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Shipping News January - April 1865 

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Immigration increased during the Otago gold rush so the practice of publishing full passenger lists in newspapers was abandoned. Transcribed by Barbara D. April 2007

Gloriosa* 	22/01/1865 Le Bas 
Gala		22/02/1865 Shaw
Lady Ann 	 8/03/1865 Phillips 
Saint Vincent* 	22/03/1865 Morrison
Esmok*		 25/3/1865 Montgomerie
General Wyndham 29/03/1865 Leslie  40 pass.
Jessie Gilbert*	 4/06/1865 Stapleton via Bluff URL
Lizzie Southard  4/06/1865 
Queen of India 	21/06/1865 Thornton 
Matoaka 	 3/07/1865 Stevens 
Caribou* 	14/07/1865 Kerr 
Leichardt*	 2/08/1865 Sennett
Thracian* 	31/08/1865 Tyact
Peter Denny* 	 2/09/1865 Adams  154 pass 
England* 	22/09/1865 Houston 
Star of Tasmania 7/10/1865 W Culbert 
Timaru 		23/10/1865 Langlands No p 
Celaeno 	 2/11/1865 C H Renaut 
Robert Henderson*7/11/1865 Logan 
Olive Mount 	 9/11/1865 Gauver 
Echunga* 	 4/12/1865 Cooper 
Chile* 		14/12/1865 Stringer 

*List of Immigrants, Debtors to the Provincial Government of Otago for Passenger Moneys. 

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 1864   May - Sept. 1865

Otago Witness, 6 January 1865, Page 12
Passenger List
Per Gothenburgh, from Melbourne—January 1:

Daniels 	Mr
Fraser 		Captain
Parsons 	Mr 
McLean 		Mr 
Matthews 	Miss
22 in the steerage 

Per Albion, from Melbourne—January 2:—

Beckingsale 	Miss
Bentley 	Mr 
Blackett  	Mr J.
Cotterell 	Mr and Mrs 
Fraser 		Mr 
Knowles 	Mrs
Gibson 		Miss 
Green 		Mr Henry   
Haast 		Mr T. 
Heymanson 	Mr 
Heymanson 	Master 
Hughes 		Mr 
Hyman 		Mr
Jago 		Mr  (mail agent)
Litchfield 	Mr 
McLean 		Mr
McKachern 	Captain 
Morrison 	Mr 
Nichols 	Mr and Mrs, and infant
Nott 		Mr 
Oliver 		Mr H. 
Scheiss 	Mr  
Selby 		Mr 
Walker 		Mrs 
Wilkinson 	Mr 
Wood 		Mr and Mrs 
Yeand 		Mrs and family (4)
and 51 in the steerage.

Per Wellington, from the Bluff, January 2:
Mrs Murdoch, Capt. Carthoys, Messrs Squires and Sprowles, 5 in the steerage, and 3 cabin and 11 steerage for the North.
Per Titania, from Invercargill, —January 2:
Messrs Mowat, Kennedy and Macassay, and 10 in the steerage.
Per Wellington, for Nortberu Ports,— January 4:
Mr, Mrs, and Miss Somerville, Mr S. B. White, and 14 from the Bluff.

Otago Witness, 28 January 1865, Page 12
Entered Inwards
January 21 — Ramsey, 809 tone, White, master, from London, with cargo and 33 passengers. Dalgety, Ratttray and Co, agents.
January 23 - Sarah Pile, 115 tons, Yull, master, from Sydney, with cargo and 12 passengers. Tickle and Co, agents.
January 28 — Tongoi, 160 tons, Linley, master, from Melbourne, with cargo and passengers. Fickle and Co, agents.
January 24 - Gloriosa, 654 tons, Le Bns, master, from London, with cargo and passengers. H. and E. Youngman and Co , agents.
January 25 — Hero, 765 tons, Logan, master, from Melbourne, with cargo. Bright Bros and Co, agents.
January 26 — H. L. Butgers, 405 tons, Hones, master, from Sydney, with cattle. F. Coxhead, agent.
Jauuary 26 — Alhambrs, 497 tons, M'Lead, master, from Melbourne, with cargo and passenger. Royse, Muaie and Co, agents.

Entered Outwards
January 26— A. W. Stevens, 476 tons, Brown, master, for Newcastle, in ballast. F. Coxhead, agent
January 27— Lady Young, 418 tons, Morrison, master, for Sydney, in ballast. H. Houghton and Co., agents.

Passenger List.
Per Omeo. from Melbourne —January 22 :— Miss Swanhill, Miss Williams, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Neahitt, Mrs Boss, Mrs Williams, Messrs Louisson. Thomson, Rennie, Hodge, Boyce, Hayzen ; and 64 in the steerage.

Per Glorisoa, from London — January 22 : — Cabin:

Edmondson 	Mr J. E. 
Litster 	Dr  
Litster 	Mrs, and son  
40 in steerage. 

Per Hero, from Melbourne— January 24 :—
Saloon— Mr and Mrs Caldwell and family (ix) and two servants, Mr and Mrs Riddiford, Miss Riddiford, Miss Riddiford and four servants, Mr and Mrs Harperand two servants, Count and Counters De Lapasture and servant, Miss Forster, Miss M'Grath, Messrs Pole, Don, Norman, Gerrard, Joseph, Batton, Wells, Maude, Elliot, Crawford, Acland, Gill, Dickson, Johnson, M'Clelland, and Master Richardson ; 34 in the steerage.

Per Alhambra, from Melbourne January 25 : — Mrs Steele, Mrs Tickle and child, Mrs Harvey and child, Mrs Conochie, Miss Holmes, Miss Johnston, Miss Millar, Miss Lees, Messrs Walton, Thompson, Murphy, Wallach, Levy, Rossbotham, Walker, Steele, Master Lees; and 26 in the steerage.

Gala, ship, from Glasgow. Chile, ship, from London.
St. Kilda, s.s., from Bluff Harbor.
Celeeno, ship, from London.
Mount Alexander, schooner, from Waikava.
Robert Henderson, ship from Glasgow.
Mary Jane, schooner, trom Waikava.
Ruby, s.s., from Invercargill.
Aboukir ship, from Glasgow.
Jane Lockhart, schooner, from Sydney.
Cymraes, schooner, from Christchurch.
Tiger, schooner, from Canterbury.
Dolphin, schooner, from Christchurch.
A. W. Steven, barque, from Newcastle.
Lile, barque, from. Mauritius.
Spec, schooner, from Oamaru.
Konig Oscar, barque, from Vancouver's Island.
Lady Young, ship, from Newcastle.
Yarra, schooner, from Waikava. Dart, schooner, from Sydney.
Ramsey, ship, from London. Kate, schooner, from Invercargill.
Struggler, schooner, from Toi-toi.
Gloriosa, ship from London.
Lady Bird, s.s. from Northern Ports.
Sarah Pile, schooner. Sydney.
Daring, schooner, from Picton.
Tongoi, schooner, from Melbourne.
Alhambra, s.s. from Melbourne.
H. L. Rutgers, barque, from Newcastle.
Geelong. p.s., from Oamaru.

Otago Witness Saturday 25 February 1865 pg12

Entered Inwards
Feb. 18 - Alhambra, 497 tons, McLean from Melbourne, via Bluff Harbor, with cargo and passengers.
Feb 21 - Eclipse, 99 tons, Hunter, master, from Sydney, with cargo.

Entered Outwards
Feb. 18 - P.C.E., 291 tons, McFarland, master, for Newcastle, with ballast and passengers
Feb. 20 - Louisa, Grant, master, for Hobart Town, in ballast.
Feb. 20 - Malay, 328 tons, Peters, master, for London, with cargo.
Feb. 21 - Remark, 207 tons, Howie, master, for Guam, in ballast.
Feb. 22 - Commodore, 565 tons, Colville, master, for London, with wool, hides &c. Passengers: Mr Jackson, Mr Paterson
Feb. 23 - Tongai, 161 tons, B.S. Linley, master, for Petropaulowski (Kamschatka), in ballast.

Otago Witness, 14 January 1865, Page 12

Per Konig Oscar, from Vancouver's Island — January 11:— Mr Marvin, Mr Wilkin.

Otago Witness, 20 January 1865, Page 12

The passenger returns of the Immigration officer continue to be, each quarter, slightly in favor of the population of the Province. Last quarter the balance in favor of the Province was 329, and during the month past the numbers recorded at the;
Port Chalmers Custom House are — inwards, 668; outwards, 545.
The quantity of gold exported from the Province of Otago during the current year to this date is 15,9380z 12dwt. The quantity previously exported is 1,621,4570z; making a grand total since the discovery of the gold fields of 1,637,3950z 12dwt.

Otago Witness Saturday 4th March 1865 pg 12

Entered Outwards
Feb. 25 - Alhambra, 497 tons, McLean, master, for Melbourne., with cargo and passengers.
Feb. 27 - Omega, 401 tons, Urquhart, master, for Newcastle in ballast.
Feb. 27 - Gloriosa, 654 tons, Le Bas, master, for Valparaiso, with cargo and 19 passengers. Messrs R. Alexander, A. Croll, T. Barre, H. Horick, V. Eteve, E. Eteve, H. Burton.
Feb. 27 - Gala, 815 tons, Shaw, master, for London, with wool and passengers.

Crawford 	John
Alston 		F.M.
Elphinstone 	J.E.
Garnlew 	T.H., M.A., A.M., T.H., and E.E.
Holands		Alfred
Hollands 	John
Houston 	Allan
Kofed 		W.H.
Lloyd 		W
Lush 		C.H. and Charles 
Macmillan 	M and E
Selkirk 	Andrew
Vezner 		Emily, Nelly, Harry, and Thomas 
Wrentmore 	M.A.

Feb. 28 - Ramsey, 839 tons, White, master, for Valparaiso, with cargo. Mr and Mrs Day, Mr E.R. Anderson, Mr D.A. Sherman
Feb. 28 - Prince Alfred, 703 tons, Macain, master, for Sydney via Lyttelton (passenger: Mr Aylmer; and 9 in the steerage) and Nelson, with cargo and passengers.
Feb. 28 - Eclipse, 99 tons, Hunter, master, for Sydney, in ballast.
March 3  - Bengal, Swier, master, for Newcastle, in ballast.

Otago Witness Saturday 18 March 1865 pg10

Entered Inwards
March 11 - Lady Ann, 688 tons, Phillips, master, from London, with cargo and 24 passengers.

Otago Witness Friday 24 March 1865 pg12

Entered Inwards March 29 - Daniel Watson, 143 tons, Featherston, master, from Hobart Town.

Passengers per St Vincent, from Glasgow March 22

Johnston 	John Mr
McNeill 	Mr John
Murdoch 	Mr W.,  
Russell 	Mr Alex., 
102 in the steerage.

Per ss. Hero, from Melbourne,— March 21 : Mrs Crawford, family (six) and servant, Mrs and Miss Woods, Mr and Mrs Henry Leopold and son, Mrs Wheeler, Mr Tbos Leopold, Mr Geo Leopold, Mr John Weiland, Mr Bullen, Mr Harding, Mr A. Clark, Mr Marlow, Mr Dothie, Mr Wilson, Mr Watson, Mr Darling, Mr Blacklock, Mr J. R. Davis, Mr Nixon, Mr Kendrick, Mr M'Donald, Mr Stevenson, mail agent ; and 30 in the steerage.

Per Albion, for Melbourne, — March 20: —
Miss Richardson, Miss Taylor, Mrs Buckley, Misses Buckley (2), Miss Fisher. Mrs Riordin, Mrs Ross and child, Mrs Melluish, Mrs Steuart and family (4), Messrs Martin, Schiess, Parsons, Isaacs, Lebiginan, Hart, Heymanson, Raton, Smith, Whittngham, Clark, Shaw, Russell, Fisher, Nicholl, G. L. Sise. E. Pearce, W. Forsyth, Meek, P. Moeller, M. Flury, B. Butten, Clais, Pitt, Rattray, Bowman, Bird, Perriman, Capt. Vine Hall; 75 in steerage.

Otago Witness 31 March 1865

Otago Witness 31 March 1865 page 21
Burning of the Danish Ship Najaden, belonging to Messres Puzgaard and Co. Copenhagen, left that place on the 30th Aug last, with a cargo of coals, oakum, and oats for Port Louis, Mauritius. - Rescue of the Crew. Great praise us due Captain Walker of the Trenton
The Missing Ship J.E.H. A list of her passengers and crew - Argus 10th Feb.
Voyage of the Alhambra to Okitiki or Brunner River, West Coast and City of Dunedin and Bruce.

Otago Witness Friday March 31 1865 pg 12
Entered Inwards
March 25 - Esmok, 854 tons, Montgomerie, master, from London, with cargo and passengers. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.

Camerson Messrs (2)
Davidson Mr Gibson G
Douglas Mr A and family
Duncan Miss
Henderson Mr
Henderson Miss
Graham  Mr J 
McColl Mr
McGregor A.G.

Per Tararua from the North - March 25

Baptist Mr
Biss Rev. W.M.
Biss MrsBrinchley Mr
Burke Mrs
Burke Miss
De Costa Mr
Frost Mr
Keenan Mr
Morrison Mr
White Mr J
and 4 in the steerage

Per s.s. Wellington, from Northern Ports - March 27

Colman 		Mr
Goodheim 	Mr
Harper 		Mr
Hobday 		Mr
Langley 	Mr
and 20 in the steerage

Per General Wyndham, from London - March 29.

Baker 		Miss A.
Cowans 		Mr
Fenwick 	Mr and Mrs
Fenwick 	Misses (2) and 5 children
Hansom 		Mr
Webster 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
and 24 in the steerage

Per Airedale for the North March 25:-

Benjamin 	Mr
Chapman 	Judge
Chevannes 	Mrs and family (3)
Gillies 	James
Grieber 	Mr
Isaac 		Mr
McKinnon 	Misses (2)
Warre 	Colonel
and about 40 in the steerage

Per Brothers, for Okitiki - March 28:

Messrs C. Se_by
Thomson W.

per Tararua, for Lyttelton, for Lyttelton and the North, March 28th

Baptist Mr
De Costa Mr
Keogh Messrs (2)
and 44 in steerage

Lady Bird - for Lyttelton - March 29

Anderson Mrs
Faighney Mr
and 6 in the steerage

Per Hero, for Melbourne -March 29:-

Caber Mrs
Cards Mrs
Green Mr C
Lachonan Miss
May Mr S
Macadam The Hon. Dr
Miram Mrs
Miram Master
Morrison Mr
Myers Mrs
Myers Mr Joseph
Pap Mrs and Master
and 45 in the steerage.

Vessels in Port
Celoeno, ship from London
Ronert Henderson, ship from Glasgow
Ruby, s.s., from Invercargill
Annie, schooner, from Oamaru
Defiance, schooner, from Molyneux
Dolphin, schooner from Waikava
Storm Bird, three-masted schooner, from Newcastle
Lady Ann, ship, from London
Sir Francis Drake, schooner, from Mauritius
Midlothian, ketch, from Coast
A.W. Stevens, barque, from Newcastle
Affiance, barque, from Newcastle
Jane Lockhart, schooner from Sydney
Lubra, schooner, from Boston, U.S.
Trader, schooner, from Melbourne
Undine, schooner, from Molyneux
Nora, schooner, from Port Molyneux
Mount Alexander, schooner, from Okitiki
St. Vincent, ship, from Glasgow
Oamaru, schooner, from Oamaru.

Otago Witness Saturday 8th April 1865 pg10

Port Chalmers - April 7. Arrivals:
Phoebe, s.s., Scott, from Northern Ports, with sundries and 41 passengers. G.S, Broderick, agent.

Passenger List.

Per Lady Denison, from Hobart Town - April 1: Cabin
Robertson     Mr and Mrs and family (5)

Per Queen, from Northern Ports, - April 1:

Benjamin 	Mr 
Birch 		Mr 
Lewis 		Mr
Oaks 		Mr 
Stewart 	Mrs and two children
Symmes 		Mr and son 
Taylor 		Rev. Mr 
Treweek 	Mr 
Winter 		Mr 
And twenty three in the steerage. 

Per Wellington, from the Bluff - April 3:

Price       Captain 
Mills       Mr 
Walsh       Mrs 
And 3 for the North in the cabin. 
8 in the steerage for Dunedin and 13 for the North 

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton and intermediate ports - April 3:

Brown 		Mr 
Dewar 		Miss 
Frost 		Mrs 
Heyward 	Miss 
Philips 	Mr 
Russell 	Mr G. G.
Williams 	Mr and Mrs 
And 15 in the steerage

Per Susannah Booth, from Sydney - April 5: 
Bourne 		Mr 
Chas 		Mr 
Downs 		Mr R. A. 
Eaton 		Mr G. 
Gallaher 	Mr 
Holder 		Mrs 
Holder 		Mr 

Per Phoebe, from the North, April 6: 
Aynsley 	Mr and Mrs 
Barnett 	Miss (2) 
Cole 		Mr 
Hewitt 		Miss 
McDonald 	Mr 
Quilty 		Rev Mr 
And 30 in the second cabin 

Per Wellington, for Lyttelton, - April 4
Bishop 		Mr A 
Henderson 	Mr J 
Hobday 		Mrs H and 3 children 
O'Loughlin 	Mr J. H. 
Reid 		Miss C. 
Small 		Mr R.
And six in the steerage. 

Otago Witness Saturday 15 April 1865 pg 10

Passenger List
Per Albion, s.s., from Melbourne, via Northern Ports, - April 11

Anderson 	Mr 
Armson 		Mr 
Inverarity 	Captain and Mrs 
Cann 		Mr 
Cann 		Miss 
Casper 		Mr 
Cohen 		Mr 
Creen 		Mr 
Driscoll 	Rev Mr 
Dyer 		Mr 
Edkins 		Miss 
Gerrand 	Mrs 
Hook 		Mr and Mrs and 5 children 
Isaacs 		Mr 
Jargo 		Mr, mail agent 
Kenyon 		Mr 
Langley 	Mr 
Litchfield 	Mr 
Lowe 		Mr 
Mactiers 	Mr 
Moeller 	Mrs and Mrs 
Monteith 	Mrs 
Moore 		Mr and Mrs and servant 
Morrison 	Mr 
Smithers 	Mr 
Spence 		Mr 
Stains 		Mr 
Tovel 		Mr 
Wilson 		Mr 
And 38 in steerage

Per Prince Alfred from the North, - April 12: 
The Hon. Postmaster-General, 
His Honor Judge Chapman 
His Honor the Superintendent of Southland 
Binbridge 	Mrs 
Crawford 	Mr 
Lyall 		Mr 
Lyall 		Miss 
Wieland 	Mr 
And 22 in the steerage. 

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton and intermediate ports, - April 12: 
Macpherson 	Miss 
Munro 		Mr 
And 10 in the steerage. 

Per Gothenburg, from Hokitika, - April 13: 
Anderson 	Mr J. 

Per Phoebe, from the Bluff, - April 13: 
Balfour 	Mr 
Garside 	Mr 
Gillon 		Mr and Mrs 
Godfrey 	Captain 
Marshall 	Mr 
Robertson 	Captain 
Young 		Mr 
14 in steerage and 14 for the North. 

Per Phoebe, for the Bluff, April 8: - 
Bellaire 	Rev F 
And one in steerage 

Per Celaeno, for London - April 8: 
Braddell 	Miss 
Dakins 		Mr 
Morley 		Mr J 
Morley 		Miss 
Morley 		Masters (2) 
Wright 		Capt 

Second Cabin
Chesney 	Miss Jessie 
Drysdale 	Mr R 
Edmonds 	Mr B D 
Evans 		D 
Gowans 		Mr Walter 
Jeffries 	J T and Wm. 
Lee 		B H 
Leslie		Mr J 
M'Leish 	Margaret and infant 
McLeish 	Wm 
Miller 		M and infant 
Nichollas 	J 
Page 		Wm 
Young 		Louis 
Young 		Thomas 
Young 		Mr Samuel 

Per Queen, for the North - April 8: 
Gray 		Mr Wilson 
And 3 in steerage 

Per Hydra, for Newcastle - April 11: 
Jones 		Mr Thos. 
Kennedy 	Mr John 

Per Alhambra, for Melbourne, - April 12: 
Borthwick 	Mr 
Borthwick 	Mrs and three children 
Burnett 	Miss 
Clark 		Mr 
Cole 		Mr 
Griffin 	Miss 
Mayd 		Mrs 
Mayd 		Master 
McDowell 	Mr 
Perkins 	Mrs 
Perkins 	Miss Isa 
Perkins 	Master and servant 
Pizey 		Mrs 
Renwick 	Mrs 
Taggart 	Mrs 
And 60 in the steerage

For the Bluff: 
Barnhill 	Mr T. L 
Keir 		Mr James 
And three in the steerage. 

Otago Witness Saturday 22 April 1865 pg 10

Port Chalmers - April 21

Lady Young, ship, 450 tons, Morrison, from Newcastle, coal, 3 passengers. Cargill and Co, agents.

Prince Alfred, s.s, Randall, for Auckland and intermediate ports. G.S. Brodrick, agent.
Trader, schooner, Ward, for Nelson and Hokitika. R.B. Martin and Co, agents.

Passenger List.

Per Airedale, from the North, - April 17:

Buckley 	Mr 
Buckley 	Mrs 
Cameron 	Mrs 
Clark 		Mr 
Coote 		Mr 
Corbett 	Mr 
Donne 		Mr 
Fenton 		Mr 
Henry 		Mr 
Jegan 		Mrs
Holmes 		Miss 
Mirehouse 	Mr 
Panford 	Mr 
Ross 		Miss
Ross 		Miss E. 
Shirling-Forth 	Mrs 
Stephenson 	Mr 
Tribe 		Mr 
Vosper 		Mr 
Wegmott 	Mr 
Wright 		Mr 
And 45 in steerage. 

Per Geelong, for Lyttelton and intermediate ports - April 17 
Campbell 	Mr 
Grant 		Miss 
Marryatt 	Mr F. 
Moffat 		Miss 
Small 		Mr 
Thatcher 	Mr 
Turnbull 	Miss 

Per Albion, for Melbourne, - April 18
Alderson 	Mrs 
Anderson 	Mr 
Bain 		Mrs 
Black 		Dr 
Coltherd 	Miss 
Davidson 	Mr J. 
Edkins 		Miss 
Fenton 		Miss 
Houghton 	Miss 
Jagan 		Mrs 
Learmont 	Mr 
Learmont 	Mr and Mrs 
Lees 		Miss C. 
Lees 		Miss E 
Shean 		W. 
Monteith 	Mrs 
Parker 		Miss 
Ross 		Miss 
Ross 		Miss E. 
Vosper 		Mr 
Wright 		Mr 
Young 		Sir H. 
And 53 in the steerage 

Per Airedale, for the Bluff - April 19: 
Catton 		Mr R C.E.Mr 
Rutton 		Mr 
Shaw 		Mrs 
Shaw 		Masters (2) 
Taylor 		The Hon J.P. 
And 1 in steerage

Per Lady Young, from Newcastle; 
Blackmore 	Mr 
2 in the steerage. 

Vessels in port 
Eleanor 	barque, from St John's, N.B. 
Storm Bird 	schooner, from Newcastle
Lady Ann 	ship, from London 
Erwn 		brig, from Mauritius
St Vincent 	ship from Wellington 
Esmok 		ship from London, 
Caroline 	schooner from Oamaru
General Wyndham	ship from London 
Rumens 		barque from Tome, Chill
Driver 		barque, from Newcastle
Sussanah Booth	schooner, from Sydney
Coorong 	barque, from Mewcastle
H.B.Wright 	ship from the Shields
Collingwood	ship from Newcastle
Titania 	s.s. from Hokitika
City of Dunedin	p.s., from Hokitika
Lloyd's Herald	schooner from Hokitika
John Bullock	schooner, from Hokitika
Pioneer		schooner, from Hokitika. 

Otago Witness Saturday 29 April 1865 pg10

Port Chalmers - April 28
Dispatch, schooner from Wellington
Hero, s.s., Logan from Lyttelton with cargo and passengers
Eclipse, Hunter, from Sydney, general cargo.

Passenger List

Per Lady Darling, from Melbourne - April 23

Syder 		Mr 
Watson 		Mr 
And 11 in steerage

Per Airedale from the North - April 23: 
Douglas 	Mr 
Junor 		Capt 
McKenzie 	Mr 
Murray 		Miss 
Nixon 		Miss 
Prince 		Mr 
Ross 		Mr 
And 4 for the South 

Per Lady Bird, from North - April 23
Abel 		Mr 
Drury 		Mr 
Fraser 		Capt 
Hall 		Mr J. 
Hamilton 	Mr E. 
Kirby 		Mr 
Meddings 	Mr 
Roy 		Mr A 
Sheath 		Mr 
Simmonds 	Mr 
Steele 		Mr 
37 in steerage

Per Hero, from Melbourne - April 24
Allingham 	Mr 
Bleck 		Miss 
Brown 		Mr 
Chalmers 	Mr and servant 
Lambton 	Miss 
Matthewson 	Mr 
Newlands 	Mrs and infant 
Preshaw 	Mr 
Russell 	Mr 
Schackele 	Miss 
Scheiss 	Mr 
Waine 		Mrs 
Wellsford 	Mr 
Wigglipick 	Mr 
And 50 in steerage

Per Geelong, from Lyttelton - April 25
Armstrong 	Mr 
Cameron 	Mrs 
Chisholm 	Mr 
Gemmell 	Mr and daughter 
Gibbs 		Mr 
Howard 		Mr 
Moss 		Mrs and 2 children 
7 in steerage 

Per Wellington, from the North - April 27
Alston Mr 
Gray Mr 
McLean MrJ. 
Morgan Mr 
O'Loughlin Mr J.H.
Wilson Mr 
And 9 in steerage 

Per Otago, from Sydney and the North - April 27
Berghoff 	Mr 
Bradley 	Mr 
Chubbin 	Mr 
Clarkeek 	Mr 
Falk 		Mr 
Gilchrist 	Mr 
Goldsmith 	Mr J. 
Gregg 		Mr 
McIntyre 	Mr 
Montford 	Mr 
Phillips 	Mr 
Solomon 	Mr 
Varley 		Mr 
And 21 in steerage

Per City of Dunedin, for Lyttelton, Wellington and Hokitika - April 24
Cameron 	Mr A. 
Campbell 	Mr 
Ellis 		Mr and Mrs 
Franklyn 	Mr and Mrs 
Garratt 	Mr and Mrs and 4 children 
Haines 		Mr and Mrs 
Heron 		Mrs 
Lennon 		Mr 
Maddock 	Mr J.F. 
McNeil 		Mr 
Roberts 	Mr and Mrs and 7 children 
Ryan 		Mr 
Wetheron 	Mrs 
And 55 in the steerage. In all 85 passengers. 

Per Airedale, for Northern ports - April 25
Bayne 		Mr 
Britten 	Mr 
Cameron 	Mr 
Clark 		Mr 
Fawcett 	Mr 
Jackson 	Mr 
Kershaw 	Mr 
Knight 		Mr 
Maddings 	Mr 
Prince 		Mr 
Rowe 		Mr 
And 3 in the steerage. 

Vessels in port 
Eleanor 	barque, from St John's, N.B.
Storm Bird 	schooner from Newcastle
Erwn 		brig from Mauritius
St Vincent 	ship, from Wellington 
Esmok 		ship, from London
Caroline 	schooner, from Oamaru 
General Wyndham ship, from London 
Rumens 		barque, from Tome, Chilli
Driver 		barque, from Newcastle
Coorong 	barque, from Newcastle
H.B. Wright 	ship, from Shields
Collingwood 	ship from Newcastle
Lloyd's Herald	schooner, from Hokitika
John Bullock 	schooner, from Hokitika
Rons 		brig, from Mauritius
Jeannie Dove 	schooner, from Hokitika
Lady Young 	ship, from Newcastle
Wm Miskin 	from Bluff Harbor
P.C.E. 		barque, from Newcastle
Mary Jane 	schooner, from Hokitika
Wheatland 	barque, from Valparaiso
Louisa 		brig, from Hobart Town
Willie Simpson 	schooner, from Stewart's Island.