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Shipping News - November 1865 

 Immigration increased during the Otago gold rush so the practice of publishing full passenger lists in newspapers was abandoned. 

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December 1865 - no passengers listed

Otago Witness November 4 865 pg15
Four men have been drowned in attempting to cross the Maruia river, on their way to the Grey diggings. There names are - George Paynter, late seaman on board the Airedale; Thomas, late fireman in the same vessel; Robert Harper, a passenger from Auckland by the Airedale; and Peter Williams, another passenger by the same ship. They were all young men, and formed portions of two parties of four each, who agreed to go overland together for the sake of company. The names of the four who are saved are Alexander Drake, James Bussey, John Smith and William Miller. They started from Nelson on the 24th of Oct. Got provisions from Snow's store at the Matakitaki.

Otago Witness 4 November 1865 pg15
New Zealand Steam Navigation Company half yearly report.
The fleet. Wellington, Rangatira, Lady Bird, Queen, Ahuriri, Storm Bird and Wonga Wonga. The Manukau made one trip to and from Newcastle. The s.s. Wonga Wonga has been thoroughly repaired. The s.s. Taranaki is to be delivered to the Company's agents in London on the 1st Nov. 1865 and she is expected in Wellington about the end of January The Storm Bird, stranded at Hokitika, insurance claim.

Per Ahuriri, for Northern Ports:
Chamberlain Mr
4 in steerage
Per South Australian, for Melbourne

Cra_e 		Mr
Gibson 		Mr
Isaac 		Mr
Renshaw     	Mr and Mrs
Royse         	Mr
Van Damme     	Mrs

For Bluff Harbor
Newby         Mr
Young         Mr
18 in steerage

Per Star of the Evening, for Hokitika:
Evans 		Mr
Henry 		Mr
Limbrick 	Mr G
Mealisher 	Mr and Mrs
Moss 		Mrs and 2 children
Park 		Mrs
Paterson 	Mrs
Sandilands 	Mr and Mrs
Singer 		Miss Sara
and 24 in steerage

October 30 1865
Per Tararua from Sydney and Northern Ports

Alderson 	Mr 
Brodie 		Mr G MHR 
Caffrey 	Mr 
Cole 		Mr 
Cowell 		Mr 
Cox 		Mr 
Cox 		Mrs and child 
Coyle 		Mr 
Dean 		Mr 
Dickson 	Mr 
Dillon Bell 	Mr F MHR
Donaldson 	Mrs and child
Husson 		Mr
Lockerstein 	Mr
Mason 		Mr W MHR
Mudie 		Miss
Richardson 	Major M H R
Thompson 	Mr
Wiseman 	Mrs
and 20 in the steerage
Per Albambra from Hokitika
Clements 	Mr
Dobbie 		Mr
Finlay 		Mr
Hannah 		Mr
Hare 		Mr
Mos 		Mr
Lowe 		Mr
Levy 		Mr
McGlashan 	Mr
McGuire 	Mr
Sidey 		Mr
Thom 		Mr
35 in steerage
Per Tararua, for the Bluff
Bonar 		Miss
Campbell 	Miss
Geisow 		Mr
Henderson 	Miss
Hyams 		Mr

For Melbourne
Bennett 	Mr
Cragh 		Mr
Horton 		Mr
Pearce 		Capt.
Shaw 		Mr
Stamp 		Mr
five from the North
four in the steerage.
Per Wellington, from the North
Barton 		Mr
Burns 		Mr
Hepburn 	Mr
Macandrew 	Mr
Morrison 	Mr
Paterson 	Mr and Mrs
Reynolds 	Mr
Vogel 		Mr
Ward 		Miss
and four in steerage

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton and Intermediate Ports
Wilson 		Miss
and six in the steerage

Otago Witness 11 November 1865 No passenger list.

Caption Deck of the s.s. St Kilda has been discharged as well as the other officers and crew. She is at present laid up at Napier, and Captain Kennedy, Warden of the Marine Board, left in the Lord Ashley for the purpose of bringing her to Wellington, if he finds her in a seaworthy state. He has taken an engineer and fireman with him. It is probable that Captain marks, late of the Colonial, p.s., Sandfly, an old and most efficient officer, will be appointed to the command of the St. Kilda.

The schooner Eclipse from Auckland to Hokitika with a considerable number of passengers, put into Nelson on Sunday for provisions, with her ensign flying Union down. The master mistook the entrance, and seeing the tide running over the Boulder Bank, made for smooth water there, thinking to enter, and ran on with all sail set, and struck hard on the bank. Mr Cross, the Harbor-master, and Mr Lowe, the Assistant Pilot, went out in the pilot boat with the crew, and succeeded in taking of fall the passengers and crew. A survey has been made held on the vessel, and it is recommended that she would be launched. Mr Garrard has obtained the contract to launch her. It is stated that some persons on board told the Captain that he was at the wrong place, and pointed out the proper entrance, but he said he knew better, and held on for the Boulder Bank. "Nelson Colonist"

Otago Witness Nov. 17 1865 pg 14
The Southland Times has the following notice of the shipbuilding yard of Mr C.E. Price at Paterson's Inlet, Stewart Island. Mr Price, shipwright, late of the Royal Navy, now residing at Paterson's inlet, has completed the requisite arrangements for the construction of vessels up to 1000 tons; the depth of water alongside the slips - 11 feet at low water springs, with 8 feet rise. He is already engaged in building one for Captain Proctor, of Boindee, a craft of 90 feet keel, 110 feet all over, 22 feet beam, 8 feet 6 inches depth of hold., est. 220 tons burden. Captain Simpson, of the Stormbird, has also , we understand given instructions to Mr Price to construct another vessel on the same lines, an a gentlemen has ordered a cutter of 45 to 50 tons. For the framework Rata or Ironwood, as it is commonly called, is to be used. Spars of 90 feet in length are obtainable.

Per Lord Ashley from the North
Chapman 	Judge
Cowie 		Mr
Greer 		Mr
Hume 		Mrs
Hunter 		Mr
Lande 		Mr
Moss 		Mr
Moss H. 	Mr
Neill 		Mr
Nievn 		Dr
Sleigh 		Mrs and children
10 in the steerage
Per Albion from Melbourne and the North
Allen 		Mr and Mrs
Barnes 		Captain
Bett 		Mr
Burke 		Mr C
Conner 		Mr
Cook 		Mr
Cresswell 	Mr
Dampeir 	Mr
Devore 		Mr
Dyason 		Captain
Hayzen 		Mr
Henningham 	Mr
Hill 		Mr and Mrs
James 		Mr
Joseph 		Mr
Knight 		Mr
McDougall 	Mr
McLeod 		Mr
Nicholl 	Miss
Roberts 	Mr
Smith 		Miss
Tallerman 	Mr
Thatcher 	Mr and Mrs and child
Thatcher 	Mr B
Wilkinson 	Mr
Wilmott 	Mr
Wilson 		Mr
and 59 in the steerage
Per Egmont for the North
Gowe 		Rev. J
Gowe 		Mrs and 5 children
Turner 		Mr J
and 24 in the steerage

Per Geelong for Lyttelton and intermediate ports:
Cameron 	Mr
Garkshire 	Mr
Iss 		Mr
Mathers 	Mr
Mckenzie 	Messrs (3)
Shortall 	Mr
Williamson 	Mr and Mrs

Per Phoebe, for Northern Ports
Saloon: - 
Adames 		Miss
Aldred 		Rev. J
Aldred 		Mrs
Bowman 		Mr
McNicol 	Rev. R.T.
McNicol 	Mrs
McNicol 	Master
and 4 in the steerage

Otago Witness Nov. 24  1865

Bluff, Tuesday 1 Dec.
The Tararua, steamer, has arrived from Melbourne. Passengers:

For the Bluff:
McLeod 		Mr
Parson 		Mr
Shaw 		Mr
Webster 	Mr

For Otago
Butterworth 	Mr
Chevalier 	Mr
Cook 		Mr
Desborough 	Mr
Gellobrsnd 	Mr
Hodgson 	Mr
Lakeman 	Mr
Matthews Cassy 	Mr
Mee 		Miss

For Lyttelton:
Caro 		Mr
Miller 		Mr
Toulman 	Mr

For Auckland
Court 		Mr
Linney 		Miss

For Nelson
Perin 		Mr

Otago Witness Saturday 2 December 1865 Page 12
(Only a list of ships for arrivals and departures)

November 29— Sarah Pile, schooner, 115 tons, W. R. Yull, from Sydney, general cargo. H. Houghton and Co, agents.
November 29 — P.C.E., barque, 291 tons, R. Brown, from Newcastle, coal. G. S. Brodrick, agent.
November 29— Rachael, 282 tons, Firth, from Melbourne. MCallum, Neill and Co, agents. outwards.
November 29 —Otago, s s.. 457 tons, Randall, for Melbourne, via Bluff Harbor. G. S. Brodrick, agent.

Otago Witness, 9 December 1865, Page 10
December 4 — Dominquez Hermanoa, 402 tons, B. C. Cabellen, from Tome. Bright Brothers and Co., agents.
December 4— Christina, barque, Williams, from Port Adelaide, F. Coxhead, agent.
December 8— Alliance, 401 tons, G Simson. from Newcastle, with cargo. Lloyd, Taggart «ad Co, agents.

December 4— Christina, barque, Williams, for Callao. F. Coxhead, agent.
December 8- Adeline Burke, 281 tons, Thos Blake, master, for Guam, in ballast. J L and C Burke, agents.

Otago Witness Saturday 16 December 1865 pg 10
Entered Inwards
Dec 2 - Echunga*, 1007 tons, Cooper, master, from London, with cargo and 78 passengers.
Dec. 15 — A. W. Sevens, 474 tons, J. B. Brown, from Newcastle, coal. Cargills and M'Lean, agents.
Dec. 15  - Chile*, 768 tons, J Stringer, from London, general cargo, 24 passengers.
*List of Immigrants, Debtors to the Provincial Government of Otago for Passenger Moneys. 

December 9— Sarah Pile, 115 tons, Yull master, for Sydney, with cargo. H. Houghton and Co, agents.
December 15 — P. C. E., 291 tons, K. Brown, for Guam. G. S. Brodrick, agent.

Port Chalmers — December 15. Arrivals.
India, barque, 202 tons, Young, from Melbourne 5th instant, general cargo. McCallum, Neill and Co., agents.
Sarah Pile, schooner, 115 tons, Yull, for Sydney.

Otago Witness, 23 December 1865, Page 10
December 16 — India, 202 tons, W. Young, from Melbourne, cargo. M'Callum, Neill and Co, agents.

December 16— Rachel, 282 tons, Frith, for Sydney, in ballast. M'Callum, Neil and Co, agents. Alhambra, s s., 499 tons, McLean, for Melbourne. Roysp, Mv lie and Co, agents.
December 18 — Albion, s.s, 453 tons, E. Kidney, for Melbourne Cargills and M'Lean, agents. December 22— Affiance, 401 tons, Simson, for Newcastle. Lloyd, Taggart, and Co., agents.

Otago Witness, 30 December 1865, Page 10

December 23— Otago, 457 tons, Randall, master, from Melbourne, with cargo and 57 passengers. G. S. Brodrick, agent.
Record, 436 tons, Grange, master, from Valparaiso, with flour. Bright Brothers and Co., agents.
December 27— Julia, 228 tons, Luidante, from Valparaiso, flour. Bright, Brothers and Co., agents.

Port Chalmers.— December 28. Arrivals.
Tararua, s.s, 500 tons, Gardyne, master, from Sydney, via Northern Ports, with cargo and passengers. G. S. Brodrick, agent.
Queen, s,s., 320 tons,, Renner, master, for Lyttelton and Northern Ports, with cargo and five passengers. Lloyd, Taggart and Co., agents.
Wellington, s.s., 261 tons, Francis master, for Bluff Harbour, with mails and passengers. Lloyd, Taggart and Co., agents.
Affiance, barque, 360 tons, Simson, master, for Newcastle, N.S.W., in ballast. Master, agent.

Otago Witness 24 Nov. 1865 pg 12 The Shenandoah