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'Lord Clyde'

New Zealand Bound
1866 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 11 September 1866, Page 2
Arrived September 8, barque Lord Clyde, from London.

The barque Lord Clyde, Captain Murphy, left London on the 24th May, dropped down to the Lower Hope on the 25th, and, on the evening of the 28th, was towed down to Margate, where she set all sail, and passed through the Downs with a light westerly breeze. When off the Lizard on the 31st, she encountered a strong gale from the south, carrying-away everything forward on starboard side, when the vessel was put on the other tack, to secure masts. From the Land's End light P.W. winds prevailed. The Island of Madeira was made on June 11th. Crossed the Equator on the 29th June, thirty-four days out from the Downs; here she met with calm, cloudy weather, which lasted till July 3rd, when strong squally weather was encountered. On the following day,  made the Island of Fernando Noronha. On the 18th, lost the Trades, and experienced variable winds till the 24th, when a heavy N.W. gale was encountered. The weather continued fresh till August 13th, when a heavy gale from the N.N.W, sprang up, causing the ship to strain and labour very much. On the 17th, the gale continued with increasing sea, and the vessel labouring heavily. On the 28th, light breezes, which lasted till the 3rd instant. On the 8th, Stephen's Island was sighted, with weather very thick and dirty ; and made the outer anchorage at five, p.m., on the same day, after a passage of 108 days from the Downs.

She brings fifteen passengers, and a large general cargo. The following is the list of passengers :
Mr. Breen
Miss Collins
Mr. Dobb
Miss Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman
Mr. Gane and Master Gane
Mr. Kirk
Mr. Liddell
Mr. Sedgwick
Mr. Skilton
Miss Soper
Mr. Symes
Mr. Varley

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 18 October 1866, Page 2
Cleared Outwards. October 10, barque Lord Clyde, 631, Murphy, for Taranaki, with part of original cargo from London.