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New Zealand Bound

Shipping News  1868, 1869, 1870, 1877, 1878 &1887


Otago Witness March 14 1868 page 10 column 2
The fine and favorite steamer Albion has been sold by Messrs Cargills and McLean to Mr C. Hoyt and Capt. McKinnon; the price was £12,400. The Albion is to go from here to Hokitika; thence to Queensland, for the diggings; and afterwards to Japan.

Otago Witness March 14 1868 page 12 column 2
Sixty passengers left Greymouth by the Egmont, their destination being the Maryborough diggings, Queensland. 

Otago Witness Saturday March 21 1868 page 12 column 1
The steamship Albion left Port Chambers on Saturday, for Hokitika, Sydney and Japan. It was on 13th May, 1864 that she arrived from Glasgow and her cost to the company, at that time was £32,000. Her builders were Messrs Scott and Co., of Greenock, by whom the Aldinga and other steamers of similar character, were constructed, and it was by the Greenock Foundry Company that her engines were provided. The Albion will leave Hokitika with a full complement of passengers, on their way to Queensland, the Phoebe having, it is said, taken as many as 400 for the same destination. The new owners of the vessel are to join her at Sydney, prior to her proceeding to Japan.

Otago Witness Saturday March 21 1868 page 11 column 4
The brig Wild Wave, which arrived at Port Chalmers, from Hobart Town, on Saturday, has brought three kangaroos and several cases of parrots - a gift to the Acclimatisation Society.

28th March 1868 page 11 column 4
The barque Empress, a valuable collection, comprising 299 birds, consisting of partridges, chaffinches, greenfinches, grey linnets, starlings, skylarks, blackbirds, thrushes, hedge sparrows and yellowhammers, has arrived in Auckland.

Daily Southern Cross, 17 August 1868, Page 2 PORT OF ONEHUNGA.
CLEARED OUTWARDS. August 15. Airedale, s.s., 386 tons, Kennedy, for Taranaki and Southern ports. For Otago : 85 sacks seed, F. D. Rich. Passengers : Saloon — Mrs Buckland, Mrs. Haines, Messrs. Murdoch, Davies, Weisenhasen, Clures. Second Cabin— Messrs. Cradock, Baduck, Liffin, Kenny, Garland, Nies, T. Smith ; Muter Baduck.

Otago Witness 19 September 1868 pg12
Inwards - Sept. 16 - Caller Ou, 674 tons, Jones, master, from London, with cargo and passengers.
Hydra, 585 tons, Rich, master, from Newcastle, with cargo. Struck a rock off Cape Saunders.

Port Chalmers departure - Sept. 17 - Severn, barque, 398 tons, Hastings, for Newcastle.

Otago Witness September 19 1868 pg9
The trip of the s.s. Albion to Japan arrived from Australia with eighteen passengers, who fancied Japan was an Eldorado, and had left employment in the colonies to seek a fortune there.

Otago Daily Times, 9 October 1868, Page 2
The well-known clipper ship Beautiful Star, from London, arrived at the Heads yesterday morning, having made an excellent passage of 88 days from the Start. Pilot Kelly boarded and sailed her up against the ebb tide during the forenoon to the Quarantine Ground, where she brought up, in consequence of the wind falling light up. The tug Geelong proceeded down alongside of her in the afternoon, and would probably tow her up to a discharging berth during the evening. Capt. Lees who is still in command of this fine vessel, reports of the voyage that the Beautiful Star sailed from Gravesend on the 7th of July, and passed Start Point on the 12th. Light weather prevailed until falling in with the N.E. trades, when strong breezes were experienced for a few days. The Equator was crossed on the 11th of August. The S. E. trades were very indifferent, and lost in lat 22.30S. The meridian of Greenwich was crossed on the 31st August, and that of the Cape on the 5th of September. On the same day she encountered a heavy gale from E.N.E., which backed round to N.W., causing a high confused sea, which broke on board and smashed some acid cases stowed on deck, all of which were hove overboard for the safety of the ship, cargo, and passengers. Her easting was run down on the parallel of 50 deg, and was characterised by northerly and N.W. winds. The Snares were made on the 6th instant. Since then she had to beat against light N.E. winds. The Beautiful Star comes into port in excellent order, and on this trip she has brought sixteen cabin passengers, all in good health. The ship Schleswig Bride was spoken between Tasmania and the New Zealand coast, and again on the day after, rounding the Snares. The only land sighted during the voyage was the island of Madeira. An addition was made to the population on board by Mrs Keown giving birth to a son on the 27th ult. Both mother and child have since done well.

Port Chalmers - Oct. 8
Arrival. Beautiful Star, ship, 546 tons, Lees, from London, 7th July. R.B. Martin and Co. agents. Passengers:
Mr and Mrs George
Mr and Mrs Keown
Mrs Smith
Messrs Brown, Tragrett?, Bowring, Sim,  ___ Harding, Taylor, Kirkling, Packe and Thurson?

 Schleswig Bride, ship, 1110 tons, Hansen, from Glasgow. Passengers: Messrs Robert Martin, Wilhelm Ravn-Kulde, Thomas Wilson and 262 in the second class, intermediate and steerage. Passengers were under the care of Dr J. Mackinlay. Three births. One marriage took place.
    The deaths were:
On August 24th, Jane Bruce, aged 20, of pneumonia.
Sept. 22nd,  Marguerite Taylor, aged 11 months of diarrohoea.
On the 27th, Betsy Officer, 11 months of debility
and Mrs Mulligan of heart disease. The latter had been complaining of pleurisy in the right side previous to her confinement.
    The births were:
On August 30th, Mrs. Campbell of a daughter.
Sept. 13th Mrs Mulligan, also of a daughter.
and Mrs Nutsford of a son.
    The marriage occurred on the 14th August, and the hand of Mrs William Scobbie was tied to that of Isabella Fraser, with the usual ceremony, by Captain Hansen.

Otago Daily Times 16 October 1868, Page 2
Arrival: Mystery, barque, 424 tons, Pryce, from Liverpool. Bright Brothers, agents. Passenger: Mr James Murdoch. Oct. 29. The barque Mystery still remains in the Quarantine anchorage. The powder brought by the Mystery was all discharged on 19th.
Yesterday the ship Excelsior from whose safety considerable apprehension had been felt, turned up after a passage of 150 days from London. An accident befel her off the Island of Tristan D'Acunha which necessitated her putting into the cape where she stayed for three weeks.
The barque Eleanor, which was at anchor at the Heads, bound for Oamaru to Melbourne, made another start for her destination.

Otago Daily Times 26 October 1868, Page 2
Alhambra, s.s., 407 tons, McLean, from Melbourne via West Coast and Northern Ports. Dalgety, Rattray and Co., agents. Passengers: Mrand Mrs Jones, and family (2), Mr and Mrs McMasters, Miss McGuire, Messrs McGuire, Wilson, Roberts, Loughman, Magill, Willoughby, and 12 in the steerage, two cabin and nine steerage for Melbourne.

Otago Daily Times 31 October 1868, Page 2
William Davie, ship, 840 tons, Logan, from Glasgow. Passengers:
Reverend Mr Donald Ross and wife, Reverend and Mr Johnstone and wife
Misses Weir, Watson. Smart, Ritchie, Weir, Watson, Wilson, Smith, Ritchie,
Messrs Scott, McFarland, St. George, Reid, Brown, Russell, Denny, McLain; and 190 in the steerage.
The general health, under the care of Dr Skelly and Mrs lawson, the matron, has been good. One death on the 26th instant, that being James Robert Denniston Andrew, a cabin passenger, of consumption. The deceased joined the ship in Glasgow. 48 single females.

Otago Daily Times 11 November 1868, Page 2
Arrival. Omeo, s.s., 605tons, Mackie, from Melbourne, via Bluff Harbour. Passengers: Miss O'Mullane, Messrs W Waton, Coleman Burke, C R Howden, Trimble, Greig, Cobb, Smith, and 25 in the steerage and 20 for other ports.

Otago Daily Times 16 November 1868, Page 2
Arrival. Timaru, ship. 883 tons, Langlands, from London. Passengers 84 in the second cabin and steerage. The ship Timaru, after a very fair passage, considering the weather experienced, arrived off the Heads from London on Saturday forenoon. On this voyage she brings a larger number of passengers than on any of her previous trips, there being 84 on board; equal to 73 statute adults, including a few assisted immigrants. There were no deaths nor sickness of an infectious character on the, passage, and the population was increased by two births, viz on the 24th September, when Mrs Wilson was safely delivered of a daughter and on the 6th instant, when Mrs Barrett also gave birth to a daughter.


Otago Witness 11 September 1869 pg12
Inwards - Sept. 10 - William Davie, 841 tons, Ross, master, from Glasgow, with cargo. Cargills and Mclean, agents.
Port Chalmers - Arrivals - Sept. 10 - Asterope, ship, 601 tons, Inglis, from London. Bright Brothers, agents.

The 90 Chinamen who arrived by the Gothenburg on her last trip, reached Waiperi about a fortnight ago. For some time over thirty Chinamen have been at work on the Deep Stream, and have been very successful. One man, over fifty-seven years of age, left for China recently, carrying with him a considerable sum, earned during a two years' residence on the Waipori. This man was one of the party who bought Wylie's old claim. Some of the trade people have profited considerably by the recent influx- one having done a great stroke by hiring out to the Chinese a newly-erected stable as a sleeping room, at the rate of 6d a head each night.

Otago Witness September 18 1869
Inwards - Sept. 10 - Asterope, 602 tons, Inglis, master, from London, with cargo. Bright Bros. and Co., agents.
Sept. 14 - Advance, 523 tons, Taylor, master, from London, with cargo.

Otago Witness 18 Sept. 1869 pg13
Bluff, Sept. 14th
The Omeo arrived here at 7 this morning. She left Melbourne on the 7th inst., She will sail for Dunedin to-night. 400 Chinese for Otago will be sent by the Gothenburg.


Otago Witness 13 August 1870, Page 12
The clipper ship Edward P. Bouverie, one of the finest vessels belonging to Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co. 's line of Clyde packets, arrived off the Heads from Glasgow on Tuesday evening, and was towed up to a discharging berth off Rocky Point by the Geelong at 2 a.m. on Wednesday. Her passengers, to the number of 235, equal to 201 statute adults, were brought to Dunedin by the p.s. Golden Age on her forenoon trip. Of the Bouverie's passage Captain Tilly reports that the ship left the Tail of the Bank off Greenock on the 5th of May, had light winds and variable weather down Channel, and took final departure from Cape Clear on the 11th. From thence to lat. 43 N., reached on the 15th, had a succession of westerly winds, the last three days being very heavy from W. to W.S.W. with high rolling seas. Moderate weather was then experienced to the N.E. Trades, which were light. The Equator was crossed on the 37th day out, in long. 26 W. The S.E. Trades were fair, and the Meridian of Greenwich was crossed on the 28th of June, and that of the Cape on the 2nd of July. Easterly gales and very high seas were then experienced for three consecutive days. Her easting for the moat part was run down in lat. 47 8., and with the exception of four days of westerly breezes, was characterised by variable and. indifferent winds. Between the longitudes of 37 and 103 E., several icebergs were sighted. She passed Tasmania on the 30th ult., when she met with a heavy S.S.E gale, which horsed her away to the northward. The gale continued until the 6th inst., when it hauled round to N.N.E , with a high confused sea. On the following day she passed between the Snares and the Traps. Westerly breezes then favoured her till making the Nuggets at 5.30 a.m. on the 9th. Light variables were then experienced to arrival. The general health of all was good throughout the passage, no infectious disease whatever having occurred. There was, however, one death — that being Mrs Agnes Stewart, of puerperal fever, on the 18th of July. This did not, however, decrease the population of the ship, as on the passage there were no leas than eight births, as follows :— May 22nd, Mrs Gray, of a son; 24th, Mrs M'Donald, of a daughter ; June 2nd, Mrs Greig, of a daughter ; 22nd, Mrs Thomson, of a son ; 25th, Mrs M'Glashan, of a daughter ; July 8th, Mrs Stewart, of a son ; 15th, Mrs M'Donnell, of a daughter; 30th, Mrs Monro, of a daughter. This, we believe, is the largest number of births that has occurred on board any vessel from home to Otago, and we hope the young Bouvevies will prosper in this their adopted land. The passengers as a whole look strong and healthy. On arrival they presented Captain Tilly and the chief mate with testimonials expressive of their kind sentiments towards those gentlemen.

Otago Witness 13 August 1870, Page 12 Shipping.
PORT CHALMERS. ARRIVALS. August 10.— E. P. Bouverie, ship, 997 tons, Tilly, from Glasgow, Cargills and M'Lean, agents. Passengers : Mrs McFarland and son, Messrs C Wilson, Charles Lamont, E R Corrie, George M.Kenzie, G S Bathgate, Reid, and 227 in the steerage

Otago Witness 24 September 1870, Page 12 Departures
September 22 - E. P. Bouverie, ship, 997 tons, Tilly, for Newcastle. Cargills and M'Lean, agents. Passenger : Mrs Tilly.

Otago Witness 1 October 1870, Page 12
ARRIVALS. September 22— England's Glory, ship, 751 tons, Noon, from London. G. G. Russell and Co., agents. Passengers : Mrs .Noon ; and 4 in the steerage.

Nov. 12 1870 Otago Witness
Port Chalmers Arrivals
May Queen, ship, 733 tons, Leslie, from London 20th August, Dartmouth 24th August.
Passengers - 
Bevan 		Mr E
Leslie 		Mrs
Portway 	Mr (Portwey)
Robertson 	Mr and Mrs and child
Sieveson 	Mr (Syverson)
and 23 in steerage
The clipper ship May Queen, from London, arrived off the Heads on Tuesday afternoon, was boarded by Pilot Stevens, and towed up over the ebb last evening by the Geelong to the Quarantine Ground, where she brought up for the purpose of discharging her powder. On this voyage the May Queen has kept up her prestige as a fast sailer, having made the passage in the short space of 79 days from anchorage to anchorage, or 75 days from land to land. She left Gravesend on the 20th August, anchored at the Nore same evening; got under way next day, and proceeded down the Channel, parted with pilot off Dartmouth, on the 24th and took final departure from off Start Point same day.

The Grace Gibson, a handsome iron clipper ship of 540 tons register, arrived off the Heads from Liverpool, at an early hour last Tuesday, after a fair passage, of 98 days port to port, or 90 days from land to land. She sailed from Liverpool on the 2nd August, had light winds in the Irish Channel, and took her final departure from Tuskar on the 7th. She brings a large cargo and 7 steerage passengers. The health throughout was good.


Otago Witness, 7 April 1877, Page 10

Port Chalmers Arrivals
Wild Deer, ship 1018 tons, Fullerton, from Glasgow. Dec. 29th.

Mc Queen 	Miss
Gordon 		Mr
Gray 		Mr J
Halley 		Mr G
McKenzie 	Mr T J
McNaughton 	Mr C.J.
Reid 		Mr L
Reid 		Mr A

Steerage - 
Anderson 	Mr J
Douglas 	Mr and Mrs and child
Lamond 		Mr D
Lesile 		Mr G
McDona 		Mr J
Muirhead 	Mr J
Ponton 		Mr R
Robertson 	Mr and Mrs and family (seven)
Steele 		Mr A
Thomson 	Mr C.B.
Scott 		Mr D

Otago Witness 8 September 1877, Page 11

Per Shaw, Saville, and Co.'s ship Helen. Denny. Russell, Ritchie, and Co., agents. Mrs Joseph and son, Mrs Pyke, Messrs Clemance (2), Kent, Smith, Starkey, Wright, Dalaell, Bragg, Wilkes, Davies, Pall, Blyth, Mayne. Steerage — Mrs Walker, Messrs Richards, Kestarick, Caskey, Gridley, Rollins, Barrett (2), Beattie.


The Southland Times, Wednesday May 22 1878

Bluff Harbor - Arrived May 21

Wanganui, s.s., 179 tons, Fraser, from Dunedin. 
Bain 		Miss
Banbury 	Mr
Law 		Mr
Lonely 		Miss
Moss 		Mr
Todd 		Mrs and family (6)
and 2 steerage
Turarua, s.s., 459 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne. 
Passengers - 
For Dunedin:
Franklin 	Mr
Glasson 	Mr
Goodheim 	Mr and Mrs
Harris 		Mr
Peppercorn 	Mr
Sharp 		Mr
and 8 steerage

For Lyttelton:
Disher 		Mr 
and 6 steerage

For Wellington:
Arrowsmith 	Mrs
Carwardine 	Mr
Carwardine 	Mrs and family (7)
Wigram 		Dr and Mrs
and 4 steerage

For Bluff:
Harris Mr
Kerr Mr and Mrs, 2 children, and servant
Wood Mrs
and 3 steerage

Southland Times, Tuesday, May 28, 1878

Bluff Harbor -Arrived, May 27
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, from West Coast. Passengers: Messrs Jonker, Williams and Saunders.
Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne.

For the Bluff -Messrs Hulder and Roeke.

For Dunedin - 
Beckie 		Mr and Mrs and child
Donaghy 	Mr
Fox 		Mr
Langford 	Mr
Keany 		Captain
Tounson 	Mr

For Lyttelton
Cousins 	Miss
Toswell 	Mr

For Wellington - 
Cohen 		Mr
Hearle 		Miss
Prew 		Miss
Tolhurst 	Mr
Wright 		Miss

Death of passenger. On arrival one of the saloon passengers, named Robert Watt, bound to Wellington, from Melbourne, was found to be dying. He had been complaining during the passage over, and gradually grew worse until his arrival here, when he expired a few moments after the steamer reached the wharf. He was a young man, about 28 years of age, and lately arrived in Adelaide per s.s. Garonne. His remains were interred in the Bluff Cemetery yesterday afternoon.

Otago Witness, 6 July 1878, Page 11
City of Dublin, for Otago, passed Deal April 14th, off start Point April 18th.
Stracathro, for Otago, passed Dover May 5th.
The J. N. Fleming sailed from Greenock on May 9th.
Passengers for Otago
Per City of Dublin, Captain Steven. Second Cabin : Mr Alexander Lawson, Mr James Lawson, and Mr Edward L. Williams. Steerage: John Downing, James Richardson, Annie Richardson, Elizabeth J. Richardson, and Joseph W. Richardson.
Per Stracathro, Captain Millar. Saloon: Walter Leach, Murray Chadwick, and Mrs Wordsworth. Steerage : Thomas Partridge, William Thompson, and A. Sperry.

Otago Witness 14 September 1878, Page 13 Arrivals
Nelson, ship, 1247 tons, Fullarton, from Glasgow. NZ L and A, Co., agents. Passengers : Saloon—
Mr and Mrs Brett and child
Misses Gardner (2) Miller, Gray
Messrs Simpson. Gardner, M'Donald (2), Brett, Peterson, Wilson
Second cabin —
Mr and Mrs Scott
Mr and Mrs Dick
Mr, Mrs, and Misses Buckely (2)
Masters Buckely (6)
Mrs Morton and 3 children
Mr and Mrs Jack and 4 children
Mrs Mrs McConnoll and child
Miss Norland
Messrs Spiers, Scott, Henderson, Rinkine, Robertson, Grain, Koger, Todd, M'Breaty, Morrison.

Hawke's Bay Herald, 7 September 1878, Page 2
Port Chalmers, September 6. Arrived — Albion Company's ship Nelson, 86 days from London, with 1800 tons, cargo and 54 passengers. Experienced a terrific cyclone in the Southern Ocean. A sea broke aboard and stove in the port boats, started the bulwarks, and severely injured two men. Spoke the Dartmouth, from London to Auckland, on June 28, lat. 35.64 north, long. 18.33 west. All well.

Otago Witness, 21 September 1878, Page 11
ENGLISH SHIPPING. Passengers for Otago
Per Invercargill (Captain Muir), from Glasgow, July 12th.— Saloon : Mr G J Scott and family, Mr G M'Carter and family. Miss Stevenson and maid, Mr HGW Chetwynd, and Mr W Melrose; 300 steerage passengers, mostly Government emigrants
Per Calypso (Captain Leslie), from London, July 28th.— Saloon : Mrs E B Cargill, Margaret Cargill, Frances M Cargill, Anne E Cargill, Isabel Cargill, Helen Cargill, Jessie W Dick, Caroline Dick, Miss M'Culloch, Miss S W Walker, Miss Denniston, James E Nairn, Henry Winkelmann, and James Daglish. Second Cabin : James H Jones, Ernest H Withey, Edwin White, Thomas Fermoy, Miss E Griffith, George Linn, Ellen Henderson, and Elizabeth Hutchings. Steerage : Robert C. Wilkins, H. Stokes, James Hunter, Amelia Hunter (wife), Francis Hunter, George J. Hunter, Edwin Voysey, Edward Henry Lynn, Mrs Lynn, Charles R. Lynn (child), Jane Fleming, Mrs Fleming and child, James Ryan, William J. Bunges, Francis O'Donnell, Alfred Osborne, Mr and Mrs J. Ryan, and William Melville.
Per Garonne, via Adelaide and Melbourne : Mr F. B. Cargill.
Per Hankow, via Melbourne : Mr Edward S. Vernon, Miss Bella D. Awdry, Mr and Mrs W. Gordon Rich, Miss Georgina Rich, Miss Mary Rich, Miss Josephine Rich, Miss Dremer, Mr A Little, Mr E. Little.

Otago Daily Times 12 December 1878, Page 2 SHIPPING.
Dec. 11. ARRIVALS. Waipa, ship, 1017 tons, Gorn, from London. New Zealand Shipping Co., agents. Passengers: Saloon- Major and Mrs Bamfield, Misses Bamfield (3), Mr and Mrs F. Procter, Mr and Mrs A. Cattlin, Mrs Bendall and infant, Dr Eveliegh, Miss Shaw, Messrs Stevens, Baker, Birch, Monckton, Eichbaum, Conolly. Steerage - Mr and Mrs Wingfield and family (7), Mr and Mrs Agnew and family (8), Mr and Mrs Rock and family (4), Mr and Mrs Gillanders, Mr and Mrs Urquhart, Misses Milne (2), Messrs Johnson, Savidge, Pyke, Henry, Dawe, Browne, Bayley, Bortock.
Auckland, ship, 1215 tons, M'Dougall from London. N.M.. Co, agents. Passengers : Saloon - Mesdames M. Gibbs, Tracey and 2 children, Miss Kinder, Mr C. Northcote. second cabin—Mr and Mrs Tapper and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Harris and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Spence and 2 children, Messrs Cooper, Everest, Taunt, Lawless, Parkhouse. Helen A. Holmes, brigantine, 329 tons, Eldridge, from Boston. Bates, Sise, and Co. agents.  


Otago Witness 14 January 1887, Page 19
SHIPPING. - ARRIVALS. Pleades. ship, 997 tons, Setten, from Glasgow (October 1) and N Z and MA Co. agents. Passengers Saloon - Mesdames Setten, Morrison, and Smith, Messrs Simpson, Miller, Macfarlane, Turner, Logan (2). Steerage- Mrs Currle and two daughters, Mrs Allen and 7 children, Mr and Mrs Frost, Mrs Murray? and child, Mr and Mrs Reid, Mrs Lacey and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Ferguson, Misses Vallance, Gray, McIntosh, M'D _ugall, Messrs Paterson, Cameron, Vallance, Dunn, Baker, M'Auley.
December 7 Waimate, ship, 1123 tons, Canese, from London (October 19) —New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. Passengers: Saloon — Mr and Mrs Rolleston, Messrs Ranhold, Ackroyd.

Otago Witness 19 August 1887, Page 18
The following is a list of passengers booked per s.s. Arawa for New Zealand up till 1st July 1887. Steamer sailed on 16th July. Saloon For Otago— Mr F N Elliot. For Auckland— Mr Bow. For Canterbury—Mr L M Tavernor, Lieut-col B W Adams, Dr and Miss Preston, Mrs Findlay. For Wellington—Rev Henry H Beard and Mrs C C Graham. Second saloon For Otago— Miss M Begg, Rev. C H Bradbury. For Wellington— Mr T Hatton and wife, Mr S Woodhouse and family, Mrs and Miss Proudfoot, Mr J Bronsdin and family, For Wanganui -Mr P C Daniell. Steerage: For Otago— A Whitworm, T and Mrs Chiffey. For Canterbury— J Way, R Wakeling, W Woods, Margaret Hasset, J W M'Kay, Mrs Robinson and family, O Cartwright. For Wellington—J Brown and family, William and Miss Harvey, J and T Berry, J Fawthorp, G and Mrs Williamson and child, William Laing, B T Temple. For Auckland— E Whitelaw and wife, E and Mrs Steiner, T Waldon, wife and child. For New Plymouth— J T Bates and family. For Bluff— William Wissey. For Greymouth— J Wolls, T Hopkinson, For Napier ~R Shaw.

Otago Witness 19 August 1887, Page 18
The following is a copy of an address presented by the passengers (40 in number) to Captain Brown, of Shaw, Savill, and Albion Co.'s chartered barque Queen Mab, which vessel arrived at Port Chalmers on 2nd inst., from Glasgow. We, a committee appointed from and by the passengers on board the barque Queen Mab, from Glasgow to Otago, New Zealand,...
Signed (on behalf of the passengers) this thirtieth day of July, in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-seven by David Dick E. Lockhhead Geo. Gray, John Connell, Thos. Dewar, Henry Laing, William Connell, George Irvine. To Charles Brown, Esq., Commander barque Queen Mab, of Glasgow.


The Times, Wednesday, Aug 02, 1865; pg. 2
Celoeno, for Otago (First Ship).-Houlder, Brothers, and Co.'s Regular line of Clipper Packets, despatched from the London Docks. The nearly new Aberdeen-built clipper ship Celoeno, A1 13 years, 702 tons register, packet for 15th August. This magnificent ship, built by Messrs John Hall and Son, Aberdeen, has just returned from Otago in 78 days, and is the finest and fastest, vessel on the berth.

The Times, Wednesday, Jul 03, 1867; pg. 8
Plymouth, Tuesday - The ship Celaeno, 702 tons, Captain Charles T. Benaat, belonging to Messrs L. and D. Parker and Co., of Goldsmith-street, has passed up Channel for London, with 3,400oz of gold dust, a cargo of 2,580 bales of wool, and 27 passengers, including Mrs Durrand, Mrs and Miss Perkins, Miss Cummine, Mr Smith and Mrs Richards. She sailed from Otago, NZ, April 5th, sighted Cape Horn on the 28th, and crossed the Equator in long. 32 W May 23rd. ...

The Times, Thursday, May 23, 1867; pg. 12
Arrival Of Gold Ships. Falmouth, May 22
The ship Alexandrina, from Otago, NZ on the 12th of February, is off here with 3,624 ounces of gold, 11 passengers, and 2,461 bales of wool.

The Times, Saturday, May 25, 1867; pg. 12
The ship Alexandrina, 678 tons, Captain Hugh Baird, belonging to Mr John Brodie, of 21 Mark-lane, was 15 miles S.W. of the Lizard on Wednesday at 10 am, under all sail, beating up the Channel; wind east. She brings 3,624 ounces of gold in bars, valued at 14,867l, and a cargo of 2,461 bales, 8 half bales, and three bags of wool, 2 bales of skins, and one cask of slack, with 11 passengers - namely Mr and Mrs Black and son, Mrs Kerr and three children, Mrs Ward and three children, and Mr James Muir. She sailed from Otago February 22, rounded Cape Horn March 21, and crossed the Equator April 22. Steady winds from the westward... Saw no icebergs..

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 09, 1867; pg. 10
The Warrior Queen, from Otago with 13,800L of gold.

The Times, Thursday, Jul 30, 1868; pg. 5
The Countess of Kintore, from Otago, NZ, with 26,000L

The Times, Thursday, Sep 24, 1868; pg. 4
The E.P. Bouverie, from Otago, NZ, has brought 34,280L.

The Times, Wednesday, Jun 02, 1869
The City of Dunedin from Otago with 17,648L

The Times, Saturday, Oct 23, 1869
The Percy, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 55,976L.

The Times, Wednesday, Dec 01, 1869
The Kate Waters, from Auckland, NZ, with 39,272L.

The Times, Thursday, Mar 03, 1870
The Excelsior, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 31,500L of gold and 8,000L in silver.

The Times, Saturday, Mar 26, 1870
The Cambodia, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 41,000 in gold and 4,000 in silver.

The Times, Saturday, Apr 16, 1870
Plymouth, Good Friday - The ship Countess of Kintore, Captain C.G. Petherbridge, belonging to Mr John Cook, of Aberdeen, from Auckland, was off the Eddystone on Wednesday morning, under all plain sail, wind northerly, light, bound for London with 8,000 of gold, and a cargo consisting of 989 bales of wool, 1,587 cases kauri gum, 427 bales flax, 17 casks nut oil, 20 casks whale oil, and 40 casks tallow. She has also 39 passengers, one of whom, Mr Butland, landed here. The Countess of Kintore sailed January 15, rounded Cape Horn February 6, crossed the Line March 10.

The Times, Thursday, May 26, 1870; pg. 7
The Asterope has sailed from Otago, NZ, with 1,918oz of gold, and the Timaru with 8,584oz, making a total of 42,068L.

The Times, Tuesday, Jun 14, 1870
The Otago from Otago, NZ 20,796L

The Times, Friday, Sep 02, 1870; pg. 4
The Queen Bee, from Otago, NZ has brought 9,916L

The Times, Tuesday, Oct 11, 1870
The Inflexible, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 1,740L.

The Times, Wednesday, Oct 12, 1870
The Ismay from Otago, NZ, has brought 2,000L.

The Times, Monday, Aug 21, 1871
The Agnes Muir, from Otago NZ has brought 40,000L.

The Times, Tuesday, Aug 22, 1871
The Caduceus, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 54,900L.

The Times, Monday, Sep 11, 1871
The Jessie Redman, from Otago, NZ has brought 23,3761L

The Times, Tuesday, Oct 31, 1871
The Alexandrina has sailed from from Auckland, NZ, with 75,000L.

The Times, Wednesday, Nov 29, 1871
The Wild Deer, from Otago, NZ, 8,500L

The Times, Tuesday, Mar 12, 1872
The Countess of Kintore, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 24,500L.

The Times
, Saturday, Nov 23, 1872
The Tyrrol, from Auckland, NZ, has brought 24,000L of gold and 18,361oz of silver.

The Times, Monday, Jul 21, 1873
The City of Dunedin from Otago 31,500L

The Times, Tuesday, Aug 13, 1878
The Fernglen from Otago, has brought £29,200 in gold.

The Pilot's Daughter Jane
Otago Witness 22nd January 1878 pg 18