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to Auckland

Daily Southern Cross, 23 November 1860, Page 2
Shipping Intelligence. PORT OF AUCKLAND.

November 22— Mermaid, ship, 1233 tons, R. A. Kerr, from London, via Melbourne.
Passengers Saloon - A. Watt, Hy. Twiner, Marks Noble, Hy. Reynolds, Pat. Gallagher, Dr. Thomson, Mr. Campion, Miss Johnson, Mr. Beecher, Mr. Cadogan, Mr. Pope;

Steerage— George Hall, Joseph Mayne, E. Rawlings and wife, J. Walker, Jas. Bond, Hy. D. Twohy, wife and 6 children, F. W. Wright, wife and 3 children, Hyam Elijah.

[The following steerage passengers left for Auckland but remained in Melbourne : Thos. Chaplin, wife and 5 children, G. Harden, A.T. Beswick, Gillian Ross, Hy. Champion, Cecil Isaacson, Hy. Dearden, Jas. Turnbull, Robert and Edw. Turnbull, Wm. Walsey, wife and 2 children, Wm. Alger, John Cook, Josh. Worms, John Elliott, Andrew Burns, wife and 7 children, Chas. Hazelden, wife and 11 children, Edward Gledhill, wife and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. Dobson, Josephine Tronscheft, Wm. Dobson, Pat. Foley, John Ellison. —O. R. Strickland and Co., agents.

The ship Mermaid arrived in harbour on Wednesday at about midnight, having sailed from the Downs on the 22nd July. She landed the pilot off Portland on the.25th, and experienced light and variable winds to the line, crossed the equator on the 15th August, and fell in with steady trade winds. She passed the meridian of the Cape 48 days out, in latitude 44°, where she saw several icebergs. Contrary winds were met off Cape Otway, and the ship Monarch was passed, 94 days from Plymouth. The Mermaid arrived at Port Phillip heads on the 14th Oct., and hauled alongside the Railway Pier, Hobson's Bay- on the 16th, discharged 1800 tons cargo, and sailed from the Bay on the 9th Nov. She was subsequently hove to twelve hours off the Kents Group. Made the Three - Kings on Saturday last, rounded the Cape the following day, and has had light baffling winds, E. to S.E., to this port.

IMPORTS — FOREIGN. Per Mermaid : from London — 1 case merchandize, Jakin; 1 cart body, 100 cart wheels, 1 bundle shafts and axles, 1 case forge,  1 plough, 1 case, order; 3 cases books, Rev. I. Harding; 1 dog, cart, 1 bundle cart wheels, 1 bundle  shafts, 1 case ploughs, 1 case {a mangle), 1 case (a forge), 1  bundle  copper, Mr. Chaplin ; 1 case woollens, J. P. Wrigley ; 1 box hardware, Nightingale 1 box books, J. Jomeson, 2 cases hardware, 1 bale tools, Owen and Fendelow ; 1 box, Rev. G. Brown.

From Melbourne — 1 case stationery, Union Bank ; 900 forks, 7 rakes, 1 box spirit levels, 1 case, 1 sack hurdles, 2 ovens, 6 bullock yokes, Cruickshank, Smart, and Co. ; 7 boxes, 10 cases, 5 bundles, 20 boxes tobacco, 9 hogsheads, 15 bags, 26 cases, 6 packages, 8 cases, 10 boxes, 5 cases, 10 4-barrels, 10 boxes, 12 cases, 16 bales, 100 nests tubs, 100 do. buckets, 40 kegs,  29 stoves, E. and H. Isaacs ; 1 case tinware, 1 crate stove piping, 1 box tinware, 9 bundles pots, Owen and Graham ; 12, cases, Brown, Hall and do.; 15 drums oil, 12 bundles hayforks, 1 bag axe handles, 1 bundle fork handles, 20 do. clothes pegs, 24 kegs nails, 1 bundle shovels, 1 bag chalk, 5 cases axes, 1 case scales, 2 cases hardware, 2 bundles brooms, T. H. Smith ; 3 hogsheads molasses, order ; 2 do. do., 29 stoves, 1 crate, 6 bundles, 12 cases; 23 barrels, 2 cases, 4 bales, 25 boxes, 24 cases, 5 dozen pails, 5 nests tubs, 1 bale, 50 cases brandy, 23 do. do., E. King.

Daily Southern Cross, 4 December 1860, Page 2
CLEARED OUTWARDS. December 1 — Mermaid, ship, 1233 tons, Kerr, for Lyttelton, with part of original cargo, and 20 hhds. ale, 30,000 feet timber, 1 steam engine, 30 casks bottled beer, from Auckland. 21 passenger's — O.  R. Strickland & Co., agents.

Lyttelton Times, 15 December 1860, Page 4
Shipping News. Arrived. Dec. 12, ship Mermaid, 1233 tons, Kerr, from Auckland. Passengers—
Mr., Mrs., and Miss Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Newton
Mr., Mrs., and Miss Dobson
Messrs. Chambers, Amesbury, Walker, Rawlings, R and J. Turnbull, Chapman, Johnson, Sheppard, and Tidmarsh.

The White Star clipper ship Mermaid arrived in this port on her second visit, on Wednesday afternoon. She is too well known among us to need description, but we may mention that she is no longer commanded by Captain White, but by Capt. R A. Kerr. The former has the large ship the Blue Jacket, and may possibly bring her down here before the wool season closes. The Mermaid left the Downs on the 22nd of July, and arrived in Hobson's Bay, Melbourne, on the 14th of October. Left Melbourne on the 9th November, and reached Auckland on the 22nd. Starting again on the 6th instant, she took a week to come down the coast, but has anticipated the the steamer, to which, however, the mails were entrusted. On the arrival of the Mermaid in Hobson's Bay, Capt. Kerr was presented with a testimonial from his passengers, consisting of a very handsome silver cup, accompanied by the following address, signed by 42 of all classes on behalf of themselves and their families. 

Taranaki Herald, 6 October 1860, Page 2
The ship Commodore Perry, 2037 tons, from Liverpool via Melbourne, arrived at Auckland on the 20th ult., with 100 passengers.