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Shipping News - September 1865 

Partial listing of the larger overseas vessels arriving at Port Chalmers and Dunedin in 1864. Immigration increased during the Otago gold rush so the practice of publishing full passenger lists in newspapers was abandoned. Transcribed by Jan E.  April 2007

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Reference online: Papers Past Images online. NZ National Library.
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Otago Witness 2 September 1865

August 26 1865
Per Lady Darling from Hokitika -
For Dunedin Brookman Mr
and one in the steerage
Landed at Bluff Harbour

August 28 1865
Per Wellington from Lyttelton

Henderson 	Mr
Young 		Mr
and two in the steerage

August 26 1865
Per Phoebe from the North

Coventry 	Mr
Dillon Bell 	Mr
Hoyt 		Mr
McClean 	Mr
Prendergast 	Mr
and 11 in the steerage

Per Maid of the Yarra for Hokitika

Forsyth 	Mr
Francis 	Mr
Gould 		Mr
Harper 		Mr
Hellyn 		Mr
Henry 		Messrs (2)
Johnson 	Mr
Keenan 		Misses (2)
Kirket 		Mr
McCall 		Mr
McRanon 	Mr
Mackenzie 	Mr
Noble 		Mr
Scott 		Mr and Mrs
and 20 in the steerage

Per Phoebe for Sydney and the North
Franck                 Mr & Mrs  4 children and servant
and 10 in the steerage

August 28 1865
Per Wellington from Northern Ports

Clune 		Mr A
Gray 		Mr W J
Hart 		Mr J
James 		Master E
Lloyd 		Mr W
McNeill 	Mr
Mitchell 	Mr W R
Ward 		Mrs
2 for the Bluff
and 4 in the steerage

August 29 1865
Per Hero for Melbourne

Aitken 		Mr
DeLeon 		Miss
Feldheim 	Mr
Fisher 		Mr G
Fry 		Mr & Mrs and family (7)
Gillies 	Mr
Gray 		Mr W J
Heymanson 	Mr
Hill 		Mr
Hughes 		Miss
Isaacs 		Mr
Kennedy 	Mr
Lusk 		Mr
Miller 		Miss
Russell 	Miss
Scott 		Mr
Stafford 	Mrs 2 children and servant
Touzel 		Mr
Whittingham 	Mr
Wood 		Mr
and 34 in steerage

Per Egmont from Nelson, Wellington and Lyttelton

Chief Cabin 
Gregg 		Mr 
McTavish 	Mr
Pearson 	Mr 
Second Cabin 
Smith 		Mr 
Speechfield Mr
Thomson 	Mr 

August 31 1865
Per Thracian from London

Petchell 	Mr John
Petchell 	Mrs Hester
and 17 in the steerage

Otago Witness 9 September 1865 pg 4  No passenger list
Sept. 4 - P.C.E., 291 tons, Macfarlane, master, from Newcastle, with coal. Master, agent.
Sept. 4 - Collingwood, 457 tons, McKinnon, master, from Newcastle, with coal.
Sept. 5 - Peter Denny, 997 tons, Adam, master, from Glasgow, with cargo and passengers. Cargill and co., agents.
Sept. 8 - K dar, 531 tons, Corrie, master, from London, with cargo and passengers. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.

Otago Witness 15 September 1865

August 26 1865
Per Geelong from Lyttelton

Balderston 	Mr
Bailey 		Mr
Belchard 	Mrs
Cameron 	Mr
Hays 		Mr & Mrs
Jackson 	Mr
Jeffreys 	Misses (2)
Manchester 	Mr
Pinkerton 	Mr
Wright 		Mr Thos
and 12 in the steerage

September 14 1865 at Port Chalmers
Per Lord Ashley from the North

Gorman 		Sergeant-Major
Lawers 		Mr
Parry 		Mr
and 8 in the steerage

Per Queen for the North

Bates 		Mr
Buchanan 	Mr J
Hardcastle 	Mr E
Prescott 	Miss
Policarpo 	Signor Bagnasco
Ward 		Mrs
and 71 in the steerage
Per Phoebe for the Bluff
Bell 		Miss
Menzies 	Dr
and 4 in the steerage
Per Alhambra for Hokitika
Arnott 		Mr
Binney 		Mr
Cameron 	Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Coventry 	Mr
Fuller 		Mr
Gormer 		Mr
Grey 		Mr
Hepburn 	Mr
Hill 		Mr Geo.
Lande 		Mr
Leeks 		Mr
Lynch 		Miss
McLean 		Mrs
Martin 		Mr R B
Miller 		Mr H
Patterson 	Mr
Pearson 	Mr
Prictor		Miss
Raphael 	Mr
Rutherford 	Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Tonks 		Mr
Watts 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr R
202 in steerage

Otago Witness 23 September 1865

September 18 1865
Per Auckland from Lyttelton and Northern Ports

Bates 		Mr
Bruce 		Mr
Chalmers 	Dr
Donaldson 	Mr
Ellis 		Mrs
Greenfield 	Mr
Honeywill 	Mr
Kempthorne 	Mr
McKenzie 	Mr
Nashelski 	Mr
Pritchard 	Mr
Rowley 		Mr & Mrs
Sneath 		Mr
Thiel 		Mr & Mrs
Young 		Mr & Mrs
and 17 in second cabin

September 18 1865
Per Albion for Melbourne

Bolnier 	Mr F W
Byrne 		Mr A
Chalmers 	Mr W
Clark 		Mr T
Cocker 		Mrs
Cocker 		Miss
Cocker 		Miss E
Geddes 		Mr W
Gray 		Mr J
Kingsland 	Mr H
Kirkland 	Mr J D
Jago 		Mr J W (mail agent)
Lane 		Miss
McGregor 	Mr G
McLachlan 	Mr
McNorth 	Miss
Remington 	Mrs J
Soutlebey 	Mr H
Thiels 		Mr D
Tasping 	Mr J
Thiels 		Miss 
Thomson 	Mr J
Traill 		Mr C
White 		Mr S
62 in steerage total 86

September 19 1865
Per Auckland for the Bluff
Baldy 		Mrs
Kingman 	Mr

Per Alhambra from Hokitika
Amos 		Mr
Houghton 	Mr
Butler 		Mr
and 6 in steerage

September 20 1865
Per Rangitoto from Melbourne

Davies 		Mr J R
Davies 		Mrs
Ellis 		Mr J
Foy 		Miss
Godfrey 	Mr J B
Hardy 		Mr J
Hayland 	Mr A S
Haymans 	Mr
McDougall 	Mr J
Myer 		Mr C
Proudfoot 	Mrs and family (5)
Solomon 	Mr J
Stagg 		Miss
Stringer 	Mr W
Tallerman 	Mr J
Twemlane 	Mr J and 2 children

Per Maid of the Yarra for Hokitika
Johnson 	Mr
Yorke 		Mr
and 29 in the steerage

Per Lord Ashley for Lyttelton and Northern Ports

Hume 		Mrs 
Royer 		Rev E 
Wamill 		Miss 
Ward 		Mr
and 22 in the steerage
September 22 1865
Per Barwon from the North
Horsfall 	Mr
Clunchei 	Mr
and 6 in the steerage

September 22 1865
Per Lady Darling from Hokitika and Nelson

Garratt 	Mrs and infant
Garratt 	Miss Jannet
Garratt 	Master John
Garratt 	Master William
Garratt 	Master Thomas
Monteath 	Miss E

September 22 1865
Per England from London

Fleming 	Mr John
Fleming 	Mr E M
Fleming 	Mrs 5 children and servant
Mouat 		Mr Charles Thos. Watts
Seaward 	Mr W
Wakefield 	Mr E
Simpson 	Mr Francis S
Charles 	Mrs
Calcutt 	Mrs
Padday 		Mr Cyril H
Da Costa 	Mr Frederick Gomaz

September 22 1865
Per Lady Bird from Lyttelton and the North

Gollison 	Miss M
Gordon 		Mrs
and 9 in the steerage

Otago Witness Saturday 23 Sept. 1865 pg 12
Chinese Immigration
Mr W.A. Tolmie said at the Chamber of Commence meeting "That it is desirable that the immigration of Chinese into this Province be encouraged." His experience with Chinese in Australia was that they made very valuable colonists; were a well-behaved class, and produced large quantities of gold, and were large consumers. Mr R.M. Robertson seconded the motion. The Chinese did not drink, for they were a sober race. They were also a very orderly population generally and did not swell the criminal trails in a greater proportion than Europeans; they were seldom connected with great crimes, their principal ones being those which were connected with canning and cheating, and were clever at making spurious gold. They also labored hard- were content with a small result, and were very frugal in their expenditure. Their organisation and manner of life, enabled them to find gold in sufficient quantities to pay them, where Europeans would not work for it. There was work for Chinese were Europeans would not work...

Otago Witness 30 September 1865 No passenger list