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New Zealand Bound

London to Lyttelton, New Zealand 1877

The Star, Thursday 16th April 1877  page 2

Arrived Lyttelton. The New Zealand's Company's ship Opawa, ship 1100 tons, from London was signalled from the South this morning. She left Gravesend on Jan. 16, and was off Start on Jan. 22. The Opawa brings a large number of passengers, (at least 36) but no immigrants, and is under command of Captain McInnis.


Barnes		Master Alick
Baumber		Rev. Wm. 
Bickett		Mr E. 
Chartres	Mr Jno. 
Clarke		Mr J.W. 
Collins		Dr
Dalton		Mr. G.L. 
De Braner	Mr Edward 
Drew		Mrs
Gleeson		Miss Mary 
Hanson		Mrs and family
Hillas		Mr and Mrs Thos. and family  
Jenkins		Mr H.W. 
Jones		Mr Percy 
Lewis		Mr C. H. 
Mills		Mr and Mrs William
Morrison	E.W.
Purchon		Rev S.R. 
Restridge	Mr and Mrs John	 
Richardson	Mr and Mrs and family
Rugg		Mr and Mrs D. and family
Tenton		Mr and Mrs Joseph and family
Todd		Mr Jno. 
Trude		Mr Edward  		
Wilson		Mr
Wohurst		Mr Jno. G.
April 16 - Wellington, s.s. 279 tons, Lloyd, from Northern Ports.
Passengers: Saloon - 
Ashton 		Mr and Mrs
Bonnington 	Mr
Caverhill 	Mr
Hastings 	Mrs
Dunbar 		Mr
Hewitt 		Mr
Hill 		Mr
Peters 		Mr
Shaw 		Mr
Zelim 		Mr
22 in the steerage; 20 for South 	

April 14 - Ringarooma, s.s., 623 tons, Whitburn, for Melbourne via South. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers: 

Saloon - 

For Dunedin
Le Mas     Mr
For Melbourne
Bramhall   Mr
Fowler     Mrs Edwin
Fowler     Miss Fanny
Fowler     Master Trevor
Pooley     Mr 


Clark  		Mr R
English     	Mr W
8 original

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