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R.M.S. Kaikoura
New Zealand Bound

to Wellington and Port Chalmers, March 1890

The Evening Post Monday 24th March 1890 pg2
Arrivals - March 24 - Kaikoura, RMS, 2885 tons, Crutchley, from London via Plymouth 8th Feb, Teneriffe, Capetown March 1st and Hobart on the 19th. An uneventful passage of 43 days and 4 hours and 59 minutes. She has on board 2000 tons of cargo. Her mail consists of 219 bags and 22 boxes parcel post, and her passengers number 61, 27 being for Wellington. Voyage account. The steamer sails on Wednesday for Port Chalmers.  Following is a list of the Kaikoura's passengers: -

For Wellington:
Saloon - 
Caldicot 	Mr Mr E
Plante 		Mr T
Rose 		Miss
Rose 		Mrs
Webb 		Miss

Second saloon:
Chapman 	Mr
Riddell 	Mr and Mrs and child

Bennett 	Misses (2)
Chatwin 	Mrs
Chatwin 	Mr
Davidson 	Mr
Lukkarill 	Mr
Murphy 		Mr
Murray 		Mr
Peters 		Mr
Smith 		Mr
Wilkinson 	Mr

For other ports
Saloon - 
Chaytor 	Mr

Second saloon -
Davis 		Mrs
Dilston 	Mr
Evans 		Mrs
Gilvray 	Dr
Lewis 		Mr
McClaymont 	Mr
Meatyard 	Mrs and family (5)
Meatyard 	Mr

Steerage -
Aldinger 	Mr
Birch 		Mr
Colechin 	Mr
Donnelan 	Miss
Foster 		Mr
Green 		Mrs
Hewitt 		Mr
Mills 		Mrs and 3 daughters
Mills 		Mr
Mills 		Mr
Pringle 	Miss
Reading 	Mr
Sharp 		Mr
Soulsby 	Mr
Wood 		Mrs and family (4)
Wood 		Mr
Wright 		Mr

Otago Witness Thursday March 27 1890 pg 22
The Kaikoura arrived in Wellington harbour on Monday. She left Plymouth on the 8 Feb, Teneriffe on the 13th, Cape Town on the 1st March, and Hobart on the 20th. She brings 2000 tons cargo. Her Otago passengers are: Second Saloon - Dr G.V. Gillray, Mr D.F. Lewis. Third saloon - Mr E. Colechin, Miss A. Donnelan, Mr J. Sharp. The s.s. Arawa will sail from London on the 22 inst. making Port Chalmers her first port of call.

Reference online: Papers Past Images online. NZ National Library. 

Expected arrivals
Doric, left Plymouth 22nd Feb.
Tongariro, left Plymouth 8th March.
Arawa left Plymouth on March 22 for Port Chalmers
Aorangi left Plymouth 5th April
Akaroa left London on Dec. 25th
Otaki left London 9th March
Assaye left London 15th Feb.

Arrival date Wellington
Opawa 30/04/1890
Margaret Galbraith 13/07/1890
Otaki 18/07/1890
Lebu 8/08/1890
Orari 14/09/1890
Himalaya 5/10/1890
Rakaia 4/11/1890
Turakina 5/12/1890