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Arrival of the R.M.S. Kaikoura
New Zealand Bound

to Wellington, October 1891

The Evening Post 6th October 1891 pg2
Arrivals - March 24 - RMS Kaikoura, 2885 tons, Captain Crutchley, from London via Plymouth 22nd August, Teneriffe 27th, Capetown 11th September, and Hobart on the 30th.  The voyage was an uneventful one.  Occupied 41 days 23 hours 34 minutes. She brought 27 saloon, 23 second saloon and 55 steerage passengers, of whom 16 saloon, 3 second saloon and 17 steerage were for this port. The usual concerts, theatrical entertainments, & c., were held during the run. Voyage account. Following is a list of the Kaikoura's passengers: -

For Wellington:
Aitken 		Miss
Blair 		Mrs J.R.
Blair		Mr R.F.
Forte 		Dr 
Forte 		Mrs and 3 children
Forte 		Miss
Judge 		Mrs
Munro 		Mrs
Paterson 	Miss
Rose		Captain H.
Wilson         	Mr and Mrs G. and boy
Second saloon:
Miers 		Mrs
Oswald 		Mr
Russell 	Miss
Burnacki 	Mrs
Donohue 	Miss
Elgar 		Mrs
Elgar 		Mr
Freeby 		Mr
Grigg 		Mr
Heatherington 	Mr
Horton 		Mr
Jolly 		Miss
Lucking 	Miss
Mann 		Mr
Mann 		Mrs
Thornton 	Mr
Other Ports:
Ballantyne      Mrs
Ballantyne      Miss
Bardsley 	Mrs
Bardsley 	Mr
Dobbie 		Messrs (2)
Gould 		Miss
Gould 		Mrs
Gough 		Mr
Hill 		Mr
King 		Mr
Second saloon:
Atkinson 	Miss
Atkinson 	Mrs
Cawker 		Miss
Harrison 	Misses ( 2 )
Harrison 	Mrs
Harrison 	Mr 
Hinde 		Mr
Holloway 	Mr
Lisle 		Mrs
Moffat 		Mrs
Moffat 		Mr
Storey 		Mrs and boy
Storey 		Mr
Wells 		Mrs
Yorke 		Mrs and boy
Yorke 		Mr

38 steerage passengers

October 6 - Tainui, RMS, 3231 tons, Evans from Lyttelton. Passenger - Mr Duncan

The U.S.S. Company's s.s. Ovalua, the latest addition to the company's line arrived in Welling from Fiji via Auckland. A full description of this vessel appeared in the Post on the 8th July, last. She is a vessel of 1229 tons gross and 767 tons net register, and her engines are 1000 i.h.p. She had been specially built for the Fiji trade. Captain A. Cameron has associated with him the following officers:

C. Wooley 		chief officer
G.E. Acland 		second officer
G. Wilson 		third officer
D.C. Paton 		chief engineer
J.W. Dunlop 		second engineer
R.C. A. Macphail 	third engineer
A.A. Armstrong 		purser
J. Beveridge 		chief steward