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'Lady Nugent' 1851

New Zealand Bound

The 'Lady Nugent', built in 1813 and rebuilt in 1843, 668 tons, sailed 30 May from London and arrived Lyttelton 18 September and reached Nelson  23 Oct. 1851. Rates for Canterbury Province. Provisions, medicine and medical comforts provided.  Each person 14 years and upwards. Chief cabin  42, second cabin 25, steerage 16.

A List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand, as Passengers per ship Lady NugentJohn Pasons, Commander. Frederick Young, Manager of Shipping. May 28 1851. Shipping Office, Canterbury Association, 74, Cornhill. To John Robert Godley, Esq.

Chief Cabin

Aylmer, Rev'd W.   45 [died Akaroa]
Aylmer, Elizabeth    42
Aylmer, Justin    18   boy
Aylmer, Selisa     17     boy
Aylmer, William    15  
Aylmer, Callsesom 13 girl
Aylmer, Arthur    7     for Nelson or Plymouth
Aylmer, Henry    5     for Nelson or Plymouth
Bertie, Hon. & Rev'd.
Fordham, Juluis
Green    male
Haggard, Susan

Second Cabin

Bush                    23    M      School Master                                     
Creasy       R.J.       26    M  Y 1 for Nelson                                        
Creasy       Sarah      35    F  Y 1 and infant, for Nelson                            
Crosthwaite  David      39    M                                                        
Hemming      F.B.       unk   M                                                        
Laking       Ann        15    F      for Nelson                                        
Laking       Ellen      9     F      for Nelson                                        
Laking       Frank      12    M      for Nelson                                        
Laking       Frederick  2     M      for Nelson                                        
Laking       Mrs        39    F    4 for Nelson                                        
MacKay       Miss       30    M      Allowed to go on to New Plymouth by Mr Godley    
Miller       Robert     19    M                                                        
Smith        E.A.       17    M                                                        
Woodroff     John       25    M      New Plymouth                                      

Steerage Passengers

Ansell     Adelaide       13   F                                                                           
Ansell     Alfred         4    M                                                                           
Ansell     Ambrose        16   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Ansell     Emily          6    F                                                                           
Ansell     Mary Ann       11   F                                                                           
Ansell     Mary Ann       41   F  Y 6                                                                      
Ansell     Sarah          14   F                                                                           
Ansell     William        43   M  Y 6 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Anson      Ann            6    F                                                                           
Anson      Anne           35   F  Y 4                                                                      
Anson      John           40   M  Y 4 Labourer                                                             
Anson      Joseph         12   M                                                                           
Anson      Mary           10   F                                                                           
Anson      Thomas         14   M      Farm Labourer                                                        
Anson      William        5    M                                                                           
Amgood     Edward         20   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Amgood     John           48   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Amgood     Robert         15   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Boyle      William        19   M      Gardener                                                             
Burgess    Charlotte      33   F  Y 4                                                                      
Burgess    Ellen          7    F                                                                           
Burgess    John           11   M                                                                           
Burgess    John           34   M  Y 4 Quarryman                                                            
Burgess    Thomas         13   M                                                                           
Burgess    William        4    M                                                                           
Cattermole Elizabeth      6    F                                                                           
Cattermole John           inf  M                                                                           
Cattermole Mary           32   F  Y 4                                                                      
Cattermole Mary           4    M                                                                           
Cattermole Sarah          2    F                                                                           
Cattermole William        31   M  Y 4 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Coxhead    Ann            36   F                                                                           
Coxhead    Edwin          35   M  Y 3 Carpenter                                                            
Coxhead    James          3    M                                                                           
Coxhead    John           5    M                                                                           
Coxhead    Theresa        7    F                                                                           
Cullen     Henry          23   M      Gardener                                                             
Cullen     Henry Thomas   21   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Edgeworth  Caroline       19   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Elms       Mary Anne      40   F      Carpenter's Cope   Nelson or New Plymouth                            
Farmer     Bridget        30   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Hedgeman   Emily          20   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Hedgeman   Samuel         22   M      Labourer                                                             
Hedgeman   Charles        14   M      Labourer                                                             
Hedgeman   Eleanor        inf  F                                                                           
Hedgeman   Eliza          18   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Hedgeman   Martha         11   F                                                                           
Hedgeman   Mary Ann       44   F  Y 4                                                                      
Hedgeman   Rosa           6    F                                                                           
Hedgeman   Samuel         49   M  Y 4 Carpenter          Soades - an adopted child                         
Hedgeman   Sarah          24   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Hedgeman   Walter         2    M                                                                           
Inwood     Arthur         inf  M                                                                           
Inwood     Frances        32   F  Y 3                                                                      
Inwood     Francis        2    M                                                                           
Inwood     Henry          10   M                                                                           
Inwood     Henry          33   M  Y 3 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Jackson    Thomas         27   M      Tailor                                                               
Lanley     S.             unk  M                                                                           
Marsh      Isaac          7    M                                                                           
Marsh      Isaac          44   M  Y 2 Farm Labourer                                                        
Marsh      Lousia         29   F  Y 2                                                                      
Marsh      Robert         10   M                                                                           
Marsh      Sarah          14   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Marsh      Thomas         unk  M      Farm Labourer                                                        
Martin     Archibald      11   M                         not going                                         
Martin     Atenas         inf  M                         not going                                         
Martin     Edward         38   M  Y 6 Carpenter          not going                                         
Martin     Helena         9    F                         not going                                         
Martin     Huslaches      5    M                         not going                                         
Martin     Mary           34   F  Y 4                    not going                                         
McGilverey John           23   M      Gardener                                                             
McHardie   Alexander      8    M                                                                           
McHardie   Alexander      40   M  Y 4 Labourer                                                             
McHardie   Ann            6    F                                                                           
McHardie   Jean           36   F  Y 4                    and infant                                        
McHardie   Mary           4    F                                                                           
Morgan     ?Morse         34   M  Y 4 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Morgan     Ann            11   M                                                                           
Morgan     Eliza          inf  F                                                                           
Morgan     Sarah          7    F                                                                           
Morgan     Sarah          31   F  Y 3                                                                      
Morgan     Thomas         3    M                                                                           
Moss       Edward         13   M                                                                           
Moss       Eliza          32   F  Y 5                                                                      
Moss       Emma           6    F                                                                           
Moss       James          inf  M                                                                           
Moss       Mary           10   F                                                                           
Moss       Thomas         32   M  Y 5 Labourer                                                             
Moss       Thomas         4    M                                                                           
Pannett    Eliza          35   F  Y 6                                                                      
Pannett    Eliza          4    F                                                                           
Pannett    Henry          11   M                                                                           
Pannett    John           1    M                                                                           
Pannett    Lucy           7    F                                                                           
Pannett    Thomas         9    M                                                                           
Pannett    Thomas         40   M  Y 6 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Pannett    Sarah          3    F                                                                           
Porter     Augustus       20   M      Ag. Labourer                                                         
Ragg       Francis        37   M      Laborer            for Nelson                                        
Richardson Henry          25   M      Gardener                                                             
Smith      Elizabeth      8    F                                                                           
Smith      Emma           inf  F                                                                           
Smith      Hannah         5    F                                                                           
Smith      Maria          7    F                                                                           
Smith      Mary           2    F                                                                           
Smith      Stephen        39   M  Y 6 Ag. Labourer                                                         
Smith      Susannah       36   F  Y 6                                                                      
Smith      Thomas         10   M                                                                           
Soades     William        4    M                         An adopted child of Hedgman                       
Spittal    Ellen          25   F                                                                           
Stace      Ablert         7    M                                                                           
Stace      Arnold         7    M                                                                           
Stace      Caroline       5    F                                                                           
Stace      Eliza          15   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Stace      Elizabeth      42   F  Y 4                                                                      
Stace      John           42   M  Y 4 Wheelright                                                           
Stace      Leonard        17   M      Labourer                                                             
Stace      Mary           21   F      Domestic Servant                                                     
Stace      Owen           11   M  Y                                                                        
Stace      Sion           19   M      Labourer                                                             
Tubb       William        21   M      Servant for Bertie Nelson or New Plymouth                            
Wall       Ann            3    F                         not going                                         
Wall       David          33   M  Y 3                    not going                                         
Wall       Rebecca        1    F                         not going                                         
Wall       Sarah          2    F                         not going                                         
Wall       Sarah          33   F  Y 3                    not going                                         
Ward       Ann            31   F  Y 4                                                                      
Ward       Anne           4    F                                                                           
Ward       Frances        inf  F                                                                           
Ward       Louisa         7    F                                                                           
Ward       Mary           2    F                                                                           
Ward       Thomas         32   M  Y 4 Shepherd                                                             
Wootten     John           21   M      Servant for Bertie Nelson or New Plymouth                            

Y = spouse
# = children

Chief Cabin 13 souls = 11� adults
Second Cabin 15 12
Steerage 124 89 including 7 paid passages
152 112�    J.K.
left Wall and Martin families

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah.  Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515 

McHardie: The McHardy (McHardie) family appearing on the list were on the Forfar Census for Scotland in 1851 prior to departing. Alexander is listed as a hand loom weaver on the census, and was born in Kirriemuir Parish in Forfarshire. His wife Jean Turnbal and eldest son Alexander (9 years old on the census) are both listed as yarn winders. Information courtesy of  Andrew McHardy. Posted September 15, 2000. 

Chaplain's report - images

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 41, 18 October 1851, Page 4
    Oct. 11, ship Duke of Portland, 533 tons, Cubitt, for Auckland. Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer and family, Messrs. Hooper, Butterworth, Powell, and Pearse.
    Oct. 12, ship Lady Nugent, 668 tons, Parsons, for Nelson. Passengers, Hon. and Rev. Mr. Bertie, Mr. and Mrs. Creasey and child, Miss McKay, Miss Hemming, Mrs. Lakeing and 4 children, Messrs. Marreson and Percival, and 5 in the steerage.
    Oct. 14, cutter Fly, 22 tons, Ceinino, for Wellington, in ballast.
IN PORT. Barque Midlothian, 414 tons, Gibson.
Schooner Twins, 41 tons, Davis.


She made at least three migrant voyages out to NZ, probably four.

  1. Ward's Early Wellington page 80. March 1841 arrival.  The Lady Nugent sailed from Gravesend Oct. 21, 1840 under the command of Capt. Santry bringing out 263 passengers for the New Zealand Company for the Wellington settlement.  She had put into Hobart to replenish the water.  Eade's   Roll of early settlers and descendants in the Auckland Province prior to the end of 1852 17 March, 1841 arrival. 
  2. Hocken, T. M. Contributions to the early history of New Zealand.  Appendix F. She sailed Dec. 7, 1849 to Port Chalmers and arrived  March 26, 1850 with 110 passengers. Godley and his wife Charlotte left Plymouth, England on 13 Dec. 1849 on board the 'Lady Nugent'  to Port Cooper, later renamed Lyttelton via Otago. Jerningham Wakefield accompanied them.
  3. A passenger list for the 18 Sept. arrival can be found in the 20 Sept 1851 Lyttelton Times at New Zealand Room, the Canterbury Public Library, Christchurch, New Zealand. The Canterbury Museum holds the Canterbury Association shipping papers as well as the passenger list. Passenger Lists of Canterbury Association Ships published in 1900 will contain additional details on the above passengers.


LADY NUGENT : sailed from Madras on May 10th, 1854, for Rangoon with more than 300 of the 25th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry aboard. Nothing further was heard from the ship and it was assumed she foundered in a monsoon. This page may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion, wholly or in part, except for private study.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District] 1903
Burgess, Thomas, Farmer, Willow Farm, East Eyreton; Postal address, Clarkville.
Mr. Burgess was born on the 12th of March, 1837, at Macclesfield, England, and was brought up to country life. He came out to Lyttelton in the ship Lady Nugent in 1851, and found employment as a shearer and in bush work till 1863. In that year he settled in East Eyreton district, where he had previously purchased 107 acres of land, which was then in its natural condition, and contained a good deal of boggy ground. Mr. Burgess has brought it into a good state of cultivation, and has increased his holding to 370 acres. He is a member of the Kaiapoi Lodge of Druids. Mr. Burgess was married in 1862 to a daughter of Mr S. Kember, of Green-park, one of the very early settlers, who landed in Lyttelton from the ship Castle Eden in 1851, and has seven sons and four daughters.

Press, 10 July 1889, Page 3 MR T. A. PANNETT
Another of Canterbury's early settlers Mr T. A. Pannett, of Lincoln, died on June 31st, having reached the age of seventy-two. Mr Pannett was a native of Sussex. For some twenty years he was engaged in business as a farmer, but the low price of grain immediately following the repeal of the Corn Laws, led him to decide to emigrate to New Zealand, and he arrived at Lyttelton, in the ship Lady Nugent, in September 1851, Christchurch then consisting of some twenty houses. He resided for some years at Riccarton having leased the well-known Newbigger farm, and at the expiration of the lease took up new land at Lincoln, near where the School of Agriculture now stands, In his new surroundings he soon won for himself a name for industry and integrity, and enjoyed the respect of all his neighbors. Throughout his life Mr Pannett took an active interest in public affairs. He was for a considerable time Chairman of the Springs Road Board. He started the first Sunday school in the district, and helped onward by personal service and true liberality every work which had for its end the welfare of the community. Mr Pannett took part in the formation of the Baptist churches at Christchurch and Lincoln, continuing a member of the latter until his death.

Press 28 July 1938 Page 2 MRS ELIZA NICOLL
The death occurred on Tuesday of Mrs Eliza Nicoll, mother of Mr Archibald F. Nicoll, one of New Zealand’s best-known artists. Mrs Nicoll, who was 92 years of age, was one of Canterbury’s pioneers. With her parents, the late Mr and Mrs T. A. Pannett, she left her home in Sussex, England, and arrived at Lyttelton in the Lady Nugent in April, 1851. On their arrival the family shared a hut in Hagley Park, the other half of the hut being occupied by Dean Jacobs’s family. Later they settled at “Newbiggin,” off Burnside road. Mrs Nicoll attended Miss Thompson’s school She retained many memories of her early life in Christchurch. and her keen interest in the affairs of the community contrasted with her quiet and retiring nature. She married Mr Alexander Nicoll, who arrived from Perthshire in 1869. Mrs Nicoll will be sadly missed by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs C. K. Sams (Christchurch). Miss Susan Nicoll (Egypt), Miss Betty Nicoll (Christchurch), and three sons, Messrs T. A. Nicoll (Wellington), W. P. Nicoll (New Plymouth), and Archibald F. Nicoll (Christchurch). There are five grandsons and one granddaughter.