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'Queen of the North'

New Zealand Bound
 to Auckland in1862

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Daily Southern Cross,  6 August 1862, Page 3
Daily Southern Cross, 1 August 1862, Page 3


Captain A. Crombie
William How, carpenter, same vessel.
John Smith, seaman, same vessel.


Baker 		Mrs
Calvert 	Rev W
Cunard 		Mr George
Ford 		Mr Frederick and Mrs and infant
Heron 		Captain H. and Mrs Sarah
Hughes 		Miss A.
Leyland 	Mrs E and sons (2)
Linnell 	Mr George I
Parsons 	Mr Samuel and Mary, John Parsons, James Parsons, and family
Ruck 		Mr F.W.
Wray 		the Misses A. and F.
W. Rayner 	Mr W Surgeon

Anderson 	John
Bradshaw 	Walter
Branks 		James and James Alexander son
Branks 		Janet
Brown 		James
Brown 		William
Bryan 		Oscar O
Campbell 	Mary, Catherine and Margaret
Campbell	Neill
Carmady 	Mary and child
Castello 	John
Cresswell 	Albert E
David 		Charles
Davidson 	Robert and Lucinda wife
Dick		William
Donovan 	John
Drake 		John
Falcome 	James
Fawcus 		G
Fleming 	William, Janet and Angus
Ford 		Sarah, Fred and Henry
Fryer 		John
George 		Robert
Gilmour 	George
Hall 		George W
Hansey 		Patrick
Henderson 	Alice
Hogarth 	Hugh
Holloway 	Samuel
Inglis 		Robert
Irvin 		Owen O
Jackson 	James and Christina
Jamieson 	John
Kain 		Jane
Kemp 		Thomas and Susanna
Laurance 	J F
Lawrence 	Balsden John
Lawrence 	S
McAlice 	Catherine
McCall 		Duncan
McColl 		Dugald
McDonald 	Isabella
McGee 		John
McLachlan 	Jane
Meikle 		Janet
Meikle 		Thamas
Meikle 		Thomas and Catherine
Meredith 	William and Harry
Moore 		W
Muffett 	Benjamin
Murry 		Irving, Rosetta and Elizabeth
Nichol 		Robert
Nicholl 	George, Martha, Robert William and Mary
Orchard 	Henry W
Overton 	Thomas
Pegler 		John N
Pollock 	Stewart and Margaret
Prescott 	Thomas, Jane, George, James, Thomas, Eliza, Robert and William
Rulledge 	George
Scott 		Joseph
Short 		William
Smith 		Elizabeth
Smith 		John
Stamford 	Richard
Sutton 		Edmund
Soppit 		Elizabeth
Symer 		Maria
Thompson 	James and Ann
Turley 		Joseph
Wade 		Reuben K
Warmington 	James
Warrington 	Edwin and Louisa
Wylie 		Elizabeth, James, Andrew and William
Yates 		J P, Martha and Martha
Total - 108