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'Merwanjee Framjee'

New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the Southern Cross Saturday 8th April 1876

Merwanjee Framjee, 1079 tons, ship, left Gravesend, 4 January and arrived at Auckland, 21 March 1876, an incredible short time of 77 under command of Captain Bidwell. She had been built on the Clyde by Reid in 1863 for Johnstone Company of Liverpool. She was chartered by the Shaw Savill & Co. 

Chief cabin:

Armstrong  	Mr R 
Bridgman 	Jos. B 
Robertson 	W K 
Warren 		William
Wright 		Arthur B

Second cabin:
Chapman 	Heywood 
Plumbridge 	Mr R 

Billettt 	Mr Edward R 
Billettt  	Harriet 
Billettt  	Lizzie 
Billettt  	William
Cochrane 	Michael 
Drake 		Thomas 
Henderson	George F 
Laurence	Louis C 
Martin 		Mr Francis C 
Munhear 	William 
Sleeman 	Zacheus 
Turner 		Mr Jas. 
Woods 		Mr J H 
- Owen and Graham, agents

Southern Cross Saturday April 8th 1876

Arrival of the Merwanjee Framjee
The Merwanjee Framjee, arrived in harbour on Tuesday, March 21, from London. She is 77 days from Gravesend and 74� days from Start Point. Left Gravesend on Tuesday, January 4, and on Thursday, the 6th, was off the Start Point. Had a moderate breeze and fine weather to the Equator, which was crossed in longitude 23� W, 19 days from Gravesend and 17 days from the Start. Hence to the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, and latitude 46� 30 S, light wind and very fine weather. Crossed the meridian on February 17� 44 days from Gravesend and 42 days from the Start. From February 20, latitude 49� 36 S., longitude 45. E passed numerous icebergs. On the evening of the 26th passed south of Kerguelen Island; fresh N.W. winds and thick mist. On March 19 sighted the Three Kings. At 6 p.m. on March 21 took pilot, and anchored same night. 

During the voyage the following vessels were spoken:
January 10, Dilbhur, London to Adelaide, latitude 38�  N., longitude 15� 47 W
January 20, W.G. Russell, London to Melbourne (all well), latitude 3� 38 , longitude 22� 28 W
February 8, American barque, Chattanooga, New York to Melbourne (all well), latitude 28� 27 S, longitude 27� 52 W. She brings five first-class, two second-class and 15 steerage passengers, and a general cargo. She comes consigned to Messrs Owen and Graham.

April 8th 
Projected departure
The Merwanjee Framjee is engaged in discharging her large cargo from London, which has been turned out in excellent condition. She is now taking in stiffening, and will in the course of a few days take her departure for Adelaide, where a cargo of wheat awaits her for Liverpool.

Southern Cross Monday 17th April 1876 page 2
The fine clipper ship Merwanjee Framjee has discharged the whole of her cargo and nearly completed her ballasting. She leaves to-day for a place named Port Boughton, in Spencer's Gulf, South Australia, where she will lad with a cargo of wheat for Liverpool. 

Southern Cross Tuesday 25 April 1876 page 2
The ship dropped anchor down harbour yesterday morning and anchored off the North Head, waiting for a change of wind to sail for Spencer's Gulf.

Regarding her rapid passage:
Occupied 77 days from port to port.
69 days passed after leaving the Start Point to sighting New Zealand
From the Start to the Equator, 17 days and 4 hours. During this she ran 3,368 knots, equal to 198 knots per day, or 8� knots per hour
From the Equator to N. meridian of the cape of Good Hope, in lat 46. 15 south, 25 days. During this time she sailed 4,465 knots, averaging 179 knots per day or 7� knots per hour.
From the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope to the port of Auckland, 33 days, during which she covered 5,452 knots. During her quickest day's run she reeled off 310 knots - her minimum speed on the equator being 64 knots - in one day.