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 - newspaper 1879 Passenger Arrivals  

New Zealand Bound

Norval 		02/01/1879  47 passengers
Oamaru 		10/01/1879 Invercargill Pass. 
Dallam Towers 	14/01/1879 (did not find this vessel)
Taranaki 	24/01/1879 326 passengers not listed
Western Monarch 26/01/1879 via Bluff landed 24 pass
Esterhill 	08/02/1879  29 passengers
Fiji		11/02/1879  43 passengers
Wellington 	17/02/1879 395 immigrants not listed
Rialto 		04/03/1879  32 passengers
Benares		15/03/1879  20 passengers
Peter Stuart 	24/03/1879  22 passengers
Lyttelton 	25/03/1879  44 passengers off site 
Wild Deer 	02/04/1879  (did not find this vessel)
East Lothian 	08/04/1879 
Westland  	21/04/1879
Dunnottar Castle 9/05/1879 
Columbus 	28/05/1879 
Otago 		17/06/1879 
Spirit of the Dawn 25/6/1879 
Millwall 	26/06/1879 
City of Cashmere 27/6/1879 
Routenbeck	28/06/1879 
Thomas Stephens 13/07/1879 
Cape Clear 	16/07/1879 
Electra 	21/07/1879 

last five months

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Passengers to Otago Harbour
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Printed and published every Saturday morning by D. Campbell, at the office of the "Otago Witness" Clifton Cottage, Princes Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand 

Otago Witness January 4 1879

Arrival Dec. 30th
Clyde, barque, 562 tons, from Newcastle
Wanganui, ship, 1077 tons, Watt, from London. New Zealand Shipping Co., Agents Passengers listed:

Dec. 26th
Nelson, ship, 1247 tons, Fullarton, for London, Russell, Ritchie and Co., agents.

Passengers - 
Towsey 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Ward 		Miss

Otago Witness January 11 1879 pg12

Janaury 4
Norval, ship, 1247 tons, Halliday, from London.

Passengers: Cabin -
Birnie 		Mr
De Putron 	Mr
Murdoch 	Mr

Second cabin and steerage
Bartlett 	Mr
Black? 		Mr and Mrs and child
Blackburn 	Miss
Brady 		Mr
Brookes 	Mr
Browne 		Mr
Chambers 	Mr
Dickson 	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Fairburn 	Mr
Harvey 		Mr
Harris 		Mr
Hodges 		Mr
Jebb 		Mr
Kelly 		Mr
Lawn? 		Mr
Lockerbie 	Mr and Mrs
Louder 		Mr
Massey 		Mr
Mathews 	Mr
Maxwell 	Mr and Mrs
McDouh 		Miss
Meggett 	Messrs (2)
Moore 		Mr and Mrs
Ruck 		Mr
Scott 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Smith 		Miss
Stacey 		Mrs
Walsh 		Mr
Wills?		Mr

Saturday 18th January 1879

English Shipping
Passengers for Port Chalmers
The Fiji passed deal on November 6th; the Taranaki sailed from Greenock on November 7th and the Western Monarch from Plymouth on October 30th.
The Easterhill, of Glasgow (Evans), with a general cargo and passengers, from London for Otago, went ashore on the Shingles, at Yarmouth (I.W.), on October 24th at 3 p.m., and floated off without assistance at 9 p.m. She proceeded for Cowes (I.W.) and has since been surveyed and examined by a diver, and is reported to be perfectly tight and undamaged.

Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Taranaki (Captain Wright) from Glasgow, November 5th;

Bolton		Mr C.F.
Hart		Mrs  and 2 children
Leith		Miss 
Mackay		Mr John 
Morton		Mr William W. 
Ritchie		Mr R. Deans 
Robson		Mr W.G.  {W.F}
Smith		Mr G.H. 
Stout		Mr W.A. 
Sutherland	Rev. W. 
Whyte		Mr and Mrs 
Whyte		Miss 

January 15 1879
January 18th
Mataura, barque, 863 tons, Brown, for London. The New Zealand Shipping Company's barque Mataura sails this afternoon for London, with 3981 bales wool, valued at L79,620; 10 casks sealskins L300; 32 casks tallow, L360 ; 100 sacks flour, L120; 7 packages sundries, L259 ; 2 boxes gold, L12,988. The total value of the cargo is L93,638. She takes 8 passengers.

Will 		Mr W.J.
Second cabin - 
Judd 		Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Pearce 		Mr R.

Christchurch, January 20th
Arrived: Pebington, barque, from London; 101 days out, 99 from land to land. She brings 32 passengers (all well) and 1250 tons of cargo.

North Otago Times, 20 January 1879, Page 2
Port Chalmers, Jan. 18.

February 1 1879

Arrivals January 24th
Taranaki, ship, 1124 tons, Wight, from Glasgow.  14 saloon passengers and 311 steerage passengers and immigrants - equal to 285 adults.

Arrivals January 27th
Western Monarch, ship, 1315 tons, Watson, from London, via the Bluff. Dalgety, Nichols and Co., agents. Passengers: Saloon:

Hosking 	Dr J.W.P. 
Kembell 	Mr and Mrs 
Major 		Mr and family (3)
Nancarrow 	Mr 
Snowdon 	Mr 

Departures January 28th
Euterpe, ship, 1197, Phillips, for London.

February 8 1879

Arrivals Feb. 4th
Esterhill, barque, 890 tons, Evans, from London 19th October. NZ Shipping Co. agents.

Passengers: Cabin
Blythe 		Mr
Craig 		Mr J

Second cabin - 
Robertson 	Mr C.
Robertson 	Mr R.

Burnett 	Mr H.G.
Drew 		Mr E.H.
Condon 		Mr M.
Hall 		Mr and Mrs J and 5 children
Hall 		Mr and Mrs P and 6 children
Lonsdale 	Mr H
Reid 		Mr and Mrs W.S.
Robertson 	Mr J.
Shileds 	Mr J
Williams 	Mr H.
Wylie 		Mr A.J.

Southland Times 5 February 1879, Page 2
Port Chalmers, Feb. 4. Arrived— Easterhill, barque, 890 tons, D. Evans, from London — Passengers : Mr and Mrs Hall and family (5),Mrs H. P. Hall and family (6), Mr and Mrs W. S. Heid, Messrs Craig, Blyth, Robertson (2), Lonsdale, Shields, Burnett, Drew, Williams, Wylie, Condor, and Robertson.

Otago Witness Telegraphic
Wellington, January 30th
The barque Van Dieman, 1065 tons, Captain Shandley, from London, made the harbour this afternoon. She left London on 22nd October, passed Deal on the 27th and landed the pilot on the 31st. Her passengers are:

Steerage - 
Cunningham 	John
Pettie 		Arthur L
Neilson 	William
Neilson 	Ellen
Neilson 	James
Pepper 		Henry
Stewart 	William
Wallace 	Timothy
Wallace 	Mrs L.H.

Christchurch, Feb. 2nd
Cleared: The NZSCo.'s ship Opawa for London, with full cargo of wool &c value 47,750 ad four passengers.

English Shipping
Per Wellington (Captain Cowan), from Greenock November 29,

Chisholm 	Mr J
Gordon 		Rev. David and Mrs Gordon and family (3)
Haswell 	Mrs
Robertson 	Mrs and Miss
Rogers 		Rev. James [Roger]
Sharp 		Mr and Mrs Robert P.
Smith 		Lieutenant G.F. (R.N.) [?S.F. and not G.F.]
Thomson 	Mr Charles
and about 339 steerage emigrants

Per Rialto (Captain Williamson) from London, November 27
[see Otago Witness Saturday March 8th 1879 pg12]

Reed 		Jos C.
Steer 		J.E.
Wethered 	Walter [not list in OW on March 8th has having arrived]
Young 		William M

Second cabin:
Evers 		Miss N
Hulse 		Edmund
Hulse 		Angeline Mrs
Mitchell	George
Osborne 	Charles
Perrin 		Edward W.
Roy 		William M
Scott 		J.E.
Shaw 		Mary Miss
Shaw 		Fanny Miss
She_rd 		Samuel
Watkins		Mr

Archer 		Elias
Archer 		Elizabeth
Coutts 		Francis 
Crawford 	Thomas 
Cuthbert 	Frederick 
Donloy 		James  [Donnelly]
Greenlees 	David 
Lake 		A.J. [not list in OW on March 8th has having arrived]
Laskey 		James H 
Laskey 		Hannah Mrs 
Laskey 		Charles (child)
McCauley 	Alexander [McAuley]
Muckle 		Fanny [Mrs and 2 children]
Muckle 		Albert
Seaton 		Joseph B 
Triggey 	Jos. F 

Saturday February 22 1879 pg12

Arrived Feb. 18th
Wellington, ship, 1247 tons, Cowan, from Glasgow. N.M. and A. Company, agents. Cabin passengers named. "and 381 Government immigrants."

1st March 1879

Departure Feb. 22nd
Calypso, ship, 1014 tons, Leslie, for London. Passengers:

Saloon - 
Creagh 		Mrs
Drobble 	Misses (3)
Joachim 	Mrs, 2 children and servant
Pillans 	Mr and Mrs
Oswin 		Mrs

Second cabin - 
Paskerville	Mrs

Steerage - 
Challis 	Mr and Mrs and child
Leitch 		Mr and Mrs
Marshall 	Mr
Wilson 		Mr

Feb. 24th
Anszi, barque, 468 tons, Hill, for London.

1 March 1879 pg12 Departures

Feb. 21st
Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, McGillivray, for the East Coast. Union Company, agents. Passengers
For Lyttelton - Mrs McNish
For Wellington - Miss Arwan, Mr Ewing
For Napier - Mr and Mrs McGill and family (6). Messrs A. Leith, Scrimgeour.
For Tauranga - Messrs Murray (2)
For Auckland - Mr F. Herbert
For Russell - Mrs and Miss Blyth; 12 steerage for all ports.

Feb. 26th
Tararua, s.s., 563 tons, Sinclair, for the North and Sydney. Union Company, agents.
Passengers for Lyttelton - Miss Pearson, Mr Burnett
For Wellington - Miss A. priest, Mr Ah Tung
For Nelson - Messrs Christie, G. Miller, Hutchison, Waugh, Richardson, McCartney, Captain G. Wilson.
For Auckland - Miss Warrington, Mr Street.
For Sydney - Messrs Tone How, Chee Kum, Yon Toon.

Wellington, Feb. 24th
The s.s. Easby, from Melbourne (18th), Newcastle (14th) and Sydney (18th), arrived today. She had a south-east gale for two days. She brings 1820 tons of cargo, principally coal for all ports. and the following passengers
Saloon for Wellington - Mr Anderson, Master Anderson, Mr C. Coleman, Mr H. Halpass and 20 in the steerage.
Saloon for Lyttelton - Mrs J.C. Pope, Mr J.C. Pope, Mrs Mackay and family (4), and 13 in the steerage.
Saloon for Port Chalmers - Mr L. Hay, Mr John Grant, Captain Truscon, Mrs Campbell and 10 in the steerage.

Hokitika, Feb. 26th.
Arrived: Claud Hamilton, s.s. from Melbourne. Passengers: For Hokitika - Mr Griffiths and 17 in the steerage.
For Lyttelton - Mr Lindsay and five in the steerage.
For Port Chalmers - Mr, Mrs and Master Laudell, Mrs Dryden, Messrs Ure, Nicholson and two in the steerage.

8 March 1879 Otago WitnessOtago Witness Saturday  March 8 1879

Arrivals - February 27th
Waitaki s.s., 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs McComb, Mrs Peattie, Misses Gilespie, Lawson, Patterson, Messrs Hook, Shaw, White, Smart, Walters, Goroter, Bean, Wilson, Smith, Plank, McDonnell, Kett, Maitland, Taylor, Knowsley, Harris, Garwood, Robertson, Mayne, Costello, Cowie, Dunlop, Hassell, Hardy, Fenwick and 31 steerage.

Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Kennedy, from the North. Union Company, agents. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Black, Mr and Mrs Radcliffe, Misses Slater, Stewart, Baddon, Bower, McDonald, Perryman, Kruitt, Mesdames Shepherd, Smith, Haggitt, Carter, McQuilkin, Mogruhan, Burns, Dr Alexander, Rev. R. Hamilton, Captains Watt, Newman, Sergeant, Bevan, Messrs Dickey, Vallance, Nolan, Yuille, Robinson, Michaeles, Blyth, Lee Smith, Muir, Robison, Augustine, Dyer, Goodman, Sibbald, Ziele, McGlashan, Thomson, Cooper, Clifford, Mathews, Wright, Kingston, Stewart, Brown, Martin, Huntly, Palmer, Elkin, McCoy, Knowles, Brandon, Baker, Hill, Smith, Harvey, McAcosy, Sharp, Moriety, Mehrtens, Broube, Troub, Smith, Deardon, Wratt, Smith, Hamilton, Read, Walker, Ford, Dyer, Perryman, and 17 in steerage.

March 1st
Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mesdames Miller and family, Mackay, Misses Coyle, Dickson, Wilkinson, Gardiner, Captain Miller and 25 steerage.

Easby, s.s., 996 tons, Anderson, from Melbourne and Sydney, via the coast. F. Fulton, agent. Passengers - Misses Niederhausen, Fulton, Scott, Caotain, Sconnes, Messrs Hart, Scott, and 15 steerage.

March 2nd
Wanganui, s.s., 179 tons, Fraser, from the Bluff. Passengers - Miss Uren, Mr and Mrs Kennedy and child, Messrs Cross, Brown.

March 4th
Waitaki, s.s., from Oamaru. Passengers - Mrs Roberts, Miss Fraser, Messrs Bell, Lees, Dalgleish, Dankerton, Forbes, Kennedy, Parlour, De Leon, and 38 steerage.

March 4th [see OW Feb. 8th]
Rialto, barque, 1166 tons, Williamson, from London. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers: ...

Rotorua, s.s., 579 tons, Carey, from Sydney, via Auckland and the Coast. Union company, agents. Passengers - Mesdames Kirkpatrick, Sale, Boird, Best, Henry, Landells, Hewitt, White, Peterson, Phillips, Tikau, Misses Austin, Sutherland, Dr Richardson, Captain Curtis, Messrs Sale, Ulrich, Barker, Frith, Seine, Rolfe, Tyer, Lush, Landells, Nicholson, Curtis and 19 steerage.

February 27th
Albion, s.s., 604 tons, Tozer, for Melbourne via the Bluff. Union Company, agents. Passengers;
For the Bluff - Mrs Jones.
For Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Bevsley and child, Mrs Towsey, and family (3), Mrs Jones, Messrs Sams, Abraham, J. Palmer, Y.A.P. Palmer and 8 steerage.

February 28th
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Kennedy, for Auckland, via east Coast. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mrs Peterson, Messrs H.J. Raphael, Aitken.
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Jamieson, Miss Hill, Messrs Pell, Pope, Hazlett.
For Napier - Mrs McLellan and family (4), Mr Lindsay.

March 1st
Amelie, French barque, 571 tons, Bertho, for Callao.

March 5th
Ladybird, s.s. 286 tons, Malcolm, for the north. Union company, agents. Passengers -
For Poverty Bay - Mr Liddell.
For Napier - Mr Bray and 8 steerage for all ports.

James A. Borland, barque, 670 tons, Kent, for Lyttelton.
Hong Kong, barquentine, 219 tons, Oom, for Hong Kong.

Easby, s.s. for Sydney via intermediate ports. Passengers -
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Harris, Mesdames Purcell, Henderson, Hay, Miss Hay, Master Hay, Messrs Keon, Hay, Logan, Walters, Blyth, Ballinger, W.H. Spiller, N. Clements and 14 steerage.
For Sydney - Messrs L. Hay, G. Duff and 6 steerage.
For Melbourne - Mr E. Curlewis, Lieut. Barkley.

page 5
There are now about 1477 statute adult immigrants afloat for New Zealand, and the Government are seriously considering the propriety of sending a cable message to the Agent General to send out 2000 labourers immediately to meet the demand for labour in the Colony.

Otago Witness Saturday 15th March 1879 pg12

March 6th
Wakatipu, s.s., 1158 tons, Wheeler, from Sydney via the Coast. Union Company, agents. Passengers:
From Sydney - Mr and Mrs Larmer and family (8), Mesdames Lean, Singleton, child, and servant, Misses Roberts, Larmer (3), Captain Fox, Messrs Lewis, Day, reatrex, Dick, Clarke, Ah Lung, Bowie, Callender. From the Coast - Mesdames Binns, Barron, Church, Dryden, Miss Jones, Messrs McIntyre, Collier, Bins, Heale, Rollancs, Paul, Holmes, Barron, Casey, Cohen, Mckenzie, Morrison, Wilson, Scott, Tuckwell, Stephenson, Familton, Somers, McGregor, Grey, and 10 steerage.

March 7th
Arawata, s.s, 623 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne via Bluff. Union Company agents. Passengers:
From Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Connor and child, Mesdames A.F. Greig and child, Hayes, Ryan, R. Kirk, Miss Geogehan, Messrs H.E. Short, Quick, Wrede, W.L. Clarke, and 51 steerage.
From the Bluff - Mrs Wells and infant, Miss E. Watson.

Waitaki, s.s, from Oamaru. Passengers -Mrs James, Captain Saunders, Messrs Finch, Arnot.

March 12
Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, Chatfield, from Melbourne, via Hobart Town and the Bluff. Union Company, agents. Passengers - Mesdames Gardiner, Kober and child, Muher, Gool, Sharp, and infant, Saunders, Misses Lindhren, Good, Currie, Begg, Messrs Waterlow, Gardiner, Kober, Bathgate, Henderson, Good, Saunders, Samon, Wanwright, Scott, Hely, Langdon, Worthington, Paul, Dow, and 25 steerage.

Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons from Oamaru. Passengers - Mesdames Holmes, Lindsay, Liornal, Miss Hoilarg, Messrs Stewart, Newey, Allen, Satheild, Hodgkinson, Spires, Cagney and 35 steerage.

Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Bernech, from West Coast, via the Bluff.
Passengers - Mrs McGregor, Misses Duffie, Burke, Mr Docherty and 9 steerage.

Departures -
March 6th
Rotorua, s.s. 579 tons, Carey for Melbourne, via Bluff and Hobart Town. Union Company, agents.
For Hobart Town - Mrs Nichols, Messrs Kermis, Nichols.
For Melbourne - Mesdames Wheeler, Neill, Sackett, Wilson and 2 children, Pettit, Misses Howell, Fagan, McWilliam, Dougherty, Messrs Neill, Turner, Spence, Noah, Rhodes, Claughton, McDougall, Thomson, Mathieson, Whitley, Sutherland, Moore, Kugelman, Pettit, Truder and Company (5); 25 steerage for all ports.

Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Underwood, for the North, Union company, agents. Passengers: - For Lyttelton - Mr Stevens.
For Wellington - Messrs Beaumont, Barnhill
For Nelson - Mrs Booth and family (5)
For Auckland - Mr Jowitt
For Sydney - Mr Southern.

March 11
Wakatipu, s.s., 1159 tons, Wheeler for Sydney via intermediate ports. Passengers-
For Lyttelton - Captain Hodgson, Messrs T. Connor, G.S. Graham, Carmichael
For Wellington - Dr Street, Messrs Henderson, McNeill.
For Nelson - Miss Tait, Messrs C. Bright, Setten
For Tauranga - Mr and Mrs Perry
For Greymouth - Mr and Mrs Craig
For Auckland - Mrs S. Collins
and 27 Chinese for Sydney

March 12th
Ringarooma for the North. Passenger - for Wellington - Mr Johnson

March 12th
Ship, 1306 tons, Taylor, for London. N.M. and A. Co., agents.

Passengers - Saloon -
Aldred 		Miss
Fenwick 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
McKinlay 	Mr and Mrs and 5 children

Second Cabin - 
Cadzow 		Mr and Mrs and 8 children
Fannan 		Mr
Gray 		Mrs
Greary 		Mr
Kirkwood 	Mrs
Kirkwood 	Mr
Kirkwood 	Mr
Layard 		Miss and Master
Leary 		Mr
Lewellyn 	Mr
Strothar 	Mr
Turkington 	Mr
Webb 		Mr
White 		Mr

Auckland March 11th
Sailed: Hawea, for the South. Passengers:
For Wellington - Mrs Smith and child, Mr, Mrs and Miss Lyons, Mrs Bushnell, D.A. Bowman, Miss Carmichael, Messrs Douglass and Moss.
For Lyttelton - Mrs Hughes, Messrs Jose, Mason, Read.
For Dunedin - Mr and Mrs Snell, Mrs and Mrs Phillips, Messrs Lapham, Bolton, McLaren, Smith.

Wellington, March 11th
Sailed: For the South, s.s. Arawata. Passengers -
Miss Burnett, Mackley, Darcy and child, Mesdames Stuart, Dalton and child, Rule, Ewatt, Mr and Mrs Izard and child, Messrs Bamford, Bennett, Hislop, Somerville, Davis, Halloran, Fraser, Hansen, priest, Cabin and two children, Gisborne, Featherston, de Lias and Nixon.

Christchurch, March 10th
Sailed: Times, barque, for London, for the New Zealand Shipping Company, with four passengers, and a wheat cargo valued at £10,000.

Lyttelton, March 6th.
Arrived: City of Quebec, from London, 92 days out, with 1200 tons of general cargo and six passengers.

Otago Witness 22 March 1879 pg 12

March 13th
Arawata, s.s., 632 tons, Underwood, from Wellington and Lyttelton. Passengers - Mesdames Ellon, Evatt, E.W. Mills, Mr and Mrs Trent, Master Mills, Messrs Hare, Procter, Dank, C.E. Blake, Royds, Webber, Durand, and 7 steerage; 20 passengers for forward ports.

Acacia, barque, 233 tons, Harvey, from Hobart Town. Master, agents. Passengers - Mrs Harvey, Miss Belbin, C. Roberts.

March 15th
Benares, ship, 1646 tons, Inglis, from London, New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.

Passengers - 
Archer 		Mr
Eisenberg 	Mr
Gibons 		Mr
Kenna 		Mr and Mrs
King 		Mrs
Rice 		Mr and Mrs and family (8)
Smith 		Mr
Terry 		Mr and Mrs W
West 		Mr

March 16th
Hawea, s.s., from Northern Ports.

Passengers - 
Bolton 		Mr
Connor 		Mr
Flynn 		Messrs (2)
Herbert 	Mr
Hodge 		Mr
Lapham 		Mr
McLean 		Mr
McCredie 	Mr
Richardson 	Mr
Smith		Mr
Snell 		Mr and Mrs
Symonds 	Mr and Mrs
Walsh 		Mr
and 9 steerage

March 17th
Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru.
Passengers - Mr and Mrs Harvey, Mesdames James and servant Kelly, Cairns, Cooper, Scott, Misses Roberts, Arthur, Coventry, Messrs Aitken, Roach and family (3), Townsend (2), Cochrane, Roberts, Gillespie, Aitken, Lees, and 16 steerage.

Albion, s.s., 640 tons, Tozer, from Melbourne via the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs Greig, Miss Cayford, Rev. S. Day, Messrs Herald, J. Gibb, W.M. Parsons, A.J. Harris and 10 steerage.

March 19th
Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, Chatfield, from the Coast. Passengers - Mesdames Formes, Good, Misses Emanuel, Good, Wheeler, Captains Veal, Hod_son, Messrs Good, Laing, Wakefield, S. Marks, Biggs and 6 steerage.

Departures pg13

March 14th
Wanaka, s.s., McGillivray, for the North.
Passengers for Lyttelton - Mr Barber
For Wellington - Mr J. Feigel
For Picton - Mr and Mrs Sutton and son
For Napier - Messrs Morrison, Anderson
For Tauranga - Mr Moore
For Auckland - Messrs Hunter, Reid

Chateaubrland, barque, 357 tons, Leroy, for Newcastle.

Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Underwood, for Melbourne via Bluff. Passengers -
For the Bluff - Mr Hall
For Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Donaldson
Mrs and Mrs Pyrett, Mesdames Joliffe, Wright and family, Meares, Misses Solomon, Watts, Messrs Rignold and servant, McDonald, Shay, Richards, Wells, Ellis, Mackay, and 14 steerage.

March 17th
C.E. Deering, barque, 810 tons, Carter, for Valparaiso.

Albion, s.s., for Lyttelton and Wellington. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Miss Cayford, Messrs Nicolson, Wilson
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Henderson, Messrs Croft, Gray, Judel, Turner, Stewart, Parry, Renshaw, Freeman.

March 19th
Ringarooma, s.s., for Melbourne, via intermediate ports. Passengers -
For the Bluff - Mr Sharp
For Hobart Town - Mrs Serle
For Melbourne - Mrs de Leon, Misses Fulton, Wilson, de Leon, Messrs Keenan, Love, Alexander, May, Cassidy, F. Fulton.

Otago Witness 22 March 1879 pg 13
Auckland, March 19th.
Arrived: Alaster, barque, from London, 105 days.
Sailed: The steamer Wellington sailed from Manukau . Passengers-
For Wellington - Messrs Keen, Webb, and Willcocks.
For Lyttelton: Mrs Carter, Mrs Carpenter, Rev. Johnston, Pearson, Judge Fenton and Secretary Pearson.
For Greymouth: Messrs Jewell, Mobray and Becassovich?
For Nelson : Messrs McKay and Graham.

English Shipping
Per New Zealand Company's East Lothian, Captain William Barr, from London, January 9th (consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company, Limited) (see Otago Witness April 12 1879 pg 12 - arrived April 8th)

Saloon - 
Cole 		Mrs
Cole 		Mr Walter R. 	(master)
Madden 		Mr Walter W.
Madden 		Mr John B.
Watson 		Mr G.
Weir 		Mr Gerald

Second cabin - 
Butterfield 	Mr Frederick N.
Rosevear 	Mr M
Rosevear 	Mrs Elizabeth
Rosevear 	Mr Earnest
Rosevear 	Mr Henry
Rosevear 	Miss Christina
Rosevear 	Miss Bessie
Rosevear 	Miss Mary

Steerage - 
Brown 		John
Crofton 	W.H.
Crofton 	Augusta 
Crofton 	Madeline
Dowling 	Margaret  	Mrs
Dowling 	Robert		child
Dowling 	Kate		child
Dowling 	Beatrice	child	
Harrison 	George
Hill 		Charles
McKinnon 	Thomas
Myers 		George F
Smith 		Arthur
Stephenson 	Mary A		Mrs

Otago Witness 22 March 1879 pg6 The emigration from Clyde to the Australasian Colonies in 1878 amounted to 4600, of whom 1800 went to New Zealand. The tide of emigration may set in with some force on the turn of the year.

Otago Witness Saturday March 29 1879

March 21st
, s.s., from Oamaru. Passengers - Miss Dafle, Goldhammer, Mr Benson, and 21 steerage.
Dahlia, barquentine, 372 tons, Mochett, from the Bluff.

March 22
Maori, s.s. 118 tons, Bernech, from Timaru. Union Company, agents.

March 23rd
March 23 - Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Habann, Messrs Curling, Walton, Lemon, Dickson, Henderson and 8 steerage.
Beautiful Star from Timaru.
Active, brigantine, 161 tons, Berwich, from Whangaroa.

March 24th
Thomas and Henry, brig, 278 tons, Marks, from Kaipara.
Lyttelton, ship, 1100 tons, Strang  (Capt. Strong), from Glasgow Dec. 26th, with 44 passengers.  (with 7 saloon  passenger sand 33 steerage) (saloon passengers for Otago Witness 22 March 1879 pg 13)

Passengers: Saloon - 
Bowie 		Mrs Thomas and child
Buchanan 	Mr Thomas
Cook 		Mr John
Low 		Mr W.W.
McCracken 	Mr Thomas
Thompson 	Mr Walter

Second cabin - 
Alexander 	Mr
Bills 		Mr
Bradley 	Mr and 4 children
Coyle 		Mr
Cunningham 	Mr
Duff 		Mr
Gibson 		Mr
Hamilton 	Mr
Hibb 		Mr
Hislop 		Mr
Laing 		Mr
McCloakie	Miss
Murray		Miss
Nicol 		Mr
O'Connor	Mrs and child
Phillips 	Mr and Mrs and child
Reynolds 	Mr
Tocher 		Mr
Tredlie 	Mr and Mrs and child
Turnbull 	Mr and Mrs and 6 children
Worthley 	Mrs and daughter
Yonnie		Miss

Otago Witness 22 March 1879 pg7
The ship Lyttelton, which is now due from Glasgow, has on board the first consignment of books procured by the Board of Education for use of public libraries in the Provincial District. Only public libraries can obtain the books, but to these the terms are very liberal. For every L1 there will be given books worth L2. The list of authors is too numerous, but amongst them are Carlye, Arnold, Bain, Chambers, Draper, Fronde, Hume, Macauley, Muller, Tyndall, Whately, Locke, Dickens, Disraeli, George Elliot, Washington Irving, Kingsley, Lever, Trollope, Wood and Yonge.

March 24th
Rotorua, s.s., 579 tons, Carey, from Melbourne, via Hobart Town and the Bluff. Passengers -
Mesdames Nichols, Paterson, Sackett, Jones, Palmer, Perrin, Dornwell, Gregg, Misses Aitken, Brannan, Heales, Kirkwood, Dick, Messrs Wickstead, Perrin, Palmer, Chambers, McQuid, Jones, Archdale, Brinstead, Gregg, Short, Campbell, and 30 steerage; 61 passengers for the North.

March 25th
Albion, s.s., 640 tons, Tozer, from Wellington via Lyttelton. Passengers: - Mesdames Niven and 2 children, Martin and child, Misses Brown, Stevens, Messrs Renshaw, Sperry, Hirons, Gow, McKenzie, Waugh, McCartney, Millar, Hutchinson, Fraser, Ryan, Sinclair, W.L. Clark and 11 steerage; 25 passengers for forward ports.

Peter Stuart, ship, 1447 tons, Vanstone, from London, Dec. 2_th. Shaw, Savill and Co. ship. (saloon and second cabin and steerage passengers for Otago Witness 22 March 1879 pg 13)

Passengers - Saloon
Ibbotson 	Mr Thomson (Abbotsen)
Miller 		Mr George Henry

Second class 
Eadon 		Mr G.A. 
Eadon 		Mrs Elise and 2 children, Lionel and Mabel Eadon
Steerage - 
Abraham 	Mr Thomas R. jun.
Armstrong 	Mr Joseph
Edgar 		Mr John F.
Edwards 	Mrs Jane and child, Margaret Edwards
Geddie 		Mr Charles (Geach)
Giles 		Mr John L.
Hill 		Mr Walter
Kemp 		Messrs (3) (William, Charles, G. and John L. Kemp)
Ludham 		Mr Dennis ( Linehan)
Lynch 		Mr Richard (Linch)
McDonald 	Mr Patrick
Pearman 	Mr William N.
Plumley 	Mr Robert

March 26th
Waitaki, s.s., from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Kettle and family, Mrs Jones, Misses Sayers, Andrews, Jones (3), Mesdames Chaplin, Lindsay, Messrs Milligan, Drysdale and 20 steerage.

Star of the South, s.s. 179 tons, Baydon, from Greymouth, via Coast

Ladybird, s.s. from Northern ports. Passengers - Mrs and Mrs Marshall and family, Mrs Paterson, Miss Jones and Mr Watkins.

Oreti, s.s., 116 tons, Fraser, from the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs Rowe and 1 steerage.

March 20th
Hawea, s.s. for the North. For Lyttelton - Mesdames Puflet, Mercer, Mr Moody
For Wellington - Hon. J. Macandrew, Messrs Tanner, Pollock, Solomon, Hislop.
For Nelson - Captain Webb, Dr Rodgers, Rev. J. Rodgers.
For Hokitika - Mr R.O'G. Lalor
For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Vosper, Mr and Mrs Snell, Rev. Mr Bruce, Messrs T.G. Carr, M. Reid,
For Sydney - Messrs Fennand, A. Broomhall, and 25 steerage for all ports.
Hopeful, barquentine, 216 tons, Dancaster, for Oamaru.
Charlwood, barque, 837 tons, Hiscocks, for Timaru, N.Z. Shipping Co., agents.
Clyde, barque, 532 tons, Romney, for Newcastle.

March 22nd
Buttermere, barque, 993 tons, Ogilvie, for Lyttelton.

March 25th
Acacia, barque, 233 tons, Harvey, for Hobart Town.

March 26th
California, barque, 794 tons, Henry, for Sydney
Albion, s.s. 640 tons, for Melbourne, via the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs Scott, Messrs Russell, Coote, and 8 steerage.

Rotoura, s.s., Carey, for Sydney via Northern ports. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Miss Lewison, Mr C. Dunn
For Wellington - Mesdames Nimmo, Dawkins, Miss Jackman, Messrs McGlashan, Anderson.
For Napier - Messrs J. Roberts, Stephenson.
For Auckland - Mrs Macpherson and family, Messrs E. Brain, Christians, D. Macpherson.
For Sydney - Mrs Blyth, Messrs Aarons, Bishop.

Auckland, March 25th
Sailed Wanaka, for the South. Passengers
For Tauranga - Mr and Mrs Stevens, Messrs McAllister, Castle, J.W. Steere, Bennett, Bain
For Gisborne - Mr and Mrs Blair and infant, Messrs Saunders, Russell.
For Napier - Mr E. S. Waddington
For Wellington - Messrs Elman, J.H. Niven, Clark, Bloxham, Steele.
For Lyttelton - Mr Brassy

Hokitika, March 26th
The Claud Hamilton left Melbourne on the 10th. Passengers - for Greymouth - Mr Malcolm, Mr Masters and seven in the steerage.
For Nelson - Messrs Waite and Gordon, and two steerage.
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Feasmalle, Mrs Tait, Mr Paul, and 11 steerage.
For Lyttelton - Mr Hadley and four steerage
For Dunedin - Mr Meenan and one steerage.

English Shipping
The following information is from the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company's Circular, under date London, January 30th: -
The New Zealand Shipping Company ( Limited) has despatched the following vessels:
January 29th - Red Gaunlet, for Canterbury, 15 passengers
Western Belle, for Wellington.

And will despatch -
February   5th Columbus, for Otago
February 10th Loch Dee, for Auckland,
February 12th Minister of Marine, for Auckland
February 15th Spirit of Dawn, for Otago
February 15th Loch Kerr? for Wellington
February 20th Waimate for Canterbury
February 28th Adelaide for Canterbury
February 28th Pareora for Wellington

Otago Witness 5 April 1879 pg12

March 27th
Waitaki, from Oamaru. Passengers - Misses Atkinson (2), Mr Kempster, and 8 steerage.
Tararua, s.s., 563 tons, Sinclair, from Sydney and costal trade. Passengers - Mesdames F. Moore and 2 children and savant, J. McKissack, Miss McGillivray, Messrs Shuttleworth, J. Eista, Dawsbury, Day, Parr, Wadie, Holder' Smith and 16 steerage.
St. Kilda, s.s., 174 tons, Flowerday, from Wanganui via coast. Passengers - T.W. Bell, Farnie and 1 steerage.

April 1st
Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne via Bluff. Passengers - Miss O'Keefe, Messrs H. Alen, T.W. Wilson, Churchward, J.G. Churchward, J.G. Brisbane, Mrs Petersen, and 20 steerage; and 40 passengers for forward ports.

Jane Anderson, schooner, 26 tons, Saunders, from Stewart's Island.
Wanaka from Auckland. Passengers - Mesdames Stewart, McDonald, Standrin, Messrs Standrin, Mecrecith, Edmonds, Horton, Wrand, Daniels, Craig, Barker, Pringle, McKay, Cohen, Pearson, Heywood, Moody, and 5 steerage.
Owake, schooner, 63 tons, Laing, from Timaru.
Anna, ketch, 29 tons, Tall, from Catlin River.

March 28th - Ladybird - Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr Espie
For Wellington - Mrs Ritchie, and 2 children, Messrs McAndrew, G. Hailler, Lynch.
For Hokitika - Mr and Mrs Quinn and family (5)
For Taranaki - Mr Martin
For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Eadon and family (2), Mr Davis.

March 30th
Wanganui, ship, 1077 tons, Watt, for London. NZ Shipping Co., agents.

Passengers - Saloon - 
Euchbaum 	Mr
Galloway 	Mr R.
Hay 		Mr J
McDermid 	Miss
Reid 		Mr A.H.
Skinner 	Mr and Mrs
Williams 	Mr R.B.

Second cabin - 
Bes_tain 	Mr
Gordon 		Mr
McIntosh 	Mr
Rennie 		Mr
Shaptor 	Mr

East Lothian, barque, 349 tons, Moir, for Newcastle.

April 1st
Shag, s.s., Wing, for Shag Point. F.L. Clarke, agent.
Charles and Arthur, brigantine, 170 tons, Bargent, for River Don, Tasmania.
Seagull, brigantine, 122 tons, Berne, for Oamaru.

April 2nd
Arawata for Lyttelton and Wellington. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Williams, Mesdames Clayton, Hector, Black.
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs McKenzie, Dr Hector, Miss Clayton, Sergeant Duncan, Messrs J. Napier, Bishop.
For Nelson - Mr and Mrs White
For Auckland - Mr Allan, 7 steerage and all ports.
Harriet, ketch, 39 tons, Sayers, for Catlin River.
Bobycito, barque, 432 tons, Hodge, for Newcastle. D. Baxter, agent.

April 3rd
Fiji, ship, 1356 tons, Brown, for Newcastle.
Dunedin, ship, 1250 tons, Whitson, for London. Passengers:

Saloon - 
Groves 		Mr
McKi_kal 	Mr
McGauley 	Mr
Reidy 		Mr

April 3
Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Forsyth, Misses Taylor, Bicknell, Messrs Porteous, Park, lees, and 14 steerage.
Ino, s.s., 28 tons, Hanning, from Kakanui.

Otago Witness 12 March 1879Otago Witness April 5th 1879 pg 12

Wellington, March 29th
The report of the Immigration commissioners upon the ship Boyne, which lately arrived at Lyttelton. Unfavourable report on the ship. The light and ventilation were imperfect, the dead-lights leaked badly, and consequently the decks were continuously wet. the discipline on board the ship was very imperfect. This was partly owing to the bad conduct of several single men and single woman, and the crew and also the baker of the ship, were only engaged for the run out, at 1s per month. Frequent quarrels among the immigrants and among the crew are reported in the surgeon's journal, one great cause which has formed the subject of special inquiry. The Commissioners regret they cannot report favourably of several of the single women by the ship. Their conduct during the passage gave a considerable amount of trouble, and on arrival four of the, immediately left their situations, and are now about town with sailors of the ship. The captain's gratuity, £25 is to be withheld, and a similar amount deducted from that payable to the surgeon who they cannot recommend for future employment. Surgeon found to be in a stupefied condition when his services were urgently needed ( a woman in labour) and it was impossible to arouse him. In reply the doctor stated he had diarrhoea nearly the whole voyage, and took regularly every night opium pills.

Vessels in Port - Otago Witness 12 April 1879Otago Witness April 12 1879 pg 12

April 12
Wakatipu, s.s., 1158 tons, Wheeler, from Sydney via Wellington and Lyttelton. Passengers - Mesdames Cable, J.R. Jones, Westlake and child, Misses Menelaus, Jones (2), Phillips, Mr and Mrs Cuff, Messrs Evans, White, Black, Shutton (2), Fell, Dobson, Commock, Rosetti, and 8 steerage.

April 6th
Hawea, from the North - Passengers - Dr and Mrs Gillies, Mr and Mrs Mowatt, Mesdames Boroman, Jackson, Barton, Black, Mercer, Misses Black, Mercer, Sandiland, Messrs Seed, Ellison, Anderson, Roberts, Hallenstein and 5 steerage.

April 8
Ringarooma from Melbourne, via Hobart Town and Bluff. Passengers - Mesdames Priest, Webster, Cowie, Horan, and servant, Kohn, Bell and family, Misses Horan (2), Nicholls (2), Lemon, Betts, Herman, Flannigan, Cowie; Hiscock, and Hayman's Combination Troupe, viz: Mesdames Joyce, Boothman, Fitzless, Bella Russell, Messrs Hayman, Joyce, Odgen, Lenton, Hamilton, Boothman, Russell, Fisher, Warren, Howard and 22 steerage.

East Lothian, ship, 13_9 tons, Far, from London, New Zealand Shipping Company Agents.

Arawata, Newman, from the Coast. Passengers - Mesdames S. Smith, Brown, Master Cargill, Rev. J. Chambers, Messrs Donald, Barltrof, Johnson, Muir, Bercus, Fenwick, Alexander and 5 steerage.

April 4
Tararua for Melbourne via the Bluff and Hobart Town.
Passengers- For Hobart Town - Miss Courey, Mrs Fentiur, Mr and Mrs Soundy, Mr Neill.
For Melbourne - Dr and Mrs Jackson, Mrs Rosenfelt and 2 infants, Misses Brady, Steurt, Messrs Moore, Taylor, Hurling, McColgan, Cunninghan, ah Sing, Murray, McBride, Smith, Broone, Roose?, Lamont.

[The Southland Times, sailed Tararua for Melbourne. Passengers -Messrs Sailer, Collins, Gibson, Marks, and the Uncle Tom's Cabin Company. Exports - 1 case paintings, Moreland]

April 9th
Wakatipu, for Sydney via the coast. Passengers-
For Lyttelton - Mrs Marson?, Miss Bagley, Messrs Weir, Robinson, Joachim, Bagley (2).
For Wellington - Mesdames J. Simson, Jack, Miss Turton, Messrs Mason, Walker, Scott, McCarthy, Gubb, Keogh, Robertson, Anderson.
For Auckland - Mrs Parr
For Sydney - Mrs Driver, Messrs Tait, Moyre, Skitherington, Smith

Arawata for Melbourne via the Bluff. Passengers-  For Melbourne - Messrs Murphy, Carroll, Dabs, Scoular, Archdale, Murphy and 17 steerage.

Rialto, barque, 1166, Williamson, for Newcastle.

Otago Witness, Saturday 12th April 1879 pg17
The steamer Menmuir has arrived at Port Darwin from Hongkong, with 556 Chinese, including 26 for New Zealand. Another steamer of Chinese is expected there in a few days.

Christchurch, April 6th
Arrived: Ship Coriolanus, 90 days from London with 30 passengers and a full cargo under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Company. All well. She left the Scilly islands on January 9th, crossed the equator on February 3rd. The ship averaging 250 miles per day for 22 days. Ship Matilda, from Bunbury, Western Australia, with piles and timber.

Otago Witness April 19th 1879

Sydney, April 15th
Arrived: S.S. Zealandia. The steamer Bowen has arrived at Port Darwin with 80 Chinese, including 22 for New Zealand.

April 10
Wanganui from the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs McDermont and child, Messrs Drummond and Reany.

April 11
Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Mesdames Baker, Coventry, Misses Wootel, Ferens, Cook (2) Forsyth, Huxtable, Coventry, Messrs Kerr, Ferens, Chalker, Rapi, Baker, McPherson, Gillespie, McIntosh, Hinddy?, Coventry and 8 steerage.

April 14
Albion from Melbourne via the Bluff. Passengers - Dr and Mrs Britten, Miss Fulton, Mrs Wright, Messrs R. Davis, F. Fulton, J. Southern and 15 steerage.

April 15th
Ladybird from the North. Passengers - Mesdames Burns, Duncan (2), Hon. G. McLear, Messrs Rendle, Cameron, McKerow, Chapman, Kelly, Wilson, Duncan (4), Holloway, and 16 steerage.

April 16
Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs Walls, Hardy, Dale, master Jarvis, and 16 steerage.

April 11
Hawea for the North. Passengers -
For Lyttelton: Mrs Cruickshank, Messrs Dunning, Carston, Davis, Allison.
For Wellington: Mr and Mrs Cowie, Messrs Sharp, Conolly, Carocross.
For Napier - Mr Bolton
For Gisborne - Mr and Mrs Barker and family (6)
For Auckland - Miss Anderson, Mr Douglas and 16 steerage for all ports.

April 12 -
Frederica and Carolina, barque, 599 tons, Lovfvengren, for Valparaiso.

April 13
Ringarooma for the North. Passengers -
For Lyttelton: Mr and Mrs Smith and family
For Wellington: Messrs White, Williams, Brown, and 12 steerage.

April 14
Albion for Lyttelton and Wellington. Passengers - For Lyttelton: Mr Francis
For Wellington: Mr Brosian
For Auckland: Mr Southern and six steerage.

April 16
Dahlia, barquentine, 373 tons, Mockett, for Oamaru.

Lyttelton April 15
Arrival of the Stad Haarlem at Lyttelton

Wellington, April 16th
Departures - Rangatira, for Wanganui, New Plymouth and Manukau. Passengers: Cabin_
Messrs Wilkins, Fitzherbert, Connolly, Howes, Smith, Duthie, Weldon, Wonogier, Rogers, Scott, Robertson and Salon.

Passengers for Otago
Per New Zealand Shipping Co.'s Columbus (Captain W. Esson), from London, February 8th - For Otago (consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Co., Limited

Steerage -
Allen 		J.L.
Davis 		H.P.J.
Newton 		James
Newton 		William Henry

        Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Westland (Captain Wood), from Glasgow, January 28th - For Otago

Bell 		Mr James
Burnley 	Mr F.W.
Chancellor 	Mr H.F.
Ferguson 	Mr Thomas
Hannan 		Mr James
Jones 		Mr J F
Lamond 		Mr Thomas
Lamond 		Mrs
Phillips 	Mrs
Ritchie 	Mr James
and about 200 in steerage.

Otago Witness 26 April 1879 page 12.  Voyage account page 5
Arrived April 20th. Westland, 1116 tons, Wood, from Glasgow January 28th. NM and A Co. agents.
(also Otago Witness April 1879 pg12 - English Shipping - passengers for Otago)

Passengers: Saloon - 		(Mr H.F. Chancellor) not listed as arrived
Bell         	Mr J.F.		(Mr James Bell)
Bunny         	Mr F.W. 	(F.W. Burnley)
Fergusson     	Mr  		(Mr Thomas Ferguson)
Hamon 		Mr J.H.		(Mr James Hannan)
Jones 		Mr J.F.
Lamond 		Mr J.T. and Mrs
Phillips 	Dr and Mrs
Ritichie 	Mr H.F.  	(Mr James Ritchie)
17 steerage, and 169 Government immigrants 

The Westland crossed the bar drawing 17 feet 6 inches aft and 15 feet forward, at half tide without touching. Her lowering masts and yards are all steel, while the rigging is set up by patent screws. The vessel is commanded by Captain Thomas Wood (a gentleman well known in Dunedin as the captain of the steamer Cyphrenes). The medical officer is Dr Phillips. The chief officer is well known here as the chief officer of the company's ship Otago on her last voyage. Mr Leslie is the second officer. Mr Graham the old chief steward of the Otago and comes in a similar capacity.
    An infant died. A death from suicide happened on March 23rd, at 5.40 p.m., when David H. Woods, aged 22 years, as a steerage passenger of Scottish extraction, who had shown symptoms of lunacy on the previous day, and had been placed under surveillance of two of his fellow passengers, suddenly jumped upon the rail and despite all efforts to retain him, kicked and jumped so violently as eventually to force the, to release their hold. Captain Wood, on being informed of the fact , at once brought the ship to the wind, and in less than two minutes and a half minutes a boat was manned and lowered away in search and was compelled to return to the ship at 6: 30 p.m. At the time the wind was moderate and the vessel was running about eight knots with a nasty sea on. Single females were no less than 80. They were under the charge of Mrs Lyons. She left the Tail of the Bank at 5 p.m. on January 30th. After a passage of 80 days from anchor to anchor. and 77 days from land to land.

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s Celaeno (Captain Payne) from London, February 4th - For Napier and Bluff Harbour (consigned to Messrs Kinross and Co.):

Second Cabin - 
Lamb 	Robert
Lamb 	Mary
Lamb 	Jane H
Lamb 	John
Lamb 	Robert
Lamb 	Charles
Lamb 	Mary
Lamb 	Thomas
Lamb 	Caroline
Lamb 	John
Lamb 	James
Lamb 	Kathleen
Bland 	Elisabeth

Otago Witness Saturday May 3 1879 pg 13
English Shipping

Per Millwall (Captain Weir) from London, February 26th.

Passengers: Saloon - 
Bearnard 	Mrs

Second Cabin:
Beckett 	George T
Drury 		G H
Drury 		F P
Inglis 		W H
Martin 		William 
Petch 		W W
Swindles 	John Henry

Armitage 	Harriet
Armstrong 	Robert N
Evans 		Mathew D 
Hepburn 	James
Jenkins 	Lewis
Kennedy 	Alexander
Muirie 		Andrew
Murire 		Mrs Mary H
Robertson 	John
Robertson 	Robert
Spratt 		Thomas
Wellsman 	Frederick
Willey 		Michael
Per Otago, Captain Prebles, from Glasgow, March 6th

Passengers - Saloon:
Dent 		Miss
Lietke 		Mr William 	(Lieke)
Mackay 		Mr Charles
Mackay 		Mr Robert
Saunders 	Miss Margaret

Second cabin:
Campbell 	Mr D
Donie 		Mr J W  	(Dome)
Edwards 	Mr Joseph
Hulme 		Mr A
MacConnell 	Mr A D		(Macdonald)
Moore 		Mr Joseph  	(More)
Saunders 	Mr Thomas
Stark 		Mr Thomson

Anderson 	Mr G
Anderson 	Mrs
Cassels 	Mr D M		(Cassel)
Cullen 		Mr W J
Duncan 		Mr James, Mrs and 5 children
Fraser 		Mr James B	(Fraser) (2)
Forbes 		Mr John
Fraser 		Mr J W
Grant 		Mr William
Henderson 	Mr Peter
Hislop 		Mr James
Roger 		Mr A and family  (child)
Shearer 	Mr J C
Stewart 	Mr W
Stewart 	Mrs
Welsh 		Mr 
White 		Mr John		(Whyte)

Otago Witness June 21 1879 pg 21
(June 16th -Otago, ship, 992 tons, Peebles, from Glasgow. Passengers- Saloon...)

April 25
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Bernech, from the West Coast via Timaru, Union Co., agents. Passengers - Miss Plaisted, Mr and Mrs Plaisted and family (4), Mr and Mrs Davis and family (8), Messrs Armour, Cole.

Rotorua, s.s., 587 tons, Carey, from Sydney, via the East Coast. Union Co., agents. Passengers - Mesdames Burton, Donaldson, Eaton, Dawkins, Carvosa, Cresswell, Misses Purton, Pardon, Browne, Wilson, Captain Macfarlane, Messrs Donaldson, Simpson, Moore, McGregor, Hill, Carvosso, Vines, Henderson, Connor, Snodgrass, and two for Melbourne; 118 steerage, and 8 do for the South.

April 26th
Cora, schooner, 45 tons, Russell, from Oamaru. K. Ramsay, agent.
Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers - Mrs Roberts, Messrs Harper, Melville and 19 steerage.
Rosannah Rose, schooner, 137 tons, Helgeson, from Kaipara. C. Macandrew, agent.

April 29
Arawata, s.s,, 628 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne via Bluff. Union Company, agents. Passengers: From Melbourne - Mesdames Paterson, Kett, Misses Alice Armitage, F.L. Mitchell, Heymanson, Mr and Mrs D. Wood, Mr and Mrs P C O'Neill, Messrs J Dunn, H Benjamin, W. Coote, R Browning and 25 steerage.
From the Bluff - Mr and Mrs Maitland and family, Mr Martin.
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Kennedy, from the North. Union Company, agents. Passengers - Mesdames Drake, Blythe, Mr and Mrs Allan, Mr and Mrs Rother, Mr and Mrs Renshaw, Sire John Elder and party (4), Messes Coates, Collins, Coolings, Smith (2), Scott, Judd, Hughes, Franks, Fraser, Masters Rattray, Barton, Maitland, Williams, Wright and 10 steerage.

April 30th
Waitaki, s.s, 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers - Mrs Madden, Messrs Townsend, Brownell, Cogvin, Morrison, Sinlair, Rennie, McLean, Gifford, and 28 steerage.

April 25
Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, McGillivary, for the North. Union Company, agents
Passengers: For Lyttelton - Miss Moss, Messrs Solomon, Cohen, Lock, Griffiths.
For Wellington - Mr Park.
For Napier - Colonel Whitmore
For Tauranga - Mr and Mrs Gow
For Auckland - Mrs Marris and family
Messrs Boyes, Mann.

April 29
Arawata, s.s. 623 tons, Sinclair, for Lyttelton and Wellington. Union Co. agents. Passengers:
For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Barrett, Mrs Clutsam and 2 children, Miss Labest?iere
For Wellington - Messrs Anderson, Dickson
For Picton - Mr Gregg
For Nelson - Mr Morrison
and 4 steerage.

Otago Witness Saturday May 17 1879

, s.s., 118 tons, Bernech, from West Coast, Passengers - Mr and Mrs Charley and family, Messrs Canavan, McKay, Guzitt, Mail

May 9th
Dunnottar Castle, ship, 1702 tons, Hinks, from London, Dalgety, Nichols, and Co. agents. Passengers: Saloon -

May 11
Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, McGillivray, from the North. Union Co., agents. Passengers - Mesdames Simon, Nimmo, Misses Moore,(2), Messrs Fulton, Moore, Carroll, McDonough, Glashan, Walter, Stuart, Manson, Atiken, Grey, Barber, Stephenson, Levin, Marks, Duncan, Taylor.

Albion, s.s., 640 tons, Tozer, from Melbourne, via Hobart town and the Bluff. Union Company, agents.
Passengers - Mr and Mrs Forsyth and 2 children, Mesdames Pickels, Somerville, Cameron and 2 children, Misses Dellas (2), Menzies, Master Dellas, Captain Anderson, Messrs Menzies, Irvine, Mitchell and 14 steerage; 311 passengers for the North.

May 14
Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. J. mills, agent.
Passengers - Mesdames Lee, McAllister, Messrs Hedger, Donaldson, Tohill (2), Mowatt and 15 steerage.
Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, Chatfield, from Lyttelton. Union Co. agents.
Passengers - Mr and Mrs Townsend and family, Mrs Hickson, Misses Paul, Irwan,
Messrs Howden, Durrand, Williams, Dickson, Henderson and 7 steerage.

May 8th
Western Monarch, ship, 1315 tons, Watson, for London. N.Z Shipping Co., agents.
Passenger - Mr Barr.

May 9
Ladybird, s.s., 286 tons, Malcolm, for the North. Union co. agents. Passengers:
For Lyttelton - Mr Culling
For Wellington - Messrs Manson, Copeland
For Poverty Bay - Miss Murphy
For Tauranga - Miss Jeffries
For Auckland - Captain and Mrs vans and servant.
Messrs Paulden, Kitchen, Hurley, Shea, Makeham.

May 13
Albion, s.s., 649 tons, Tozer, for the North. Passengers:
For Lyttelton - Mr Jones, Captain Inglis
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Buchanan and child
For Picton - Mr Pigon
For Wanganui - Mr Lockley
For Nelson - Mr Ellis
For Tararaki - Mr Bulkey
For Auckland - Mr J.R. Brown
and 4 steerage for all ports.

May 14
Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, Chatfield, for Melbourne, via Hobart Town and the Bluff. Passengers:
For Hobart Town - Mrs R Walker, Mr and Mrs Bess?ir and child
For Melbourne - Mrs Peace, Miss Edhouse, Strachan, Messrs Lyons, Belcher,
and 7 steerage.
For the Bluff -Mr Martin
Clifton, barque, 350 tons, Hodgson, for Sydney. T. Procter, agent.

Otago Witness May 24 1879

Arrivals May 17
Albion, s.s., Tozer, from the North. Passengers -
Messrs McLewis, Bulkey, Langdon, Mercer; and 7 for forward ports.
May 18th
Anthons, brigantine, 133 tons, Munro, from Greymouth.
Wanganui, s.s., 179 tons, Fraser, from Bluff. H. Houghton and Co. agents. Passenger - Mrs Fraser.
Signal, barque, 493 tons, Whitney, from Kaipara. Master agent.
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Kennedy, from Northern ports. Union Co., agents. Passengers - Miss Burgess, Mesdames Barr, Hastings, Stavely, Perry, Philips, Paslin, Cairns, Koirner, Bruce, Messrs Barr, Perry, Eh?mann, Hastings, Kirkpatrick, Gregson, Seymour, Anderson, Koirner, Bruce, Barnvy, Bay?iss, Gayle, Deason, Chapman, Peggie, White, Walker, Dollar, Stuart, Beckitt, Lye?ll, Allen, and 20 steerage.

May 20th
Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons, Edie, from Oamaru. Passengers - Miss Penman, Mesdames Jones, Norton, Selwyn, Messrs Doughty, Norton, Cameron, Sampson, and 15 steerage.

Rotorua, s.s., 578 tons, Carey, from Melbourne, via intermediate ports. Union Co. agents. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Mcl?eod, Mr and Mrs Baldwin, Mesdames Blake, Mavon, Wheeler, Misses Mavon (3), Beal, Gibson, Captain Keaney, Messrs C. Burke, Aecher, Mavon, Mills, Dobie, Jago, Huie, McPherson, McKenzie, Lingard, Davis, and 53 steerage.

May 17th
Wellington, ship, 1245 tons, Cowan, for London.
Passengers - Mrs Reid and 2 children and Mr J.S. Vile.

May 20
Rotorua, s.s., 587 tons, Carey for Sydney, via East Coast ports. Passengers:
For Lyttelton - Mr Barr and 4 steerage
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Williams and 3 children and nurse, Messrs Eastwood, L. Weidner
For Nelson - Mrs Blair and family (3), Mr Day
For Napier - Miss Tanner, Mr Tanner
For Poverty Bay - Mr Cameron
For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Patterson, Mr Donneld
For Sydney - Mr and Mrs Chapman, Messrs McLaren, O.J. Campbell, Wolfe.

Otago Witness May 31st 1879 pg 13

May 23
Waitaki, s.s., from Oamaru. Passengers - Misses Louden (2), Campbell, Cargey, Mrs Mouatt, Captains Campbell, Patterson, Messrs Harper, Mouatt, Judge, Colbett, Williams, Joseph, Sing, Swinard, Little, and 13 steerage.

May 25th
Tararua, s.s., 563 tons, Muir, from Sydney, via intermediate ports. Union Co., agents. Passengers
From Sydney - Mrs Maud
From the Coast - Mesdames Luks and 2 children, McCullough, McDougall, Messrs Jago, Massey, Clements, McCullough, A. Macnell, McDonald, McDougall; 7 steerage and 24 Chinese from all ports.
Wanganui, s.s., 178 tons, Fraser, from the Bluff. Passengers - Mr Blythe and 4 steerage.

May 26
Bobycito, barque, 432 tons, Potter, from Newcastle.
Hally Bayley, schooner, 113 tons, Crene, from Hobart Town
Eliza McPhee, ketch, 42 tons, Hughes, from Riverton
Janet Ramsay, schooner, Petersin, from Catlin River.
Caberfeidh, barque, 338 tons, Sainty, from Newcastle via Oamaru
Hudson, barque, 797 tons, Colville, from Wellington

May 28
Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Mesdames Wetherel, Wilson, Saunders, Captain Saunders, Messrs Joel, Summers, Aitken, Connor, Wilson, McKay and 22 steerage.
Arawata from Melbourne via Bluff. Passengers:
From Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Heffernan, Mesdames Burnett, Davis, Raymond, Misses Raymond (2), masters Raymond (3), Messrs Ridley, W. Scoular, Tait, and 13 steerage.
from the Bluff - Messrs Heath, Davidson; 43 steerage for forward ports.
Columbus, barque, 744 tons, Esson, from London, Feb. 3rd, . NZ Shipping Co. agents.

Passengers -
Allen 		Mr 
Davis 		Mr
Esson 		Mrs
Newton 		Messrs (2)

The barque Columbus arrived off Otago Heads on the morning of the 28th and was towed into port by the p.s. Koputai at 11 a.m. She was under charter of the New Zealand Shipping Company, and is still commanded by our old friend Captain Esson, while Mr Taylor, who was here in her two years and a half since as second mate, is now chief officer. The Columbus brings 1200 tons of cargo, of which half is dead weight, and the rest measurement goods, and will discharge at the Railway Pier. Left Gravesend on February 8th.

Albion for Melbourne via the Bluff. Passengers
For Melbourne - Mesdames Anderson and family, Gibson, Messrs Carter, Can Buren, Knowles, Hayman and 10 steerage.

May 22
Hawea, for the North. Passengers
For Lyttelton - Messrs C. Rattray, E. Maitland, Throp
For Wellington - Mr McKay
For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Wright and son, Messrs Dalgleish, Willis, C. Turnbull, Master Beal and 10 steerage for all ports.

May 28
Arawata for the North. passengers: For Lyttelton - Mrs C.J. Clayton, Mr Snodgrass
For Wellington - Mrs Newman and child; 5 steerage for all ports.

Tararua, Muir, for Melbourne via Bluff and Hobart Town. Passengers :
For Hobart Town - Mr Langdon and 2 steerage
For Melbourne - Messrs Cunningham, Buller, master Anderson and 4 steerage.

English Shipping
Passengers for Otago
Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.s Routenbeck, 929 tons, (Captain Slitt) from London, March 28th.  (See 5 July 1879 pg 13 passengers listed). Arrived June 28.

Second Cabin:
Addison 	Mr John J
Barry 		Mr William 
Bolleau 	Frederick G	(Mr Bilean)	
Coates 		Jessie
Coates 		Mary
Coates 		Chas
Coates 		George
Cormick 	J		(Mr and Mrs Cormack and family, 3)
Cormick 	Annie
Cormick 	Fanny
Cormick 	George
Cormick 	Eliza
Ferguson 	Mr T
Hall 		Mr Thomas
Jones 		Miss
Mather 		R
Morrison 	Mr Kenneth J
Morrison 	Mr Archibald M
Murphy 		James
Murphy 		Mrs
Richmond 	Mr W.
Richmond 	Mrs Annie
Richmond 	George W.
Robinson 	Mr T
Scott 		Mrs H
Simpson 	Mr Henry
Sparkes 	Mr R
Spiers 		Mr
Stevens 	Mr W

Per New Zealand Shipping Co.'s City of Cashmere (Captain R. Grieve) from London March 29th (consigned to the NZ Shipping Co. Ltd) (See 5 July 1879 pg 13 passenegrs listed) Cabin: Mrs Grieve.  Arrived June 27th.

Beesley 	Joseph		(Mr, second cabin)
Knight 		Isabella	(Mr and Mrs Knight an child, second cabin)
Knight 		Mary E 		
Lennon 		Mary		(Mr and Mrs Lennon and family, 6 second cabin)
Lennon 		Patrick
Lennon 		Mary
Lennon 		Ann
Lennon 		Phillip
Lennon 		Thomas
Littleboy 	Eliza A		(Miss, second cabin)
Longson 	William		(Mr, second cabin)
McCready 	Helen 		(Miss, second cabin)
Morphew 	Jeffrey
Naumann 	Carl 		(Mr and Mrs, second cabin)
Naumann 	Maria
Willis 		Thomas
Wood 		George  	(second cabin -Mr and Mrs Wood and 10 children)
Wood 		Anne
Wood 		Emily
Wood 		Mary E
Wood 		John
Wood 		Joseph
Wood 		Anne E
Wood 		Milton
Wood 		Samuel
				(Jeffrey, Mr, second cabin)

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s Electra (Captain Thomson), from London, April 6th:
(see OW  26 July 1879)

Second cabin: - 
Commin          Arthur
Commin          Mary  		(Mr and Mrs Cuming and infant)
Commin 		Harold
Instone 	Robert 		(Mr and Mrs Instone and family 4)
Instone 	Sarah
Instone 	John
Instone 	Albert
Instone 	Frank
Instone 	Lucy
Lockerie 	James		(Mr Lockerbie)
Stanger 	Charles 	(Mr Stranger)
(Featherstone Mr)

Steerage - 
Begg 		Francis
Chesterfield 	John
Davis 		James
Duncan 		George
Farquhar 	George
McDade 		John
McDade 		Mrs
McHa?tle 	William  	(Mr McCatty)
Savill 		Henry 		(Mr Saville)

Otago Witness June 7th 1879 Shipping

May 29th
Wakatipu, s.s., 1158 tons, Wheeler, from Sydney via the Coast. Union Company, agents.

Passengers - 
Bell 		Mrs
Lawrie 		Mrs
Lees 		Mr
Lewis 		Mr and Mrs Lewis and family (3)
McMahon 	Mrs
McKechnie 	Mrs and family (3)
McKenzie	Mrs
Price 		Mr
Seymour 	Mr
and 29 steerage

May 31st
Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Mrs Boyd, Messrs Lindsay, Thompson, Bell, Kelly, McGavin, Robertson and 12 steerage.

Don Diego, barque, 820 tons, Francis, from Maldon Islands.

June 1st.
Wanaka, s.s., 228 tons, McGillivray, from Auckland via East Coast Ports. Passengers - Miss Bruce, Mesdames Collins, Richards, Chrymouth, Messrs Fraser, Beres, Ellaby, Reid, Balack, Allen, Chapman, Walker, Chapman, Gulley, Turner.

June 4th
Wanaka from Oamaru. Passengers - Captain and Mrs Carey and family, Messrs Brown, F_ieman?, Denns?, and 13 steerage.

Ringarooma, s.s., Chatfield, from Melbourne, via Hobart Town and the Bluff.

Passengers - 
Amery 		Mr
Arenas 		Miss
Arenas 		Mr
Benjamin 	Mrs
Bent 		Mr
Braham 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Cascardin 	Mr (Corscaden)
Cheevers 	Mr
Delaney 	Mr
Donohue 	Mrs
Fischer 	Mr
Gardner 	Mrs
Griton 		Mr
Hawkins 	Mr
Horne 		Mr and Mrs
Kennedy 	Mr and Mrs
Kennedy		Mr
Knight 		Mr
Martian		Dr and Mrs
Newland 	Mr
Pauline 	Mr
Pauline		Mr
Reid 		Mr
Robertston	Mr and Mrs
Solomon 	Mr
Stoneham 	Mr
Thompson 	Mr
Walker 		Mrs
and 38 steerage.

Arawata, s.s, for Nelson and intermediate ports. Passengers - Messrs J.F. Reid, J.W. Kelly,  --el?, Ha_ley?, T. Raine, N. Stick and 1 steerage; 30 passengers for all forward ports.

Bluff, June 3rd.
The Union Company's steamer Ringarooma left Melbourne on the 27th, called at Hobart Town, and arrived off Bluff. She sails for Dunedin. Passengers ... above and Messrs Robertson and family, Gardner, Martin, Home, Benjamin, Donohue, Walker, Nuse, Areanas, Mammoth, Minstrels (15), and 38 in the steerage.
For Lyttelton - Plaskett, Robin, Northey, Scott, Matson, Lee, George, Mesdames Virtue, Barker, Matson, and seven steerage.
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Cowan and family, Mrs Russell and 14 steerage.

May 30th
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Bernech, for the West Coast via Bluff, Union Company Agents. Passengers -
For Greymouth - Mrs Finstone, Messrs Taylor, M.J. Riley, G. Alexander and 2 steerage.
For Hokitika - Ah Chang, Wy Lung.

May 31st
Hotspur, barque, 523 tons, Shaw, for Guan.
Ladybird, Malcolm, for the North. Passengers - For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Aitken and family (5)
Mr and Mrs Roberts and family (7)
For Napier - Miss McKenzie
For Auckland - Messrs Seaton (2) and 6 steerage for all ports.

June 2nd
Lyttelton, ship, 1111 tons, Strang, for London. Passengers - Messrs Smith, Brown and 2 steerage.

June 3rd
Maggie Paterson, schooner, 88 tons, Paterson, for Buller River.

Wakatipu for Sydney via intermediate ports.
Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr and Master Menzies,
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Dunk, Mrs Goodridge, Miss Goodridge, Messrs McLennan, Laing, Scott, McLachlan.
For Auckland - Messrs Hunrich, Bowig
For Sydney - Miss Liggins, Mrs Darcey and 2 children, Messrs Clay, Bachelder, R. Patterson, J. Murphy, C. Logime, Jenestor, Wilson, Murray.
For Newcastle - Mr and Mrs Stewart and child; 27 steerage for all.

Splendid, barque, 530 tons, Souls, for a whaling cruise. W. Elder, agent.
Wave, brig, 174 tons, Christian, for Oamaru. H. Houghton and Co., agents.

June 4th
Lapwig, brigantine, 231 tons, Falconer, for Oamaru.
Star of the South, s.s., 179 tons, Fraser, for the Bluff.

Arawata for Melbourne. Passengers -
For Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Burgin, Mrs Greig, Miss Terry, Messrs Elliot (3), Boyd, Levin, Darrand, Miller, Wright, Hamann, Graham, Waddell, and 16 steerage.
East Lothian, ship, 1389 tons, Barr, for Newcastle, NZ Shipping Co., agents.

pg. 11 Auckland, June 4th
The barque Adeline is now 180 days out from Sunderland, England, and fears are entertained for her safety.

Immigration for Port Chalmers May 1879Otago Witness 14 June 1879 pg13

Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Misses Menelaus, Hook, Captain Paterson, Messrs H.A. Phipps, Graves, Reid, Dickson, Eddington, Hay.

Hawea from Northern ports. Passengers - Misses Clark, Walcott, Messrs Withers, Snodgrass, Simmonds, Tonholt, Rice, Glover, Reynolds, Dumford, Edwards, Georgeson, Rankin, Montgomery, and 4 steerage.

June 9th
Freetrader, barque, 206 tons, McArthur, from Tasmania. T. Paterson, agent.

June 10th
June 9 - Florinda, brigantine, 106 tons, Brophy, from the Bluff.

June 11th
Albion, s.s., 591 tons, from Melbourne via Hobart Town and the Bluff. Passengers -
Mr and Mrs Hendry, Messrs Aitken, Burns, L. Egan, Elliot and 24 steerage.
from the Bluff - Mrs Hagar; 23 passengers for Northern ports.

Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs Halland, McLean, penman, Captain Paterson and 17 steerage.

Maori from the West Coast. Passengers - Messrs Hassell, Gough, Ah Ching.

Ringarooma from Lyttelton -Passengers - Misses Sievwright (2), Dick, Cameron and 4 steerage.

9th June
Niagara, ship, 1306 tons, Pickard, for Newcastle. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.

June 11th
Albion for Lyttelton and Wellington. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Thomson, Miss Grieve.
For Wellington - Mr Bailey.
For Greymouth - Mr Duncan and 1 steerage.

Ringarooma for Melbourne via Bluff. Passengers -
For Melbourne - Mrs Russell, Misses Russell, Murphy, Messrs Brett, Scott, and 5 steerage.
For Hobart Town - Mr and Mrs Curran, 2 children and servant.

Oamaru, June 5th
The barque Beatrice, Captain Harris, cleared outwards for the United Kingdom with a full cargo of wheat.

Trail Trip of the Kakanui.
On the 21st April Messrs R.S. Sparrow and Co., Dunedin, launched from their years a screw steamer, built to the order of the Kakanui Steamship Company. 10 miles from the Rattray street Wharf by the deep water channel to Port Chalmers, a distance of a little over ten miles, was run in a trifle over 53 minutes. Mr Nancarrow - Government inspector of machinery. Her keel is 97 feet long; overall she measures 103 feet; beam 15 feet 3 inches; depth of hold in the clear 7 feet, she is 60 tons register, but will carry 90 tons of cargo on a draft of 6 feet. When light she draws 5 feet 3 inches aft and 2 ft 3 inches forward. Surface condensing engines, direct acting; , these are nominally 22 horse power. The high pressure cylinder 21 inches, the length of stroke being 15 inches. Motive power is supplied from a boiler 6 feet 3 inches in diameter and 8 feet long. On deck there are steam winch and a belier for working the cargo. and the officers are housed amidships under the bridge. The cabin, bird's eye maple and oak panels, will accommodate 10 passengers. Her rig is that of a fore-aft schooner. Painting and graining of the cabin by Messrs H.S. Fish and Son.

Otago Witness June 21 1879 pg 21

June 15th
Ladybird from the North. passengers - Musses Anderson, Andrews, Messrs A. Matthews, L.E. Nathan, Mr and Mrs George Darrall, 2 servants, and Dramatic Troupe (14); 4 steerage.

June 16th
Otago, ship, 992 tons, Peebles, from Glasgow. Passengers- Saloon.. See May 3rd.

June 17
Tararua from Melbourne via Hobart Town and Bluff. Passengers -
From Melbourne - Mrs Mears, Miss Williamson, Messrs H. Dalgleish, Ackroyd, Short, T. Dalglish, Alberstson, Donovan, and 18 steerage.
Form Hobart Town - Mr Brown.
Form the Bluff- Mi s Miller

Albion from Wellington and Lyttelton. Passengers-
Misses Collins, Davey, Captain Macfarlane, Messrs Wilson, Norman, Donnett, Kelly, Dalgleish, McGurie, Allen, Manson and 3 steerage.; 20 passengers for forward ports.

Hawea for the North. Passengers-
For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Teschemaker
For Wellington - Hon. J. Macandrew, M.H.R.
For Nelson - Miss Hunter, Mr Sinclair.
For Poverty Bay - Mr Veale
For Tauranga - Mr Hay and 2 children
For Auckland - Misses Kennedy (2), Mr Deane, and 14 steerage for all ports.

June 17th
Friendship, schooner, 66 tons, Wilson, for a sealing cruise. Thomson Brothers, agents.

Eilibank Castle, schooner, 64 tons, Connor, for Oamaru.
Tararua for Sydney via intermediate ports. Passengers -
For Wellington - Mr Wilson
For Auckland - Messrs Bridgar, Edwards, Voysey
For Sydney - Mr and Mrs Lowe, master Lowe, Messrs Morpe, Tomhole, Wright, Allen; 10 steerage and 1 Chinese.

Albion for Melbourne.
Passengers - For Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Bavis, Mrs Snider, Messrs Egan, Kenny
For the Bluff - Mr Lindsay.

Arrived: New Zealand Shipping Company's Red Gauntlet, from London, 132 days out. The passage was retarded owing to her losing her maintopmast on May 31st. She had to put into Portland on February 11 to land the chief officer and some of the crew who were sick. She brings out two saloon, two second-cabin, and nine steerage passengers.

Otago Witness June 28 1879

June 24th
Wellington, s.s., 262 tons, Anderson, from Wellington. Passengers - Messrs Roxburgh, P. Callaghan, Armstrong, C. Davis, Mathews, R. Shield, Egley.

Arawata from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Dowling, Mesdames Marsh and 2 children, Wilson, Lieutenant Fulton, Messrs Skagland, Mackinon, and 20 steerage.
From the Bluff - Mr Newberry Forty passengers for the North.

June 25th
Rotorua from Sydney. Passengers - From Sydney - Mr Templar.
From the Coast - Mesdames Wright, Wilson, Miss Casey, Masters Keddell, Casey, Dr Galbraith, Major Keddell, Messrs Casey, Beal, Hamon, Winkelman, Keeble, Hood, Haworth, McAndrew, Benjamin, and 7 steerage.

June 21st
Ladybird for the North. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr Sime
For Wellington - Mr Warrell
For Nelson - Mr Morris

Lyttelton, June 19th
Arrived - Oakhurst, barque, from Workington, after a passage of 100 days - all well.

Wellington, June 26th
Arrived: City of Madras, ship, from London, after a passage of 100 days. Two second-class passengers died on the voyage.

Auckland, June 24
Arrived: City of Sydney, s.s., (from Sydney June 19th) Passengers include Mr Chaplin and Miss Osborne, under engagement to De Lias, of the Theatre Royal.

English Shipping
Passengers for Otago
Per Dunkeld (Captain Finlayson), from Glasgow April 2nd.

For Oamaru: 
Drummond 	John T.
Frost 		Rachel
Grey 		George
Park 		James
McIntosh 	Archibald
McIntosh 	Euphemia
McIntosh 	John Edward

Per Cape Clear (Captain Tupman) from Glasgow April 9th -

For Port Chalmers: 
Saloon - 
Henderson 	Mrs and family
Smith 		Mr James
Steerage - 
Brown 		Robert
Brown 		Andrew
Budge 		Mrs and family
Crawford 	Andrew
Doherty 	Roger
Falconer 	Thomas and family
Gillfi_lan 	D. Henry
Grant 		Christina
Jenkins 	Peter and family
Keddie 		Alexander
McCreadie 	Morris and wife
McDade 		John
McDonald 	P Stewart
Miller 		Malcolm
Salmond 	John
Stewart 	Malcolm
Reiach 		John
Thomas 		John

Per Thomas Stephen (Captain R. Richards), from London, April 26th -
New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. For Port Chalmers: [see 19th July, arrived July 13th]

Ansley 		Mr Gilbert E
Campbell 	A		[not listed as arrived]
Dawson 		Mr F. jun
Hall 		Mr C. Frank
Turnbull 	Mr G

Second cabin
Ashwell 	Mr J
Barnes 		Mr John
Barnes		Mr
Barnes 		Mrs John
Bell 		Mr Thomas
Brodie 		Mr Oswald
Brough 		Mr F
Cardozo 	Mr G.H.
Cardozo 	Mr W.P.
Grant 		Mr James
Matthews 	Mr John
Matthews 	Mr Thomas A

Steerage - 
Allen 		Mr Charles
Bartlett 	Mr George
Baruch 		Mr Charles G
Cheetham	Mr William
Clark		Miss Ellen  
Crabtree 	Joseph		[not listed as arrived]
Crabtree 	Martha
Crabtree 	Lea
Crabtree 	Roseline
Crook 		Mr James
Forebrother	Mr Isaac	[Horebrother]
Foster 		Mr Thomas
Houston 	Mr William
King 		Mr Thomas 	[and family 4]
King		Charlotte
King		Fanny
King		Walter
Kirton 		Mr Henry J
Jeffery 	Mr Andrew	[Jeffrey]
Jones 		Mr John
Jones 		Richard
Maher 		Mr Michael	[Matier]
Mann 		Mr William
Meany 		John		[Meaney]
Monk 		Mr Frederick
Murphy 		Mr Bernard 	[and family 3]
Murphy 		Mary
Murphy 		William J
Phelan 		Mr Patrick
Seaver 		Thomas		[not listed as arrived]
Trotter		Mr William
Wheale 		Mr John		[Whoale] [and family 3]
Wheale 		Elizabeth
Wheale 		Ada
Wheale 		John W. 
Wiley 		Mr Johnson
Williams 	Mr A.

Otago Witness July 5th 1879

June 26th
June 25 - Spirit of Dawn, barque, 692 tons, Wards, from London. NZ Shipping Company, agents. Passenger - Mr Gibson.

Anseona, ship, 1551 tons, Harwood, from Cardiff. NZ Shipping Co., agents. Passenger - Mr Fraser.

Wakatipu, Wheeler, from Sydney, via Wellington and Lyttelton. Union Company, agents. Passengers - Mrs Nancarrow, Misses Liggins, Fleming, Captain Hedgson, Masters Russell, Hodgson, Messrs Jerkins, Chin Soy, Proctor, Burt, Black, Montgomery, Johns, Wittowaki, Griffiths, Waxsmuth, Barry O'Neill, Chapman and 80 steerage.

Victoria, barque, 748 tons, Briscoe, from Newport, Monmouthshire. NZ Shipping Co., agents.

Millwall, ship, 1165 tons, Weir, from London. Passengers -Saloon -
Barnard Mrs
Second cabin -

Armitage 	Mrs
Armstrong 	Mr
Beckett 	Mr
Drury 		Mr
Drury 		Mr
Evans 		Mr
Hepburn 	Mr
Inglis 		Mr
Jenkins 	Mr
Kennedy 	Mr
Martin 		Mr
Murie 		Mrs
Petch 		Mr
Robertson 	Mr (2)
Spratt 		Mr
Swindles 	Mr
Wellsman 	Mr
Willey 		Mr

June 27th
City of Cashmere
, ship, 989 tons, Grieve, from London. NZ. Shipping Company, agents.  Passengers listed. A smart passage out from Home, 87 days from land to land. Mr Malcomb, who was the second officer on the last trip here has received a well-merited promotion in being advanced to the position of chief officer. The second officer is Mr Gould, and the third Mr Byles. She brings 1520 tons of cargo of which 350 is dead weight, and the rest general goods; included in this is five tons of powder.

June 28th
Routenbeck, barque, 930 tons, Street, from London. 29 Passengers listed. Anchored at Deborah Bay. 1700 tons of cargo. She is a very handsome vessel, some four years old, and was built at Whitehaven for Mr L. Davidson, of Harrington in Cumberland. She is now on her third voyage, and has hitherto been trading to Spanish South America. Her voyage occupied 92 days from port to port, and having left London on March 28th. 72 days on the run  land to land.,

Waitaki from Oamaru. Passengers -Mr and Mrs Caw, Misses Gleeson, Gibbons (2), Todd, Huxtable, Chase, Hon. G. McLean, Messrs Moatt, Chase, Armstrong, Polson; and 9 steerage.

June 28th - Delaware, barque, 249 tons, Blaxell, from Bateman's Bay.

June 29th
Clyde, barque, 562 tons, Romney, from Newcastle.

June 30th - Hawea from the North. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Thomspm, Mrs Peterson and family (7), Misses Menaman, Carroll, Messrs McLaren, Jones, Allardyce, Doull, Bennett, Wilson and 8 steerage.

Julu 2st
from Oamaru. Passengers - Mesdames Carter, Milton, Wilson and family (3), Miss Edllgan, Messrs Carlan, Stringer, Hanlon, Dunlop, Gallichan, Aitken (2), Mclaren, Thornton, Lee, Geddeson, Blair, Aiton, Pea___,  ___, Evans, Lees, Penman, Walker, Barlow, Manchester, Wilson, Callan, Captains Jones, Biel and 24 steerage.

Arawata from Nelson via the Coast. Passengers -Masters Jones (2), Mr and Mrs Hefforman, Mr and Mrs Watson, Mrs Bowden, Messrs Davies, Jacob Bell, McKenzie and 12 steerage; 45 passengers for forward ports.

St Kilda from the North. Passenger - Mr Ward.

for Melbourne via the Bluff and Hobart Town. Passengers -
For the Bluff - Messrs Hastie, Foster.
For Hobart Town - Misses Leary, Hastie, Swift, Mrs King, Messrs Hastie, King, Hood, Fuller, Mr and Mrs Doughty and 6 children, Mr and Mrs Fronckson and child, and 17 steerage.

June 29
Wellington for the North. Passengers -
For Akaroa - Miss Daly, Mesdames White, Robinson
For Wellington - Mr Carter
For Picton - Mr Swatilla
For Napier - Mr Henderson
For Auckland - Messrs Frazer, Coutts; and 5 steerage for all ports.

July 1st
Wakatipu for Sydney. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Messrs Gibson, Boyd, Lowrie, Hallenstein, Edmonds, Gisborne
For Wellington - Miss Helen Campbell, Dr Hector, Hon. Mr Gisborne
For Nelson - Mr J. Barltrop.
For Taranaki - Messrs Brach, Hallenstain
For Newcastle - Mr J. Claxton
For Sydney - Misses Amos, Ward, Maitland (2), Messrs Beard (2)
8 steerage for all ports, and 11 Chinese for Sydney.

Don Diego, barque, 838 tons, Francis, for Maldon Island. J.B. Mudie, agent.

Arawa for Melbourne. Passengers -
For the Bluff - Messrs Spence, Swindle, Mather
For Melbourne - Mesdames Thomson, Greaves, Messrs A. Meares, Shields, A Muir, F. Smith. J. Lees, M. Mullen, J. Fergus, M. Gunn, McNamara, Reeves, Biggs, Mactavish, Thomson.

Minnehahs, schooner, 86 tons, Oakes, for Auckland.

Bluff, July 2nd
The Ringarooma left Melbourne on the 25th. Arrived at Hobart Town on the 27th. Passed the Rotorua on the 29th. Saloon passengers
For the Bluff - Hudson's Surprise Party (12),  Mr, Mrs and Miss Trotter, Miss Barlow, Messrs Marks and Seymour.
For Dunedin - Miss Calvert, Mrs Cole, Mr and Mrs Greaves, Messrs Ogden, Bantroggal, Kaust, Manning. 10 steerage and 83 tons cargo.
For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Lindsay and family, Mrs Stopps, Rev. Shelton, five steerage and 19 tons cargo.
For Wellington - Misses Seymour, Reeves, a d Coade, Messes Seymour, Thompson, six steerage, and 71 tons cargo.

Vessels in Port

Otago Witness 12 July 1879 pg 13

Arrivals July 3rd
Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, Chatfield, from Melbourne, via Hobart Town and the Bluff.
Passengers from Melbourne - Miss Calvert, Messrs Bant, Broggball, Kunst, Manning, J.F. Odgen.
Form Hobart Town - Mr and Mrs J. Greaves, Mrs W. Cole and infant.
From the Bluff - Mr and Mrs McNeill, Mrs Gilles, Misses Gilles (2), Colville, Smith, Yuillie, Rout, Messrs Seymour, Schott, Santley, Evans, Miles, McGregor, Durrant, Wilcocks, Chancellor, Young, Edmond, Tapper, Hume, Glendining,  Wilkinson, Benjamin, Wolfe, Pinkier, Carmichael, J. Green and 17 steerage from all ports.

July 4th
Waitaki, for Oamaru. Passengers -Messrs Horne, Morrison, Malcolm, Hanning, Murray, Moir, Gawn, Collett, McClennan, Strahan, Cogvin and 10 steerage.
Ino, s.s., 32 tons, Brewer, from Kakanui.
Delmire, barque, 338 tons, Sonee, from Maldon Island. N.Z Shipping Co. agents.

Wanganui, s.s., 179 tons, Bayldon, from Greymouth. Passengers -Messrs Denniston, Evans, Gallagher, McNichol, Bennett.

July 6th
Ladybird, from Northern ports. Passengers - Mrs Maddish and 2 children, Misses Fowler, O'Halloran, Mrs Ostler, Master Monkman, Messrs Mason and boy, Ostler Tanner, Ailan, Thomson, Snow and Warrington.

July 7th
Maori from the West Coast via the bluff. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Bolton, Mesdames Stevens, Thomas, and child, Dunlop, Miss Vena De Gay, F. De Gay, Mavern, Norton, Burton, Horton, Master Perkins, Messrs Tile, Bates, Parney, Mick, W. Docherty, Taylor, Poritti, Jones, Cotter, Wilson, Ah Hoon, Nicholson, Phillips.

July 9 -
Waitaki from Oamaru - Passengers - Miss Barr, Messrs Gillespie, Jones, Wilson, McLean, Callan, Jones, Reid, O'Haollrao, Morton, Atkinson, Collins, Marr, Er_e, Cummings and 13 steerage.

Albion, s.s., 806 Garrard, from Melbourne, via Hobart Town and the Bluff. Union Company, agents. Passengers -
From Melboure - Messrs Walkin, R.S. Petrie, and 28 steerage.
From the Bluff -  Messrs J Tope, C.G. Good and 28 for Northern ports.

Seagull, brigantine, 163 tons, Arndt, from Kaipara.
Eliza Mary - brigantine, 163 tons, Arndt, from Kaipara.
Ringarooma from Wellington and Lyttelton - Passengers -  Messrs Davidson, Eastwood, Bonnington, Broomhall, Low and 7 steerage.
Star of the South, s.s., 179 tons, Fraser from Riverton, via the Bluff. Passengers - Mrs Moncton and family (7), Captain Burke, Messrs Brown, Thomas and 1 steerage.
Rio Logie, brig, 241 tons, Walker, from Lyttelton. W. and G. Turnbull and Co. agents.

Departure July 4th
Ringarooma, s.s.,
For Oamaru - Mr. W.C. Norman
For Lyttelton - Messrs Brown, C.T. Broomhall, Shipton
For Wellington - Mr W. Martin.

Ada C. Owen, brigantine, 183 tons, McLeod, for Auckland
Nonpsreill, barque, 599 tons, Finlayson, for Newcastle.

Anna, ketch, 29 tons, Tall, for Timaru.
Dunnottar Castle, ship, 1702 tons, Hinks, for Newcastle.
Hawea, s.s., for Auckland, via the East Coast. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Messrs Curtis, Harris, Maskay, Newbeery
For Wellington - Dr Wallis, Captain Bell, Messrs O'Rourke, Birch, Rutherford
For Gisborne - Mr Johnson
For Auckland - Mr and Mrs Deaalas, Miss Dallas, Mr Leatherby
For Sydney - Mr A. Mair.

July 8
Delmira, barque, 338 tons, Sonne, for Hobart Town
Columbus, barque, 744 tons, Eason, for Valparaiso.

July 9th
Owake Belle, ketch, 38 tons, Cowan, for Timaru
Ringarooma for the North. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr and Mrs Darrell and 2 servants. Mrs Allen, Mrs Vincent, Misses Navaro, Mayor, Vincent, Vernon, Messrs Vincent, Eliott, Whyte, Power, Clinton, Sweeney, Palmer, Wilson, Winniege.
For Wellington - Misses Christopher, Rotherdam, Hon. Captain Fraser, M.L.C., Professor Salmond, Messrs Oliver, Manders, Thomson, M.H.R.'s, Mesdames Toms, Scott and 2 children, Messrs Drake, Downey, J. Hamilton.
For Auckland - Messrs McGregor, McAndrew.
Mary Ogilvie, schooner, 83 tons, Chambers, for Greymouth

Hokitika, July 9th
Arrived - Claud Hamilton, s.s., from Melbourne. Passengers -
For Nelson - Mr Webb
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Marsh and family (6), Mrs Crowther and Miss Allen. She brings six steerage and 69 tons of cargo for Nelson.

Otago Witness 19 July 1879 pg20Otago Witness 19 July 1879

Arrivals July 12
Waitaki (Edie) from Oamaru

Passengers - 
Blair 		Mr
Douglas 	Mr
Easton 		Mr
Fraser 		Mr
George 		Mr
Gibbs 		Mr
Greenlee 	Mr
Grant 		Mr
Hogg 		Mr
Johnson 	Mr
Lyon 		Mr
_lles 		Mr
Wilkinson 	Miss

July 13
Thomas Stephens, ship, 1506 tons, Richards, from London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. Passengers - Saloon - ...

July 15
Rotorua (Tozer) from Melbourne via Hobart Town and the Bluff.
Passengers - Miss Hunter, Messrs Waddell, carter, Grierson, Hoyte and 17 steerage.

Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, (McGillivrary) from the North.
Passengers - Miss Burns, Cotterill, Da_ey, Messrs Kesch, Graham, Law, Fried, Osborne, Stobert, Williamson.

July 16th
Waitaki, s.s., (Edie) from Oamaru. Passenegrs - Messrs Kendell, Harper, Echlin, Joseph, Dall, Nimmo, Pickersgill, King, Scott, Brown, Parker, Scannon, Graine.

Ringarooma (?Charfield) from Lyttelton. Passengers - Misses Gibson, Sayers, Messrs Baillie, Alexander, Juches, Hewitt, Beard, Learmouth, Sayers, Cox, Thomson, Warrington and 6 steerage.

Mary Bannatyne, brigantine, 116 tons, Smith, from Lyttelton.
Valparaiso, barque, 729 tons, Mill, from London. Dalgety, Nicholas, and Co., agents. Passenger - Mr Carrington
Caper Clear, barque, 852 tons, Tupman, from Glasgow.


Rotorua (Tozer) for Sydney via the East Coast. Passengers -
For Lyttelton - Mr Jenkins,
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Harris and family (6), Miss Keeble, Mr Percy Brodie
For Picton - Mr and Mrs Terry
For Gisborne - Mr J Potts.
For Auckland - Messrs J. Allan, A. Brown, Le__Y, Cochrane.
For Sydney - Messrs Walker, Wi_hers (2), Lunn, Hamilton, Chee, Noakes, and 9 Chinese.

July 10
Albion (Garrad) for Melbourne via Bluff and Hobart Town. Passengers
For Melbourne: Miss Faithful, Wheelhouse, McLuskey, Messrs Faithful, Walton, Young, Pearson.
For Hobart Town - Mr Kirkland
For the Bluff- Mr and Mrs Heffernan.

July 11th
Ladybird (Malcolm) for Northern ports. Passengers:
For Wellington - Messrs Bulter, Williams, Mayle.
For Napier - Mr Shepherdson
For Hokitika - Sun Ching
For Auckland - Messrs Stirling, Blanche and 5 steerage

Wellington, July 15
The barque Loch Kerr, for London, has cleared at the Customs with a cargo of wool, skins, &c. valued at about £25,000. She carries no passengers. She is one of the New Zealand Shipping Company chartered vessels.

Wellington, July 16th
Arrived. New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Pareora, from London, after a 100 days passage. She brings 48 passengers and a large cargo.

Otago Witness 26 July 1879 pg13

Arrivals July 18th
Waitaki (Edie) from Oamaru

Currie 		Miss
Hamilton 	Mr
Harper 		Mr
Harrison 	Mr
Henwoood 	Mr
Wright 		Mrs and 2 children

Electra, ship, 844 tons, Thomson, from London. NM and A Co. agents.
Passengers: Saloon (See OW March 31st 1879)

July 20 - Tararua (Muir) from Sydney via East Coast.

Passengers - 
Salmond 	Professor
Ealley 		Mr
Samson 		Mr
Thompson 	Mr
Wheeler 	Mr
and 8 steerage

Anthons, brigantine, 188 tons, Munn, from Greymouth. Master, agent.
Magellan Cloud, brigantine, 99 tons, Bower, from Kaipara. Master, agent.
Renfrewshire, barque, 898 tons, Wilkie, from London, via Timaru. NZ Shipping Co., agents.

July 22 - Arawata ( Sinclair) from Melbourne via the Bluff.

From Melbourne
Clarke 		Mr J
Donaldson 	Mr H B
Fisher 		Miss
Greavers 	Mrs
Hughes 		Miss
Jephson 	Mr C P H
Patrick 	Mr
McLean 		Mr A
Smith 		Mr and Mrs
Smith 		Misses (5)
Smith 		Master
Stewart 	Mr E W
and 13 steerage
From the Bluff
Leash 		Mr A J
1 steerage

Good Templar, ketch, 42 tons, Bradshaw, from Kakanui.

July 23  - Maori (Bernech) from Timaru
Passengers - Three Chinese

Waitaki (Edie) from Oamaru

Brown 		Mr
Cooper 		Mr
Dallas 		Mr
Dare 		Mr
Fellows 	Mr
Henderson 	Mr
Ivers 		Miss
Meyer 		Mr
Newsome 	Mr
Prosser 	Mr and Mrs and family (8)
Ridings 	Mr
Smallman 	Miss
Sutherland 	Mr
8 steerage

Ringarooma (Chatfield) from Melbourne via the Bluff

For the Bluff - Mr Crawford
For Melbourne
Aitcheson 	Mr and Mrs
Gregan 		Mr
Henderson 	Miss
Johnson 	Mr TJ
Kenesly 	Mr
Kiles 		Mr
Marshall 	Mr and Mrs
Murphy 		Mr
Patrick 	Miss
Snider 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr J
Turner 		Mr
and 10 steerage for all ports

July 19th
Westland, ship, 1116 tons, Wood, for London. NM and A Co., agents.

Passengers - Saloon:
Henderson 	Mrs
Henderson 	Masters (2)
Henderson 	Miss
Jones 		Mrs
Taylor 		Mr A

Second cabin:
Cranston 	Mrs
Jackson 	Mr
Le Le Harival 	Mr
Otarisi 	Mr
Arawata (Sinclair) 
for Lyttelton and Wellington
	McDonogh 	Mr T 
	Hendrie 	Mr
For Nelson - Lockerbie 	Mr and Mrs
[see Norval from London]

Lyttelton, July 19th
Cleared: Waimate, ship, for London, taking four saloon, three second cabin and 18 adult and six children steerage passengers. She takes a full cargo.

English Shipping
Per New Zealand Shipping Company's Blair Drummond, Captain Guthrie, from London, May 24th (consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company, Limited)

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s Antares (Captain Lewis from London, May 31st: Second cabin

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co., Helen Denny (Captain Ruth) from London, May 12th; Second cabin

Per P. Henderson and Co.'s Napier ( Captain Moffatt), from Glasgow, May 6th (consigned to Messrs Cargills, Gibbs and Co.., Dunedin) Saloon:

The Southland Times Monday 20 January 1879
Bluff Harbor
Arrived - January 20
Western Monarch, ship, 1315 tons, Watson, from London. McPherson & Co. agents.

Passengers - 
Black 		Mr and Mrs
Boon 		Mrs
Fairweather 	Miss
Fairweather 	Mr
Gilfillan 	Mrs
Hawthorne 	Mr and Mrs
Johnson 	Mr and Mrs
Kemp 		Mr
McKenzie 	Miss
Sherwin 	Mrs
Suter 		Mrs
Vincent 	Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Weymouth 	Miss

Jan. 20 - Albion, s.s., 597 tons, Tozer, from Melbourne.

Archdale 	Mr
Hall 		Mrs and family
McCaughan 	Mrs, child and nurse
Young 		Mr
and 4 steerage

Jan 20 - Oreti, s.s., McArthur, from Invercargill. T. Broderick, agent. Passengers -
Messrs Egan, Dunne, McPherson.

The fine clipper ship Western Monarch, with our of friend Captain Watson on board in command, arrived at the lower anchorage at the Bluff yesterday morning, from London. She has on board 369 immigrants and 9 saloon passengers, besides a crew of 46 men all told. The Western Monarch left Plymouth on 30th October, after having embarked all her passengers on the previous day. Fifteen minutes after leaving port the first death occurred on board - an infant which had been brought on board having wasted away - and although this at the time may have been considered an ill omen, yet in this instance it proved not to be so. During the whole passage there were only three deaths, one being the infant, another an infant dry nursed, and another a single man named Arthur O'Keefe, aged 28 years, from consumption, who had come on board almost in the last stage of the disease with a faint hope that the sea voyage might prove beneficial. Three births also took place and all are doing well. Dr. James W.P. Hosking was unwearying in attending to their medicinal requirements. John Baldwin, aged 80, of Waterford, is confined to bed suffering from consumption. The Western Monarch was built in Barrow-in-Furness, by Barrow Shipping Company, and is almost a new vessel. She is owned by the Royal Exchange Shipping Company. She is fitted with a steam winch, condenser, and steam appliances for working the yards and anchors, also fire apparatus. Her lifeboats forward are capable of carrying 160 passengers, are always slung aboard in davits, ready to lower at a moment's notice, and this in the event of colliding would be an immense advantage, the usual custom being to have all boats, excepting one or two aft, turned bottom up and well secured on the skids. She has patent anchors with improved detaching gear, which does away with the usual billcoking at the catheads, the anchors being slipped off the forecastle-head, a a moment's notice. As soon as the passenger's are cleared Captain Watson will land them either in boats at the Pilot Station or by steamer at the wharf and proceed on his voyage to Dunedin, where he will discharge his cargo, none of it being for Southland.

The Southland Times April 5 1879
Bluff Harbor Sailed
Tararua, s.s., 563 tons, Sinclair, for Melbourne. Passengers

Collins 	Mr
Gibson 		Mr
Marks 		Mr
Salier 		Mr
and the Uncle Tom's Cabin Company

The Southland Times Wednesday April 9 1879
The new steamer Te Anau, for the Union Company's line of steamers, will be a boat similar to the Rotorua in style, but of great speed. It is proposed that she will replace the Rotorua in the intercolonial trade, and the Rotorua will be employed solely on the coast. The following are the dimensions of the Te Anau:- Length 270ft; beam 34ft; depth 25ft; 355 horse-power nominal, and she is expected to average thirteen knots. She will carry 100 saloon. Her tonnage will be about the same as the Wakatipu.

The Southland Times Friday April 11 1879
Bluff Harbor - Pilots McDonald and Thomson.
April 10 - Chili, ship, 768 tons, Culbert from London, via Lyttelton (20 March).
Abbey Holme, barque, 515 tons, Bryce, from London (7th Dec.). McPherson & Co. agents. Took in a quantity of powder and dynamite at Gravesend. Passed Start Point on the 13th. The Abby Holme sails out of Liverpool. She brings a full general cargo.
Arawata, s.s., 632 tons, Newman, from Dunedin.
Bravo, cutter, Groomes, from Stewarts Island.
Albatross, barque, 924 tons, Schultz, from Cardiff (17th Dec.), New Zealand Shipping Co., agents. She brings a cargo of railway iron. The barque is a remarkably taut clean vessel; flying the Swedish flag.

Southland Times April 22nd
One of the two engines forming part of the cargo of the Chili was landed safely on Saturday, and the other was placed upon the trucks yesterday afternoon.

The Southland Times Friday 18 April 1879
The cutter Rapid was chartered to tranship the dynamite from the barque Abbey Holme. This vessel is still at anchor off the Pilot Station, but will get up to the wharf as soon as she get rid of her powder and dynamite. The schooner Maid of Otago on her way from Invercargill to Hobarton is to call in and tranship the dynamite from the Rapid.

Monday 31st. The dynamite brought by the Abbey Holme and transhipped into the cuter Rapid, was taken on board the Pioneer schooner, which left immediately for Dunedin.

The Southland Times Tuesday 15 April 1879
Arrived April 14 - Albion, s.s., 623 tons, Tozer, from Melbourne.

Passengers - 
Basstian 	Miss
Peabody 	Mr
Rolland 	Mr and Mrs
Spiers 		Mr
Tanner 		Mrs A.
1 steerage

Southland Times Tuesday 22 April 1879
Bluff Harbor - Arrived
April 21 - Hinemoa, s.s., 300 tons, Fairchild, from Wellington.

Littlejohn 	Mr
St. John 	Captain
St. John 	Mrs
Robinson 	His Excellency Sir Hercules  [Governor of NSW]
Robinson 	Mrs
Robinson 	Miss

Southland Times April 22nd Tuesday
Dunedin 21 April
The steamship just built by Messrs R.S. Sparrow & Co., to the order of the Kakanui Steam Shipping Company was this afternoon launched at the builder's yard, near the Rattray street Jetty. At the signal, the vessel slid broadside on to the water, Mrs Keith Ramsay at the same moment christening it the Kakanui in the orthodox manner. The Kakanui is intended for trade between Kakanu  (7 miles south of Oamaru) and Dunedin, is of the following dimensions: Length over all 97ft; beam 15ft; depth 7ft 6in. She will be fitted with surface condensing engines of 90 horse-power indicated.

Southland Times Wednesday 23 April 1879
Bluff Harbor Arrived
April 22 - Tararua, s.s., 563 tons, Muir, from Melbourne. Passengers for the Bluff

Bankin Mr
Hunter Mr
Hunter Miss H
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Mr T
Hunter J
Irons Mr
Lilly Mr
McDonald Mr

Southland Times Wednesday 23 April 1879
Captain Underwood, of the Arawata, was a passenger from Melbourne to England by the John Elder. It is rumoured the Rotomahana, which vessel he will bring out, will make her maiden voyage as an Orient liner.

Southland Times Thursday 24 April 1879
Arrived - April 23 - Lizzie Guy, brigantine, 85 tons, Stevens, from Oamaru. Master, agent. Load of potatoes.

Southland Times Thursday 24 April 1879
Lyttelton, April 23
Sailed - Ship Marlborough, for London. The ships City of Quebec and Piako were cleared for London to-day by the NZSCo., the former with a cargo of grain valued at £85,000 and the Piako with grain, wool and tallow valued at £70,000. Passengers - Messrs Kirkwood, Taylor, Coleman, O'Neil, Lloyd and D. Green.

Southland Times Friday 25 April 1879
Arrived Bluff Harbor
April 24 - Albion, s.s., 591 tons, Tozer, from Dunedin. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Colley and 1 steerage. For Melbourne - 17 saloon and 9 steerage.

Southland Times Monday 28 April 1879
Timaru April 25
The barque Charlwood was cleared for London with a cargo of wheat valued at £12,200 and two passengers.

Southland Times Tuesday 29 April 1879
The Union Company's s.s. Arawata, Captain W.C. Sinclair, sailed from Hobson's Bay on the 23rd inst., with the Suez mail, 35 saloon and 40 steerage passengers, and 290 tons of cargo and 4 head of cattle.
Arrived Bluff Harbor April 28 - Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne.

Passengers - For Bluff
For Dunedin:
Armitage 	Miss
Benjamin 	Mr
Browning 	Mr
Coate 		Mr
David 		Mr
Dunn 		Mr
Heymanson 	Miss
Kitt 		Mrs
Mitchell 	Miss
Neill 		Mr and Mrs P.G.
Patterson 	Mrs
Woods 		Mrs

For Lyttelton:
Frere 		Mr and Mrs
Harper 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Hillhouse 	Mr
Kingsford 	Messrs (2)
Laudergan 	Mr
Petrie 		Mr

For Wellington:
Gordon 		Captain
Mills 		Mrs and family (4)
Preston 	Mr
Scott 		Miss

For Napier:
Hyndmarsh 	Mr
Morris 		Miss
and 40 steerage for all parts.

The Southland Times  Nov. 11 1879
Bluff Harbour - Arrived
Nov. 10 - Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Sinclair from Melbourne.

Passengers - For Bluff:
Gilmour 	Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master
Habison 	Mr
Lucy 		Mr
Ross 		Mr
Spence 		Mr (2)
Walsh 		Miss
7 in steerage

For Dunedin:
Blaumberg 	Mr
Handyside 	Mr
Hart 		Mr and Miss
Hart 		Miss
Marks 		Mr
McAllister 	Mr
McNeill 	Mr
Sellars 	Mr
Tate 		Mr and Mrs
100 in steerage

For Lyttelton: 
Austin 		Mr
Botton 		Miss
Donoran 	Mr
Minifie 	Miss
Walsh 		Mr
and 7 in steerage

For Wellington:
Darbyshire 	Mr
Fryer 		Mrs
Fuller 		Mr and Mrs
Fuller 		Mrs and Master
Gibson 		Mr
Hyland 		Mr
Jonas 		Mr
Murphy 		Mr and Mrs
and 17 in steerage

For Nelson:
Price 		Mr
Street 		Miss

Southland Times Monday 17 Nov. 1879
Bluff Harbor - Arrived
Nov. 15 - Tararua, s.s., 563 tons, Muir, from Dunedin. Passengers - Mrs Finn, child and nurse, Mr Cox (2), 2 steerage.

Southland Times Tuesday 18 Nov. 1879
Bluff Harbor - Arrived
Nov. 17 - Ringarooma, 623 tons, Chatfield from Melbourne, via Hobart Town.

Passengers - 
For Bluff
Amery 		Mr
Bell 		Mr and Mrs G.M. and servant
Bell 		Miss
Bell 		Master (2)
Bent 		Mr
Bleazard 	Miss
Bleazard 	Miss E
Brown 		Mrs
Campbell 	Mr
Clark 		Mr and Mrs
Farell 		Mr
Fredericks 	Mr
Gabolincy 	Mrs and infant
Hayman 		Mr and Mrs
Kennedy 	Mr
McFarlane 	Mr
Newlands 	Mr
Reed 		Mr
Richardson 	Mr
Rinicinnon 	Mr
Stonebam 	Messrs (2)
Thompson 	Mr
seven in steerage

For Dunedin:
Balcoine 	Mrs
Belough 	Miss
Benjamin 	Mr and Mrs
Booth 		Mr and Mrs
Booth 		Mr and Mrs W.E.
Cameron 	Mrs
Connay 		Mr
Forrest 	Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Goodwin 	Mr
Gordon 		Mr
Hopkins 	Mr
Hull 		Mr
Joachinn 	Mr
Joel 		Mr (2)
Johnston 	Mr
Jorrison 	Mr
Kennedy 	Miss
McDonald 	Mr
McFarlane 	Mr
Mills 		Mr James
Mitchell 	Mr
Moore 		Mr
Rutherford 	Miss
Rutherford 	Mr
Spedding 	Miss
Thompson 	Mr
Tonks 		Mr
Vickery 	Mr
Villiers 	Mr
Watt 		Mr
Williams 	Mr
104 in steerage

For Lyttelton:
Bain 		Miss
Gibson 		Mr
Maitchelson 	Mr and Mrs
Porter 		Mrs
Ramsden 	Mr and Mrs and family
Rattray 	Mr and Mrs

For Wellington:
Begg 		Mr
Bowler 		Mrs
Brett 		Mr and Mrs
Finnimore 	Mr
Hart 		Mr and Mrs
McLachlan 	Miss
Marshall 	Mr
Marshall 	Mr J
18 in steerage

The Southland Times Monday 24 Nov. 1879
Bluff Harbor
Arrived. Nov. 22.-  Arawata, s.s. from Dunedin
                           - Maori, s.s. from Dunedin

Nov. 22 -Arawata, s.s., 632 tons, Sinclair, for Melbourne. Passengers - Miss McGrath, 2 steerage
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Bernoch, for West Coast ports. Passengers - Mr Spence, 2 steerage.
Ulva, cutter, Dawson, for Stewart Island.

The Southland Times Tuesday 25th Nov. 1879
Wellington, Nov. 24
Sailed - s.s. Ringrooma, for Melbourne via the south.

Adams 		Mr
Barton 		Mr
Briggs 		Mr
Darcliffe 	Mrs
Foster 		Mr
Fraser		Mr
Hankinson 	Mr
Kirk 		Mr
Marshall 	Mr
Mills 		Mr
Norcliffe 	Mr
Preston 	Mr
Pryde 		Mr
Sherlock 	Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Vauxhall 	Mr
Waddel 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr

The Southland Times Saturday Nov. 29
Sailed Nov. 28 - from Bluff. Ringarooma for Melbourne via Hobart Town. Passengers - Mr Tewslwy, 3 steerage.

The Southland Times, April 11 1879 pg2

Otago Witness June 7th 1879
Dunedin Annual Hotel Licensing Court Meetings page 11 & 12

Otago Witness 1 March 1879 pg10
In Memoriam to the Kaitangata coal Mine disaster
An Appeal. Poem by Thomas Bracken.
Inquiry - March 15th

pg20. The music of Ireland and Scotland seems to have been composed expressly for the bagpipes; but that of Wales must have been from its very structure, intended for the harp.

Otago Witness March 15 1879 page 21
Poem - Scotland Revisited by Robert McFarlane

I lang hae dwelt in other lauds,
Across the Western sea;
my children love Auld Scotland's sangs,
They love her glens for me.

My head is gray wi' many years,
Yet still my heart is young;
if I forget thee, Scotland dear,
May speech forget my tongue

'Tis done; but oh, 'twas hard to part,
It seemed to wring my very heart,
To take my last fareweel.

The shadows fall; on deck I stand;
The hills reced from me;
Scotland, my dear - my native land;
Good night, good night to thee.

Otago Witness June 21 1879 pg21
Poem - The Fight with the British Colours from Isandula by Charles Umbers.

Otago Witness, 17 August 1878, Page 13
The Union Company's s.s. Hawea, Captain Archibald Kennedy, safely arrived at Port Chalmers at 8 a.m. on Saturday from Auckland, her temporary steering gear having answered adm rably, Passengers: J. Smith, James Allan, G. Robson, S. C. Caulton, J. Trimmer, J. Allan, W. Sherwood, Raine, J. Gow, Edmund Meloy, Albert Fail, A. McFail, J. M. Batham, Joseph Palmer, G. B. Jamieson, Joseph Grigg, W. H. O. Smeetham, W. A. McDowell, Edward Greatbatch; Major Withers.