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New Zealand Journal

New Zealand Bound

No. 78. London, January 7, 1843
Published Every Alternate Saturday

Wellington page 8 MARRIAGES.
By the Rev. John Macfarlane, of the Scotch Church, Wellington, at Nelson, on the 8th ult. Mr. William Miller, Carpenter, formerly of Kerriemuir, N. В., to Agnes Ellen Smith, formerly of Aberdeen.
Mr. Peter Crow, Butcher, formerly of Broadstairs, Kent, to Eliza Burton, formerly of Lewisham, Kent.
Mr. John Edwards, Mariner, formerly of Brighton, to Mary Ann Coffey formerly of Liverpool.
Mr. John Cargill, Mariner, formerly of Montrose, to Mary Anne Meredith, formerly of Strawley, Worcestershire, on the 2th ult.
Mr. James Clarke, agricultural labourer, formerly of Ballater, Scotland, to Elizabeth Tavaner, formerly of Exeter.
Mr. Wm. Williams, sawyer, formerly of Newport, Isle of Wight, to Mary Ann Feckham, formerly of Staplest, Kent.
On the 6th Mr. Robert Brown, mariner, formerly of Staffordshire.
On the 9th last. Mr. Thomas Cook, Mariner, formerly of Essex, to Ann daughter of Mr. John Diamond, formerly of Devonshire.

June 11. Harlequin, Phelps, Kapiti ; Bright Planet, Morrison, Sydney
12.Thomas Crisp, Beard, Sydney
14. Kale, llcid, Hawke's Bay
15. Vanguard, Murray, Akaroa
16. Susannah Ann, Dougherty, from the coast
18. Ariel. Finlay, Nelson; Industry, Bradley, Wanganui; Pickwick, Styles, .Nelson
19. Nelson Packet, Jackson, Nelson
20. Lord Hobart, Twofold Bay ; Eleanor, Barlow, Sydney, via Nelson
20. Eleanor, Johnson, Sydney. Passenger— Mr. Buckland ; Eagle, Shell, Nelson ; Ariel, Finlay, from the Straits, put back.
23. Lady Leigh, Roche, Sydney, 1 passenger, Mr. Fitzherbert.

May 28. Agnes, Cobb, Valparaiso.
June 4. Nimrod, Fox, Sydney; Brougham, Robinson, Valparaiso
10. Ann, Brown, Otago; Kate, Macfrlane, Hawke's Bay
11. Martha Ridgway, Webb, Bombay
14. Elizabeth, Smith, Nelso
15. Blossom, Tulett, Chatham Islands
24 Pickwick, Styles, Hawke's Bay; Ariel, Cruikshank, Cloudy Bay ; Vanguard, Murray, New Plymouth
28. Ariel, Finlay, Cloudy Bay.

April 18. King Henry, Finnis, Adelaide, sailed 15th March. Passengers— Messrs. Jamieson, M'Leod, Phillips, and Finnis, Mrs. Leary, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, two children, and Mrs. Kable. Steerage—thirty adults and nine children.
10. Speculator, Leitch, Mercury Bay. Passengers — Mr. and Mrs. Webster, Mr. Сгоmаch, Mr. Peacock. Steerage — four passengers.
21. Bertha, Foster, Sydney, sailed 10th list. Passengers— Mr. Falwasser, Master Falwasser, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Davidson, and two children. Steerage—six passengers.

April 22. Rory O'Moore, coastwise.—23. Margaret, M'Kinnon, Bay of Islands ud Valparaiso.
The "Union," from London, for Auckland, has been spoken by a French ship, latitude and longitude not mentioned.

Reports have been rife, for the last two months, that Captain Hobson is shortly to leave the government of New Zealand. Rumour asserts on the one hand, that he has resigned, on the other, that he has been recalled, and that his successor is on his way. Which of these representations is true, or whether either of them is so, we have no means of definitely ascertaining. However, that he should not have been recalled by Sir Robert Peel's ministry is utterly inconceivable. If they have only one hundredth part of the facts relative to New Zealand that we have, conscience and honour and every principle that is sacred will bind them at once to extinguish the crying wrongs to which this country has been so unhappily subject since Captain Hobson's arrival. Should a new government be appointed, from the moment of its arrival, if ever, it must recommence the colonization of this colony. And that moment must neither be deferred nor passed by. —Bay of Islands Observer, April 28, 1842.

April 15. Shamrock, Daldy, Auckland ; King Henry, Finniss, Port Adelaide put into Paroa Bay for provision, 63 passengers.
16. Deborah, Wing, Auckland Passengers— Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Hulman, Messrs. Smart, J. Emesly, W. Eastcott, W. H. Berry, W. Atherton. Steerage— 10 troopers, W. Ive, W. Ovelend.
16. Russell, Auckland.
17. Black Joke, J. Tirrel, coastwise.
18. Union, J. Styles, Auckland
24. Jane, G. Claphara, Wangaroa
26. Margaret, M'Kinnon, Auckland, bound for Valparaiso
20. Mary, Monganui
27. Columbine, Strutton, from the coast.

April 13. Flora, E. Mayhew, Whaling Ground ; Hesper, E. Handy, Whaling Ground ; Harlequin, P. Phillips, Hawke's Bay.
12. Russell, Monganui.
20. Deborah, Wing, Sydney
21. Shamrock, Daldy, Sydney.
23. Tigress, Abbott, Whaling Ground.
24. Union, Stiles, Auckland.

The Enterprise, a small new schooner built in the South Island, sailed some weeks since from this with a full cargo for Manawatu, and Wanganui. We hear, failing to make the mouth of the Manawatu, she continued on her passage to Wanganui ; but by some odd blunder mistook the Wangahiahu, a small river, about six miles on this side of her destination, for the Wanganui, and running in soon found herself high and dry on the beach, where she now lies ; the owner, we believe, intends selling her in her present state. The natives plundered a good many articles, but Mr. Mason, the missionary, interfered with considerable effect. Some of the goods have been carted to Wanganui, and we believe all will be taken there.— N.Z. Gazette.

For Port Nicholson, Eleanor, Johnston ; Bright Planet, Morrison ; Thomas Crisp. Beard. For Auckland, Bristolian, Thomas.
Projected Departures —
For Port Nicholson, Brothen, Bruce.
For Bay of Islands and Auckland, Tomatin, M'Pherson ; Shamrock, Daley.
For Auckland, Velocepede.

The Lady Leigh arrived at Sydney on the 24th May.
The Jupiter, from New Zealand, saw the Middlesex on the 21st May, under close-reeled topsails, from Sydney, bound for London.

THE New Zealand Journal
No. 79. London, January 21, 1843
Published Every Alternate Saturday
page 21 -
Extract of a Letter from James Harper, a settler at Nelson to his friend at Wootton Bassett.
[James Titcomb Harper, married, shoemaker & agricultural labourer, aged 38, arrived on the Fifeshire.]

April 17th, 1842.
Dear Friends,— We embarked on the 14th Sept., and was till the 2nd Oct. before we could sail ; on the 19th Jan. we saw the South Island of New Zealand, 20th, entered Cook's Straits, and dropped anchor in Port Nicholson Bay, and there we lay for eight days, for the sailors struck, and eight went to prison for a month. We lost two men. three women, and eight children on the voyage the of different complaints ; one James Draper of Market Lavington ; Mr. Devizes a carpenter, caught the brain fever, and died ; and a sailor's boy walking on deck in the sun. Keep out of the sun when crossing the line. Now a little about Port Nelson ; Nelson lays in Blind Bay, the name given by Captain Cook, when going round the South Island : he thought of going through the bay into the sea again, but was deceived because the bay lays so far back. Nelson will be a larger town than Nicholson. The streets laid out here are seventy feet wide, and three, four and five miles long. High street is eight miles in length, 1100 acres of land for building, plenty of clay end timber of the while pine like deal. The sawyers cut it out at 1/-. 5s. per hundred. We have three brick yards begun ; here is plenty of work going on. Labourers get from 6s. to 8s. a day, and are paid in money. Men working for the Company get l/, ls., 10lb. flour, 10lb. beef and pork,1lb. sugar, ¼lb. tea per week. Carpenters and bricklayers get 12s. per day. The natives are very civil and very deep ; they will beg, but not give any thing away. They bring oysters, fish and potatoes in little flag baskets holding about a peck, they put the small ones in the middle and sow the basket up that you cannot see them till they are opened. They are very stout men, but very lazy and dirty ; the women do all the work and carry the loads, and when they sell, the men take the money, and carry the children : they ask one herring for every thing they get for sale; if it is not worth two pence ; that is one shilling ; they will not take sixpence nor halfpence, they like new money. We have plenty of money here, one pound notes and cheques; here is two tons weight of gold landed here to open a bank. The first sermon preached by the primitives on Easter Sunday by a man from Bath. I heard a missionary preaching to the natives, we could not understand anything but the natives had been taking too much " whipe havo' of the " pokeeys," that is, whipe havo is spirits, and pokeeys white men. I like the country very well. I had a master offered me 8s. per pair for making high shoes. I never found it so hot in June in England as it was herein February. I was in the wood cutting timber to build my house : here are three fresh water brooks running nearly all round the place ; all the houses are built round by the water ; the wood and timber runs the same rounds and clay close to it : the town acres are given out. There is a kind of wild plum in the wood ; the gooseberry is something like the acorn. Be sure and tell the people to keep out of the sun crossing the line. We arrived at Nelson a fortnight before the Lloyds ; here is plenty of goats and dogs and rats. If any should come let them bring some green tea, oatmeal, nutmegs, ginger, carraways, and cheese ; they mау bring what luggage they like. I might have brought a ton or more. I shall do a great deal better here than at Wotton Bassett. (signed James Harper.

On the 10th of June the Look-in had suffered some damage on the bank to the westward of Balton Roads. The crew were all saved, and the vessel, which was insured, was expected to be got off.

June 12. Nymph, Scantland, Kafia, general cargo. Passenger—Mr. Lowrey.
— 17. Elizabeth, Smith, Port Nicholson, general cargo. Passengers— Mr. Tod and servant, and Mr. Murray.
— Sitten, Clarke, Hobart Town, general cargo.
— 18. Ariel, Mulhollond, Каfia; pigs, potatoes, maize, and fowls. Passenger— Mr. Browne.
—22. Maua, Swinie, Cloudy Bay ; 2 tone of oil. Passenger—Mr. Fraser. Sailed 20th for Mana.
— 30. New Zealander, Guard, Cloudy Bay, flour and oil. Sailed 6th July, for Cloud Bay
—July 3. Katherine Johnson, Taylor, Wanganui; plank, pigs, and potatoes. — 5. Minerva, Reid, Kiapara; 23,000 feet of plank, 33,000 shingles, potatoes, and maize. Supercargo, Mr. Campbell.

June 15. Pickwick, Stiles, Port Nicholson, ballast.
— Nelson Packet, Jackson, Port Nicholson, ballast. Passenger —Mr. Browne.
16. Ariel, Port Nicholson, ballast, Passenger| — Mr. Plaistowe and Mr. Crookshank.
— 18. Eleanor, Barlow. Port Nicholson; general cargo. Passenger—Mr. Machattie.
—22. Eagle, Shell, Pon Nicholson and Sydney; ballast. Passengers— G.. Duppa, Esq., Dr. Monro, Mr. Finlay, Mr. Drew, Mr. Dugden.
— Clifford, Sharp, Java and India; ballast.
—20. Eliza, Draper, Kafia.
— Nymph, Scautland, Kafia. Passenger— Mr. Lowry.
— Elizabeth, Smith, Port Nicholson.

New Plymouth
Birth -On the 28th of June, the lady of Frederick Carringtun, Esq., chief surveyor, of a daughter.
Death. Of apoplexy, Charles Brown, Esq., late of Laira Green, Plymouth.

May 3. Dolphin, coastwise.
5. Osprey, Sedgwick, London. Passengers — Messrs. Moule, Frost, Paidock and Abbott, 4 adults and 10 children in the steerage.
7. Columbine, Stretton, Bay of Islands. Passengers — G. Clarke, Esq., P.G.A., Dr. Davis, and Mrs. Stretton.

May 1. Minerva, Reid, Bay of Islands and Kaipara.
—Velocipede, Woodward, Bay of Islands and Moreton Bay, New South Wales.
—5. Union, Styles, Bay of Inlands.

The Louisa Campbell having sailed from Plymouth on the 24th January, for Auckland, with cargo. 45 steerage and 15 cabin passengers, was at the Cape on the 24th March. —N. Z. Gazette, July.

The New Zealand Journal
London, May 13, 1843
SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Wellington page 117
The Osprey had arrived at Wellington, from Taranaki ; all vas proceeding satisfactorily when she left that settlement. The Government brig Victoria had been at Taranaki, and had proceeded to Kapiti to land the Chief Justice, who was to walk hence with the bishop of New Zealand to Auckland.

On the 7th November, the George Fyfe, from London, 15th June, 7 cabin, 10 intermediate passengers, and 110 steerage.
November 3rd, barque Blenheim, 375 tons, from London, 2nd July, passengers 47, and 111 emigrants. Laid on for Auckland, the Greyhound, 317 tons, to sail 30th June.
October 31, brig Elizabeth, 230, Guthridge, from Valparaiso.

October 29, barque Eagle, 438 tons, Buckley, for Bay of Plenty and Sydney.
"The Speculator, which left Auckland in July, and sailed from Mercury Bay on the 12tli August, is not reported as arrived at Wellington, the place of her destination—some anxiety naturally prevails about her."—Auckland Times.
The Speculator was a vessel of about 40 tons; she had several passengers, and a general cargo. She was then so long over due, that it was greatly to be feared she had foundered at sea.
The brig Tobago had been chartered to bring potatoes, maize, and timber, from the East Coast, to Port Nicholson.
The Jane Clifford had arranged to purchase a cargo of spars for the China market.
The Tortoise, Government store ship, was obtaining spars on the Thames.

November 18th, Adelaide schooner, Hurburgh, master, from Hobart Town, calling at Nelson and Port Nicholson. The passage from Nelson to Port Nicholson was performed in 24 hours, where she remained a week. From Port Nicholson to Auckland the passage was 17 days. Spoke no vessels on cither trip Passengers.—Miss Newman, and Mr. Rich, from Hobart Town ; Miss Robinson, Mr. Samuel Brown (of Queen-street), and Mr. Tarre, from Port Nelson.

November 15, the Tobago brig, for Sydney.

The New Zealand Journal
London, May 27, 1843

Wellington, page 125
On the 5th January 2843, by the Rev. Mr Cole, David Stark, son of Charles Durie, Esq., late Hanoverian Consul General at Christiana, Norway, to Penelope, daughter of Richard Walker, Esq., Dundee.

At Park Cottage, on the 10th January, by the Rev. J. Aldred, William Lyon, Esq., merchant, Wellington, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. William Barr, Hamilton, Scotland.

On Monday, the 31st ?October, Mr Cording, after an illness of about three weeks.
At Akaroa, after a lingering illness of fourteen days, caused by the accidental catching of her clothes by fire ; Margaret Michell, daughter of Mr. Charles Henry Squibb, tallow-chandler, formerly of London, now of Wellington.—December 21.

December 18, brigantine Sisters, 130 tons, Clark, for Sydney via Auckland and Bay of Islands.
Same day, brig Elisabeth 230 tons, Guthridge, for Valparaiso.

December 29, ship Bombay, 400 tons, Моorе, from London via Nelson.
Same day, barque Essex, 329 tons, Oakley, from London.
The Passengers per the George Fyfe, 460 tons, Pyke, (from London, 15th June, Cape of Good Hope, 25th September,) were :—Cabin Passengers—Hon. C. A. Dillon, and Mrs. Dillon, Mr. and Mrs. Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. Donald and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Mr. and Miss Fitzgerald, Miss Christian, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Vavasour, Mr. Thairlwall, and Mr. Champney. Intermediate Passengers— Mr. and Mrs. Coster, Miss Aldred, Messrs. White, Webster, Kearsley, Bolton, Godfrey, Haigh, and May. Thirty-five steerage Passengers, and Seventy-five Emigrants.

21st. Оsргеу, three-masted schooner, Sedgewick, from Port Nicholson, sailed on the 14th inst. Passenger, D. Sinclair, Esq.

20th. Bristolian, brig, for Sydney.
20th. Trent, schooner, for Bay of Islands.

23rd. Elizabeth, schooner, for Port Nicholson. Passengers, Col. Wakefield and Captain Richards.

The barque Jane Gifford, was at anchor at the entrance of the harbour, and was to clear for China on the 24th November. The Osprey, for Manila.

The Ursula left London, her appointed day, Wednesday 17th instant, and sailed from Portsmouth on Monday the 22nd

Tyne, 21st March, 1843.
The Tyne was the first vessel chartered by private individuals under the economical system ; and great credit is due to Messrs. Marshall and Edridge for their prompt adoption of a system, the novelty of which even yet blinds several shipowners to its immense advantages to themselves, as well as to the Emigrant.

FAREWELL TO THE EMIGRANTS has been transmitted to us by a gentleman on board, in whose hands it was placed at parting, by a friend who accompanied the ship to Portsmouth.

Fare ye -well, wand'rers, fare ye well,
May prosperous breezes fill your sail,
As o'er old ocean's pathless tide,
Upon the lofty prow ye ride !

And when ye reach the destin'd land,
And gaily press a foreign strand,
Let fancy still delight to roam
Amid the scenes ye lov'd at home!

For tho' ye change a fickle sky
For Heav'n's unclouded canopy,
Yet think the friends ye've left behind
Are ever constant—ever kind!

And, while those regions vast, ye view,
Untam'd, magnificent, and new,
Fresh as from the Creator's hand—
Yourselves, the patriarchs of the land!

Shall, in the dreams of future, see
A flourishing posterity!
And cities, planted by your hand,
Rejoicing o'er that desert strand!

Then, whisper to the passing breeze
Sighs for the isle beyond the seas !
For Britain, now depress'd and worn,
That all her glory may return!

And every sigh your bosoms heave
For those whom now you sorrowing leave,
Shall meet a pray'r, that Heav'n may pour
Its choicest blessings on your shore!1

And now, farewell! One parting tear!
And one bright cup your hearts to cheer!
All—all that we can hope or tell
Is in that fond— last -word—farewell!

London, June 10, 1843
In the Prince of Wales, from London via Nelson.—Willis and Co., Agents.— 111 packages passengers' luggage. Passengers' Cabin—Miss Walker, Miss Barr, Miss Hutton, Mrs. Willey and child, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Hort and five daughters, Messrs. Heaphy, Joseph, Russell, Marshall, Skipwith, Birnie, Ridgway, Crummer, Mocatta, and 0'1'erral. Intermediate—Messrs. Saunders, Thombrown, Gould, and Barr.

In the Essex, from London.—Agents, Waitt and Tysor.— Passengers—A. and C. Aubrey, R. L. Vane, surgeon-superintendant, and 115 in the steerage for New Plymouth.

In the Bombay, from London via Nelson.— Cabin Passengers—Dr. Hodgkinson, Mrs. Readings, Mrs. Earns and son, Mrs. Williams, Messrs. Brady and son, Hughlings, Parkenour, and thirty in the steerage.

In the Eleanor, from Sydney. 640 sheep, 44 head of cattle, 10 tons hay. Passengers—J. M'Laren, Esq., and nine in the steerage.