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Master Mariners voyaged down under to New Zealand

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Reference: White Wings, Vol. 1 by Brett unless otherwise noted.  Under construction.


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What is the definition of a Master Mariner?
A frequently asked question, the answer to which would depend on the date. In the Royal Navy pre 1827 he would have needed to have passed his exams as a Midshipman, for Lieutenant, which I would think would probably make him better qualified, at least on paper, as a Master Mariner than many so-called master mariners, there being no examination in the Merchant Service until the introduction of voluntary exams circa 1845, and compulsory exams about 10 years later for masters of certain classes of vessel, and area of operation. Until these examinations I guess it would be up to the owner(s), and managers of vessels whether they considered someone competent to be the master of one of their valuable assets, although, if the stories told following the wrecking of many vessels can be believed, there were quite a few self-employed Masters who owned their own vessel, and lost everything in the process. With the majority of officers in the RN being on half-pay, and with a many of these officers not having a private income they were unable to survive on their five shillings a day (for Lieutenants), and supplemented their income by being Master Mariners, with Admiralty approval, and when the opportunity occurred. It would also appear that some of these officers, when they were too old to go to sea, used their experience and training to apply for jobs as harbour masters etc.


Captain James Adair commanded the Lurline 1878-1884  late of the Queen of the South.

Captain George Adams commanded the Peter Denny 1865 - 1874

Captain J. T. Adams commanded the Soukar 1874 - 1876, Hurunui 1877,  Wairoa 1878-1881

Evening Post, The Evening Post 21 December 1912, Page 7
Captain Joseph Tyndall Adams, in the earlier days well known in New Zealand shipping circles, died at the Taita this morning. Captain Adams, who was born in London in 1842, went to sea at an early age in the ship Norfolk, and after a few years at sea, while still a young man, he reached the position of chief officer of the s.s. Soukar one of the last vessels to carry passengers Home from India round" the Cape of Good Hope. Shortly after the Soukar left India on his first voyage the captain died, and Mr. Adams, who was then only about 23 years of age, navigated her to England, and on arrival was given the command. He served in the Indian trade for some years, and when the Soukar was purchased by the Shaw Savill Company Captain Adams came to New Zealand in her. That was in the early 70s. He commanded the Soukar for ten years, and shortly after the New Zealand Shipping Company was formed he transferred his services and was given command of the Hurunui, on her second voyage, in 1876. He afterwards commanded the Wairoa, in which he made a number of voyages to Wellington, and the Wanganui. When the latter vessel was sold, in 1888, Captain Adams settled down at the Taita, where he has lived quietly ever since. He was married twice. He leaves three sons (the eldest being Mr. E. C. Adams, of the Union Company, Wellington), and two daughters by his first wife, and four sons by his second wife, who survives him.

Captain Joseph Adams commanded the Wanganui 1883-1886

Captain Alexander commanded the Prince of Wales 1842

Captain Alexander commanded the Duke of Portland 1852 to Lyttelton

Captain Alexander commanded the Roselyn Castle 1871

Captain Alexander commanded the Glenhuntly 1872

Captain Alderton commanded the Auriga  to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain J Allan in command of the Clontarf 1859

Captain J Allan commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Simlah, 750 tons, in 1855

Captain Joseph Allan commanded the Ballarat 1864 -1869

Captain John Allan commanded the John Bunyan, 1000 tons, 1864

Captain J Allen commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Lord William Bentick, 650 tons, in 1852

Captain Alsop commanded the Asterion 1889

Captain JJ Alsop commanded the Hermione 1899 -1904

Otago Witness 3 March 1898
Death: ANDERSON - On the 24th Feb., at the hospital, Captain John J. Anderson (late s.s. Waikare); aged 57 years

Captain Anderson commanded the Thurland Castle 1874. Had formerly been chief officer of the Dallam Towers

Captain Frederick Anderson, late of the Yorkshire, commanded the clipper steamship Durham in 1874

Captain Hercules Anderson commanded the Agnes Muir 1872-1874

Captain Hercules Anderson commanded the Canterbury 1875

Captain Hercules Anderson commanded the Marlborough to Lyttelton in 1878. He was seven years in charge of the Marlborough, was a part owner of the ship when she left Lyttelton. He left her in 1883 when Captain Hird relieved him. Capt. Anderson became Marine Superintendent for Shaw, Savill and Albion Company in the South Island, when he left the Marlborough.

Otago Witness 4 May 1899, Page 10 DEATH OF CAPT. H. ANDERSON.
BLENHEIM, April 26. Captain Hercules Anderson, marine superintendent of the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company, died early this morning, aged 55 years. Deceased arrived in Blenheim at the beginning of the month, and he intended to reside here for some time for the benefit of his health. In the early sixties he joined the shipping service of Patrick Henderson and Co., and made his first appearance in Otago waters as second mate of the City of Dunedin on her maiden voyage. He was subsequently engaged on the Rangoon trade. His first command, was the E. Fleming, which was burnt at sea while under his charge. All hands were saved and taken to Madeira. Captain Anderson was then placed in command of the Agnes Muir, and visited Otago with immigrants. He was afterwards in command of the Nelson, and subsequently of the Canterbury. He afterwards joined Captain Leslie as part owner of the Marlborough, which vessel he commanded until the death of Captain Logan, the local marine superintendent of R. Henderson and Co. That company had by this time amalgamated with the Shaw, Savill Company, and Captain Anderson was appointed to succeed Captain Logan. His duties were principally in Lyttelton latterly, though he took charge of his company's interests at this port as well. Eighteen months ago he enjoyed a trip to the old country, and it is since his return that he has been in failing health, which compelled him to take a complete rest at Blenheim, whither he had also removed his family, intending to winter there, but a higher power intervened, and yesterday, as we have seen, he passed away. A smart seaman, a keen business man, kindly-hearted and genial with all with whom he came in contact, Captain Anderson was the right man in the right place, and left nothing undone which could conduce to the advancement of the company's interests. It may be added that Mrs Anderson died many years ago, but deceased, who was 55 years of age, leaves a family of sons and daughters to mourn their loss.

The 1870 J. Miller painting of the Elizabeth Fleming sailing ship was traced to the Marlborough Arts Society storage area in 2006. Minutes of meetings from from 1959 that showed the painting had been given to them by Mrs Hercules Anderson, of Scott St. The family asked that it be hung in the library and it was delivered there on June 27, 1960. In August 2011 the Marlborough Museum had built a special wall to display the one metre-long painting. The Elizabeth Fleming painting, which was valued at $7600 in 2005. The 800-tonne ship sailed from Clyde in Scotland to Otago via Rangoon in 1867 with 81 passengers and a cargo of coal and machinery. It was destroyed by fire in 1870, the same year the painting was completed. The captain was a Captain Anderson and on board was a Mrs Anderson with two children.

Captain Anderson commanded the Knowsley Hall to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain W. Anderson commanded the Trans-Tasman  s.s. Easby, 1489 tons, register, in 1878

Captain Andrews commanded the Pareora 1875

Otago Witness 17 April 1901 pg 69
Capt. Arthur F. Anthony - USSCo.
Born in London in 1862 and went to sea in 1876. Nearly 11 years on the s.s. Tarawera, ten years of this period under Capt. W.C. Sinclair. He joined the company as fourth officer and before he had left had command of the Rotokini, Dingadee, Pukaki and the last two years the Kawatira, in the W.C. Tasmanian trade.

Captain John Lythcote Applewhaite, H.C.S. commanded the barque William Hyde in 1852 to Lyttelton. He died 27th May 1869 at his residence, Hyde Park, Sydney, of syncope [heart disease], s/o Philip Lythcote Applewhaite of Barbadoes, W.I. and nephew of E.A. Applewhaite, Esq., J.P. of Pickerham Hall, Norfolk. SMH 16 June 1869. Marriage:  At the age of 16, Lucy Hannah Langdon married 30-year old, Barbados-born English Mariner, John Lithcot (or Lythcote) Applewhaite on 12 September 1849 at St Lawrence's Anglican Church, Sydney. John was Captain of the 532-ton barque the William Hyde and the couple spent the early years of their marriage at sea and in port in London, Adelaide and also New Zealand in Lyttelton, Canterbury and New Plymouth. Their eldest daughter Mary was born aboard ship at Port Adelaide in 1850, and their son Philip was born in Christchurch in May 1852. In 1861 the Applewhaites took up positions in the Immigration Office and Immigration Depot and moved into the Hyde Park Barracks. pg 86  Edward Archer APPLEWHAITE ABT 1770 in Christ Church, Barbados, W.I. married 4 AUG 1791 in Saint Michael, Barbados to Mary LYTCOTT b: 12 MAR 1774 in Barbados. Son Philip Lytcott APPLEWHAITE was Christened 28 DEC. 1796 Christ Church, Barbados.
Applewhaite, Edward Archer, 1812-17. Son of Edward A. Applewhaite, of Barbados, b. 1800. Of Pickenham Hall, Norfolk.
Applewhaite, Philip Lythcott, 1808-14. Brother of the Edward, of Barbados, b. 1795. Queens Coll. Oxf. Died Barbados, 1835.

Daily Southern Cross, 26 October 1849, Page 2
The barque William Hyde, 533 tons, Capt. Applewhaite, arrived at Hokianga on the 2nd inst., from Sydney, to load spars for London. Passengers, Mrs. Applewhaite and servant, Mr. W. H. Cunningham, and Dr. Frankis.

New Zealander, 15 December 1849, Page 3
Shipping Intelligence. (Auckland)
ARRIVAL Dec. 13.� William Hyde, 533 tons, John Lythcote Applewhaite, H.C.S., commander, from Hokianga. Passengers : Dr. Frankis, Mrs. Applewhaite, Mrs. and the two Misses Hobbs, Capt and Miss Young, Messrs. Gunning, Motte, and Cuninghams, Brown and Campbell, Agents.

New Zealander, 7 December 1850, Page 2
Adelaide. Arrivals.� Oct. 26
William Hyde, barque, 533 tons, Applewhaite, from London 22nd and Plymouth 28th July.  

Daily Southern Cross, 28 December 1849, Page 2
Dec, 27.� "William Hyde," 533 tons, Capt. J. L Applewhaite, for London. Passengers. Mrs. Bolland and servant, Mrs. Applewaite, Dr. and Mrs. Carr, Mr. Motte, and Dr. Frankis.� Brown and Campbell, agents.

New Zealander, 22 March 1851, Page 2
Arrived: March 20� William Hyde, 650 tons, J. L. Applewhaite, from Kaipara, with a cargo of Spars for the Admiralty. Passengers � Mrs. Applewhaite, Mr. White, Dr. Kemball � Brown & Campbell, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 8 April 1851, Page 2
Cleared Out. April 7.� William Hyde, 533 tons, J. L. Applewaite, commander, for London. Passengers� The Hon. Miss Clinton. Mrs. Pitt, Miss  Pitt, Miss S. Pitt, Miss C. Pitt, Mr. A. Pitt, Captain Pitt, Mrs. George Pitt and three children, Lieut. Page, Mrs. Page, Miss Morton, Mrs. Applewaite and child, Dr. Kemball, two male servants, 4 female servants.

New Zealander, 13 December 1851, Page 2
Times (July 31) thus notices the arrival of the William Hyde:� The contract ship William Hyde, Captain Applewaite, with Burra Burra copper ore from Port Adelaide, ore and flax from Auckland, and spars from New Zealand for the dockyard, arrived last evening. She left Auckland on the 9th of April, touched at Pernambuco on the 14th, and sailed there from on the 17lh of June. Passengers: �The Hon. Miss Clinton, niece to the Duke of Newcastle; Mrs. Pitt, widow of late Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's forces at New Zealand, three Misses Pitt, and five children ; Captain Pitt and lady, 80th Regiment; Lieut. Page and lady, 58th Regiment; Miss Morton ; Dr. Campbell, one of the Emigration Commissioners' surgeons; Mrs. Applewaite and child, and five servants. Emigrants are much required at New Zealand, where farm labourers are getting from �20 to �23 per annum besides rations.

Lyttelton Times, 7 February 1852, Page 5
Arrived: Feb. 5, barque William Hyde, 532 tons, Applewhaite, from London and Plymouth, Oct. 24th. Passengers, Rev. A. Cotton, Mr. Joseph Brittan, Mrs. Brittan, and 4 children, Miss Fookes, Miss Louisa Fookes, Miss Mary Fookes, Miss Curtis, Messrs. Greenstreet, Alstitt, Moore, Cuff, and � Cuff, and 88 in the steerage.

New Zealander, 15 May 1852, Page 2 Arrivals
May 14�William Hyde, barque, 533 tons, Applewhaite from Hokianga, with 70 Contract spars, 20 pieces baulk timber, and 18 bales wool. Passengers�Mrs and Miss Applewhaite, Mr W. Applewhaite, Dr Moore, and Mr. Paul. �Brown & Campbell, agents

Philip Lythcott Applewhaite
Born: 24 May 1852 Auckland, NZ to John & Lucy Applewhaite

Otago Witness 19 June 1852, Page 2
The barque William Hyde, Capt. Applewaite, a regular trader between New Zealand and England, grounded while crossing the bar of the Hokianga river at Auckland. Her cargo has been ordered to be discharged.

Daily Southern Cross, 12 November 1852, Page 2
The William Hyde, Captain Applewhaite, from Auckland the 29th September, arrived in Sydney on the 19th, and tailed again for Melbourne on the 26th ultimo.

New Zealander, 29 September 1852, Page 2 Departures:
Sept. 28� William Hyde, barque, 535 tons, J. L. Applewhaite for Melbourne.� Additional list of passengers being chiefly ihose of the wrecked brig Ceres, transshipped to the William Hyde from the brig Daniel Watson from Feejee

Lyttelton Times, 1 January 1853, Page 7
Died, �Nov. 14th, at St. John's College, Auckland, the Rev. Arthur Oswald Cotton, m.a., late Chaplain of the " William Hyde."

Daily Southern Cros
s, 22 April 1853, Page 2
Cleared Out. April 21 � William Hyde, barque, 532 tons, J. L. Applewhaite, for Melbourne. Passengers, Capt. Liddel, Mrs. Brown, Miss Whelsh, Mrs. Applewhaite and two children, J. Buck, G. Turner, J. Wilson, B. Smith, W. Smith, W. Walker, H. Watson, Mrs. Watson, J. Harper. T Moyle, J. Rogers, A. Smith, T. Hancock, J. Scholes, W. F. Gilberd, M Monro, W Champion, J Spicer, J. Gilberd. J. Adamson,' T. Marshall, M. Tekin, J. Mills, T. Anderson, A. Gibbons, G. Williams, A. Moore, C. Callagher, A. Scott, A. Scholleck, H. Haifitt, J. Malone, W. Pickergill. Brown and Campbell, agents.

Captain William Ashby. Claimed to have carried more passengers to New Zealand than any other commander. He considered his passengers, and did everything to make them comfortable.  He retired from the sea in 1872 and appointed the first Marine Superintendent in London for the newly formed New Zealand Shipping Company. After the death of his first wife, who generally travelled with him, he married the widow of Mr J.N. Crombie, a photographer in Queen St. Auckland during the sixties. Commanded the Mary Ann in 1858 -59, the Maori, Siam 1865 till 1868, City of Auckland until 1870 - 1872. He had a �5000 interest in the City of Auckland.  One of the cadets on board the Marlborough when she went missing on her homeward journey from Lyttelton in 1890 was the stepson of Captain William Ashby. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg19

Captain Atkin commanded the Queen of the Mersey 1862 - 1863

Captain Thomas Atkins commanded the Columbus 1870s

Captain Auld commanded the Famenoth 18774-1883

Captain Ayling commanded the Miltiades 1890

Captain Ayles commanded the Waimea 1874


Captain Edwin S. Babot went to sea as an apprentice in 1846. He first came to NZ as chief officer of the Wild Duck, and made two voyages in that ship under Captain Bishop. He came out to Auckland as master of the ship Maori and to Lyttelton in 1864 as commander of the William Miles. He was in command of the Water Nymph when she was driven ashore at Oamaru in 1867. He took command of the Hydaspes. until she sunk in 1878 in the English Channel.  He then commanded the Northumberland to Wellington. Upon his return to London was appointed marine superintendent for the Shaw, Savill and Albion Co. In 1884 he arrived in Wellington and occupied a similar position in NZ. He died in Wellington about 1920. photo WW pg 96,  Vol. 1.

Captain Bailey commanded the Parsee 1883

Captain Baillie in command of the Wild Duck 1871 - 1873

Captain Hugh Baird commanded the beautiful Aberdeen clipper ship Alexandrina in 1867

Captain John Baker commanded the Adelaide Baker, British ship, 800  tons, in 1866

Captain J. Banes commanded the Artemisia, 800 tons, in 1855 for H.H. Willis & Co.

Captain Banks in command of the Euterpe1881, 1895 & 1896. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 127

Captain Banks commanded the Rakaia 1888

Captain A. Barclay commanded the Sir Edward Paget 1850 -1854

Captain AW Barclay in command of the Clontarf 1860

Captain Barclay commanded the Northampton 1874 to Lyttelton

Captain Barclay command the Orari 1881

Captain Barclay commanded the Hurunui  1878 - 1881

Captain Barclay command the Wairoa 1882

Captain Barnett commanded the Cashmere 1863

Captain William C. Barnett commanded the Cresswell in 1855 - 1859 and Matoaka 1865

Captain Barrett commanded the Saint Vincent.  Transferred to the South Australian.

Captain James Barrow commanded the Saint Vincent 1st January 1869. Mr Stringer first officer. Total wreck at Wellington. Two survivors.

Captain JO Barrow in command of the Huntress in 1863

Captain Bate commanded the Zealandia1891- 1901. He had previously commanded the Langstone 1894-1895.

Captain J.M. Baxter commanded the Waipa 1882-1883
Captain Gorn commanded the Waipa for five years, and on his last trip in 1883, died when off the Cape of Good Hope. The ship was brought on by the chief officer, Mr. Baxter

Captain Beaven commanded the Oxford 1874

Captain W Begg commanded the Sebastian, one of Willis Gann & Co.'s line of packets to Canterbury via Otago in 1859.

Captain Bennett commanded the Loch Tay. He was third mate on the Nimroud to Auckland in 1864 under Captain Oughton. He left her to serve in the Maori War, sent to the front lines, was wounded a fortnight later, and recovered before the ship left, and re-joined the ship as he was not fit for duty. He first came out as an apprentice in 1861 to Wellington in the Albermarle. Later Bennett joined the Loch line as mate of the Clanranald and then the Loch Rannoch. He retired from the sea in 1892. In command of the Loch Vennachar in 72, 75.

Captain Charles George Best, was chief officer on the Ida Zeigler and later harbour master at Tauranga and the Thames.

Captain CW Best commanded the White Rose to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Bidwell commanded the Merwanjee Framjee 1863 and on.

Captain Birdie in command of the Rob Roy 1860.

Captain Thomas Bishop command the Halcione on her maiden voyage 1869- 1873. He made some fifteen voyages to Wellington previously in the Wild Duck 1860 - 1869. Commanded the Avalanche in 1875 when she sank.

Daily Southern Cross, 25 April 1876, Page 2 Death.
BISHOP � On January 31, at Shanklin, Isle of Wight, dearly loved and deeply mourned, Captain Thomas Bishop, late master of the New Zealand Line Passenger Ships 'Wild Duck', 'Halcione' and 'Avalanche'; aged 45.

Captain Black command the City of Glasgow 1874

Captain Black commanded the Loch Dee 1877-1882

Captain William Black commanded the A1 clipper barque Prospector in 1869 - to Hog Kong from Dunedin.

Captain Blaker commanded the Star of China to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Tom Boiling had been in service of the Shaw and Savill Company for many years, in command of the Akaroa 1882-1886, and Invercargill 1892- 1905, was a fearless and experienced sailor. He remained in the Invercargill until she was sold in 1905. At this time he had been 50 years at sea and eventually came out to the Dominion and settled in Christchurch. He was chief officer on the St. Leonard's under Capt. Petherbridge to Auckland in 1873 and Mr McDonald was the second officer, and he as the one on the Ben Venue when she wrecked at Timaru, and was one of the three survivors of the Cospatrick.

Captain H. Bolton Gipsy 750  tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855

Captain H.W. Boorman was in command of the Halcione when she was wrecked when attempting too enter Wellington January 8 1896. He had previously been in command of the Lady Jocelyn 1882, Lyttelton in 1886 when she was abandoned in Timaru Harbour, Euterpe, Akaroa and Oamaru 1889.
Otago Witness 18 June 1886, Page 8
The Lyttelton was first commanded by the late Captain Hood, and on his decease by Captain Strang, now of the Union S.S. Company's service, who upon leaving the Lyttelton was succeeded by Captain H. W. Boorman, her present commander, whose second voyage in her it was ; Captain Boorman served his time on board the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company's ship Lady Jocelyn and passed through every grade, from apprentice to master, in that fine vessel, and we are sure his many friends in the colony will regret to hear the misfortune he has sustained.

Captain Boorman commanded the Halcione 1892 -1894

Captain J Bone. Made 52 voyages to New Zealand. Said a sailor's life is not all beer and skittles. He was an apprentice on the City of Auckland under Captain Ashby in 1870. Four years later he joined the NZ Shipping Company as third officer - his first appointment as an officer. He was first of the company's trained men to be in command both of sail and steam. He made two voyages with the Rakaia then on the Ionic, and transferred to the Tongariro, after three voyages took command, Captain Hallet being transferred to the Rimutaka.  He made 26 voyages in the Tongariro and then took command of the Ruahine.  He completed 18 voyages in this ship.  and was then appointed marine superintendent for the company in Christchurch for three years then moved to Wellington.  He resigned at the end of 1924 after 50 years of service. Mr Massey has known him since 1870 as he came out to NZ on City of Auckland. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 288

Captain James Bowden in 1861 commanded the inter-colonial Royal Mail CO. steamship Prince Alfred

Captain Thomas "Tom" Bowling had been in the service of the Shaw Savill Company for many years in command of the Akaroa 1882-1885 took command of the Invercargill 1892-1899 relieving Captain Muir 1876-1891. Tom was chief officer on the St. Leonards 1873 voyage to Auckland under Captain Pertherbridge. Captain Tom Bowling of the Adamant 1877-1881. His brother, Mr William Bowling, was the chief mate, of the Avalanche when she sank in 1877.

Captain Bowling commanded the Glenlora 1884

Captain Harry Bowling was in command when the Trevelyan was reported missing in 1888. Harry was the younger brother to Captain Tom Bowling.

Captain Tom Bowling in command of the Invercargill 1892-1899

Captain Boyd commanded the Pladda 1862

Captain A. Boyd commanded the Vicksburg to Otago in 1864

Captain Boyd commanded the Robert Henderson  1867

Captain W.B. Boyd. Commanded the Piako 1878-1888. He was the chief officer on the Loch Awe to Auckland. The Hurunui 1875. He commanded the Rangitiki for one voyage. Later he was appointed agent in Dunedin for the New Zealand Shipping Company and after many years of service left for England and died there on April 9 1899.

Captain Braddick commanded the Countess of Kintore 1873 - 1875

Captain Braddie Nov. 1872 The 'Countess of Zintore' sails for London, on the 7th November, under command of Captain Braddie, late chief officer 'Hydaspes,' Captain Reynolds having resigned through ill-health.

Captain Braddock commanded the Oxford 1881 - 1883

Captain Hugh Baird, commanded the Aberdeen clipper, Alexandra, 670 tons register, in 1866.

Captain Bristow commanded the Norwood to Auckland in 1861 - 1866

Captain J. Broadfoot commanded the Persia for H.H. Willis & Co. in 1854

Captain James Broadhouse commanded the Antiope 1919. Formerly chief officer on the Canterbury with Captain Collingwood. He was also second officer on the Zealandia under Captain Bate

Captain Brown commanded the Donna Anita 1867 - he died at the Equator, and his wife and child were put on a passing  ship and returned to England

Captain DD Brown commanded the  the Chandiere, 470 tons, A1 barque 1874 - 1879 and Forfarshire 1879-1883

Captain Brown commanded the Christian McCausland 1870

Captain Brown commanded the Hannibal 1875 to Nelson

Captain Alex. Brown command the Mataura 1877 - 1881. He was chief officer on the Adamant before being in command of the Mataura.

Captain JB Brown commanded the clipper ship A.W. Stevens in 1865

Captain W Brown commanded the Helenslee 1864-1868 and the clipper barque Sea Toller, 1870

Captain William Brown commanded the John Duncan, 1,000 tons, in 1863

Captain Brown command the Waitara 1882-1883. Sunk in the English Channel. Collided with the Hurnuni in 1883.

Captain J Byron commanded the Cashmere in 1859

Captain Langlands and Captain Alexander Buchan in command of the earlier Timaru 1865-1869 made five visits to Port Chalmers.

Captain Budd commanded the Fernglen 1880 - 1881

Captain Budd commanded the Rangitiki 1891-1896

Captain Bongard commanded the Pareora 1885

Captain Bowie commanded the Red Gauntlet to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Bungard command the Wairoa 1887 - 1890

Captain B. Bruce in command of the Glentanner 1857

Captain Burgess commanded the Alice 1874-1875

Captain Burch commanded the Chile  1872

Captain Thomas L. Burch commanded the Queen Bee 1873 - 1875 then took command of the Adamant. Captain Burch commanded the Adamant 1875. He was given to drink. Died six weeks before the vessel reached Bluff in 175. Buried at sea.

Captain Burgess commanded the Alice to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain Burton commanded the Asterion 1890

Captain Burton was in command of the Jessie Readman when she wrecked on the Chathams  in 1893.

Captain Burton commanded the Crusader 1894 - 1897

Captain Burton was in charge of the Pleiades when wrecked and had his certificate suspended for six months in 1899.

Captain Butt living in Auckland in 1878. His son at the age of 14 drowned when the Schiehallion was wreck.

Captain John Byron commanded the Cashmere 1859 -1860


Captain Warren Frederick Caborne command the Waitara 1876 - 1877. Died suddenly July 14 1924 at Toppington Hall, Shropshire.

Captain Campbell commanded the James Nicol Fleming 1876

Captain Campbell commanded the Dallam Tower 1875

Captain Campbell commanded the Antiope 1917

Captain Carden commanded the Bebington 1881

Captain Moses Carden commanded the Margaret Galbraith 1884 -1892.  Died 3rd Jan. 1897 of a failing heart, of the ship Soukar. He had been trading to England for thirty years. He was 57 years of age. Buried at Karori. Section CH ENG Plot number 24 A Record number 86293. Close to where the body of Captain Kelly of the ship Nelson (aged 49) lies. He died 3rd Jan. 1893, accidental death caused by falling on the deck during a gale on the voyage out. His skull was fractured.  

Captain Canese commanded the Waimea 1883-1885

Captain F Canese commanded the Waimate 1886-1892, and the 4050 tons register s.s. Tekoa in 1895 -1897

Captain Canese commanded the Hermione 1893 -1897

Captain Canese commanded the Wellington 1897

Captain Caney commanded the Josephine Willis 1854-56. Collision in the Channel, 70 lives lost including the Captain

Captain Cann commanded the Loch Fergus 1876-1879

Captain E Canney commanded the Lord W. Bentinck, 600 tons, in 1852 -1854.

Captain J Carnell commanded the Helen Denny 1890 - 1896

Captain Carruthers commanded the Coronilla 1885

Captain Carey commanded the Norman Castle 1873-1874

Captain William Cargill formerly of the 'Frisco mail steamer Australia died in Sydney, .c July 28 1902

Captain Caroline commanded the Mary Shepherd 1873

Captain G. Case commanded the Salisbury 1876

Captain Casey owner of the p.s. Lady Bowen 1874, Auckland

Captain John Cass in command of the Caduceus1859-1860

Captain J Catnach commanded the Warrior 1865

Captain Catnach commanded the Warrior Queen 1866

Captain JM Cawkitt, John Taylor, 850 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ. Oct. 1855

Captain Cawse commanded the Ocean Mail 1875 to Auckland

Captain Cawse commanded the Coriolanus 1879 - 1880 [Cariolanus]

 Captain Cawse commanded the Western Monarch 1887

Captain Chamberlain commanded the Don 1902 to Wellington

Captain Robert Chambers commanded the Jura in 1860-62

Captain Chambers commanded the Ulcoats 1864 - 1865

Captain E Chapman commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Simlah, 750 tons, in 1852

Captain Chapman commanded the Sir Edward Paget 1853

Captain Chapman commanded the Queen of Beauty 1863

Captain Chapman command the Carnatic, 871 tons built in 1867, 1875. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 276

Captain Chapman command the Mataura 1894

Otago Witness December 26 1900 page 54
The Union Steam Ship Company's Monowai, Captain H.W.H. Chatfield, with passengers and cargo from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff, arrived at Port Chalmers early on Thursday morning, and after awaiting high tide, steamed up to Dunedin. She left Melbourne at 5.30 p.m on the 12th inst. She left Sydney on Thursday afternoon.

Captain Clachie commanded the Loch Fleet 1880 - 1881

Captain Chachrie commanded the Loch Fergus 1887

Captain Christie command the Accrington 1863

Captain Clare commanded the Northampton 1877

Captain Clark commanded the Chariot of Fame1864

Captain Clark commanded the Tauton 1875

Captain Hugh Clarke commanded the Blue Jacket 1859

Captain William Clayton commanded the Ellora in 1877

Captain Cleary commanded the Helenslee 1872

Captain HC Cleaver command the Captain Cook 1863

Captain Clyma commanded the Caroline 1874

Captain Cobb commanded the Nelson in 1864 -65

Captain Cochrane commanded the Ceres to Lyttelton in 1870

Captain Cochrane commanded the Tauton 1874

Captain Cochrane commanded the Loch Fleet 1882

Captain Collingwood commanded the Asterion 1883-1888. Photo WW Vol1. pg 226

Captain John Collingwood commanded the Forfarshire 1890-91

Captain Collingwood commanded the Margaret Galbraith 1895 - 1896

Captain Collingwood commanded the Canterbury 1898 - 1902, had been transferred from the Margaret Galbraith

Captain J. Colville commanded the ship Moeraki, 1865

Captain W. Colville commanded the Commodore in 1865

Captain George C. Colville commanded the barque Hudson 1879 -1880

Captain Colville commanded the May Queen 1880 - 1888

Captain Colville commanded the Blenheim was the Wanganui, re-named. 1891-1899

Captain Congalton commanded the Robert Lowe 1860

Captain John E. Cooper commanded the 1007 tons Echunga in 1866

Captain Coot commanded the Mary Shepherd 1866 - 1867

Captain Thomas Cornwall, commanded the Royal Stuart 1855, 1862, 1864

Captain Cornwall, R.N.R. commanded the Pegasus 1865 - 1866

Captain Cottier commanded the Rangitiki 1885

Captain Coster commanded the Portland 1869. Took over from Captain Smith in Auckland.

Captain John E. Couper commanded the Echunga to Timaru in 1865

Captain Charles B. Cow commanded the Himalaya 1866 -1867

Captain Cowell commanded the Waitara to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain C. Cowie commanded the Hastings for Arthur Willis, Gann & Co. in 1862

Captain Cowan commanded the 1050 ton  Dauntless 1863

Captain David Cowan, from Peterhead, Scotland, master of the Wellington when she first launched in 1875 to 1893. He made 19 voyages to NZ before taking over he commanded the Wild Deer, Helenlee 1871 and Margaret Galbraith 1873, and other ships running to the Dominion. Photo WW Vol. 1. pg 50

Captain R. Cowan commanded the Mahtoree for Filby  & Co. and Jos. Stayner's in 1854.

Captain Cowell command the Waitara 1879 - 1880

Captain Craighead commanded the Ballarat 1867

Captain  Harry Cracroft commanded the Hurunui 1881 - 1892

Captain Craib was in command of the Franingham in 1874

Captain Cracroft commanded the Rakaia 1890

Captain Crawford commanded the Cathcart to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain Crawford commanded the Janet Court 1874

Captain Robert Crawford commanded the Apline to Otago from Glasgow in 1859

Captain Crispin commanded the Allahabad 1873

Captain John Edward Croker commanded the Halcione 1874 - 1877 and Soukar 1879 - 1889. 1871 was chief officer on the Celaeno.

Evening Post, 9 October 1907, Page 1
CROKER.� On the 8th October, on passage of s.s.
Blenheim from Blenheim to Wellington, Captain John Edward Croker. of heart failure. Private interment at 2.30 p.m. to-morrow, Thursday, from 15 Wellington-terrace.

Marlborough Express, 11 October 1907, Page 4
Capt. Croker, who dropped dead on the deck of the steamer Blenheim on Tuesday night, was at one time captain of the ship Soukar, and as master of that vessel underwent many perilous experiences, among them being that of going into Wellington with all the bulwarks washed away. Mr Harry Martin, of Blenheim, served under Capt. Croker as third mate of the Soukar, and had heard him described as one of the best skippers sailing to the Colonies.

Captain Croker commanded the Langstone 1878 to Lyttelton

Captain Croker commanded the Weathersfield 1896

Otago Witness, 13 June 1906, Page 65
An Eketahuna message states that Captain Crone an old colonist, aged 74, died on the 5th it. Dec. was captain of the vessel which brought the first diggers to Otago goldfields. He was afterwards a lighthouse keeper.

Captain Crowell commanded the Sam Mendel 1881

Captain Cruickshank command the Mataura 1884 - 1886

Captain W. Culbert commanded the Star of Tasmania 1862 -1867. Was in command when she wrecked at Oamaru.

Captain William Culbert commanded the Chile  1869-1879

Captain J. Culbert commanded the Robert Henderson  1871-1872

Captain Andrew Culbert, a Scotsman, in command of the Dover Castle in  1875. He was accompanied by his wife and a child was born on Dover Castle on a homeward voyage from Bolivia. He was named William and when grown followed the sea and later commanded several ships sailing out to New Zealand. Subsequently in 1905 he was second officer on the Shaw Savill and Co.'s Kumara.

Captain A. Culbert commanded the Himalaya 1880 -1885

Captain A. Culbert commanded the Pleione 1886 - 1888

Captain Culbert commanded the Akaroa 1890

Captain A. Culbert commanded the Canterbury 1891-1898

Captain Culbert commanded the Margaret Galbraith 1900

Captain Cumming commanded the Loch Fergus 1881

Captain J Cumming commanded the Essex in  1878

Captain Cummings commanded the Loch Doon 1880

Captain Cummings commanded the Sam Mendel 1880

Captain Andrew Cumming commanded the clipper Henrietta in 1860

Captain Cumming commanded the Loch Bredan 1886 to Auckland

Captain W Cumming commanded the Prince of Wales 1889, formerly a White Star Line officer

Captain Cumming commanded the Loch Ken 1879

Otago Witness, 19 December 1885, Page 13
The flags of the vessels in port were displayed half-mast high on Monday in token of respect to the late Captain J. W. Cumming, officer-in charge of the Observatory at Port Chalmers, and for many years past marine surveyor here

Marlborough Express, 7 September 1891, Page 2 DEATH.
On the 4th July, at Cheefoo (China), suddenly, John William Cumming, commander C.S N. Company's s.s. Tamsui; eldest son of the late Captain Cumming, of Port Chalmers, and of Mrs Cumming, of Blenheim, N.Z. Aged 34 years

Captain William Cumming, harbormaster at Gisborne, retired 1913

Captain WA Curry commanded the City of Dunedin 1870 - 1872, late of the Lady Egidia

Captain EB Curthoys commanded the Chile 1863-1864

Captain J Cuthbert commanded the 1801 tons  ss Elderslie in 1890


Captain FS Dalison commanded the Helvellyn 1863

Captain Dalrymple commanded the Queen of the West 1877

Captain Danvers commanded the Countess of Seafield 1864

Captain Darke in command of the Blairgowrie 1875 to Lyttelton

Captain Davidson commended the Duke of Argyle to Lyttelton in 1878

Captain Frederick Davies, commanded the clipper brig Robertina in 1859

Captain Lewis Davies of Cardiganshire, a maritime county of south Wales, was in command of the Cardigan Castle to Lyttelton in 1873 and 1876 and 1877 arriving a week for Captain Llewellyn Davies in the Crusader.  

Captain Llewellyn Davies of Newport was master of the "Pleiades" 1875-76 and the "Crusader" 1876-83, both sailing to Australian and NZ waters. There is good evidence that he broke the record for sail (67 days) when Master of the "Crusader" to London from Lyttelton in 1877.

Captain Davies commanded the Dunloe 1880 to Auckland

Captain Davies commanded the Pudsey Dawson 1854 to Wellington

Captain Davis commanded the Don Anita 1865 and the Tiptree 1864 both to Lyttelton.

Captain John Sayes Davies was in command of Queen Bee when she wrecked at Cape Farewell 1877.  The captain's certificate was suspended for three years and the second mate's for two years. Had held a master's certificate for seventeen years. Captain J. S. Davies in command of the Dallam Towers in 1873 when she was under jury rig. Captain Davies commanded the Edwin Fox in 1875 to Wellington and was Captain of the Dallam Tower on her first voyage to Otago.

Captain W. Davis commanded the Cornwall 1848

Captain G. Davis (Davies) commanded the Caroline 1880

Captain William Davis commanded the Coronilla 1881

Captain Peter Davies commanded the Deva 1888

Captain Dawson was in command of the Weathersfield when he retired from the sea in 1893. For many years in the East Coast trade, first in command of the s.s. Maitia, in which he was wrecked at Red Mercury island and later in charge of the s.s. Kanieri. Died c. 22 May 1900, ?Wellington.

Captain E.G. Dent commanded the Queen Bee 1871

Captain de Boer commended the Stad Haalem to Lyttelton via Otago in 1879

Captain de Steiger commanded the Hinemoa 1892

Captain Devitt commanded the Waimea 1876

Captain H. Devitt command the Otaki 1877 -1881. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 265

Captain Dewar, ship Roman Emperor in 1860.

Captain Dice commanded the Queen of the North 1874

Captain Dickinson commanded the Malacca to Lyttelton in 1878

Captain Dixon commanded the Monarch 1854 to Auckland

Captain A. Donaldson commanded the Eastern Monarch 1874 to Lyttelton

Captain Donaldson commanded the Gareloch 1881 - 1883

Captain Donaldson commanded the Pareora 1883

Captain Donaldson commanded the Hurunui 1886-1887

Captain Dornan commanded the Mallowdale to Lyttelton in 1878 [Mellowdale Dorman]

Captain J.W.B. Drake, RNR, commanded the s.s. Ruahine in 1869

Captain John Duckitt, commanded the Annie Wislon in 1864

Captain Duncan commanded the Christian McCausland 1874

Captain Duncan commanded the Mallard to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain James Duncan commanded the clipper barque Prospector in 1866

Captain Dunlop commanded the Pladda 1861

Captain Dunlop commanded the Surat in 1864 to Auckland


Captain Edmonds commanded the Nimroud 1862-3

Captain R Edmonds commanded the Baron Aberdare 1875

Captain Edwards commanded the Routenbeck 1887

Captain Henry Edwards Ashmore 800  tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855

Captain J. Spencer Edwards commanded the ship Canterbury to Lyttelton in 1851

Captain Eldsen, RNR commanded the Hereford 1874 to Lyttelton [Elsdon]

Captain J. Elliott commanded the clipper ship Eclipse for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain Ellis commanded the Empress 1863

Captain EP Ellis commanded the Wiltshire to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain JE Ellis, of the barque Philip Laing, married Clementina, eldest daughter of the Rev. T. Burns, at Otakou, the Rev. T Burns, officiating. New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, 24 June 1848, Page 2

Captain W Ellison Cornubia 600  tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855

Captain A Elmslie in command of the Cospatrick when she burned at sea in 1874

Captain Embry commanded the Ironsides 1882

Captain Emmett commanded the Dunbritton 1880 to Port Chalmers

Captain Emmett commanded the Algoa Bay 1881 to Wellington

Captain Esson commanded the Columbus after Captain Atkin

Captain Evans command the Rhea Sylvia 1861 to Lyttelton

Captain H. Evans commanded the Light Brigade 1864- 1868

Captain Edgar T. Evans commanded the Taranaki 1894-1899

Evening Post, 19 April 1915, Page 6 OBITUARY CAPTAIN Edgar J. EVANS
The death of Captain E. J. Evans, marine superintendent for the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company, which occurred at 3 o'clock yesterday morning, removed one of the best known figures in shipping circles in New Zealand. He had sustained a severe apoplectic fit on Friday morning, and never regained consciousness. The late Captain Evans was born on 17th April, 1854, at Sketty, near Swansea, South Wales, and at the age of sixteen commenced his apprenticeship to the sea, serving in sailing vessels trading between South Wales and the West Coast of South America. After serving as officer in steamers and sailing vessels trading to the United States, the Black Sea, and India, he obtained his certificate as extra master at the age of 25, and in a few months joined Sir Donald Curries Castle Line of steamers trading between England and South Africa. In 1884, when the South African trade was in a declining condition after the peace of Majuba, he left the Castle Line with several other officers and joined the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company as second officer of the Tainui, the predecessor of the present ship of that name. On the retirement of Captain Barlow, who first commanded the Tainui, Captain Evans was appointed to the command at the age of 35. In 1893 he went as the company's representative on board the former Arawa, which was carrying troops to Cuba for the Spanish Government. He then returned to the New Zealand trade, commanding in turn the Matatua, and the Aotea (1899-1902). In 1902 he was appointed Marine Superintendent in the North Island for the company, a position which he held up to the date of his death. The late Captain Evans leaves a widow, two daughters, and one son (Mr H. E. Evans, barrister and solicitor, who is on the staff of Messrs. Bell, Gully, Bell, and Myers). The remains of the deceased will he interred at Karori to-morrow. The cortege will leave Captain Evans's late residence, 242, Vivian-street, at 9.30 a.m., and will proceed to St. Peter's Church, and thence to Karori. In September, 1883, he was an officer of the Castle liner Pembroke Castle when she cruised among the islands off the coast of Scotland and Copenhagen, the party including (Sir Donald Currie. the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Lady Tennyson, and the present Mrs. Asquith. At Copenhagen, Queen Alexandra (then Princess of Wales), and, her daughters, the late Tsar of Russia. (Alexander III.), the King and Queen of Denmark, and the King and Queen of Greece, were entertained on board the ship. Flags were flown at half-mast by the ships in port yesterday and by the Harbour Board.
Welsh Mariners: 1876 address: Ash Cottage, Sketty, Swansea

Captain Everett commanded the Crownthorpe 1876 -1885


Captain Falconer command the Jessie Osborne 1876 Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 278

Captain Falconer commanded the Queen of Quebec to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Falconer commanded the Otago 1882

Captain Fauckner commanded the Warwick 1883

Captain Farquhar commanded the Thames steamer Rotomahana 1883

Captain Featherstonhaugh commanded the Chapman 1865

Captain Fenton commanded the Aboukir 1875

Captain Ferguson commanded the Caroline Agness for H.H. Willis in 1856

Captain John Fergusson [Ferguson] commanded the Margaret Galbraith 1877-1882

Captain Fergusson commanded the Langstone 1879-1882

Captain W Fernie commanded the AA1 iron barque Irvine, 655 tons 1880

Captain Findlay command the Piako 1883

Captain JF Fisher commanded the Woosung to Lyttelton in 1876

Captain Fletcher command the Grasmere 1897

Captain H.J. Fletcher commanded the Pitcairn Island 1906

Captain Foote command the Gladys in 1902 to Wellington

Captain Foote commanded the Asterion 1891-1898

Captain D. Foreman command the Invererne 1874-76

Captain W Forsayth commanded the Harwood, for Shaw, Saville, in 1860 -1864

Captain Forsdick commanded the Rakaia 1886 - 1887

Captain Forsdick commanded the Waipa 1887-1891

Captain Forsdick commanded the Waitangi 1893 - 1894

Captain Forsdock commanded the Rangitiki 1897-1898

Captain J Foster commanded the Joseph Fletcher 1852-1854

Captain John Foster in command of the first Zealandia 1858-1865

Captain Fowill commanded the Desdemona to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Fowler commanded the Rakaia 1885

Captain Fowler command the Orari 1900

Captain James Fox commanded the Charlotte Gladstone 1870 - 1872. He first came out to NZ as the chief officer on the British Trident when she arrived at Auckland in 1864. Captain J. Fox commanded the England for several years 1867. Late of the ship England. He came out in the Piako to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain Fox commanded the Forfarshire 1873

Captain J Fox commanded the Rangitiki 1875

Captain Fox command the Orari 1875-1876

Captain Fox command the Wairoa 1891 - 1894

Captain Walter Frater commanded the Fernglen for six voyage. Retired from the sea in 1879. At about age 12 he ran away from home and joined a ship sailing for Calcutta, and returned six months later. His father had the lad properly indentured but an error was made in entering his name Fraser instead of Frater, with the result that throughout his seafaring career he was known as Captain Fraser. He received a mate's certificate at age 26. He made two voyages in the Ferndale to NZ.  He lived to be 87. Passed away at his residence at Parnell on June 21 1924

Captain GE Fraser commanded the Mariner in 1859

Captain W Frazer commanded the Ali May in 1877

1895 sketchCaptain John Freebody commanded the Carisbrooke Castle 1874 - 1875

Captain French commanded the Queen of the Deep 1864

Captain Friston commanded the Rakaia to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain A.W. Friston commanded the Himalaya 1871 -1874

Captain Fullerton command the Aldegrove 1875 to Port Chalmers

Captain Duncan Fullerton in command of the Timaru 1881-1892

Captain Fullarton commanded the Crusader 1893

Captain Fullerton in command of the Oamaru 1894-1900

Captain Thomas Funnell commanded the Ganges 1863-1865


Captain Gale commanded the James Nicol Fleming 1875

Captain Gamble commanded the Dunfillan 1870

Captain W. Gasson commanded the Lochnager to Wellington in 1893 and the barque Hudson 1895-1897  - committed suicide by jumping overboard, aged 38.

Captain W.S. Gedge commanded the Celaeno 1874

Captain William Gibbons commanded the 1100 tons Victory 1863-1866

Captain Gibbons commanded the Lurline 1887 to Auckland. Capt. fell ill. Mr Laws took over.

Captain Joseph Gibson commanded the Midlothian 1851 to Lyttelton

Captain G.C. Gibson commanded the Egmont 1854-1860

Captain Gibson commanded the Jessie Readman 1879-1890

Captain Gilbert commanded the Queen of the Avon 1859

Captain John Gibb commanded the Thomasina M'Lellan in 1876

Captain T. Gibbs commanded the clipper ship Reulla Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain J. Gibson commanded the African, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain S. C. Gibson commanded the Egmont in 1859

Captain T. Ginder commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Stately, 800 tons, in 1852 - 1854

Captain Glazebrook commanded the Alastor 1858

Captain John Gleadow, died aged 75 in Napier c. Aug. 1. 1901. He came out to Australia about 40 years ago in charge of the ship Roseberry, coming on to NZ for the gold rush. He was appointed marine surveyor.

Captain J. Gondie commanded the Matilda Wastenback for Shaw, Saville & Co. in 1864

Captain Gordon commanded the Taranaki 1877-1890

Captain John Gorn commanded the Waipa 1880-1881, late of the Mataura 1875 - 1876. Captain Gorn commanded the Waipa for five years, and on his last trip in 1883, died when off the Cape of Good Hope. The ship was brought on by the chief officer, Mr. Baxter.

Captain Gorn commanded the Wellington in 1877 and later the Otaki.

Captain J. Goudie commanded the Matilda Wattenbach, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862

Captain Gourlay commanded the Oban Bay 1891

Captain John Graham commanded the Robina Dunlop in 1876 - 1877 to Auckland

Captain Charles James S. Grant commanded the Melita in 1869 and the Adamant to Lyttelton in 1873

Captain Grant commanded the Adamant 1885-1893

Captain Grant commanded the Ballarat 1872

Captain Grant commanded the Himalaya to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Greenstreet command the Mataura 1882 - 1883. Photo WW Vol.1 pg 269
Wanganui Chronicle, 20 January 1910, Page 2
Captain Greenstreet is on his seventy-fifth voyage round the world. His voyaging total up to about 1,880,000 mile's, and during his forty-three years of Service he has seen the whole of the marvellous developments which have replaced the old services of clipper ships with the floating palaces in which the people of to-day traverse the world. Captain Greenstreet commenced his sailoring in 1866, when he joined the training ship Worcester, and he made his first voyage in the ship Holmsdale to Melbourne, China, and Japan. After voyages to New Brunswick, 1876, he joined the New Zealand Shipping Company's service, which he has not since left. The company's fleet in those days consisted of many fine sailing vessels, but none of them was of more than about 1000 tons. Till 1881 Captain Greenstreet served as second and chief officer in .the Waimate, the Waimea and the Waitangi. At the end ot that year lie received his first command, the barque Mataura. She was the first vessel of the company's fleet fitted with refrigerating machinery and cold storage space for mutton, and was the second vessel so fitted to visit New Zealand; and the first cargo taken Home by her turned out very well. His first command was also his last sailing vessel ; for the exigencies of the frozen meat trade, so fast developing, called for something faster and more reliable than sailing ships. So in 1883, he became second officer of the new steamer Aorangi. Two years afterwards he became master of the Ruapehu, and in three years made nine voyages to New Zealand. Next he received command of the handsome clipper-bowed old steamer Rimutaka, since superseded by another vessel of the same name. After eight voyages in her, he brought out the new liner Ruahine. In 1892 he went back to the Rimutaka, and made another fifteen voyages in her. Captain Greenstreet has been several times given the honour of bringing new steamers out on their maiden voyages. In 1899 he took first charge of the Papanui, and when lie returned in. her another new steamer, the Paparoa, was waiting for him. He only made two voyages in her, and then took command of the present Rimutaka, which, until last year, he retained. Last year he left the Rimutaka for the latest and biggest addition to the fleet, the Ruahine, now in New Zealand waters.

Captain Greenwood commanded the Gareloch 1875

Captain Greeves commanded the Howrah in 1874 - 1875

Captain Gregory commanded the Willis, Gunn and Co. 579 ton Victory 1863

Captain  Gregory commanded the Hindostan 1875

Captain Grieve commanded the City of Cashmere 1876-1879

Captain Griffiths commanded the W W Smith to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Griffiths commanded the Midolthain to Wellington in 1876.

Captain Guthrie commanded the Oriana to Lyttelton in 1875


Captain George Hadden, commanded the Edward Thornhill, 525 tons register in 1864

Captain Haigh commanded the Laira 1898

Captain Hall commanded the Berar 1865

Captain J. Vine Hall commanded the s.s. Claud Hamilton in 1867 and s.s. Egmont in 11867

Captain W. Hall commanded the City of Dublin 1874 to Port Chalmers and to Lyttelton in 1876

Captain Hardy commanded the Conflict to Lyttelton in 1876

Captain  Harland commanded the Buckinghamshire 1874

Captain R Harland commanded the Chapman 1856 -1859

Captain Hamon commanded the Opawa 1886 - 1891

Captain J.J. Hamon commanded the Turakina 1890 - 1896

Captain Isaac Harding commanded the s.s. Nebraska to North America in 1872

Captain Hardy commanded the Conflict 1874- 1876.

Captain Hardy commanded the Caroline 1884 to Dunedin with 240 of the 300 passengers rescued from the Wild Deer a month earlier.

Captain Harrington commanded the England 1871-1872

Captain W. Harris commanded the clipper ship Catherine Pemberton for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain Harrison commanded the Nimroud 1860

Captain Harry commanded the Warwickshire to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain Haslam commanded the Waimea 1895

Captain Hawkins of the ship Northumberland in 1862

Captain Hazelwood [Haslewood] commanded the Hurunui 1881-1884

Captain Hedley commanded the Thames 1851 to Auckland

Captain Hedley commanded the Ironsides 1867

Captain Heigho commanded the Berar 1874-1875

Captain Hendry commanded the Robert Henderson  1868-1869 and he  commanded the William Davie 1870-1871

Captain T Hendry commanded the Coromandel 1878 -1884

Captain Herd commanded the Calypso 1879

Captain Herd commanded the Chile  1885

Captain Herd commanded the Lochnager 1886

Captain Hird commanded the Taranaki 1880- Dec. 1883. At Port Chalmers given command of the Marlborough and Mr London, chief officer of the Taranaki took over the Taranaki. Capt. Hercules Anderson in charge of the Marlborough stayed in Pt. Chalmers to become Marine Superintendent to the Albion- Shaw Saville Co. at Port Chalmers  Captain W. Hird was in command of the Marlborough when she was reported missing on the homeward journey in 1890. One of ten cadets on board was the stepson of Captain William Ashby

Captain Hewer commanded the Janet Court 1890

Captain  Hewson commanded the Tythpnus 1883

Captain John Hiatt, commanded the wool clipper ship Gloucester, 1000 tons burthen, in 1859

Captain H Hicks in command of the Lutterworth when the ballast shifted and she was thrown on her beam in Cook Strait in 1906. Mrs Hicks was a passenger showed remarkable courage. Captain A. Davies, of the Marine Department, Auckland was the mate

Captain Hicks commanded the Don 1908 to Nelson

Captain Highman commanded the Adamant 1875

Captain H.F. Hill commanded the Himalaya 1890 -1895

Captain James Hill commanded the Anazi 1875-1882

Captain Hills commanded the Sam Mendel 1874

Captain Hinks commanded the Norman Castle 1876 and the Norham Castle to Lyttelton in 1876

Captain William Hird 
Otago Witness 17 January 1880, Page 15
On the 9th January, at the residence of Mr Robert Jack, Rothesay, West Harbour, by the Rev. James Niven, Captain William Hird (ship Calypso), to Elizabeth, daughter of the late James Alexander, Esq., Lintrathen, Forfarahire, NB

Captain Hodder commanded the Waikato 1874 and the Waitangi in 1876 to Lyttelton

Captain Holbeche command the Otaki 1881 - 1882

Captain E.A. Holbeche command the Wairoa 1883- 1886

Evening Post, 30 April 1887, Page 2
News has just been received (says the Christchurch Press of 28th inst.) of the death of Captain Holbeche, of the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Wairoa, who died at sea on the 13th February. Captain Holbeche was only married a short time before leaving Lyttelton on the same trip Home.  Aged 39 years.

Captain Holdcroft commanded the Weathersfield 1895

Captain Holder commanded the Waitangi 1876 -1880 [Hodder]

Captain J. Holliday commanded the clipper ship Acasta for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain Holton in command of the Caduces 1865

Captain H. Holton commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Columbus, 650 tons, in 1852

Captain Holdich commanded the Agra to Lyttelton in 1873

Captain Holdritch commanded the Bebington 1876

Captain Holloway commanded the Star of India 1873-1874

Captain Holman commanded the Anazi 1873-1874

Captain Holt commanded the Devonshire 1862-1864

Captain A. Holton commanded the Columbus, 650 tons, in 1852 -1854.

Captain Homer commanded the Asterope 1870-1872

Captain Hood in command of the Oamaru 1876

Captain Hood had the first command of the Lyttelton in 1878.

Captain Hopkins commanded the Star of Erin. Wrecked at Bluff Feb. 6  1891

Captain Edward Horner commanded the Asterope to Lyttelton in 1871

Captain Peter Houston late commander of the Isabella Hercus died on 10th march, 1853. His death took place a few days prior to the vessels arrival in London, on her homeward voyage from Lyttelton, after trading in the eastern archipelago for the last two years. Lyttelton Times 3 Sept. 1853 pg6

Captain Thomas Houston commanded the Lady Milton in 1864 -1865 and  Captain Thomas Houston commanded the England 1865

Captain J. Howard commanded the Euphemus in 1859

Captain I. Howieson commanded the iron barque Mendoza in 1874

Captain Hoyle commanded the Euterpe 1884 - 1885

Captain Hughes commanded the Laira 1891

Captain Hunt commanded the Ramsay to Lyttelton in 1870.

Captain Hurray commanded the Ben Venue 1878

Captain JB Hurst commanded the s.s. Atrato in 1874

Captain Husband commanded the Atrato  to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain Hutchinson in command of the barque the Antares 1894


Captain Inglis commanded the Ravenscraig to Nelson in 1861

Captain Inglis in command of the Excelsior in 1868

Captain DB Inglis commanded the Asterope 1869

Captain Inglis commanded the Siberia 1870 to Lyttelton

Captain Irving in command of the Excelsior in 1872. He died while the vessel was at Port Ahuriri, Napier, and was succeeded by his brother, who at the time was chief officer of the ship


Captain AW Jack commanded the s.s. Egmont in 1867

Captain James Jackson commanded the Greyhound, 2500 tons burthen, in 1862

Captain Jaffray commanded the Samuel Plimsol 1902

Captain Charles James was for 31 years in the employ of the Shaw Savill and Albion Co., and was in command of their ships for over 25 years. He sailed the Auckland for twelve years 1889 -1901, the Helen Denny for five years 1883-1887, and the Westland for the last two voyages to the Dominion 1905 & 1906, and other ships. photo WW Vol. 1 pg 33

Captain James command the Talbot 1864-1866

Captain James commanded the Helen Denny 1883 - 1887

Captain James commanded the Westland 1905 - 1906

Captain Jamieson commanded the Rakaia 1883

Captain Jamieson commanded the Waipa 1884-1885
Timaru Herald, 21 July 1887, Page 2
The many friends of Captain Jamieson, late of the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Waipa, will be sorry to hear of his death by consumption, in London recently.

Captain George Jenkins commanded the Lady Jocelyn 1872-1881. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 43. found died in his cabin on a trip to Wellington

Captain Jeppson commanded the Asterion 1899

Captain Johnson commanded the Surat. Wreck New Years day at the Catlins in 1874

Captain Johnston commanded the Edwin Fox to Lyttelton in 1873

Captain Johnston, RNR commanded the St. Lawrence to Lyttelton in 187

Captain Daniel Jones commanded the Forfarshire 1875

Captain John Jones commanded the Loch Cree 1878-1884

Captain Jones commanded the Loch Fergus 1883- 1884

Captain Jones commanded the Loch Fleet 1886

Captain J Joss command the Wairoa 1876-77


Captain Keen command the Orari 1883 -1886

Captain Richard Kelly (born Appledore 1857) was master of the Halcione before he became master of the Westland.

Otago Witness Wednesday 26 December 1900 pg 54
Port Chalmers - Arrival
Dec. 18. Westland, ship, 1115 tons from Liverpool.
The ship Westland was towed up on the 18th inst., arriving at the lower end of the Rattray street wharf at 2 p.m. On this occasion she is in command of Captain Samuel, a gentleman well and favourably known here in connection with the ship of which some years past he has been chief officer. Captain Samuel assumed command on the occasion of the untimely death of our late lamented friend Captain Richard Kelly, which happened at sea on September 8. Prior to her departure from the Lancashire port Captain Kelly had been in very poor health, and finally after severe fits, he succumbed on September 8. Captain Kelly was comparatively a young man, being only 43 years of age when called away. He had been for some 25 years in the service of the S.S. and . Co., and during that time had commanded the barques Lutterworth, Halcion, and other vessels. He had also been in command of the Westland for several years. Captain Kelly leaves a wife with a numerous family to deplore their loss, and no doubt friends in every direction will avail themselves of the opportunity of marking their regret for the loss of so good a man. Captain Samuel, who is in command, has associated with him Mr Bluett as chief, and Mr McLeod as second officer, while the ship brings between 800 and 900 tons of general cargo for this port. She left Liverpool on August 16.

Captain Kelly was 25 years in the service of the Shaw Savill and Albion Co., seven years in the Westland. When the Westland was bound for Wellington, Captain Kelly died at sea, on September 8th 1900, and the ship was brought on by the chief officer Mr Samuel. Arrived in Wellington Nov. 29 1900.

Captain Kelly commanded the Lochnager 1873 -1878

Captain J Kelly commanded the Dilpussund 1876

Captain John Kelly commanded the Boyne to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain William Henry Kelly commanded the Wave Queen 1879 -1887. Buried in Wellington close to Captain Carden's grave. He was 49.
New Zealand Herald, 4 January 1893, Page 4 DEATH OF CAPTAIN KELLY.
RESULT OF INJURIES. Wellington, Tuesday. The well-known mariner, Captain Kelly, of the ship Nelson, died this afternoon. He received some injuries to his head on the last voyage made by the ship to the colony, through a heavy sea breaking aboard. He did not apprehend serious consequence although his head pained him. A few days ago he was admitted to the hospital, where he died this afternoon. Deceased was an old employee of Shaw, Savill and Co., and formerly commanded the ship Wave Queen. He leaves a wife and family. Buried at Karori. Photo of headstone online Section CH ENG Plot number 138 Record number 84765

Captain R Kelly commanded the Halcione 1887 -1891

Captain Kelly commanded the Westland 1893 - 1900. On Sept. 8, 1900, bound for Wellington, Capt. Kelly died at sea, the ship brought on by the chief officer, Mr Samuel. Capt. Kelly had been seven years in the Westland and 35 years in the service of the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company. Captain White, a partner in the firm Nearing and Co. Auckland, was for 12 years at sea in sailing vessels, was second officer and first mate on the Westland, and Captain Fox, of the same firm was apprenticed on the Westland, and later rose  to be second and chief officer of the ship

Captain Kelly commanded the Akaroa 1899-1901

Captain Albert Henry Kemp commanded the barque Hudson 1887-1894

Captain H.H. Kemp commanded the Emigrant from Auckland to London in 1851.

Captain Kennedy commanded the Jessie Readman 1878

Captain R.A. Kerr commanded the Mermaid 1860

Captain Robert A. Kerr commanded the Chariot of Fame, 1640 tons register, White Star Line, in 1862 and 1863

Captain Robert W. Kerr, Lieutenant, R.N.R. command of the Lady Jocelyn when she was a troopship to Auckland Dec. 10 1863.

Captain Kerr command the Wild Deer.  He was the first mate on the Christian McCausland in 1873 to Auckland.

Captain Robert Kerr commanded the Crusader 1871

Captain Kerr commanded the Dover Castle to Lyttelton in 1872

Captain Kerr commanded the Waitangi 1875 to Lyttelton

Otago Witness Thursday 28 December 1893 page 15
Captain Kennedy came to the colony in 1854 as chief officer of the s.s. Nelson, and commanded in succession the Lady Grey, Wonga Wonga, Lord Ashley, Airedale, Easby, Taiaroa, Phoebe, Ladybird, Hawea, Hauroto, Rotomahana, and Flora. He has completed nearly 40 years of service in these waters.

Captain Kigour commanded the City of Dunedin to Lyttelton in 1876

Captain A. King commanded the clipper ship Ashburton for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain King commanded the Lancashire Witch 1867 and 1865 to Auckland. Dr Wills, father of the famous Australian explorer, came out as surgeon.

Captain W. King commanded the Kensington, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain G. King commanded the Black Swan, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain Kirby commanded the Anne Longton 1857

Captain Knight commanded the Bebington 1874

Captain Knight commanded the England's Glory in 1876. Wrecked at Bluff 1881. Captain J. Bollons, who for a number of years has been in command of the Government steamer Tutanekai, was a seaman on England's Glory when she made her last passage.


Captain Laing commanded the Agnes Muir 1869

Captain R. Langlands and Captain Buchan in command of the earlier Timaru 1865-1869 made five visits to Port Chalmers.

Captain Langlands commanded the Aboukir 1870

Captain Langlands commanded the Shun Lee 1871

Captain Large commanded the Glenhuntly 1871 and 1873

Captain Langly commanded the Simoon 1862 to Port Chalmers

Captain Laws commanded the Lurline 1887 - 1888

Captain J.D. Le Conteur commanded the Isles of the South 1874 to Lyttelton

Captain Le Couteur commanded the Scottish Lassie 1880

Captain J.H. Le Vesconte commanded the Glenlora 1875 - 1876

Captain Leeman commanded the Waitangi 1885 - 1890

Captain J. Lees in command of the Excelsior in 1869 - 1871. Captain Lee's brother was first mate.

Captain David Leslie commanded the Border Chief 1876 to Lyttelton

Captain Leslie commanded the Queen Bee 1866-70. The Queen Bee was wrecked at Cape Farewell 1877

Captain John Leslie commanded the May Queen 1870 - 1872

Captain James Leslie commanded the Calypso 1874 -1878. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 138.

Captain J. Leslie commanded the General Windham in 1863

Captain Leslie commanded the Otago 1874

Captain Leslie commanded the Canterbury 1875 

Captain T.H. Lethbridge commanded the Messina 1862

Captain John Levack commanded the Schiehallion to Lyttelton in 1876 and to Auckland in 1878. She ran ashore on the way home.

Captain A. Lewis in command of the barque the Antares 1878- 1884

Captain Ralph R. Liddle commanded the John Temperlery to Lyttelton in 1866

Captain William Lilley commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Barbara Gordon, 500 tons, in 1851

Captain Lindsay commanded the Lebu 1879

Captain Loftus commanded the Trevelyn 1874

Captain Loftus commanded the Queen Bee 1875 to Lyttelton

Captain Peter Logan commanded the Robert Henderson 1860-1865 and the William Davie 1866-1868 and the James Nicol Fleming 1869 - 1873

Captain Thomas Logan, commanded the 1900 gross register steamer Manapouri, in 1881

Captain H.G. Looke commanded the Eagle for Filby  & Co. and Jos. Stayner's in 1854.

Captain Longman commanded the Silver Eagle 1864

Captain Loryman commanded the Lancastria 1869

Captain J. Loutit commanded the Dinapore for Arthur Willis, Gann & Co. in 1858

Captain Edward Lovell commanded the iron clipper Sunbeam, 900 tons burthen, in 1867.

Captain J.R. Luckes command the War Spirit 1863 to Auckland

Captain McKenzie Luckie command the Michael Angelo 1865, 1873, 1875, found dead in his cabin from heart disease. The body was interred in the new cemetery at Nelson on 21st January 1875

Captain Lunden commanded the Ballochmyle to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain W. Lyall commanded the Inflexible, 1,800 tons, 1870

Captain John Lynch command the E.P. Bouverie 1868


Captain Macauley commanded the Elizabeth Graham 1886

Captain Malcolm Mucaulay, commanded the Red Rover, 1042 tons in 1867

Captain Mackie commanded the Ben Nevis 1880 -1881

Captain Macy commanded the Monarch 1866 to Auckland

Captain C.J. Macey commanded the Oriental to Wellington via Nelson in 1857.

Captain W. Main commanded the 1867 Clyde built iron barque clipper Anne Main, in 1870

Captain Robert Mainland commanded the Loch Doon 1881 - 1882, subsequently transferred to the Loch Trool, to Dunedin and Wellington in 1902. He was for many years commodore skipper of D. and R. Sprout's fleet. When a boy  sailed in the Orkney coasting vessels. When he got his certificate he became master of the Loch Doon holding command until 1884. Mr S. Mainland, a son, sailed with his father in the Loch Trool, but he left the ship in 1905 and settled in Stanley Bay, Devonport, Auckland.

Captain Malcolm
Otago Witness 23 January 1875, Page 12
The Wild Deer comes here this trip in the command of Captain Malcolm, late of the Helen Burns
Captain Cowan, formerly of the Wild Deer, having been promoted to the Wellington, one of the Company s new ships.

Captain Mangus Sutherland Meredith

Captain Manson commanded the Killochan 1888

Captain C.L. Maundrel, Norman Morrison, 1600 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ Oct. 1855

Captain Marshall commanded the Norman Castle 1872

Captain Thomas H. Martin commanded the Loch Fyne 1883

Captain Martin command the Mataura 1887-1890

Captain Martin commanded the Opawa 1893 - 1895

Captain Mather commanded the British Empire 1875 to Auckland

Captain Mathers commanded the Waimea 1878-1881 late of the Otaki.

Captain Mathers commanded the Opawa 1882 - 1885 Was ailing. Jumped overboard twice. Died. The chief officer brought her on.

Captain Edward Mathews in command of the Mystery 1859 to Lyttelton

Captain Matthews commanded the Hawarden Castle to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Joseph Maxwell served his apprenticeship in the City of Dunedin also known as commander of the Oamaru 1884-1888 and several of Shaw, Savill sailers and steamers. He retired from the sea in 1911, having served 39 years in the company's service, of which 16 years were spent in sailing ships.  He became the marine superintendent for the Shaw, Savill Co. at Auckland. He died in 1922. WW Vol 1. photo page 125

Captain H. May commanded the Hastings, 1000 tons, for Arthur Willis, Gann and Co. in 1861

Captain Melville commanded the Douglas 1886

Captain J.G. Merdue commanded the Myrtle in 1859

Captain W.H. Merryman commanded the Minerva to Lyttelton in 1861

Captain Metcalf commanded the Rakaia 1878 - 1879

Captain Metters commanded the Westland 1891

Captain Henry T. Middleton
Otago Witness 27 November 1890, Page 23
Middleton� Duncan.� On the 13th November, at St. Augustine's Church, Napier, by the Rev. J. Parkinson, Captain Henry T. Middleton (of the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Rangltiki) son of the late J. R. L. Middleton, of Hounston, Middlesex, to Isabella C. C. Duncan, eldest daughter of the late Captain James Duncan, Arbroath. Scotland.

Captain Miller commanded the Peeress to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain  Millar commanded the Sydenham 1881

Captain Miller command the Orari 1888 - 1890

Captain Millington commanded the Spirit of the Dawn when she was wrecked on the Antipodes Islands in 1893.  Drowned.

Captain J.W. Millman, commanded the Trans-Tasman clipper barque Malay in 1876 -1877, and the barque G.M. Tucker in 1888

Captain Millman commanded the Waipa to Lyttelton in1877

Captain Thomas Millman commanded the Rangitiki 1877-1884

Captain Thomas W Millman commanded the Sir George Seymour to Lyttelton in 1850

Captain Milman took the Waitaki home and returned in the Rangitikei.

Captain Millman commanded the s.s. Brunner in 1899

Captain Milner commanded the Dragon 1884

Captain W. Mitchell commanded the Asterope 1861-1864

Captain Mitchell commanded the Caribou 1866, 1868 to Port Chalmers

Captain Mitchell commanded the Jessie Readman 1873 - 1874

Captain Mitchell commanded the Langstone 1873-1875

Captain Mitchell commanded the James Wishart to Lyttelton in 1878

Captain J.B. Mitchell commanded the Glenlora 1878-87

Captain Middleton commanded the Rangitiki 1889 - 1890 

Captain Moffat commanded the James Nicol Fleming 1877 - 1879

Captain Moffat commanded the Westland 1881 - 1883

Captain E. Montgomery the clipper ship Golconda for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61
Captain Edward Montgomery commanded the Coleroon to Lyttelton in 1868

Captain John Moodie commanded the Ben Nevis 1873

Captain Moon command the Carnatic, 871 tons built in 1867, 1874

Captain Moon commanded the England's Glory. Built for E.H. Moon.

Captain Moore commanded the 700 ton  Dauntless 1864. He was ill when the vessel arrived in Auckland and never recovered. Died.

Captain J.G. Mordue was in command of the Elizabeth Graham in 1874 -1886 [J.J. Mordue]

Captain Mordue - The Auckland 1885. He was a fine sailorman as ever commanded a ship.

Captain J. Mordue - The Myrtle, 900 tons, Arthur Willis, Gann & Co.'s ship. Appointed captain in 1857

Captain Mordeau commanded the Maori in 1870 and the Auckland in 1886 

Captain John Wesley Morgan came out to Lyttelton in the Ann Gambles in 1877

Captain Morgan commanded the Famenoth 1884-1886

Captain Morgan commanded the Egmont 1862

Captain Morison command the Grassmere 1895. Sank near Cape Terawhiti

Captain Morrison commanded the Saint Vincent 1864

Captain Morrison commanded the Lastingham 1883 - 1884.  Wrecked Jackson's Head, Cook Strait, spring 1884

Captain Alfred Morton commanded the Pleiades 1891 - 1899. He had previously visited Nelson in the barque Charles Napier 32 years previously. The Pleiades was  lost off Akitio, New Zealand 1899

Captain Mosey commanded the Duke of Edinburgh 1874, 1875

Captain Mosey command the Orari 1876 - 1881, transferred to the Waimate 1881 - 1884 on the retirement of Captain Peek

Captain E Mosey commanded the Eastminster 1880 to Nelson

Captain Clement Mossop commanded the Coronilla 1871-1872

Captain Mourdant commanded the Chaudiere 1873

Captain John Mowlem commanded the Electra 1866-1868

Captain Muir commanded the Jessie Readman 1875

Captain John Muir in command of the Invercargill 1876-1891
Otago Witness 18 January 1879, Page 16
On the 31st December, at the, residence of the bride's father, Port Chalmers, by the Rev. James Maxwell. Captain John Muir, ship Invercargill, to Annie Isbister, eldest daughter of Captain John Robertson.

Captain WL Mullens commanded the the H.H. Willis & Co. 579 ton Victory 1848 -1854

Captain Joseph Mundle command the Oliver Lang 1856and command the Anne Longton to Nelson in1860. He afterwards settled in New Plymouth and was master of the Stormbird, the Rangatira and other coastal vessels.

Captain S Murdoch commanded the Loch Urr 1870-1881 then he was relieved  by his brother Captain John Murdoch 1881-1882

Captain Murray commanded the Akaroa 1893-1898

Captain Robert Murray commanded the Mennock 1878 to Lyttelton

Captain McAllister commanded the William Davie 1877 - 1880

Captain McCracken commanded the Olive to Lyttelton in 1878

Captain McCarry commanded the Laira 1882

Captain James McCarthy commanded the Hereford 1878. Wrecked in 1881, 20 miles from Geelong.

Captain Dearmaid McDearmaid
Otago Witness 31 December 1881, Page 17
On a the 24th December, suddenly, from apoplexy, at Dunedin, N.Z., Captain Dearmid M'Dearmaid, of the barquentine Fairlie ; aged 40 years.

Captain Coll McDonald - U.S.S. Co. steamers

Captain McDonald commanded the Robert Henderson  1870

Captain McDonald commanded the Helenslee 1870 sailed Oct 1869 - Jan. 1870

Captain McDonald commanded the Auckland 1875

Captain McDonald commanded the Ben Venue when she wrecked at Timaru in 1882.

Captain McDougall commanded the Auckland 1877 - 1884. He died in Christchurch in the early 1920s

Captain McFarlane arrived in Dunedin Nov. 24 1863 in charge of the steamer City of Dunedin. He retired from the sea in 1883 and was appointed harbourmaster at Dunedin. He held this position until 1893. Since 1901 to 1924 he was residing at Devonport, Auckland. May 1924 age 95th year. He had purchased the barque PCE

Captain Macfarlane commanded the Orthes to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain William McGowan commanded the Ben Venue 1876 - 1881. Captain Wilson, who was master of the Northern steamship Company's Waiotahi at Auckland sailed under him. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 301

Captain McGuinness commanded the Duke of Edinburgh 1873

Captain McInnes commanded the Rakaia to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain McKechnie commanded the Fontenaye 1878

Captain McKelvie commanded the Hurunui 1877

Captain Henry McKenzie commanded the Lebu 1878 when he loss his life. Family in Kercaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland. Mr RF Wadeson brought her in to Auckland

Captain J Mackenzie, Cordelia 500 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855

Captain McKenzie commanded the Brahmin 1889-1890

Captain McInnes command the Otaki 1875-76 [McInnis]

Captain McInnes commanded the Rakaia 1875

Captain MacInnes commanded the Opawa 1877 - 1878

Captain J McIntosh commanded the Claremont in 1863 to Auckland

Captain D. McIntyre commanded the Chrysolite 1861

Captain John McLachlan commanded the Trans-Tasman s.s. Omeo in 1861

Captain McLay commanded the Apelles to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain John McLean was in command of the Albion in 1874

Captain T McMillan commanded the Asia 1874

Captain J McMillan commanded the Canterbury 1881-1890

Captain R McNabb commanded the s.s. St. Osyth, 3,600 tons in 1875

Captain Robert McNeilly commanded the Dilharee 1874-1875

Captain D McRitchie commanded the Assaye 1874. Wrecked on the Chatham Islands

Captain John McRuvie commanded the John Masterman in 1859

Captain McWhiter commanded the Laju to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain McWilliam commanded the Prince of Wales 1863

Captain McWilliams commanded the Westland 1885 - 1886


Captain J. Nelson commanded the Parsee 1873 - 1874

The Star 9 July 1875 pg2
Deep regret was expressed at Lyttelton when the news of the death of Captain Newby, of Shaw Savill and Albion Company's barque Helen Denny, became known. The deceased was chief officer of the ship Wellington, under Captain Cowan, for a considerable time, and was in the vessel when she collided with ice on the homeward journey from New Zealand. He had only been married on his previous trip to England.

Captain Alex. Newlands commanded the wool clipper Royal Bride, 983 tons Register, 1800 tons Burthen in 1859 from Otago.

Captain G. Nicole commanded the Glenlora 1890 -1896

Captain Nicholl commanded the Southesk to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Nixon commanded the Northern Monarch 1897 - 1903, became a total wreck off Egmont Nov. 7 1903

Captain Norie commanded the Countess of Kintore 1876 to Lyttelon

Captain WT Nixon commanded the Gananoque, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain Peter Nordstrum, a coastal skipper, died age 67, c. 17 March 1908 ?Auckland, joined the Union Company in 1878. In charge of the Haupiri, Mawhera and other vessels.

Captain Norman commanded the Otago 1888 - 1889.

Captain HW Norris commanded the Evening Star, for Shaw, Saville, in 1860 - 1864

Captain Nott commanded the British Queen 1859 to Auckland


Captain O'Bley commanded the Stonehouse to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain S Ogilvie commanded the Geraldine Paget to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain Oughton commanded the Nimroud 1864

Captain EM Outridge commander of the clipper ship Champion of the Seas, 200tons register in 1869

Captain J Orwin commanded the Lord Hardinge for Arthur Willis, Gann & Co. in 1858


Captain Isaac Paddle commanded the Charlotte Gladstone 1872 to Dunedin

Captain John Paddle commanded the Strathallan 1864-1866. Captain John Paddle commanded the Monarch 1870 to Lyttelton.

Captain Parker commanded the Halcione 1878 -1885

Captain E Parker commanded the Hermione 1888 -1892

Captain Parker commanded the Langstone 1876-1878

Captain Paton commanded the Camperdown 1876

Captain Payne commanded the Celaeno 1879

Captain RH Paynter commanded the Palala 1878- 1880

Captain Perriam commanded the Wave Queen 1879

Captain Parriam commanded the Lochnager 1883 -1885

Captain Parry commanded the Queen of Cambria1883

Captain William Paterson commanded the Himalaya 1886 -1890

Captain Peacock commanded the James Nicol Fleming 1874

Captain Peacock in command of the Invercargill 1875

Captain Peacocke commanded the William Davie 1872-1873

Captain George Pearson commanded the Cashmere 1851-1857

Captain William Pearson commanded the wool AA2 iron ship Lutterworth, 853 tons in 1878-87

Captain Pearson commanded the Sam Mendel 1883-1885

Captain Pebbles commanded the Margaret Galbraith 1875-1876

Captain Pebbles commanded the Otago 1877 - 1880. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg155

Captain Peek commanded the Mary Shepherd 1869-1870

Captain Peek command the Waitara 1874 to Lyttelton

Captain Robert Peek commanded the Beth Shan in 1871, Bebington 1872,  Hindostan 1873, Waimate 1876-1881

Captain N. Pentreath, Northfleet, 1050 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ. Oct. 1855

Captain Perriam commanded the Crusader 1887 - 1888

Captain C.G. Perrins commanded the Mizapore in 1882

Captain Perritt commanded the Miltiades 1874

Captain Perry commanded the Forfarshire 1894

Captain Petergoy was in command of the Cesarewitch in 1874.

Captain David Peters, commander of the wool ship, 500 tons burthen, Malay, 1864

Captain Charles G. Petherbridge commanded the Maori 1851 - 1859, Cashmere 1861 - 1862 for Willis, Gann & Sons, Napier 1863, Countess of Kintore 1866-1871

Captain Petherbridge commanded the Chile  1867

Captain Petherbridge commanded the St. Leonard's 1872, 1873

Timaru Herald, 14 January 1874, Page 2
The ship St. Leonard's, Captain R. Todd, got under way at Lyttelton on Saturday. The ship this voyage goes on in charge of Captain Todd, Captain Petherbridge remaining in port to look after the discharge and loading of Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co.'s ships, and all matters connected therewith.

Captain Petherbridge commanded the Dragon 1883

Captain Peters commanded the Portland 1864

Captain Peters commanded the Pleiades to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain David Peters commanded the clipper ship Malay, 1865 and to Nelson 1867

Captain Peters commanded the Helen Denny 1880

Captain Thomas E Phillips commanded the Euterpe 1876 - 1882

Captain Phillips commanded the Zealandia 1884 - 1890

Captain Edwin Phillips, formerly commander of the Manuka, died in Sydney c. Nov. 13 1908

Captain Pierrpoint commanded the Deva 1884-1887

Captain Pinel commanded the Parsee 1891

Captain Pinel, late of the ship Tiptree, commanded the Sea King to Auckland in January 1864

Captain Pitfield commanded the Chaudiere 1878 and the Himalaya in 1879 to Lyttelton

Captain JK Pittendreigh commanded the Loch Linnhe 1882 to Port Chalmers

Captain Plunket commanded the Hurunui 1893

Captain J Pook commanded the Thetis in 1855 and the Joseph Fletcher 1856-1859

Captain Pope commanded the Telegraph to Auckland in 1863

Captain G Potter commanded the Clara 1848 to Auckland, and still in command in 1854

Captain Pottinger commanded the Rangitiki 1891-1896. Cat was jumped through the port hole overboard and Captain drowned a few days later. Buried ashore at Napier.  He was 54 years of age, of which 35 years was spent at sea and he had been with the N.Z. Shipping Company first as mate of the Waitangi and for the last six years in the Rangitiki. Captain's son onboard. Captain Baker formerly mate of the Turakina took the Rangitiki  home. Captain F.A. MacIndoe of Wellington, made several voyages with Captain Pottinger as second mate.

Captain Pottinger commanded the Waimea 1888 - 1889

Captain Potts commanded the Rangitiki 1864

Captain Power commanded the Pareora 1877-1883. Succeeded by Capt. Donaldson in 1883

Captain Power commanded the Turakina 1884 - 1890. Photo White Wings Vol. 1. pg 131

Captain Poynton commanded the Nimrod 1864


Captain Edwin Raddon died Sept. 6th 1902 in Timaru, aged 85 years. "Safe beyond the harbour bar". Well-known as a seafaring man, and for many years was captain of the Whitehall, trading between the colonies and England. In command of the Whitehall, 936 tons, sailed 16th June, arrived 26th Sept. 1873 at Lyttelton with cabin passengers only.  He had been living on a small farm at Kingsdown for some years.

Timaru Herald, 21 August 1891, Page 2 Hugh Hocking Hunter Raddon (1854-1891) age 37
The vessels in port yesterday waved their flags at half mast in token of respect to the memory of the Captain H. H. Raddon, who died at Papanui on Tuesday. The deceased was a son of Captain Raddon, the well known resident of Kingsdown. He was for many, years in the service of Mr C. W. Turner, in command of the of Rio Lodge, Thurso, Cingalese, and other vessels. Five or six years ago he left the sea and embarked in business in Christchurch and then in Papanui, where he had been about four years. He was known to many in Timaru and some of his old friends went to Christchurch by the morning train yesterday to attend the funeral.

The Cingalese, 698 tons, barque,  from London, 115 days out. sailed 14th June 1884 and arrived at Lyttelton 7th Oct. She brings a cargo of cement, a quantity of which is for the Tamaki breakwater. 

North Otago Times, 5 September 1879, Page 2 Oamaru, cleared outwards. Sept. 4� Thurso, barque, 490 tons, Raddon, for Adelaide.
West Coast Times, 24 July 1885, Page 2
Timaru, July 23. Arrived � King Alec, barque, Captain Raddon, 104 days from London. About five weeks ago a very heavy sea broke over the vessel's poop, throwing down the captain (who was at the wheel) and flooding the decks, and nearly washing another man overboard. Captain Raddon's ankle was seriously injured, but was put in splints. O
n coming ashore it was found the small bones had been broken but had been well set.

Captain George Tolman Ralls, City of Auckland 1873 -1878. He retired to Sandford, on the Thames, near Oxford, and named his beautiful home Auckland. Mrs Ralls accompanied Captain Ralls on three voyages and three of their children were born on board. Mrs A. Hills of Manurewa was a daughter. He was in command of the City of Auckland when she was wrecked on Otaki Beach. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 25. Captain Ralls died January 25th 1927. He was born in 1838.
1891 Census: Edmonton, Middlesex - 27
Mabel A S Ralls 17 at sea
Archibald Ralls  15  at sea
Daisy E M Ralls 13 at sea

Captain Rae was in command of the Caller-On in 1874

Captain Raeburn commanded the Adelaide to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Ramsey commanded the Maraval 1879 - 1880

Captain Rankin commanded the William Davie 1874 to Bluff

Captain Ranson commanded the Northern Monarch 1879 to Lyttelton

Captain J. Rawden - appointed captain of the Euphemus, 1,100 tons, in 1857

Captain Raymond commanded the Cicero to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Reid commanded the Bebington 1884

Captain Reid commanded the Earl of Zetland 1875

Captain Charles H. Renaut had been sailing New Zealand waters since 1848 when he was  a youth on his father' s ship. In command of the Celaeno for her maiden voyage 1864- 1873, the Crusader 1874 - 1876, Pleione 1876 - 1887.

Captain Renaut commanded the Frenchman 1860 to Auckland

Captain Renaut commanded the Punjab to Lyttelton in 1873

Captain Renaut commanded the Glenlora 1874

Captain F.H. Renaut commanded the Soukar 1878-9

Captain Renaut commanded the Margaret Galbraith 1899

Captain Reston commanded the Waimea 1892 -1895

Captain Reynolds commanded the Edward Thornhill 1862 to Nelson

Captain Abraham Lewis Reynolds. A hard sailing skipper of the old school, in spite of cracking on was popular with the passengers. The Ida Zeigler 1861-1867. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 219. in 1864 William Mann was chief officer and Henry Neville second officer.

Captain Reynolds commanded the Countess of Kintore 1872. He was formerly the chief officer on the Countess of Kintore. Commanded the Ballarat 1871.

Captain John Rhind New Era 1300  tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855. Came out to Lyttelton in the Carnatic in 1877-78.

Captain Richards commanded the Thomas Stephens 1869. Probably sunk by a German submarine

Captain Richardson commanded the Endymion 1873-1879

Captain C Richardson, Trafalgar 1200 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855

Captain Rice commanded the Loch Cree 1901

Captain Ritchie commanded the Pladda 1860

Captain Robb commanded the Rajah in 1853

Captain Roberts command the E.P. Bouverie 1874 to Lyttelton

Captain Roberts commanded the Pleiades to Lyttelton in 1872 -1874

Captain AF Roberts commanded the Trevelyn 1880 - 1886

Captain David T. Roberts - In command of the Caduceus in 1871- 1872. He had made previous visits to Auckland in the Maori 1867-1869. The Hermoine 1877-87

Timaru Herald Friday 1 November 1889
The many friends in Canterbury of Captain David T Roberts, who was so well-known and esteemed suring the many years he traded to the colony in the Shaw Savill ship Hermione, will regret to hear that he expired about September 5th, at Weymouth in his sixty-first year. Captain Roberts suffered a sad loss about twelve months ago, when his son, Captain W. Roberts was lost in the Trevelyan, the ship being his first command, sunk in collision off Berry head in 1883 

Evening Post, 22 November 1888, Page 2
A singular complication, which has its origin in a similarity of names and some curious coincidences, has arisen in connection with the identity of the Captain of the missing ship Trevelyan. It appears that some years ago the ship was commanded by a Captain A. F. Roberts, whose son, Mr. J. M. Roberts, was also on board, in the capacity of second mate. Captain Bowling, we believe, succeeded this Captain Roberts. When the vessel left London this voyage it was announced that she was in charge of another Captain Roberts. By many people it was assumed that the son of the former captain had succeeded to the command. This is, however, not the case, the present captain being a son of Captain D. T. Roberts, for a long time well known as master of the Hermione. It was a curious coincidence that the Captain Roberts now supposed to be lost served with his father as mate on the Hermione, so that it will be seen there were two Captain Roberts, each of whom had his son as an officer on board their respective ships. We have ascertained that the son of Captain A. F. Roberts left the Trevelyan two years ago, and joined another vessel, in which he went to San Francisco, subsequently becoming second mate of the ship Sokoto, a South American trader, which he was still in on the 28th June last, as confirmed by a letter just received from him by friends in Wellington. An extraordinary thing in connection with the mix-up of the names is that the so friends, one of whom is a lady to whom Mr. J. M. Roberts was engaged, all concluded that he was the present captain, and until the receipt of the letter referred to have mourned him as drowned, the fiance, who has lately go on to Nelson on a visit, having worn black on this account for the last two months. Up to yesterday she had not been informed of her lover's safety. We hope that all will now end happily.  

Captain Roberts commanded the Pareora 1876

Captain Roberts commanded the Bebington 1878-1879

Captain Roberts commanded the Dunedin 1887 -1889

Captain C. Robertson commanded the HH Willis & Co. packet Simlah, 800 tons, in 1853 -1854

Captain William Robertson in 1867commanded the Countess of Kintore, 738 tons, built by William Duthie of Aberdeen

Captain Robertson commanded the Carona 1874

Captain Robertson commanded the Loch Fleet 1877-1879 

Captain Robertson commanded the Cape Finistere to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Thomas Robertson - "The artist is also a seaman" 

Captain Robinson commanded the Coronilla 1882

Captain John Robertson, commanded the newly built clipper ship Melbourne in 1861

Captain John Thomas Rolls commanded Union Company's Niagara was chief officer of the the Loch Bredan in 1882 and the s.s. Lady Bird in 1861

Captain Henry Rose was born in Central America in 1833 and went to sea at the age of 14, became third officer at 18 and obtained his captain's certificate at the age of 24. Commenced his career in the NZ trade by bringing out the Mermaid, of White Star line to Auckland in 1861. This was his second voyage as Commander. When he arrived Home the White Star Company was in difficulties and he was offered, and accepted command of the Merope (Shaw Savill Line), 1870. He made three voyages in this ship then joined the New Zealand Shipping Company in which he purchased an interest and brought out their first new ship Rakaia sailing from London in 1874 to Lyttelton. When he got back to London he took command of the Waimate, 1875. He then sailed on the Waikato in 1875. While in the colony he was offered and accepted the position of Marine Superintendent for the company and the following year the directors appointed him manger of the newly opened Wellington office. He took over on August 1 1874 and year the office until he retired in 1898. He made his first voyage in the Orestes. He spent 27 years at sea. Died in London in his 79th year. One of his daughters married Mr C.V. Houghton, manager of the Auckland branch of the N.Z. Shipping Co. Zealandia  1879, Mermaid 1861-1869. photo of Capt. Rose WW page 90. Vol. 1. Rose served as an apprenticeship on the St. Vincent, a Crimean War troop carrier. Obit: Dominion, 31 October 1912, Page 7. Died age 79. in 1898 he retired and went Home to reside. Last visit to NZ was in May 1912. Captain Rose leaves a widow and an unmarried daughter in London, another daughter (wife of Mr. C. V. Houghton, manager of the New Zealand Shipping Company at Auckland), and three sons- Mr. J.G. Rose (Messrs. W. and G. Turnbull and Co.), Mr. W. H. Rose (Messrs. H. G. Anderson and Co., Wellington), and Lieutenant A.B. Rose, of the British Army

Captain Rose commanded the Waikato to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Ross commanded the Silver Eagle 1864

Captain Ross commanded the City of Dunedin 1872 -1875. Photo WW Vol.1 pg87

Captain Ross commanded the City of Cashmere 1882, total wreck January 14, Timaru

Captain Daniel Ross commanded the Viola and the William Davie in 1869, City of Cashmere in 1881. Died at his farm at Big Umgimouha East Griqulland, S. Africia 23rd Dec. 1921.

Captain John Roth
Otago Witness 29 July 1887, Page 21
Rolph.--On the 23rd July, at Jetty street wharf, Dunedin, John Rolph, captain of the ship Myrtle; aged 29 years.

Captain Rowe commanded the Varuna  to Lyttelton in 1874

Captain Rowe commanded the British Empire 1875 to Dunedin

Captain Henry Rowlands commanded the barque Duke of Sutherland in 1882

Captain Russell commanded the Routenbeck 1892

Captain William Ruthe commanded the Helen Denny 1874 - 1882. Photo WW Vol. 1 page 159

Captain Ruthven
Wanganui Chronicle, 20 January 1910, Page 2
About the time when the Ruahine left London on her first voyage to New Zealand, Captain Ruthven, the commodore of the Orient fleet, took the Orvieto out on her maiden voyage. He has been a servant of the Orient Steam Navigation Company since its inception, and has commanded many of its liners. So far he has made about eighty ocean voyages in steamers, and before that he made several in sailing vessels. An authority who dabbles in statistics stated the other day that Captain Ruthven must have travelled at least two and a quarter millions of miles since he embarked as fifth officer of the famous clipper ship White Star.


Captain Samuel commanded the Westland 1900 - 1905

Captain Sandberg commanded the Rooparell 1874

Captain Sangster in command of the Rob Roy 1866. Quick passage.

Captain  Alfred A. Sargeant who brought out the Pleione from 1890 to1897 had previously had command of several of the Shaw Savill Co.'s ships. He came out as second officer of the Halcione in 1881 and 1882 to Wellington, under Captain E.S. Parker. In 1884 - 1889 he was given command of the Glenlora, and he brought that ship to Auckland in 1885. He then made four trips to Nelson 1886-1889 and in 1893 took over the Pleione. After completing four voyages to Wellington he came to Auckland in 1897 when  he left Shaw, Savill Co. and entered the coastal service.  

Captain Scotland commanded the Rangitiki to Lyttelton in 1876

Captain W. Scotland commanded the Glenlora 1877 - 1889

Captain Scotland commanded the Crusader 1884 - 1886

Captain Scotland commanded the Westland 1887 - 1889

Captain William Scotland commanded the 1225 clipper ship Rangitikei in 1877

Captain Scott command the Hylton Castle 1873

Captain Scott commanded the Chaudiere 1879, 1880

Captain Scruby command the Piako 1884

Captain J Scurr commanded the Norna to Lyttelton in 1871

Captain Seaborn commanded the Waipa 1876

Captain Seaton commended the Warwick to Lyttelton in 1879

Evening Post, 24 May 1911, Page 5
Captain F. D. Seaborne of the s.s. Cranley, which steamer arrived under charter to the Tyser Company on 24th March last from New York, died in Wellington in a private early .this morning at 3 o'clock 'after a somewhat lengthy illness. Captain Seaborne's first visit to these parts was as master of the steamer Tolosa which arrived here on 31st January, 1899. Since then, a few years ago, he called in the Barkston for coal, the boat being on her way to South America. Deceased was 52 years of age. He leaves a widow and two children in Bristol, England. A special service has been arranged to be held at St. Peter's to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. The cortege will leave for Karori immediately after the service. As far back as 1879 deceased was second mate on the Shaw-Savill and Albion Company's old sailing clipper Crusader, when the vessel was trading between New Zealand and the Old Country. A number of years ago he was with Captain Steele on the Swanley as chief officer. All the flags on vessels in port today are at half-mast ac a mark of respect to the deceased's memory.

Captain George Sellars commanded the Bombay 1862-1866. He command the Electra 1869-1873. Captain Sellars was in command of the Zealandia when she collided with the Ellen Lamb in in 1874 mid ocean and cut her in two. He was in command of the Bombay to Auckland when she arrived there with all her masts gone. Commanded the Zealandia 1874 - 1882. He was appointed ships' husband in London in 1882.

Captain Sellars commanded the City of Dunedin 1863

Captain Sellars commanded the Ida Zeigler 1868 when she wrecked at Napier 27 Feb.

Captain W. Setton commanded the Pleiades 1878 - 1888, 2 Castlepark, Exmouth in 1892

Captain William Sewell - Harbour Master, Oamaru

Captain G.F. Seymour, 530 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ. Oct. 1855

Captain Thomas Shaw commanded the 815 tons register wool ship Gala, 1864 -1865.

Captain Sherris commanded the Weathersfield 1882-1888

Captain W Shirwen commanded the Primrose to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain Silba commanded the Rakaia 1891

Captain Silba commanded the Waipa 1893-1894

Captain John Simpson commanded the new coast wise schooner Pioneer

Captain J. Sinclair commanded the Kennaird, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain Sinclair commanded the Wave Queen 1873-1874

Captain Sinclair commanded the Waimea 1886 - 1887

Captain J. Sinclair commanded the Hurunui 1889-1890

Captain Sinclair commanded the Waitangi 1891

Captain Skinner commanded the Warwick 1872-1875

Captain Slaughter commanded the Spray of the Ocean 1859

Captain Smale commanded the Monarch 1850 to Auckland

Captain Smart command the Carnatic 1853 to Dunedin.

Captain A. Smith, H.C.S. Balnaguith, 900 tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ Oct. 1855

Captain Edwin Smith commanded the Star of the South, an iron clipper ship of 665 tons registered , in 1870

Captain John Smith commanded the Dona Anita, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain Thomas H. Smith commanded the clipper barque May Queen, 800 burthen, 1864

Captain W. Smith commanded the Douglas, 1200 tons in 1864

Captain Smith command the Carnatic 1855 to Auckland

Captain Smith commanded the Portland 1869 - 1874. Took ill in Auckland and Captain Coster took command.

Captain Smith commanded the Chile  1875

Captain Smith in command of the Wild Duck 1870

Captain Smith commanded the Iron Queen 1877

Evening Post, 27 July 1911, Page 7
Captain R. E. Smith, late master of the Mokoia, retired from the service of the Union Steam Ship Company on Monday, says the Otago Daily Times, he having reached the age limit prescribed by the the company's regulations. Captain Smith, who has had an honourable career as a seaman, first went to sea as a lad in March, 1862, on a ship trading to the West Indies and the Mediterranean. His initial trip to the colonies was made in the Queen Bee in 1860. The return Home was made in the Christian M'Causland, and on that occasion the present Minister of Railways (the Hon. J. A. Millar) was senior apprentice. He returned to New Zealand in the Shaw, Savill, and Albion steamer Zealandia, and entered the coastal service as chief officer of the Lady of the Lake and later of the Ino, both of which vessels traded to Catlins and the Molyneux River. He left that service in August, 1877, and joined the Union Company, being appointed chief officer of the Taiaroa, and later acting master, and finally master of the Beautiful Star� his first command. He then commanded successively the larger ships Omapere, Poherua, Ovalau, Taviuni, and during the last eight years the s.s. Mokoia. At different times Captain Smith has relieved as master on all the company's intercolonial and foreign vessels. At a meeting of the directors and heads of staffs of the U.S.S. Co. at Dunedin on Monday Mr. John Roberts, C.M.G., on behalf of the directors, presented Captain Smith with a very handsome marble clock, and at the same time expressed the very high opinion they entertained of his qualifications as a sailor add of his qualities as a man. Captain Smith is vary favourably known among the travelling public, and his retirement from active service will be very ninth regretted among tile wide circle of friends he has made throughout the colonies

Captain Spalding commanded the Dochra to Lyttelton in 1879

Captain Spence commanded the Queen Margaret 1855 to Nelson

Captain Thomas Spencer commanded the Cissy to Lyttelton 1866, to Nelson 1867 and to Sydney in 1871 and to Wellington in 1874. He was first officer on her to Lyttelton in 1850. He commanded the Steadfast, (1850-56) to Lyttelton in 1851

Captain Spencer commanded the Ironsides 1879

Captain Spille commanded the Baron Aberdare 1875

Captain Frederick John Sotham commanded the Waitangi 1874. He was well known in the Government service. He commanded the troop-ship Middlesex and also the ship Durham. Born 21 April 1841 Oxfordshire, England - died Easter day 5 April, 1896 in a buggy accident on the way to Makikihi. He was the Vicar of Waimate. Late Commander Royal Navy troopships to India and Abyssinia. On leaving the Navy, he took holy orders and then came out to New Zealand, serving at Port Chalmers, Waikouiti,and other cures in the diocese of Dunedin. He was subsequently stationed in Lyttelton, where he laboured for a number of years, and exchanging cures was stationed at Waimate. The late Mr Sotham was widely known all over Canterbury and Otago, and he had during , his previous career been brought into direct contact with some of the leading minds of the day. The late Admiral Tryon was his personal friend, and had visited him (at Sydney) just prior to the Victoria disaster. The funeral takes place at 2 p.m. to-day. His Lord ship Bishop Julius will not be able to be present, but all the local clergy will assembled. The deceased leaves a widow and five children. Rev. F. J. Sotham. Incumbent of St. Augustine's Church, Waimate.

Captain Sowells commanded the Brahmin 1889-1890

Captain Stapp in command of the Mystery 1862-1864

Captain Starkie commanded the Elizabeth Ann Bright 1863

Captain Steel commanded the Sam Mendel 1876-1877

Captain D Stephens commanded the clipper ship Kinnaird for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain H Stephens commanded the barque Victory, 579 tons from Lyttelton to Batavia in 1859

Captain J. Stephens commanded the clipper ship Motoaka for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain O. Stephen commanded the barque Rose, 600 tons burthen, 1864.

Captain Alfred Stevens commanded the Matoaka 1859 - 1869 except 1865.  " missing" homeward bound from Lyttelton 1869 (?W. Stevens)

Captain Stevens commanded the the Willis, Gunn and Co. 579 ton Victory 1859

Captain Stevens commanded the City of Dublin 1878

Captain Stevens command the E.P. Bouverie 1871-1873

Captain Stevens commanded the Auckland 1874

Captain P.B. Stevens commanded the Tintern Abbey 1875 to Lyttelton

Captain Stevens for some years master of the Wanaka  and other ships was an apprentice on board the Hurunui when the collision occurred in the channel in 1883 and Captain Hazelwood was in command.

Captain J. Stott commanded the Avalanche for Shaw, Saville, in 1860 -1864

Captain Strang commanded the Lyttelton 1886

Captain Strap commanded the Sussex in 1874 and a decade earlier the Mystery

Captain Strap in command of the Sussex 1874 to Port Chalmers

Captain Alexander Strachan commanded the Electra 1863, Vicksburg to Otago in 1867 and the Jessie Readman 1870 - 1873

Captain Strachan commanded the Canterbury 1874 to Lyttelton

Captain Strachan commanded the Carona 1875

Captain Strachan command the Golden Sea 1863 to Wellington

Captain Street commanded the Routenbeck 1879-1881

Captain Roland Streeter in command of the Euterpe 1892-1894.

Evening Post, 22 September 1906, Page 4
Captain R. Streater, who died at Auckland last Saturday, was a native of Carahalton, London, and was 50 years of age. He joined his first ship at the age of 16 years, trading to the Black Sea and the Far East. He entered the Shaw-Savill Company's service in the early eighties, and it was not long before he was promoted to the rank of captain, being appointed to the command of the sailing ship
Lutterworth in 1837. In 1890 he was transferred to the ship Euterpe, and five years later he came out to New Zealand as chief officer of the Aotea. Settling down in Auckland, he became a partner in the firm of Nearing and Co., stevedores. He was a member of the New Zealand Power Boat Association, and owned the launch Seaford. His wife, three sisters, and a brother survive him. His sisters reside in England, and the brother in Constantinople.

Captain Streeter's cabin on the Euterpe.

Captain John Stringer commanded the Chile  1865 - 1866

Captain William Stuart remained in command of the Tweed for 14 years from 1863.

Captain Adam Stuart commanded the Asterope 1864-1868

Captain George R. Stuart commanded the City of Dunedin 1869, the Otago 1869 - 1873 and Oamaru 1875, 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880

Captain Isaac Sutherland commanded the Crusader 1872 - 1874. In 1875 he was in command of the Merope to Canterbury. He Merope 1875-1890. Abandoned on fire 1890.

Captain Sutherland command the Piako 1885- 1891

Captain Swinton commanded the Lanarkshire 1875 to Lyttelton


Captain Tadman Royal Stuart 900  tons, Frederick Young & Co. line between London and NZ, Oct. 1855

Captain Tannock command the City of Glasgow 1892

Captain Robert Tatchell in command of the May Queen, 1873-1878. Photo WW. page 84 Vol 1

Captain Duncan Taylor in command of the Sebastopol in 1863

Captain JH Taylor in command of the Timaru 1876-1880.

Captain Taylor commanded the Rangitiki 1887

Captain Thomas commanded the Portland 1863

Captain Edwin J. Thomas commanded the barque Hudson 1884 -94. Ashore hear Timaru in 1885, certificate suspended.

Captain Thomas commanded the Electra 1877 to Auckland

Captain Thomas commanded the Merope 1886 - 1890

Captain Thomas in command of the Oamaru 1893

Captain Thomas commanded the Wellington 1897 - 1903

Captain George Thompson commanded the Electra 1878-1883

Captain T. Thomson commanded the clipper ship Derwentwater for Shaw, Savill, & Co. in 1860-61

Captain John Thompson late of the ship Derwentwater, of London, will command the ship Glenmark, launched from the yard of Wm Duthie, jun., at Aberdeen. Sept. 1864. In Feb. 1874 Mr Thompson, formerly captain of the Glenmark and Derwentwater, who, after eight years retirement from the sea, has again returned to it, and is chief officer of the ship Crusader.

Captain T.G. Thorpe commanded the White Rose 1875. Found dead in his berth from apoplexy. Mr W.C. Best, chief officer then took charge.

Captain Thow commanded the Laira 1883-1887

Captain Tilley commanded the City of Dunedin 1867

Captain Tilly command the E.P. Bouverie 1869  -1870

Captain Tilly commanded the Christian McAusland 1871-1874

Captain Tilly in command of the Invercargill 1874

Captain Tilly commanded the Wanlock 1876 to Auckland

Captain Tizard commanded the Warwick 1876

Captain Richard Todd, long resident of Napier. Born at Dundee, Scotland in 1845, he went to sea as a boy, and his first voyage was to China on a ship carrying troops. His first visit to NZ was as chief officer of the Asterope in the middle '70s. Next he was chief officer on a small barque called the Malay of which he took command when the master, Captain Peters was promoted to a larger vessel. He next commanded the Saint Leonards 1874-1882. His last ship was the Northumberland 1884-1887. After the loss of the Northumberland, 10 May 1887, Captain Todd came ashore and settled at Napier. Five months later he was appointed marine superintendent of the colonial  Union Shipping Company. In 1889 the company changed names to Tyser Line. In 1893 he was appointed colonial superintendent of the line, which in 1913 changed its name to the Commonwealth and Dominion Line. He then became director of the company. He was 71 when he died. His wife predeceased him by two years. He had three sons. Ref. White Wings Vol. 1 pg 70. Photo.

Captain John Todd commanded the Strathallan 1858 to Dunedin. Crew refused to sail back with him. Captain Grieve took command.

Captain Richard Todd commanded the Malay 1873 to Nelson

Captain John C. le Tonkin commanded the Langstone 1883 - 1889

Captain George Tonkin commanded the Glenlora 1892 - 1897

Captain Tomkin commanded the Adamant 1882.

Captain Torkilson commanded the Cariolanus 1889

Captain Torrance commanded the City of Cashmere 1875

Captain Trewyn commanded the Harvest Home 1871 to Lyttelton

Captain John Trewyn commanded the Harvest Home to Lyttelton in 1872 and barque Hudson 1874 -1875

Captain Tribe commanded the Waimate 1885

Captain Triston commanded the Rakaia 1875-1877

Captain Triston commanded the Opawa 1878 - 1880

Captain Triston commanded the Waitangi 1881-1883

Evening Post, 28 September 1910, Page 8
A well -known mariner. London advices announce the death of Captain Trotter, of the Tyser Line. He was for many years connected with the Australian and New Zealand trade.

Captains Tucker/Lukes commanded the Lactura to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain S Tulloch commanded the wool ship Star of Tasmania, 1862

Captain Tuly commanded the Hopeful to Lyttelton in 1877

Captain J Turnbull commanded the Bosworth in 1860-61.

Captain J Turnbull commanded the Dolphin in 1855.

Captain Turnbull commanded the Simlah 1853 to Auckland

Captain Thomas Turnbull commanded the wool ship Chile 1860-1862

Captain Turnbull commanded the Caroline 1876 to Nelson

Captain C Turner command the Grassmere 1862

Captain N Tyack, commanded the teak built Thracian 1866


Otago Witness December 26 1900 page 54
The Tyser line steamer Star of England arrived at Port Chalmers on Thursday afternoon, and was berthed at the George street pier at the top of high water, her draught being 16ft 3in forward and 22ft 8in aft. The Star of England is a screw steamer of 3696 tons, register, rigged as a brigantine. She was built at the yards of Messrs Workman, Clarke and Co., Belfast, in 1889. She is 371ft 8: ling, 44ft 2" breadth of beam and 27ft 2" in depth. Her engines are of the triple-expansion principle, the diameter of the cylinders being 26 in, 44in and 72in respectively, with a length of stroke of 48in. She is under the command of Captain F.W. Ullyatt. She brings some 900 tons of general cargo.

Captain Vaughan commanded the Loch Linnie 1885 to Auckland

Captain Vaux commanded the Epson 1863

Captain Vaux commanded the Ironsides 1864 - 1872

Captain Vaux commanded the Oxford 1877


Captain Waddell commanded the Lebu 1890

Captain Wallace commanded the Resolute 1864-1866

Captain W. Wallace commanded the Geelong, for Shaw, Saville, in 1862 -1864

Captain Ward commanded the Spirit of the Dawn 1877, 1878.  

Captain John [James] Watson commanded the Ocean Mail, official number 60971, 1873, 1874 1876. Wrecked at the Chathams on the French Reef Mach 20 1876. His certificate was suspended for nine months.

Captain Watson
commanded the Western Monarch 1878-1880.

Captain Watson commanded the Rakaia 1890

Captain W Watt commanded the Wanganui 1877 - 1882, late of the Colonial Queen and 1887

Captain William Watt commanded the Celestial Queen 1870-78 and commanded the Lady Jocelyn 1884- 1891. Died in Edinburgh. He was a brother-in-law of Captain Todd.

Captain Weir commanded the Loch Awe 1870s. Photo WW Vol. 1 pg 194

Captain West commanded the Lancashire Witch 1863

Otago Witness Thursday 28 December 1893 page 15
Captain Wheeler came to Auckland in 1858 as first officer of the Lord Ashley. He brought out from England the Panama Company's Kaikora, and after being in charge of the Prince Alfred and Phoebe. He brought out the Hawea. For 12 years he commanded the Wakatipu and then took charge of the Manapouri.

Captain E. Wheeler commanded the steamship Taranaki, 1870

Captain Whitcombe commanded the Asterion 1882

Captain James White commanded the Mermaid 1859 then the commanded the Blue Jacket 1865-1869 - met her doom in 1869. Mr Webber, third mate, later Captain Webber, Sydney Relief and Humane society, died in Sydney in 1921.Capt. James White late of the Blue Jacket, 1442 tons register, 2500 tons burthen, which burned at sea. and more recently the Charlotte Andrews, brought the Zealandia out to Lyttelton on her second voyage  arriving 2 December 1870. "Bully" White they use to call him; a real hard sailorman who delighted to carry on, and never took a sail in until he absolutely compelled to do so.  Charlotte Gladstone Jan. 1870 to Victoria.

Captain D. White commanded the Warwick 1867

Captain J.H. White commanded the ship Ramsey in 1864

Captain White, a partner in the firm of Nearing and Co., a business in Auckland, was for 12 years at sea and was second officer and first mate on the Westland. Captain Fox also a partner with Captain White in the same firm, was apprenticed on the Westland and later rose to second and chief officer of the ship.

Captain White commanded the Hindostan 1874 

Captain Whitfield command the British Crown 1863 to Lyttelton

Captain Whitmore commanded the Ashmore 1854, 1856

Captain John Whitson commanded the Dunedin 1874 -1886

Captain Wigsell commanded the Fernglen  1874 after Captain Frater was transferred to the Ferndale

Captain Peter Wilkie commanded the Aboukir 1862-1864

Captain Wilkie commanded the Lanarkshire 1877

Captain Stephenson Wilkinson commanded the Geraldine Paget 1880. Died in Brisbane in Feb. 1938. Trove. Born in Devon. Former harbourmaster of Rockhampton

Captain Edmund Williams - in command the Avalanche and drowned when she sank off Portland in 1877. His former ship was the Merope, went out to Lyttelton in 1874. Before the Merope he was in command of the Queen Bee in 1872.

Captain Williams commanded the Waikato to Lyttelton in 1878

Captain H Williams commanded the Merope 1873- 1874

Captain John Williams commanded the H.H. Willis & Co. packet Cresswell, 800 tons, in 1851 - 1853 and the Harkaway for Arthur Willis, Gann & Co. in 1858

Captain WR Williamson commanded the Strathallan for Arthur Willis, Gann & Co. in 1861

Captain John Wilson commanded the iron ship The Douglas, 1428 tons register in 1873

Captain Alexander Wilson commanded the Warrior Queen 1867-1874
Otago Witness 15 January 1881, Page 17
On the 5th November, 1880, at Kirkcaldy, Scotland, Captain Alexander Wilson, late of the ship Warrior Queen ; aged 56.

Captain Wilson in command of the Glentanner 1871

Captain Wilson commanded the James Nicol Fleming 1881

Captain Wilson commanded the Loch Ken 1882-1884

Captain Wilson commanded the Cossipore 1865-1866  400 days to reach Auckland, a record that has not been beaten

Captain Wood commanded the Portland 1880

Captain Wood commanded the Westland 1879 - 1880

Captain Nicholson Woods died of heart trouble  age 60, in Wanganui, c. 12 Feb. 1912. Connected with Union Steam Ship Company and the last six years with the Canterbury S.S. Company. He skippered the Storm.

Captain Woodgate commanded the Electra to Nelson in 1863

Captain Wootton commanded the Inverdruie to Lyttelton in 1875

Captain Worsp commanded the Phoebe, settled his family in Auckland.

Captain Worster commanded the Waimea 1875

Captain William Worster  born London, 1842, Certificate 34176 (at London) mate Cymberlane, C(hina). Ref: Lloyds Captains Register: commanded NZ Shipping Co. vessels the Waikato 1876 - 15 July 1882, Orari 26 Aug. 1882, Piako Jan 1883, Otaki 30 June 1883- 23 Feb. 1891, Mataura 1 Feb. 1892, Waimate 13 April 1893 - 1895, Waitangi 1896-1898. 1868

Captain Wrankmore commanded the Glenmark 1865 -1871

Captain Wright commanded the Viscount Canning in 1864

Captain Wright commanded the Taranaki 1877-1879

Captain Wright commanded the British Trident 1864

Captain Wright in command of the Oamaru 1881-1883

Captain T. Wycherley [Wycherly] commanded the Sir Edward Paget 1856

Captain J. Wynn commander of the St. Dunstan in 1864


Captain Yeo, commanded the Grasmere for H.H. Willis & Co. in 1855

Captain Young commanded the City of Agra 1874- 1879

Captain Young in command of the Cartsburn to Lyttelton in 1874 and 1875 to Pt. Chalmers

Captain Young in command of the Norval 1876

It was common in the clipper days to have two or three vessels sailing the same ocean in the same decade with the same name. e.g. Victory, Hindostan

Otago Witness, 30 November 1899, Page 28 supplement
Papers Past
From its Foundation to the Present Day.  A Demaus photo. This is the key
1. Capt. Crawford, " Janet Court."
2. Capt. Tatchell, "May Queen."
3. Capt. Ryder, " Julianne."
4. Capt. White, " Hindoatan.
5. Capt. Hird, " Marlborough."
6. Capt. Jones, " Fanny Hare."
7. Capt. Turpin, s.s. " Rimutaka."
8. Capt. Anderson, s.s. " Waikare."
9. Capt. Warder. Gov. Fergusson's " Blanche."
10. Capt. Muir, " Invercargill."
11. Capt. Popharm. s.s. " Waihora."
12. Capt. Brown, "Lily."
13. Capt. Logan, " R, Henderson."
14. Capt. Moir, " Iris."
15. Capt. Hall, " City of Dublin."
16. Capt. Small, " Horatio Sprague."
17. Capt. Thomson, "Maulsden."
18. Capt. Hamon, s.s. " Waimate."
19. Capt. Logan, " Manapouri."
20. Capt. Boyd, " Piaka."
21. Capt. Kerr, " Martin Scott."
22. Capt. Sole, " Splendid."
23. Capt. Collingwood, "Canterbury."
24 Capt. Duder, 8.8. "Pukaki."
25 Capt. Peacock, " Wm. Davie."
26. Capt. Downie, " Panmuir."
27. Capt. Greenstreet, s.s. " Rimutaka."
28. Capt. Culbert, " Himalaya."
29. Capt. Hepburn. "Sir Lancelot."
30. Capt. Staple, " Elmiranda."
31. Capt. Peebles, " Margaret Galbraith.
32. Capt. Paton, "Clutha."
33. Capt. Cameron, s.s. " Wakatipu "
34. Capt. White, " Beautiful Star."
35. Capt. Holmes, s s. " Matatua."
36. Capt. Kennedy, s.s. "Airedale."
37. Capt. Cooper, " Christian M'Causland."
38. Capt. Ross, " City of Dunedin."
39. Capt. Underwood, s.s. "Gothenburg."
40. Capt. Smith, " City of Tanjore."
41. Capt. Perriam, "Nelson."
42. Capt. Bannatyne, "Nelson."
43. Capt. Anderson, " Marlborough."
44. Capt. Kelly, " Westland."
45. Capt. Stuart, s.s. "Arawa."
46. Capt. Chatfleld, s.s. " Monowai."
47. Capt. Louden, s.s. "Titania."
48. Capt. Stevens, Dept. Harbour Master.
49. Capt. Carey, s.s. " Rotomahana."
50. Capt. Rogers, "Star of the East."
51. Capt. Killam, " Star of the East."
52. Capt. Dawson, " Derwent.
53. Capt. Veal, "Don Juan."
54. Capt. Strachan, " Jessie Readman "
55. Capt. Rankine, '' Timaru."
50. Capt R.A. Kelly, " Lutterworth."
57. Capt. Evans, "Tainui."
58. Capt. Brewer, s.s. "Ohou."
59. Capt. Coull, s.s. " Bannfshire."
60. Capt. Best, s.s. " Kakanui."
61. Capt. Baillie. " Wild Duck."
62. Capt. Spinks, s.s. " Talune."
63. Capt. Cannese, " Waimate."
64. Capt. E O. Hallet, " Rimutako."
65. Capt. Pettersen, " Jessie Nichol."
66. Capt. Wilson, s.s. " Fifeshire."
67. Capt. Stap, "Sussex."
68. Capt. Neville, s.s. " Hauroto."
69. Capt. Hood, s.s. " Anglian."
70. Capt. Barlow, s.s. "Tainui."
71. Capt. Duncan, " Remark."
72. Capt. Carden, " Margaret Galbraith "
73. Capt. Grant, "Takapuna."
74. Capt. Moignard, " Lizzie Bell."
75. Capt. Nelson, " Lindorus Abbey'."
76. Capt. Hart, s.s. "Geelong."
77. Capt. Forsdick, " Waipa"
78. Capt. Thomson, s.s. "Taiaroa."
79. Capt. Miller, " Strarathro."
80. Capt Sinclair, s.s. " Plucky."
81. Capt. Lloyd, s.s. "Wellington."
82. Capt. McFarlane, p.s. "City of Dunedin."
83. Capt. Garrard, s.s. " Tararua."
84. Capt. Olsen. s.s. " Nairnshire."
85. Capt. E. W. Small, " Jewess.
85. Capt. Mitchell, "Carabou."
87. Capt. .D.D. Brown, s.s. " Forfarshire."
88. Capt. McDonald, " Three Brothers."
89. Capt. Ewan, "Lochiel."
90. Capt. Devitt, " Otaki."
91. Capt. Cuthbert, " s.s. " Elderslie."
92. Capt. Stevens, " E. P. Bouverie."
93. Capt. Malcolm, "Wild Deer."
94. Copt. James, " Auckland."
95. Capt. Findlay, "Turakina."
96. Capt. Friston, " Rakaia."
97. Capt. Partridge, " E. L. Partridge."
98. Capt. Cromarty, "Arawata."
99. Capt. McGee, s.s. " Tasmania."
100. Capt Sellers, " Zealandia."
101. Capt. Wheeler, s.s.. " Wakatipu."
102. Capt. Wallace, s.s. "Nairnshire."
103. Capt. Sinclair, s.s. " Mokoia."
104. Capt. Cummings, " Record."
105. Capt. Gorden, " Timaru."
106. Capt. Mellon, " Splendid."
107. Capt. Duncan, s.s. "Morayshire."
108. Capt. Edie, s.s. " Waihora."
109. Capt. Hansby, s.s. "Penguin."
110. Capt. Fox, "Transport."
111. Capt. Sears, " C. L. Taylor."
112. Capt. Broadway, " Hudson."
113. Capt. Clark, " Taunton."
114. Capt. Stott, s.s. " Maori."
115. Capt. Burton, " Crusader."
116. Capt. Levack, " Maraari."
117. Capt. Smith, " Taviuni "
118. Capt. Romney, " Clyde."
119. Capt. Worster, " Oterama."
120. Capt. Whitson, " Dunedin."
121. Capt. Colville, " Blenheim."
122. Capt. Condy, " Woodville."
123. Capt. McKersie, "Stella."
124. Capt. Evans, "Taranaki."
125. Capt. Gordon McKinnon, "Indus."
126. Capt. Couch, " Phrcbe Uunbar."
127. Capt. Watson, "Collingwood."
128. Capt. Vinal, "Alexandra."
129. Capt. Grieve, " City of Cashmere."
130. Capt. Cowan, " Manraret Galbraith."
131. Capt. Mead, s.s. " Penguin."
132. Capt. Manning, s.s. Rotomahana
133. Capt. Fleming, s.s. "Flora."
134. Capt. Silba, " Waipa."
135. Capt. Beaumont, "s.s. " Upolu."
136. Capt. Thomson, " Thomasand Henry."
137. Capt. Nichol, s.s. " Rangatira."
138. Capt. McCallum, Harbour Master.
139. Capt. Lambert, s.s. " Pukaki."
140. Capt. Streeter, " Euterpe."
141. Capt. Bernech, "Te Anau."
142. Capt. Nordstrum, s.s " Haupiri."
143. Capt. Farmer, s.s. " Mapourlka."
144. Capt. Millman, s.s. " Brunner."
145. Capt. Blanchard, s.s. " Beautiful Star."
146. Capt. Macbeth, s.s. " Waihora."
147. Capt. Newton, s.s. " Hauroto."
148. Capt. Driver, First Pilot.
149. Capt. Mclntosh, s.s.. " Wairarapa "
150. Capt. Blaney
151. Capt. Phillips, s.s. "Mararoa."
152. Capt. Sutherland, s.s. " Rosamond "
153. Capt. Rolls, s.s. " Corinna."
154. Capt. Gibb, s.s. "Oonah "
155. Capt. Kerr, s.s. " Dingadee "
156. Capt. Sheppard, s.s. "Taieri "
157. Capt. Bonner. " Waihi."
158. Capt. Shaw, " Wainui "
159. Capt. Rutter, s.s. " Herald."
160. Capt. Brophy, s.s. " Omapere."
161. Capt. Lake, s.s. "Ovalau."
162. Capt. Anthony, s.s. " Kawatiri."
163. Capt. Adams, s.s. " Poherua."
164. Capt. Robertson, s.s. " Rotiti."
165. Capt. Bentley, s.s. "Pateena "
166. Capt. Livingston, s.s. " Kini."

New Zealand Illustrated Magazine, 1 September 1900, Page 947
CAPT. SCOTT, "Hylton Castle"
CAPT. MORITCHIE, "Assaye" Lost at Sea.
CAPT. McGOWAN, In charge of " Benvenue " when lost at Timaru.
CAPT. HODDER, "Waikato."
CAPT. MONTGOMERY, " Queen of the Age."
CAPT. WEIR, "Loch Awe."
CAPT. FREEBODY, "Carisbrooke Castle" Brought out some of the Katikati Bottlers.

Evening Post, 27 February 1911, Page 3
IS THE "OLD MAN'S" GLORY GONE? When the "A.M." took the water in '71, the captain, or "old man," was an awe-inspiring figure, fully conscious of his importance. He was a potentate before whom all quailed. On sea or shore, the master was a master, with the deportment of a Drake. "How now, though?" added the old sailor gloomily. "The master mariner may be the slave of an office boy. He is no longer king on the high. seas. The electric cables started to tie him up into a much smaller space at sea, and the wireless' telegraphy is finishing him off. He is only a cab-driver now. His orders fly ahead of him ; everything is cut and dried. Tap the magic key ashore and the figure works. No more bottomry rates," he laughed.

Evening Post, 18 March 1908, Page 10
Homeward Bound -Departure from Wellington - Captain Henrichs.
The crew were heaving up the anchor with an old-time chanty, their voices blending as harmoniously as those of a n_____ choir, to the accompaniment of the clink-clink-clink of the pawls of the windlass as the complaining cable slowly passed through the hawse-pipes to the chain locker.
No crew on a Blackball liner ever sang lustier than did, the men on the, Dechmont � all the ancient songs of the sea � "Sally Brown," "Away, Rio," and "Homeward Bound." They were each stung in turn, for 100 fathoms of chain comes in extraordinarily slow, especially when one has a pair of hands on a capstan bar. Thirty fathoms of chain on the starboard anchor, and 70 fathoms on the port anchor take getting in. The crew sang of a
Thres sky-sail clipper as lies out in the bay
Good-bye; fare-thee-well. Good-bye ; fare-thee well,
And she waits for the Duchess to tow her to sea,
Good-bye, my boys, we're ho-omeward bound.

And round and round they trudged on that journey that leads to nowhere except to the place of starting. "Rally her, boys, shako her up, my lads," shouted the mate encouragingly, and then they put the pressure of one and twenty pairs of arms on to the bar and one of them � an old man, slightly built � started the song-
Blow ye winds, ye ho
For Californ-io ;
There's plenty of gold.
So, I've been told.
On the banks of the Sacramento.

So the merry chanty wont on as the chain came in. Much of the song would need a little revision before committing to hard print. The anchor was "cat-headed and fished, and the ship was free.
"Get away aft; some of you, to the second mate," shouted the mate on the foc'sle head as the crew cheerfully dropped the capstan bars on the deck. The yards are squared, and aloft half a dozen men loose the fore and main upper topsails. The "Old Man," wearing his crimson smoking cap his hands in pockets and pipe between his teeth, paced the quarter deck, keeping an eye on things. He was evidently well pleased with the wind and the game it was having, with the loosened sails. He descended to his cabin and consulted the glass. It was falling. Still, the breeze was fresh. Off Evans Bay it twanged mighty chords in the rigging, it shrieked, piped, groaned, and thundered in great crescendos, and the loosened sails bellied out as if impatient to be free. "..

The Days of Sail
Progress is plainly shown by the gradual change from small sailing-vessels to great steamships and motorships in the New Zealand trade. Travellers of the present day can have but a slight idea of what was involved in the voyages of the small sailing-vessels. Confined space, limited food, rigid regulations for the safety of the ship and her living freight, lack of communication for long periods, and violent bufferings in the oceans were among the experiences faced. It is no wonder that the character of the men who commanded the ships was utmost importance to passengers, for a considerate master could do much to ameliorate the discomforts and help make the voyage enjoyable.

The Clipper Route  Map

Sons often followed in their father's footsteps unless they were sent out to the New Zealand with a guardian!