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Shipping News August 1865 

New Zealand Bound

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Otago Witness Saturday 5 August 1865
Port Chalmers - August 4
Arrivals - Affiance, barque, Simpson, from Newcastle, with coals.

From the Heads, 5.30 p.m., s.s. Omeo, Edwards, for Melbourne.

Passenger List
Per Hero, for Melbourne - July 31 - 
Broadie 	Mr P
Brown 		Mr
Collier 	Mr E.W.
Clutterbuck 	Dr
De Beer 	Mr S
Dembicki 	Mr
Gougenheim 	Miss
Mathews 	Miss C
McKandress 	Mr G
Parks 		Mrs
and 48 in fore cabin.
Per Omeo, for Melbourne - August 1
Eccelskin 	Mr
Whitton 	Mr
and 10 in fore cabin.
Per Wellington for the North - August 4
Anderson        Mr  J
Britten 	Mr
Fisher 		Mr
Hector 		Dr
Macandrew 	Mr
Mills 		Mr W
Miller 		Mr
Price 		Mr F.G.
Vogel 		Mr J
and one in steerage
Per Lady Bird, from Northern Ports - August 2:-
Aitken 		Mr
Gillies 	Mr
Lane 		Mr
Richardson 	Mr
Thiel 		Mr
9 in steerage
For Melbourne - Professors Bushell and Bellow.
Per Geelong, from Lyttelton and Intermediate ports - August 3:-
Blundell 	Mr 
Moir 		Miss
Noble 		Mr
8 in steerage
Per Wellington, from Bluff Harbor -August 3
Campbell 	Miss
Driscoll 	Mrs
Dowling 	Miss
Law 		Mr H
Miller 		Mr
McNab 		Mr
Spence 		Mr
Stevenson 	Mr
12 in steerage
Two cabin and 4 steerage for North.

Otago Witness Saturday 12 August 1865

Passenger List
Per Albion, from Melbourne - 
Anderson 	Mr
Cain 		Mr
Clark 		Mr
Creft 		Mrs and family (2)
Dalrymple 	Mrs
Dalrymple 	Mr
Duhig 		The Rev. Mr
Eastgate 	Mr
Evans 		Mr
Farrand 	Mr
Finlay 		Mr Matthew 
Harriss 	Mr
Hood 		Mr
Hughes 		Mr
Jeffreys 	Mr
Jargo 		Mr S.J. (in charge of mails)
Joseph 		Mr
Keenan 		Mr
Lane 		Miss
Martin 		Mr
Morrison 	Mr
O'Driscoll 	Mr
Packham 	Mr
Parsons 	Mr
Shaw 		Mr
Sidey 		Mr
Speechly 	Mr
Wilson 		Mr
and 87 in steerage
Per Otago, from the North
Bastard 	Mr
Clarke 		Mr
Goodheim 	Mr
Hannah 		Mr
Kirby 		Mr
Lodher 		Mr
McIntyre 	Mr
Warren 		Mr
Wilson 		Captain
4 in steerage and 3 for Bluff
Per Lady Darling, from Hokitika:
Harrison Mr
Hughes Captain
Little Mr
McBeath Mr
Robinson Mr
and eight in steerage
Per William Miskin, for Hokitika
Ayton 		Mr A
Badger 		Mr F
Bentwitch 	Mr M
Blackwood 	Miss M
Buston 		Mr G
Casey 		Miss
Crochane 	Mr W
Davidson 	Mr D
Doran 		Mr D
Driscoll 	Mrs
Fish 		Mr H S
GOlding 	Mr
Liert 		Mr A
McCabe 		Mr
McGalton 	Mr
McNab 		Mr J
Rugg 		Mrs
Simes 		Mr H
Stacey 		Mr
Stack 		Mr E
Per Geelong, for Lyttelton and intermediate ports - 
Black 		Mr A
Bodkin 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Bust 		Mr and family
Galt 		Mr E
Mackenzie 	Mr
Morton 		Mr
Ogilvie 	Mr
Park 		Mr
Sanderson 	Mr J
and 15 in steerage
Per Otago for the Bluff
Darling 	Mrs
Law 		Mr 
and seven in the steerage
Per Alma, for Sydney
Berkett 	Mr
Carey 		Mr and Mrs
Per Wellington for Nelson
McLean 		Mr Donald
Per Alhambra, from Melbourne
Barrett 	Mrs and Miss
Campbell 	Mrs and 2 children
Caiu 		Mr
Feldheim 	Mr
Fergie 		Mrs and 3 children
Fisher 		Mrs A.G. and child
Glynn 		Mr
McGurie 	Mrs
Murray 		Captain
Pryde 		Mrs
Smith 		Mr
Thompson 	Mr
Touzell 	Mr
Wood 		Captain
Young 		Mr
29 in steerage

Otago Witness Saturday 19 August 1865
At the Heads. Camden, barque, from Newcastle, coal.
From the Heads. Lady Darling, s.s., for Bluff Harbor, and Hokitika.

Passenger List
Per William and Margaret, from Waikouaiti - Mr Charles Nelson.

Per Lord Ashley, from Northern Ports
Dobbie 		Mr
Low 		Mr
Margrin 	Mr
Moore 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr
and 7 in steerage
Per Otago, from the Bluff - 
Chapman 	Mr
Feldheim 	Mr
Gillies 	Mr L
Joseph 		Mr W
Macintyre 	Mr
Monkman 	Mr 
Wyatt 		Mr

Per Geelong from the North
Mrs White
14 steerage

Per Lady Darling for Hokitika

Barrett 	Mr L
Collins 	Mrs and servant
Collins 	Mr
Jones 		Mr Thomas
May 		Mrs
O'Donnell 	Mr
Walker 		Mrs
Walker 		Mr
and 141 in the steerage
Per Otago for the North
Glynn 		Mr
Hughes 		Captain
Johnston 	Mr J
Long 		Mr
Robinson 	Mr
Shepherd 	Mr
Spence 		Mr J
Young 		Mrs
2 from the Bluff
and 34 in the steerage
Per Alhambra for Melbourne
Bray 		Mr
Bush 		Mr and Mrs
Cain 		Mr
Fox 		Captain
Grey 		Mr
Hearn 		Mrs
Holmes 		Mr and Mrs
Looper 		Mr
McColl 		Mr and Mrs
McIntyre 	Mr
Pritchard 	Mr and Mrs
Shaw 		Mr
Smith 		Mrs
Stuart 		Mr
30 in steerage
For the Bluff 
Gillies 	Mr
Monkman 	Mr
Per Albion, from the North
Bathgate 	Mr
Clarke 		Mr
Harrison 	Mr
Morton 		Mr
Murray 		Mr
Parsons 	Mr
Stains 		Mr
Touzels 	Mr
and 15 in steerage
Per Auckland, from the North
Campion 	Mr
Duff 		Captain 
Hitchings 	Mr
Hogg 		Rev. D
Kerr 		Mr R.N.
Londe 		Mr
Mainfold 	Mr sen.
Mainfold 	Mr jun.
Martin 		Mr
Pole 		Mr T
Rowe 		Mr
Turton 		Mr
Stringer 	Mr
Willoughby 	Miss
and 12 in steerage

Otago Witness Saturday 25 August 1865
Per Lord Ashley, for the North
Campion 	Mr
Donald 		Mr A
Grierson 	Mr
Feldheim 	Mr
Meggitt 	Mr
Sanderson 	Mr (2)
Shrimpton 	Mr
Winter 		Mr
and 20 in the steerage
Per s.s. Hero, from Melbourne
Ayers 		Mr
Bates 		Mr
Berrick 	Mr
Chalmers 	Mr and Mrs and servant
Cooke 		Mr
Creeth 		Mrs
Creeth 		Miss
Gray 		Mr
Hill 		Mrs
Legeson 	Mr
Lilly 		Miss
McLandress 	Mr
Mirams 		Messrs
Perkins 	Mr and Mrs and family (2)
Ross 		Mr
Ross 		Mr
Selfe 		Mr
Soregrove 	Mr
and 50 in steerage.
Per Rangatira, from the North;
Messrs _rwin, tusk, Hill, 8 in steerage.
Per Bruce, for Hokitika
Ballantyne 	Mr Thomas
Thomas 		Mr Addie
and 70 in the steerage

Per Auckland from Bluff Harbor
Brighton 	Miss
Davis 		Mr
Jamieson 	Mr
McNamara 	Miss
Smith 		Mr and Mrs
and three for the North
Per Hero from Lyttelton
Feldheim Mr
Gordon Mr
3 in steerage