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Shipping News June 1865 
 New Zealand Bound

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Otago Witness 5 June 1865 pg 10

Queen, s.s., Cellem, from the North, general cargo and 11 passengers.
Lloyd, Taggart and Co, agents.

Lady of the Lake, p.s., for Waikouaiti.
H. Houghton and Co, agents.


Per Wellington, from Northern Ports - May 28:

Bust 		Mr R D 
Forsaith 	Rev Mr 
Simons 		Miss 
Thomson 	Mr J 
Varney 		Mrs G G De 
And 10 in the steerage. 

Per s.s. Lady Darling, from Hokitika - May 29:

Abel 		Mr 
Carey 		Mr 
Cohen 		Mr 
Gordon 		Mr 
Hare 		Mr 
Langford 	Mr 
Miller 		Mr 
Murray 		Mr 
Syder 		Mr 
And 141 in the steerage

Per Titania, from Invercargill - May 31:

Bahet 		Dr 
Cosens 		Dr 
Deck 		Dr 
Inverarity 	Captain 
And 3 in the steerage

Per Queen, from the North - June 2:

Dill 		Mr 
Lewis 		Mr 
Lewis 		Mr Frederick
Stewart 	Mr 
And seven in the steerage. 

Per Tararua, for Northern Ports and Sydney - May 29:

Hodson 		Mr 
And 8 in the steerage

Per Wellington, for the Bluff - May 29:

The Bishop of Christchurch
Barr 		Mr J H 
McNeill 	Colonel
And 1 in the steerage

Per Alhambra, for Melbourne - May 30:

Baxter 		Mr 
Campbell 	Mr, Mrs and Master
Cassell 	Miss 
Cowan 		Mr 
Douglas 	Mr J A
Douglas 	Mrs 
Douglas 	Miss 
Douglas 	Master 
Douglas 	Miss and servant
Dyason 		Capt. 
Fletcher 	Mrs 
Fletcher 	Miss 
Holmes 		Miss 
Macdonald 	Mr and Mrs 
Maddock 	Mrs 
Miller 		Mr J 
Milligan 	Mr J P 
Milne 		Mr and Mrs D 
Milne 		Master 
Neill 		Mr Robert 
Rattray 	Mr 
Renshaw 	Mr and Mrs 
Wilkes 		Mrs 
Wilson 		Mrs and Servant 
Wood 		Capt 
Wood 		Mrs 
Wood 		Misses (4) 
Young 		Mrs 
Young 		Master Geo .
57 in steerage. 

Per Hero for Melbourne - May 29: 
Chalmers 	Mr A G 
Duncan 		Mr and Mrs 
Johnstone 	Mrs 
Langley 	Mr 
Parker 		Mr J 
Syder 		Mr Chas 
Taylor 		Miss
Varley 		Mr 
Wallach 	Mr 
73 in steerage. 

Per Nora, for Catlin's River, - May 31:
Saunders Captain and family.

Per Sarah, for Wellington - June 1:
Carter Mr

Otago Witness 10 June 1865 pg 10

Omeo, s.s. Edwards, from Hokitika, with 34 passengers.

Lady Darling, s.s., Johnson, for Northern Ports, with passengers.
Otago, s.s., Smith, for Bluff Harbor, with passengers.
Lady of the Lake, p.s., for Waikouaiti general cargo.

Per Wm. Miskin, from the North, - June 4:

Burge 		Mr 
Burns 		Mr 
Burrows 	Mr 
Churchess 	Mr 
Hamilton 	Mr 
Houghton 	Mr 
Isaacs 		Mr 
Perry 		Mr 
Sykes 		Mr 
Tatham 		Mr 
Tenant 		Mr 
60 in steerage

Per Jessie Gilbert, from London - June 4:

Jones 		Mr Henry George 
Llewellyn 	Dr. 
Power 		Dr 

Per New Zealand, from Lyttelton - June 4:

Ellison 	Mr W. 
Kerr 		Mr Charles 
McCormick 	Mr Patrick 
Phillips 	Mr D. 
Robertson 	Mr John 
Robertson 	Mr William 

Per Gothenburg, from Melbourne - June 6: 
Elliott 	Mr 
Gregory 	Mr 
Morton 		Miss
Patterson 	Mr 
Prince 		Mr 
Waddell 	Mr 
Wayton 		Miss 
35 in the steerage
Per June Lockhart, from Sydney - June 6:
Tulloch Mr

Per Otago, from the North - June 7:
Brayshaw 	Mr 
Burke 		Mr 
Calomills 	Mr 
Gibson 		Mr W. 
Hildred 	Mr 
Hyams 		Mr 
Kennan 		Mr 
Lee 		Mr
Lee 		Mrs 
Simms 		Mr 
Ware 		Mr 
One for the Bluff
11 in the steerage

Per Sarah Pile, from Sydney - June 7:
Bunyan 		Mr George 
Dick 		Mr Thomas 
Martell 	Mr Thomas 

Per Titania, from Invercargill - June 7: 
Hair 		Mr John 
Halaes 		Mrs and two children
Thurston 	Mr C. 
Five in the steerage. 

Per Omeo, from Hokitika - June 9:

Alcorn 		Mr 
Bates 		Mr 
Binyer 		Mr 
Hall 		Mr 
Harris 		Mr
Hoyt 		Mr 
Innes 		Mr 
Kilgour 	Mr 
Luhing 		Mr 
Olivier 	Mr 
Percival 	Mr 
Squires 	Mr 
22 in the steerage. 

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton - June 9:

Andern 		Mr 
Carron 		Mrs 
France 		Mr 
Graham 		Mr 
Grey 		Mr and Mrs 
Haines 		Mr 
Henderson 	Mr 
Homan 		Miss 
Menzies 	Mrs 
Tucker 		Mr 
12 in the steerage

Per Titania for Invercargill - June 4:

Cramer 		Mr 
Thurston 	Mr 

Per Lady Darling, for Hokitika - June 9:

Bastings 	Mr 
Bastings 	Mrs 
Bastings 	Miss E. 
Brock 		Mrs 
Denslow 	Mr 
William 	Mr 
Young 		Mr 
Young 		Mrs J. 

For Wellington:
Black 		Mrs 

For Nelson: 
Barnes 		Mr and Mrs and two children
23 in the steerage. 

Per Otago, for the Bluff - June 9:
Dick                 Dr
One from the North
Four in the steerage.

Per Queen, for the North - June 9:
Balfour             Mr J.
One in the steerage.

Otago Witness 17 June 1865 pg 10

Per Gothenburg, from Lyttelton - June 10:

Barker 		Mr 
Carey 		Mr 
Dalgety 	Mr 
Johnson 	Mr 
Lloyd 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr 
Seven in the steerage

Per Titania, for Invercargill - June 10:
Whittingham         Messrs (2)
Two in the steerage

Per Prince Alfred, from the North - June 13:

Carter 		Mr
Dalgleish 	Mr 
Hogarth 	Mr 
Hooper 		Mrs 
McKillop 	Mr 
McNeil 		Mr Ross 
Skyrme 		Mr and Mrs and 3 children
8 in the steerage

Per Otago, from the Bluff- June 13:

The Bishop of Christchurch
Goldsmith 	Mr 
McBeth 		Mr 
McLaren 	Miss 
Prince 		Mr 
Smith 		Mr 
Five for the North
Seven in the steerage. 

Per Albion, from Melbourne, via Hokitika and Northern Ports - June 15:

Anderson 	Mrs 
Aynsley 	Mr 
Batement 	Mrs 
Boyd 		Mr 
Burnett 	Mr 
Carter 		Mr 
Connebee 	The Rev. R. 
Gordon 		Mr 
Harrison 	Mrs 
Haworth 	Mrs 
Heymanson 	Mr 
Holt 		Mr 
Johnson 	Mrs 
Jones 		Mr
Kelly 		Mr 
Kennedy 	Miss 
Lancaster 	Mr 
Lawrence 	Mr 
Leary 		Mr 
Lloyd 		Mr
Lloyd 		Mrs 
Mallak 		Mr 
Massey 		Mr 
Morrison 	Mr 
Nott 		Mr 
Page 		Mrs 
Parker 		Mr 
Parker 		Mr, mail agent 
Robertson 	Mr 
Robertson 	Miss 
Robinson 	Mr 
Ross 		Mrs 
Ross 		Miss 
Shillinglaw 	Mr and Mrs 
Smith 		Mr 
Squires 	Mr 
Stable 		Miss 
Tallerman 	Mr
Tennant 	Mr 
Thomson 	Miss
Waters 		Mrs 
West 		Mrs 
Zealand 	Captain 
32 in the steerage

Per Geelong for Lyttelton and intermediate Ports - June 12:

Luke 		Mr 
Moss 		Mr 
Noble 		Mr 
Pearce 		Miss 
Six in the steerage

Per Otago for Lyttelton and the North - June 15:

Bullock 	Mr 
Graham 		Miss 
Lande 		Mr 
Mitchell 	Mr 
Pearson 	Mr 
11 in the steerage. 

Otago Witness 24 June 1865 pg 10
June 23 - Queen of India, 657 tons, Thornton, from London, with cargo and passengers. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.

Otago Witness Saturday 24 June 1865 pg 11
The Omeo has sailed for Hokitika with an estimated number of 150 passengers.
The steam-tug Southland has been taken over by the General Government.
The prison hulk Thomas and Henry, now lying at Port Chalmers, sprang a leak on Saturday afternoon, and speedily filled. An attempt was made to drag the vessel into shallow water, only partially successful, and she is still quite full at high tide. The leak occurred in connection with the piping inserted when she was fitted up as a prison hulk. The Government diving dress. Mr John Mills is now as much at home under water as in his native element.


The Lizzie Southard is being towed up the Airedale, s.s., Ferguson, from the Bluff, with cargo and passengers. G.S. Broderick, agent.



Per Alhambra, from Melbourne - June 18:

Agnew 		Mr A. 
Baxter 		Mr 
Clark 		Mr 
Haggitt 	Mr 
Hart 		Mr 
Hart 		Mr J. 
Maguire 	Mr 
Miller 		Mr 
Rattray 	Mr 
14 in steerage. 

Airedale, from Northern Provinces - June 18

Blackie 	Mr 
Blackie 	Miss 
Bossley 	Mr 
Cole 		Mr 
Dainton 	Mrs and son
Eaton 		Mr 
Eaton 		Mr Jos. 
Fitzgerald 	Mr 
Langley 	Mr 
Lodge 		Mrs 
Macnamara 	Miss 
Montgomery 	Mr 
Murdock 	Mr 
Sinclair 	Mr 
Squires 	Mr 
Webster 	Mr M. 
19 in the steerage

Per Titania, from Invercargill - June 19:

Hills 		Mrs 
Pasley 		Mr 
Ross 		Mr 
Whittingham 	Mr 
6 in the steerage

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton and intermediate ports - June 20:

Bird 		Mr
Muntce 		Mr 
Pinkerton 	Mr 
Sheath 		Mr 
14 in the steerage. 

Per Queen of India, from London - June 21:

Brough 		Mr Henry 
Dumage 		Mr and Mrs and child
Green 		Dr 
Mitchell 	Miss M.
Thomson 	Captain and Mrs 
Thornton 	Mrs 
Turner 		Mr Frank 
Wallace 	Mr 
Webb 		Mr Hugh
York 		Mr John 
Six passengers and one child in the steerage. 

Per R.M.S. Hero, from Melbourne - June 21:

Bateman 	Miss 
Bissell 	Mr 
Constable 	Mr 
Emanuel 	Mr, Sen. 
Emanuel 	Mr, Jun
Weir 		Mr 
10 in the steerage. 

Per Airedale, from the Bluff - June 23:

Brayton 	Mr 
Brennan 	Mr 
Cole 		Mr 
Holme 		Mr 
Law 		Mr 
Moodie 		Mr 
Stoughton 	Miss 
14 in the steerage

Per Airedale, for the Bluff - June 19:
Moodie                 Mr G.H.
3 in the steerage

Per Prince Alfred, for the North - June 20:

Bentwich 	Mr 
Frost 		Mr 
Johnston 	Mr J.R. 
Meiklejohn 	Mrs 
Seven in the steerage

Per Titania, for Invercargill - June 21: 
Bird 		Mr 
Muntce 		Mr 
Napier 		Mrs and two children
Pasley 		Mr 
Sheath 		Mr