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Shipping News July 1865 
New Zealand Bound

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Otago Witness 1 July 1865 pg 10
June 14 - Lizzie Southard, 1045 tons, Arbury, master, from London, with cargo and passengers.

Cooper 		Mr Charles B.
Elerby 		Mr Charles
Home 		Mr Isaac
Morton 		Mr James J.
Neumeager 	Miss D
Powell 		Mr Walter C
Turton 		Miss
Williams 	Mr John C.
and 32 assisted immigrants

June 29- Witch of the Tees, 300 tons, Cooper, master, from Newcastle, with 400 tons of coal.

Per Rangatira from the North - June 25
Mrs G.S. Cooper and three in the steerage.

Per Wellington from Northern Ports - June 27:-

Boney 		Miss
Kilgour 	Mr R
Langford 	Mr J.A.
McGill 		Capt.
Quick 		Mr
Ross 		Mr C.A.
Ross 		Mr
Tenson 		Miss
White 		Mr J.
Second cabin: 
Calder 		Mr
Julian 		Mr
McCurnel 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mr
Stevenson 	Mr
and two saloon and one steerage passenger for the Bluff.
Per Wm. Miskin, from Hokitika - June 27; 
Hutchinson 	Mr A. 
Kelly 		Mr L.S. 
15 in the steerage. 

Per Tararua, from Sydney and Northern Ports - June 27; 
Beasley 	Miss
Brookman 	Mr J. 
Hall 		Miss 
Taylor 		Mr 
10 in the steerage. 

Per Lady Darling, from Hokitika - June 28;
Black 		Mr 
Buchells 	Mr 
Levy 		Mr
Solomons 	Mr 
13 in the steerage. 

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton - June 29;
Cullen 		J. 
Neun 		D. 
Sutter 		Captain 
8 in the steerage. 

Per Airedale, for the North - June 25;
Bradley 	Miss 
Busnacker 	Mr 
Clayton 	Mr 
Cole 		Mr 
Emmanuel 	Mr 
Farjeon 	Mr 
Geddes 		Mr 
Henningham 	Mr 
Hill 		Mr 
Lyell 		Miss
Overand 	Mr 
Prince 		Mr 
Sinclair 	Mr 
Smith 		Mrs and child
Stewart 	Mr 
Tallerman 	Mr 
Turnbull 	Mr 
12 in the steerage. 

Per Titania for Invercargill - June 28; 
Granger 	Mrs 
One in the steerage

Per Tararua, for the Northern Ports and Sydney - June 28; 
Taylor 		Mr 
Thurston 	Mr and Mrs 
Wilson 		Mr 
One in the steerage. 

Otago Witness 1 July 1865 pg 13
There is a great want of a local steamer to attend on vessels outside the bar at Hokitika; the Favourite having left, there is now not a steamer in the port for the purpose. There were thirteen sailing vessels and one steamer off the port on the 20th inst., waiting to discharge cargo and passengers. Amongst the number were the following:- John Bullock, Susannah Booth, Mount Alexander, Phoenix, Maid of Erin, Three Brothers, Sir Francis Drake, Lloyd's Herald, and the Despatch.

The following disasters to the shipping at Hokitika, have occurred since the last trip of the Lady Darling, on the 25th May; ruby, screw steamer, driven on the beach, but likely to be get off with the appliances now to hand. The schooners Margaret and Caroline, Three Sisters, Jane Williams, Sarah, Juno and the Midge have all been driven on the beach, condemned and sold. The Mary Ann Christina is also ashore, but not yet broken up.

The paddle steamboats Bruce and Nelson, lately driven ashore outside the bar, are both likely to be got off with the machinery which has arrived for the purpose. Large numbers of workmen are daily at work on the vessels.

page 14
Inquest held on the body of Captain Johnston, late master of the s.s. Lady Darling. Mr Watson, purser of that vessel. Death result of an accident to back of head. Spoke of the wheel had stuck the captain when a squall hit the ship, and the captain was dragged under the wheel. John Costello, chief officer the Lady Darling. John Watkins, able seaman, the man at the wheel. Peterson, chief engineer. Mr Costello, the chief officer. Robert Paterson, providore of the Lady Darling.

Otago Witness Saturday 8th July pg 10
July 3 - A.J. Ramos, 183 tons, Welford, master, from Valparaiso, with flour. Master, agent.
July 3 - P.C.E., 291 tons, Macfarlane, master, from Newcastle, NSW, with coal. master, agent.

July 3 - Elenor Wood, 534 tons, Grave, master, for Valparaiso, with cargo and passengers.
July 7 - Jessie Gilbert, Stapleton, for Callao, in ballast.
July 7 - Driver, Cummings, Newcastle, in ballast.

Otago Witness Saturday 8th July pg 15
Captain P.J. Allardyce has been appointed to command the Lady Darling.


Otago, s.s., Smith from Manukau and intermediate ports. G.S. Broderick, agent.

Per Wellington, from the Bluff - July 4; 
Haworth 	Mr 
Henderson 	Mr 
Law 		Mr
Sheath 		Mr
Whitton 	Mr 
3 in the steerage. 

Per Lady Bird, from the North - July 4;
Adams 		Mr 
Clayton 	Mr 
McLean 		Mr 
Proctor 	Miss 
Rayll 		Mr 
William 	Mr 
6 in the steerage

Per Wellington, for the North - July 5;
Downes Mr R.A.
Tonks Mrs G. 
26 in the steerage

Per William Miskin, for Lyttelton, Nelson and Hokitika - July 6; 
Berry 		Miss 
Clements 	Mr 
Girdwood 	Mr D. 
Hall 		Mr 
Hall 		Mrs 
Issacs 		Mr 
Joyce 		Captain 
Lightfoot 	Mrs 
Mackenzie 	Mr 
Power 		Miss (2)
Power 		Mr Thomas 
Robertson 	Mr 
Singer 		Mrs 

Per Titania, from Invercargill - July 6; 
Campbell 	Mrs and five children
M'Cabe 		Mr and two children. 

Per Otago, from the North - July 7; 
Cann 		Capt. 
Clarke 		Mr 
Dearsley 	Mr 
Donne 		Mr 
Gillies 	Mr T.B. 
Guinness 	Mr 
Habins 		Rev. Mr
Hunt 		Mrs 
Locke 		Mr 
Reid 		Mr 
10 in the steerage. 

Per Eleanor Wood for Valparasio - July 6;
Tickle Mr and Mrs, four children and servant
18 in the steerage.


Caribou, ship, 1160 tons, Kerr, from Glasgow, general cargo, 142 passengers.
Spec, schooner, Tonkin, from Wanganui, pigs; passed up.


Lady Franklin, schooner, for Hokitika, general cargo. 
Geelong, p.s., Turnbull, for Littleton and intermediate ports. 

Per Albion, from Melbourne - July 10; 
Alloway 		Mr 
Baldwin 		Miss
Bishop 			Mr 
Churchett 		Miss 
Clarke 			Mr 
George 			Mr 
Henry 			Mr
Kreeft 			Captain 
Law 			Miss 
Law 			Mr 
Louisson 		Mr 
M'Anisty 		Mr 
M'Kinnon 		Mrs 
Mitchell 		Mr 
Pain 			Mr
Paine 			Mr 
Patin 			Mr
Perkins 		Mr 
Pitt 			Mr and Mrs 
Raine 			Mr 
Raphael 		Mr 
Reaney 			Mr 
Robertson 		Mr 
Rose 			Miss
Russell 		Miss 
Spence 			Mr 
Thomson 		Mr 
Watts 			Mr 
Wilson 			Mr 
Wilson 			Miss 
49 in the steerage. 

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton - July 11
Blumach 	Mr 
Holmes 		Mr 
Jamieson 	Miss 
Wurm 		Mrs 
5 in the steerage. 

Per Lord Ashley, from the North - July 12; 
Bentwich 	Mr 
Bullock 	Mr
Farjeon 	Mr 
Glassford 	Mr and Mrs and servant 
Montgomery 	Mr 
Russell 	Mr 
Russell 	Mr 
Smith 		Mr 
Turnbull 	Mr 
Varty 		Mr 
6 in the steerage. 

Per Otago, from Bluff - July 13
Davis 		Mr J.R.
Hoyt 		Mr 
Munro 		Mr
Ryan 		Miss (2) 
Scison 		Mr 
Shepherd 	Mrs 
Smith 		Mr J. 
11 in the cabin for the North and 8 in the steerage. 

Per Caribou, from Glasgow - July 13
Law 		Mr J.W.
141 in second, intermediate and steerage

Per Otago, for the Bluff - July 8
Thomson 	Mr G. 
1 in the steerage.

Per Albion, for the North - July 11
Bishop 		Mr 
Levy 		Mr G.
Louisson 	Mr 
M'Kinnon 	Mrs 
M'Onisty 	Mr 
Wilson 		Miss 
9 in the steerage. 

Per Titania, for Hokitika - July 12
Baird 		Mr 
Beck 		Mrs 
Bell 		Mr 
Beryon		 Mr 
Bowden 		Mrs
Bowden 		Mr 
Brookman 	Mr 
Church 		Mr 
Cummings 	Mrs 
Hayes 		Mrs 
Henderson 	Mr 
Jones 		Miss 
Kerr 		Mr 
Laine 		Mrs
M'Mahon 	Mrs 
M'Neil 		Mr 
Mahoney 	Miss 
Paine 		Mr 
Pyke 		Mr
Rebnish 	Mrs 
Shepherd Mr 
Skelly Mr 
Smith Master 
Smith Miss 
Stratford Mrs 
Valentine Mrs
Valentine Mr 
21 in the steerage. 

Per Geelong, for Lyttelton and Intermediate Ports - July 13
Carvite 	Master
Carvite		Miss 
Mirams 		Mr and Mrs 

Otago Witness Saturday 15th July pg 13
The Exodus - The tide of emigration from Ireland shows no sign of ebbing. On the 12th hundreds of people of all ages, from the grey-headed grandfather to the child in arms, poured into Queenstown for embarkation in the National Company's fine steamer Louisiana, en route from Liverpool for New York. Hundreds more are expected to go by the Inman steamer the next day. Emigration from Ireland to America has totally changed its aspect. When the tender leaves the pier with its human freight a hearty cheer breaks out from the emigrants, which is generally responded to on shore, and a moist eye or sorrowful face is seldom seen among the throng.

Otago Witness Friday 21 July 1865
Entered Inwards
July 15 - Caribou, 1160 tons, J. Kerr, master, from Glasgow, with general cargo and 142 passengers. Cargill and Co., agents.


Witch of the Tees, barque, 300 tons, Cooper, for Valpariso, two passengers. 
Lord Ashley, s.s., Randall, for Northern Ports, passengers. 
Caledonia, schooner, Falconer, for Hokitika. 
Defiance, Taylor, for Hokitika. 


Per Albion, from Northern Ports - July 16
Anderson 	Mr 
Brock 		Mr 
Brown 		Mrs 
Brown 		Master 
Cohn 		Mr 
Coote 		Mr 
Crone 		Mr 
Flint 		Mr 
Flupps 		Mr 
Hyams 		Mr 
Miller 		Mr 
Ruxton 		Mr 
Short 		Capt. 
Solomon 	Mr 
Starray 	Mr 
Tallerman 	Mr 
Travescos 	Mr 
Tucker 		Mr 
Ward 		Mr 
Wilkinson 	Capt 
Wishart 	Mr 
29 in the steerage. 

Per Bruce, from Hokitika - July 16
Anderson 	Mr J R 
Bastings 	Mr 
Cooke 		Mr 
Fox 		Captain 
Leys 		Captain
Muir 		Mr 
Munson 		Mr 
30 in steerage. 

Per Alabambra, from Melbourne - July 18
Brodie 		Mr 
Chalmers 	Mr and Mrs 
Dyason 		Capt. 
Dyers 		Master 
Dyers 		Miss 
Dyers 		Mrs 
Fleury 		Mons. 
Freeman 	Miss 
Gill 		Mrs 
Godfrey 	Capt. 
Gregory 	Miss 
Gregory 	Masters (2) 
Lewis 		Miss 
Looker 		Mr 
Manifold 	Mr 
Moss 		Mr F. 
Root 		Mr 
Turner 		Mr 
Wilson 		Mrs and servant
18 in the steerage. 

Per Omeo, from Hokitika - July 19 
Mouatt Mr 
Spence Mr 
17 in the steerage. 

Per Lady Darling, for Hokitika - July 16 
Baird 		Mr H. 
Bladier 	Mr (2) 
Brien 		Miss (2) 
Burns 		Mr 
De Leon 	Mr S. 
De Lore 	Mrs, 4 children and servant 
Harrison 	Mr T.S. 
Johnson 	Mr 
M'Namara 	Mr 
Patrick 	Mr 
Reeves 		Mr 
South 		Mr 
Staite 		Mr 
Thomson 	Mr W. M. 
Toppley 	Dr C. 
Whitting 	Mr 
74 in second cabin. 

Witness Saturday 29th July pg 10

Per Auckland, from Bluff Harbour - July 22
Babbington 	Mr and Mrs 
Brayton 	Mr 
Gilles 		Mr 
Richardson 	Mr 
Smith 		Mr 
Smith 		Mr
Steuart 	Mr 
Tomlie 		Mr 
Young 		Mr 
16 in second cabin and seven saloon passengers for the North. 

Per Rangatira, from Northern Ports - July 22
Campbell 	Mr and Mrs 
Dale 		Mr Robert
15 in fore cabin. 

Per Wellington, from the North - July 27
Anderson 	Mr John 
Ballton 	Mr
Barnes 		Mr 
Barnes 		Master 
Burt 		Mrs
Campbell 	Mr
Cassius 	Mr 
Davis 		Mr 
Dembiski 	Mr A.T. 
Dickenson 	Mr 
Garratt 	Mr J. 
Geddes		Mr 
Hart 		Mr J. 
Hall 		Mr J. 
Howe 		Mr F. 
M'Roe 		Mr 
Mansfield 	Mr
Ward 		Mrs 
Wiseman 	Mrs 
Wiseman 	Miss (2) 
14 in the steerage. 

Per Hero, from Lyttelton - July 27
Collins 	Mr 
Dunn 		Miss
Dunn 		Mr and Mrs J
Mills 		Mr James 
Punts 		Mr 
Stephenson 	Mr 
7 in fore-cabin. 

Per Albambra, for Melbourne - July 22
Bail 		Mr J.
Guiness 	Mr
M'Nair 		Mr
Moncrieff 	Mrs 
Perkins 	Mr G.B. 
Watts 		Mr W.J.
50 in fore-cabin. 

Per New Zealand, for Northern Ports - July 25
Batement 	Mr J 
Batement 	Mr T 
Bevan 		Mr W.
Clark 		Mr and Mrs 
Goodman 	Mr 
Harding 	Mr J. 
Herold 		Mr R. 
Newton 		Mr 
Parker 		Mr W. 
Peters 		Mr 
Raphael 	Mr 
Selby 		Mr 
Wright 		Mr J. 
Young 		Mr 
65 in the steerage. 

Per Auckland, for the North - July 26;
Bell 		Mr 
Cleve 		Mr 
Dillon 		Mr 
Gregg 		Mr 
Hickson 	Mr C. 
Keapthorne 	Mr 
Kerr 		Capt
Meiklehem 	Mr 
Moncrieff 	Mr 
Paterson 	Mr 
Pillans 	Mr 
Rolland 	Mr 
Strike 		Mrs 
Strike 		Miss (3) 
Strode 		Mr A.C. 
Van Damme 	Mr 
11 in the steerage. 

At London: Mary Scott, Wilson; England, Robson; Star of Tasmania, Culbert
At Glasgow - Timaru, Mitchell; Peter Denny, Adam

Leichardt, from Gravesend, April 28th
Racehorse, from Gravesend, May 7th
Kedar, From Gravesend, May 11th

Per Kedar, for Otago
Bagnasco	Mr Policarpe 
Larratt 	Mr Henry 
O'Neill 	Mr John