
Crighton 	Mrs
Creighton 	Miss
Hutton 		Mrs
Maitland 	Mr
McCowan	 	Mr
Neish 		Mr
Stewart 	Dr
Stewart 	Mrs Stewart Miss
From Melbourne
Hunter 		Mr
Schlater 	Mr
16 steerage and 51 passengers for forward ports.

The ship Misty Hall, which arrived at Melbourne on June 1st from London, very narrowly escaped being blown up by gunpowder, the disaster only being averted by the strenuous exertions of Captain Kilvert, ably assisted by his officers and crew. On leaving London she had among other cargo many cases of acids stowed on deck before the main hatchway and in the hold in the square of the hatch there were about 22 tons of gunpowder. During the night of the 9th March, the position of the ship being then 4 north and 24 west the chemicals burst into flames, which rose to fully seven feet high. Captain Kilvert, with his officers and crew, immediately set to work, and succeeded in throwing overboard the cases. After accomplishing this it was discovered that the main hatch tarpaulin had been ignited, and on stripping it off it was discovered that portion of the fire had descended through the hatches, and was in close proximity to the powder stowed there. Immediately steps were taken to throw the powder overboard. A quantity was so disposed of before the fire existing about it was put out. Owing to the burns and injuries received, the master and others were more or less incapacitated from work during nearly the whole remainder of the voyage.

Christchurch June 14th
The steamer Westport ran ashore near Akaroa Heads this morning in a dense fog. The crew are safe. She has no passengers aboard. it is believed that the vessel can be got off if the weather continues favourable.
The latest information about he Westport is that she has a hole in the forhold and had to jettison the cargo. She eventually got off and steamed for Akaroa.
June 14th
The steamer Westport had on board 2700 sacks of wheat for this port.

Otago Witness Saturday June 24 1882 Page 15
Arrival of Fontenaye on Wednesday but no further information.

Saturday 1st July 1882 Page 15 also on page 15 Saturday 15th
English shipping. Passengers for Otago
Per Messrs P Henderson and Co.'s Wild Deer, 1016 tons Capt Kerr, from Glasgow April 18th, and Greenock 20th (consigned to the British and New Zealand Mortgage Company Limited)

Gaulter  	Mr Fred
Johnston  	Mr Jas
Stewart  	Mrs Cecilia
Stewart 	child

Cochran 	Mr (3)
Cochran 	Miss (2)
Chrichie 	Miss
Holmes 		Hugh Mr
Holmes 		Mrs
Holmes 		child
Keith 		Mr
Keith 		Mrs
Keith 		child
Kelly 		James
McAllister 	Robert
McDonald 	James
McNaught 	James
McOnie  	Mr Peter
McOnie 		Mrs
McOnie 		children (3)
Michie 		Janet C
Simpson  	Mr John
Simpson 	Mrs
Simpson 	children(4)
Stewart 	Robert J
Webb 		John R

Per Shaw Savill and Co.'s Star of Erin, Capt Coulter from London May 1st (consigned to Messrs Dalgety and Co)

Harrap 	Mr J C
Harrap 	Mrs 
Harrap 	Miss E 
Shun  	Miss M L

Saturday 8th July 1882 Page 15
Timaru, ship, 1306 tons, Fullarton, from London (April 14th) N M and A Co agents,

Creagh 		Mr
Paulin 		Mr
Paulin 		Mrs
Paulin children 2 and servant
Neville 	Mr
Neville 	Miss
Rogers  	Mr L
Turnbull 	Mr
Steerage four passengers
Assisted immigrants 161
Dr Hassard, medical officer in charge

Also mention of Pampero from Swansea left April 14th no other information.

Saturday July 18th Page 15
Abeona, ship, 979 tons, Wilson, from London (March 26) N. Z. S. Company agents.

Baker 		Mrs
Baker 		child
Crannie 	Mr
Gordon 		Mr
Lloyd 		Mr
Lloyd 		Misses (2)
Mowlain 	Mr
Mowlain 	Mrs
Mowlain 	child
O'Brien 	Mr

Otago Witness Saturday 22nd July 1882 Page 15
Camille from New York (March 23) arrived Sat 15th July.
Rotorua from Sydney, via the East Coast, arrived Wednesday 19th July.

Manapouri ss, 1020 tons, Logan, from Melbourne via the Bluff. J Mills agent

Burt 		Mr
Burt 		Mrs
Burt 		Miss
Holder 		Mr
Leech 		Miss
McDonald 	Dr
Mosely 		Mr
Stuart 		Mr
Toswell 	Mr
Van Achmade 	Mr
Wheelhouse 	Mrs
and 7 steerage

Rotorua ss 576 tons, Tozer, from Sydney via the North J Mills agent

Denby ? 	Mrs and 4 children
Fleming 	Mr 
Fleming 	Mrs
Fothergill 	Mr
Hannah 		Mr
James 		Mr
Low 		Mr
Martin 		Mrs
Matheson 	Mr
Morrison 	Mr
and 4 steerage.

Saturday 29th July Page 15
Woodville from Liverpool (April 3rd) arrived Sunday 23rd July
Durisdeer from London (April 25th) arrived Monday 24th July
Lohongrin from Liverpool (Feb 25th) arrived Monday 24th July

Arawata ss 623 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff. J Mills agent

Begg 		Miss
Brown 		Mrs
Brown 		Miss
Forbes 		Mr
Galvin 		Miss 
Hillard 	Mr
McGill 		Mr
Tewsley 	Miss
Walls 		Mrs
Young 		Mrs
Young 		Miss

Vallejo barque 652 tons, Wilkinson, from Glasgow (March 18) B and N Z M and A Co agents

Passengers - Steerage
Butchart 	Misses (2)
Butchart 	Mr
Docherty 	Mr
Docherty 	Mrs
Docherty 	family (3)
Glassford 	Mr
Lindsay 	Mr
Lindsay 	Mrs 
Lindsay 	family (2)
Mundell 	Mr
Sievwright 	Mr
Sievwright 	Mrs
Sievwright 	family (6)

Saturday 5th August Page 15
Ringarooma ss 623 tons, Edie, from Sydney via the North. J Mills agent

Carmichael 	Mr
Connell 	Mr
Dick 		Mr
Dungan 		Mr
Ellis 		Mr
Handyside 	Mr
Harper 		Mr
Hess 		Mr
McQueen 	Mr
Munn 		Captain
Munro 		Captain
and 7 steerage

Christchurch Press - 13 November 1982 In Memoriam
ERICKSON - Edward Eric, (1865 - 1941) In remembrance of the grandfather Erickson who passed away 25 August 1941. 100 years ago tomorrow on 14 November 1882 Edward Erickson, of
Munsala, Finland, arrived at Port Chalmers, Otago in the clipper ship Taranaki from London after a voyage of 80 days.

Immigration Returns for December 1882

Otago Witness. January 13th, 1883 pg13.

Port Chalmers S. Voisey Series.
S. Voisey Series.

First Settler's Story - (an epic) The Festival of Reminiscence from Farm Festivals by Will Carleton.
pg 27 Otago Witness 11th Feb. 1882

It ain't the funniest thing a man can do -
Existing in a country when it's new;
Nature-who moved in first - a good long while-
Has things already somewhat her own style,
And she don't want her woodland splendours battered,
Her rustic furniture broke up and scattered,
Her paintings, which long years ago were done
By that old splendid artist-king, the Sun....