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The Launceston Courier
a weekly newspaper

New Zealand Bound

Launceston Shipping List

Number 34 (7 June, 1841)
May 31 - Brig Ullswater, 134 tons, Gibson, master for New Zealand; Willis and Co. agents. Passengers, Mrs Gibson, and two children, Robert Daniels.

Colonial Secretary's Office. 
24 May - On the occasion of the Anniversary of the Queen's Birth-day, Memorandum of Pardon have been issued for the following convicts until Her Majesty's pleasure be known. ....
Number 58 (6 December, 1841) page 2 Tickets of leave.

Number 29 (3 May, 1841) page 3
Departures. April 27 - Schooner Sir John Franklin, 52 tons, Gill, master, for New Zealand; J. Campbell, agent. Passengers - John and William Brown, Charles Heath.

Number 31 (17 May, 1841) page 3
New Zealand Extracts. (From the Port Nicholson Gazette)
Vessels in Port on the 27th March 1841
Brig Ullswater, Gibson; Barque Lady Nugent, Santry; Schooner Elizabeth, Styles; Schooner Eliza, Thompson; Schooner Dolphin, Madeiria; Cutter Harriet, McDonald; Schooner Lapwing, Barker.
The Lapwing was at Cloudy Bay on Thursday, and had seen the William Bryant there, the Jane, with Mr Cutfield on board had arrived there.
The land sale at the Thames was to take place on 19th April.
The Regia was at the Bay of Islands, and the Chelydra and the Sisters at the Thames.

Number 33 (31 May, 1841)
The Patriot has arrived from New Zealand.

Number 35 (14 June, 1841) page 2
Arrivals. June 5 . Brig Patriot, 197 tons, Akers, master from New Zealand; Kerr and Co., agents. 180 rickers, 110 logs timber, Henty and Co.; 8 casks sperm oil, 1 ton whale bone, C. Suisted; 25 logs timber, 25 rickers, 1 cask tobacco, J. Fitzpatrick. Passengers, F. Robins, Esq., J. Fitzpatrick.

Number 36 (21 June, 1841)
Departures. June 17 Schooner Eagle, 108 tons, Kind, master, for New Zealand; Henty and Co., agents. Passengers Mr Samuel Hall, Frederick Riley.

New Zealand Extracts. (From the Port Nicholson Gazette)
The schooner Success, McFarlane, from Sydney arrived last night (Sunday.) She made the passage in 17 days, and brings as passengers Messrs. Cook and Hine, besides general cargo. She lost 50 sheep during the passage, and it is believed will land about 25. She reports a Brazilian whaler and the schooner Jewess lying at Kapiti, wind bound.

Number 45 (6 September, 1841) page 3
London Shipping List - April 23 1841
For New Zealand
March 31 - Will Watch, 251 tons, Walker, master
March 31 - Whitby, 237 tons, Lacy, master
April   5  - Gilbert Henderson, 517 tons, Twedie, master
April 10 - New York Packet, 269 tons, Gregory, master
April 15 - Oriental, 506 tons, Wilsen, master
April 19 - William Wise, 229 tons, Ellis, master
April 22 - Mandarin, 424 tons, Muddle, master

Number 52 (25 October, 1841)
Arrivals. October 18 - Schooner Eagle, 108 tons, Kind, master, from New Zealand; Henty & Co., agents. 2 hogshead brandy, 65 logs wood, 10 pair oars, 3000 feet timber, Henty & Co. Passengers - Mr Gough, Mr Hall, Mr Ford, and Riley.

Number 60 (27 December, 1841) page 3
Since we published a list of arrivals in Port Nicholson, in May last, eighty-six vessels have entered our port; this number, added to the one-hundred and fifty two previously recorded, shows that two hundred and thirty-eight vessels have been in the harbour. Not one of them has suffered any damage within the heads of Port Nicholson.

Volume 2, Number 65 (31 January, 1842)
Arrived January 29 - Schooner, Hatch, Brown, master, put into George Town, on her way to New Zealand; Eddie and Co. agents.

Volume 3, Number 192 (6 March, 1843)
Departures. March 4 - Will Watch, 63 tons, Harding, master, for New Zealand; J. Griffiths agent. Passengers - Mr Richmond, Mrs Suisted and 2 children. Mrs Ross and 2 children. Miss Ross, Elizabeth Perry.

Volume 3, Number 193 (13 March, 1843)
March 4  Will Watch, schooner, 63 tons, Harding, master, for New Zealand. 3 cases fruit Roberts; 100 bags flour, Henty & Co.; 130 bags flour, 220 bushels bran, 2 tons biscuits, 100 bags wheat, 90 ditto oats, 2 chain cables, 3 packages ship chandlery, 5 bags onions, J. Griffiths; 13 packages luggage, Mrs Ross; 31 ditto, R. Richmond.

Hobart Town Shipping
March 3 - Arrived the ship Robert Pulsford, from Boston, United States, and Cape of Good Hope, with general cargo. She spoke the barque Union, Todd master, from London, bound to Auckland, New Zealand, with emigrants, on the 5th ultimo in lat. 39 10 south, long. 82 50 east, out 99 days.
March 4 - Arrived the barque Roanke, from Greenport, United States, with 300 barrels black oil and bone.

The Teetotal Advocate 

Earlier title: The Launceston Courier. Launceston, Tas. ; 1840-1843.

Volume 1, Number 4 (24 April, 1843)
Launceston Shipping List 
Arrival April 17 - Schooner Lowestoft, 114 tons, Cowton, master, from New Zealand; J. Griffiths, agent. Passenger Mr De Little. 8 anchors, 4 cables, J.& T. Corbett; 1 cask, 1 case, 2 kegs ship chandlery, R.G. Gibbon; 1 case pipes, J. McAllan; 8 bags sugar. 4 chest tea, 10 bags biscuits, 7 bags wool J. Guillan; 3 cases wine, G. & F. Fisher, 5 ditto pickles, R.L. Orr; 2 tons bone, 50,000 feet pine, Henty & Co.; 1 case apparel, Willis & Co.; 12,000 feet pine, order.

Volume 1, Number 9 (29 May, 1843) page 2
Departure. May 24 - Schooner, Deborah, 121 tons, Wing, master, for Sydney; G. & F. Fisher, agents . Passengers - Mrs Wing and child, Mr Gilham.

Volume 1, Number 38 (Dec. 16 1843) page 2 
Departure - December 16 - Cutter Alpha, 37 tons, John Martin, master, for Middle Island; in ballast

Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845

The Sydney Report Oct. 1843 to March 1844