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Jury List -Christchurch, N.Z. 1860

Jury duty began in New Zealand on 23 December 1841. The jury rolls include all individuals who were qualified and liable to serve as jurors – that is every male, British subject between the ages of 21 and 60 who resided in New Zealand. Any man who had been convicted of treason, a felony or perjury shall (unless he had received a free pardon) be prohibited from serving on any jury. Exempted from Jury Service were:
•members of the legislative Council
•anyone holding office by appointment of His Excellency The Governor
•Judges of any Court
•ministerial officers
•officers in Her Majesty's army or navy full pay
•clergymen priests and ministers of religion
•barristers and solicitors actually practising
•physicians and surgeons and apothecaries in actual practice
•all licensed pilots; and
•masters of vessels actually employed in the service of the Government.
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Papers Past Lyttelton Times, 19 May 1860, Page 2

LIST OF PERSONS qualified and liable to Serve as JURORS, within twenty miles of the Resident Magistrate's Office, Christchurch.
Abbott, Robert, Dampier's bay, Lyttelton, carpenter
Able, Richard, Rangiora, bushman
Abrahams, Thomas, Winchester street, Lyttelton, stonemason
Adams, Thomas Kinnersly, Montreal street, Christchurch, inspector of sheep
Adams, William James, Sumner road, Christchurch, cordwainer
Adley, Antilla Afred, Charles' street, Kaiapoi, writing clerk
Aiken, Robert, Lower Lincoln road, laborer
Aikman, John .Campbell, Ferry-road, wharfinger
Alexander, Alexander, Sneyd's Town, Kaiapoi, laborer
Alexander, George, Kaiapoi, baker
Alfrey, George, Stanmore road, Christchurch, tanner
Allchin, Etenry, Manchester street, Christchurch, laborer
Allen, Andrew D., Godley quay, Lyttelton, accountant
Allen, George, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, farmer
Allen, Magnus, Jackson road, Lyttelton, shipwright
Allen, Robert, Exeter street, Lyttelton, shipwright
Allerson, Josiah, Oxford Terrace east, Christchurch, laborer
Allison, Charles, Oxford Terrace east, Christchurch, carpenter
Allison, James, Dampier's bay, Lyttelton, laborer
Allison, John, Dampier's bay, Lyttelton, carpenter
Allott, William, Heathcote valley, farmer
Alport, Augustus James, Exeter street, Lyttelton; commission agent
Alport, Herbert Edward, Market place, Christchurch, commission agent
Ambler, Frederic, Lyttelton, laborer
Anderson, David, Cashel street, Christchurch, stonemason
Anderson, James, Kaiapoi, blacksmith
Anderson, John, Cashel street, Christchurch, blacksmith
Anderson, Joseph, Korotueka river, sawyer
Anderson, Thomas, Hereford street, Christchurch, blacksmith
Andrews, James, Papanui, farmer
Andrews, Samuel Henry, Rangiora, farmer
Angood, Edward, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Angus, John Craib, Cashel street, Christchurch, saddler
Arthur, Tackariak, Jackson's road, Lyttelton, mariner
Ashby, Edward, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Ashby, John, Papanui road, farmer
Ashby, Joseph, Riccarton, tailor
Ashton, John, Lyttelton, servant
Ashton, Philip, South Christchurch road, farmer
Ashworth, James, Sneyd street, Kaiapoi, carpenter
Ashworth, William, Saltwater creek, storeman
Atack, William/Montreal street, Christchurch, painter
Atkinson, John, Salisbury street, Christchurch, cordwainer
Atkinson, John Charles, Salisbury street, Christchurch, storeman
Atkinson, .Thomas, Cashel street, Christchurch, carpenter.
Attwood, William, Colombo street, Christchurch cordwainer
Auckland, John, Whately road, Christchurch, carpenter
Ayeres, Thomas, North road, Kaiapoi, bricklayer
Ayerea, William, North road, Kaiapoi, laborer

Baigent, Edward, North road, Kaiapoi, gentleman
Bailey, Samuel Newberry. White Hart Hotel, Christchurch, waiter
Bailey, Benjamin, North road, Kaiapoi, farmer
Bailey, George, Sneyd street, Kaiapoi, laborer
Bailey, Joseph Henry, Durham street, Christchurch, butcher
Bainbridge, George Mash, Christchurch, gentleman.
Baines, Arthur Cuthbert, Rural section, No. 7, near Christchurch, farmer ;
Baker, Charles, London street, Lyttelton, laborer
Baker, George Evans, Papanui, laborer
Baker, Henry, Jackson road, Lyttelton, painter.
Baker, Henry Francis, Christchurch, printer
Baker, Jdmes, Kaiapoi, farmer
Baker, John Holland, Riccarton, surveyor :
Balck, Augustus, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, writing, clerk
Bajestiee, John, Norwich Quay, Lyttelton, painter
Ball, Thomas, North road, Woodend, laborer
Ballard, John Frederic, Colombo street, Christchurch, hotel keeper
Banks, Frederick; Riverlaw, merchant
Banks, James, Market place, Christchurch, publican
Bargrove, Joseph, Salisbury street, Christchurch,
Barker, Enoch, Town Belt North, Christchurch, gardener
Barker, James, Harewood road, laborer
Barker, John William, Kilmore street, Christchurch, carpenter
Barker, Joseph, Manchester street, Christchurch, carpenter
Barker, Robert, Upper Avon, gentleman
Barnard, Thomas Charles, Cashel street, Christchurch, watchmaker
Barnard, William,1: Kilmore ; street, Christchurch, laborer
Barnard, William David, Cashel street, Christchurch, auctioneer
Barnes, William Henry, Chester street,, Christchurch, laborer
Barratt, Charles, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, stockowner
Barratt, John, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, stockowner
Barratt, Robert, St. Albans, laborer
Barrett, Joseph, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, stockowner
Barton, Thomas, Jackson road, Lyttelton, bricklayer
Bartrum, George Stothart, Ferry road, farmer
Barwell, Samuel, Government Buildings, messenger
Batterson, Alexander, Kaiapoi Bush, sawyer
Baxter, Archibald, Kaiapoi, carpenter
Bayfeild, Arthur, Canterbury street, Lyttelton, chemist and druggist
Barley, Thomas, Ohoka road, Kaiapoi
Beal, Henry, Akaroa street, Kaiapoi, laborer
Bealey, John, Manchester street, Christchurch, gentleman
Bealey, Samuel, Gresford, near Christchurch, gentleman
Bean, Frederick, Oxford street, Lyttelton, laborer
Bean, Frederick Walter, Rangiora, laborer
Bean, Richard Stanley, Sewell street, Kaiapoi, laborer
Beard, George Chantler, Riccarton, farmer
Beasley, John, London street, Lyttelton, laborer
Beatham, Albert, Christchurch, surveyor
Beatie, James, Exeter street, Lyttelton, warehouseman
Beatley, John, Manchester street, Christchurch, millwright
Beaton, Duncan, Papanui, farmer
Beckett, Edward, Jackson, road, Lyttelton, laborer
Beeby, Charles Frederick, London street, Lyttelton, merchant
Beechey, Frederick; Parakiraki, farmer
Beechey, George, Parakiraki, laborer
Beeston, Raymond Clacy, Gloucester street, Christchurch, commission agent
Bell, Jonathan, Rangiora, farmer
Bell, William, Rangiora; farmer
Bennett, Frederick, Sumner road, Christchurch, commission agent
Bennington, John, Norwich Quay, Lyttelton, cordwainer
Berry, William, St. Albans, laborer ;
Bertrand, Philip Carteret, Kilmore street, Christchurch, writing clerk
Beswick, Joseph, Peraki street, Kaiapoi, gentleman
Beswick, William Cockerell, Kaiapoi, merchant
Betts, Joseph, Colombo street, Christchurch, plasterer
Bevans, John, Jackson road, Lyttelton, laborer
Bevans, John, Ohinetahi, farmer
Bidmead, Charles, Papanui road, laborer
Billens, Robert, St. David street, Lyttelton, tinman
Birch, George Talbot, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Birch, Josiah, Rangiora, gentleman
Birdling, William, Kaituna, stockowner
Bishop, Charles, Cashel street, Christchurch, shopman
Bishop, Charles Wellington, Armagh street, Christchurch, brick manufacturer
Bishop, Edward Brenchley, Somerfield farm, near Christchurch, farmer
Bishop; Frederick Augustus, Cashel street, Christchurch, storekeeper
Bishop, James, Lower Lincoln road, laborer
Bishop, Robert, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Blachford, William, Gibbie's flat, schoolmaster
Black, George Crawford, Charles street, Kaiapoi, storekeeper
Blackett, Henry, Rangiora, storekeeper
Bladder, James, South Christchurch road, farmer
Blake, Edward James, Whately road, Christchurch, carpenter
Blakiston, Augustus Frederick Noel, Kaiapoi
Blanchard, Henry, Tuam street, Christchurch, draughtsman
Blazey, Robert, North road, Kaiapoi, laborer
Bloor, Adam, Governor's bay, farmer
Blyth, William, Chester street, Christchurch, stonemason
Boag, William, Burnside, farmer
Boaz, George, Kaiapoi, laborer
Boddingtong, Henry, North road, Kaiapoi, stonemason
Boggis, George, Tuam street, Christchurch, storekeeper
Boke, Henry Francis, Antigua street, Christchurch, laborer
Boone, Charles, Upper Riccarton, farmer
Booth, John, Armagh street, Christchurch, stable keeper
Boulton, Philip Baker, Madras street, Christchurch, inspector of sheep
Boulton, Richard, Race course, Riccarton, farmer
Bourne, Charles, Riccarton road, farmer
Bowen, Charles, Milford, gentleman
Bowen, Charles Hugh Webb, Lower Lincoln road, gentleman
Bowen, Richard, Lower Lincoln road, laborer
Bowler, John, South Christchurch road, laborer
Bowler, junr., William, Lyttelton, merchant
Bowley, James, Ticehurst road, Lyttelton, laborer
Bowley, John R., Lower Avon; farmer
Bowman, James, Kilmore street, Christchurch, moulder
Bowron, George, River Avon, clerk in register office
Boys, James, Charles street, Kaiapoi, surveyor
Boys, John Cowell, Kaiapoi, surveyor
Bradford, William, Lower Lincoln road, laborer
Bradley, Samuel, St. Albans, farmer
Bradshaw, Abraham, Harewood road, laborer
Bradwell, Albert Thomas, London street, Lyttelton, printer
Brady, Edward, Manchester street, Christchurch, laborer
Bramley, Aaron, Rangiora, carpenter
Braraley, William, Rangiora, miller
Bray, William Byley, Avonhead, civil engineer
Breach, William, Rangiora, sawyer
Breeze, John, Sneyd street, Kaiapoi, carpenter
Bridge, Charles Joseph, Opawha, Heathcote, farmer
Bright, George, South Christchurch road, farmer
Brightmore, William, Kilmore street, Christchurch, laborer
Brittan, Joseph, Lin wood, gentleman
Brooker,, Edward; Armagh street, Christchurch, plasterer
Brooker, Stephen, Durham street, Christchurch, laborer
Brooks, Henry, Jackson road, Lyttelton, laborer
Brooks, John, Harewood road, laborer
Brooks, William, Gloucester street, Christchurch, gardener
Brough, John, Chester street, Christchurch, laborer
Broughton, John, Papanui, schoolmaster
Brown, Arthur Douglas, Heathcote ferry, wharfinger
Brown, Charles Hunter, the Springs station, gentleman
Brown, Frederic, Tuam street, Christchurch, stockkeeper
Brown, Horace Simpson, Forncett farm, farmer
Brown, James, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Brown, John, Tuam street, Christchurch, carpenter
Brown, John, Port Albert, shipwright
Brown, John Ellson, Gloucester street, Christchurch, printer
Brown, Matthew, Port Albert, shipwright
Brown, William, Lower Lincoln road, farmer,
Bruce, James, Cashel street, Christchurch, laborer
Bruce, Thomas, Gloucester street, Christchurch, livery stable keeper
Brundell, Alfred, Kaiapoi, sawyer
Brunsden, Richard, Avon river, farmer
Bryan, Isaac, Sewell street, Kaiapoi, laborer
Bryant, William, Jackson road, Lyttelton, stonemason
Buchanan, Bevley, Bridle path, Lyttelton, merchant,
Buchanan, John Jauncey, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Buchanan, Henry, Kaiapoi, farmer
Buckley, George, Godley quay, Lyttelton, merchant
Buckley, Gilburt, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, carpenter
Buckley, Valentine, Purarekanui, farmer
Buist, George, Christchurch road, Lyttelton, carpenter
Bundle, William, Papanui, builder
Bunker, Richard, Exeter street, Lyttelton, writing clerk
Burgess, John Okoka bush road, farmer
Burke, Michael John, Halswell station, barrister at law
Burnell, Sumner road, Christchurch, commission agent
Burns, William, Kilmore street, Christchurch, tailor
Burrell, Edward, Rangiora, brickmaker
Burrell, George, Ferry, road, laborer
Burrell, Samuel, Fendall town, laborer
Burrows, John, Windmill road, Christchurch, laborer
Burt, Thomas, Kaiapoi, warehouseman
Burt, Thomas, Rangiora, farmer
Burton, John Henry, Lichfield Street, Christchurch, dentist
Burton, falter, Prebbletown, farmer „Bash, William Armagh street, Christchurch, painter
Butcher, Samuel, Ferry road, laborer
Butterfield, Isaac, Armagh street, Christchurch, mason
Button, Benjamin, Cashel street, Christchurch, painter
Buxton, Joseph Shirley, Market place, Christchurch, saddler

Cain, John, near the Race-course, farmer
Cameron, Donald, Saltwater creek, publican
Cameron, Duncan Saltwater creek, publican
Cameron, James, London street, Lyttelton, writing clerk
Campbell, Frederick Noble, Voelas road, Lyttelton, merchant
Campion, Emblin, Ferry road; laborer
Campion, John, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Candy, William Davis, Lichfield street, Christchurch, laborer
Carpenter, George, Ferry road, laborer
Carpenter, James, Christchurch, groom
Carpenter, William, Ferry road, laborer
Carrell, John, College land, Lyttelton, laborer
Carter, Henry Thomas John, Rangiora, drayman
Carter, James, Durham street south, Christchurch, laborer
Carter, John, Coringa station, stockowner
Cator, William Robert, Riccarton, farmer
Cattermole, William, Harewood road, farmer
Cawkwell, William, Oxenforth, Cashel street, Christchurch, upholsterer
Chalmers, Adam, Brenchley farm, stonemason
Chambers, Charles William, Jackson road, Lyttelton, shipwright
Chambers, Richard, Lower Avon, laborer
Chandler, William, Papanui, laborer
Chapman, John Alwent, Manchester street, Christchurch
Chapman, Samuel, St. Albans, laborer
Chapman, William, Oxford street, Lyttelton, mariner
Charlesworth, William, Saxon Villa, Ferry road, gentleman
Cheeseman, William Robert, Heathcote valley, laborer
Childs, Joseph, St. David street, Lyttelton, blacksmith
Chisnall, George Taylor, Cashel street, Christchurch, cordwainer
Chisnall, Thomas, Cashel street, Christchurch, hairdresser
Chisnall, William, Fendall town, farmer
Clark, Alexander, Dublin street, Lyttelton, carpenter
Clark, George, Winchester street, Lyttelton, carter
Clark, George, Oxford terrace, Christchurch, cabinetmaker
Clarke, Charles, South Christchurch road, farmer
Clarke, Charles, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Clarke, Henry, South Christchurch road, farmer
Clarke, William, South Christchurch road, farmer
Clarke, William, Heathcote river, laborer
Clarkson, Charles, Heathcote river, farmer
Clarkson, David, Cashel street, Christchurch, builder
Clarkson, George, Heathcote river, farmer
Clarkson, Henry, Heathcote river, farmer
Clarkson, Samuel, Cashel street, Christchurch, carpenter
Clarkson, William, Heathcote river, farmer
Cleary, Thomas, Pigeon bay, mariner
Clement, Shadrick, Lower, Avon, laborer
Clepham, Robert, Cashel street, Christchurch, blacksmith
Clepham, Thomas, Colombo street, Christchurch, gardener
Cliff, George, Oxford terrace west, Christchurch, builder
Clist, George Henry, Lower Heathcote river, farmer
Clothier, Edward, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Clothier, John, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Clothier, Samuel, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Cobb, William Winstenly, Cashel street, Christchurch, accountant
Coe, John, Gloucester street, Christchurch, laborer
Cohen, Sydney, Dublin street, Lyttelton, mariner
Cole, Arthur, Avon Mill, miller
Cole, Henry Bush, Papanui road, miller
Cole, John, Cass street, Kaiapoi, carpenter
Cole, Jphn, Dublin street, Lyttelton, gardener
Collett, Samuel, Lower Avon north, carpenter
Collier, John, London street, Lyttelton, publican
Collins, James, Durham street, Christchurch, farmer
Colt, James, College land, mariner
Colston, James, London street, Lyttelton, laborer
Cone, William, Ferry road, farmer
Connal, Ebenezer, Colombo street, Christchurch, brassfounder
Cook, James, Oxford street, Lyttelton, boatman
Cook, Thomas, Oxford terrace west, Christchurch, butcher
Cookson, Isaac Thomas, Heathcote valley, merchant
Cooper, Charles Edward, Liehfield street, Christchurch agent
Cooper, Edward, near Prebbletown, farmer
Cooper, George, Governor's bay, farmer
Cooper, Thomas, senr., St. Albans; bricklayer
Cooper, Thomas, junr., St. Albans, laborer
Cooper, William Hunter, St. Albans, bricklayer
Corbett, William, Market place, Christchurch, carpenter
Cordery, Benjamin, St. David street, Lyttelton, blacksmith
Corner, John, Kilmore street, Christchurch, carpenter
Cortell, Thomas, Copesthorne, Riccarton, farmer
Coster, John Lewis Voelas road, Lyttelton, accountant
Coster, Thomas, Harewood road, farmer
Coup, William, Island, Kaiappi, fanner
Cousins, John Ralph, Riccarton, schoolmaster
Cousins, Richard, St. Albans, painter
Coutts, Donald, Island, Kaiapoi; farmer
Cowan, Hugh Kennedy, Cashmere, farmer ;
Cox, Percy Charles, The Springs station, stockowner
Coxhead, Edwin, Papanui road, builder
Craghead, John, Riccarton, laborer
Craig, Thomas Brown, London street, Lyttelton, merchant
Craythorn, Alfred William, Raisbury farm, laborer
Cress, Samuel, Ferry road, laborer
Creyke, Alfred Richard, Ilam farm, gentleman
Cridland, Henry John, Hoon Hay, civil engineer
Croake, Alfred William, Charles. street, Kaiapoi, waiter
Croft, Arthur Charles, Kilmore street, Christchurch, gentleman
Crooks, Henry, Salisbury street, Christchurch, laborer
Cross, Joseph, Ferry road, laborer
Cross, Samuel, Ferry road, bricklayer
Crowe, John, Kilmore street, Christchurch, carpenter
Crowe, William, Chester street, Christchurch, carpenter
Cuddon, William, South Christchurch road, carpenter
Cuff, John, North Belt, Christchurch, carpenter
Cuff, John, Kaiapoi/hotelkeeper
Cuff, Joshua, Charles street, Kaiapoi, gentleman
Cumberworth, John, Rangiora, laborer
Curlett, Stephen, Riccarton, farmer
Cusden, Thomas, Rangiora, blacksmith

Dale, George, Rangiora, carpenter
Dale, Thomas, Jackson's road Lyttelton; gardener
Dale, William, Heathcote ferry, ferryman
Dalgety, Richard Butler, Godley Quay, Lyttelton, merchant
Dallas, Alexander; Windmill road, farmer
Dalton, George, Fendall town, farmer
Daniel, Joseph, Great North road, farmer
Dann, Joseph, Armagh street, Christchurch, store keeper
Dantnall, William, Whately road, Christchurch, builder
D'Auvergne, Charles, Rangiora, farmer
Davie, Cyrus, Christchurch, surveyor
Davidson, Thomas Barker, Heathcote river, farmer
Davis;; George, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Davis, George Harrison, Kaiapoi, cabinet maker
Davis, Henry, Riccarton, farmer
Davis, Henry, Avon head, farmer
Davis, Henry, Cashel street, Christchurch, upholsterer
Davis, Richard, Winchester street, Lyttelton, settler
Davis,Rowland, Oxford terrace west, Christchurch, hotel keeper
Davis, Thomas, Riccarton, laborer
Davison, William, Kilmore street, Christchurch, gardener
Dawe, William Hill, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Dawson, Andrew, Prebble town, stock owner
Day, Frederick, Charles street, Kaiapoi, horse breaker
Day, George Frederick, Charles street, Kaiapoi, publican
Day, William, Sumner, mariner
Daymond, James, St. Asaph street, Christchurch
Deacon, Roger, Colombo street, Christchurch, brewer
Deal, James, Rangiora, laborer
Dean, George, Purau; Port Lyttelton, boatman
Dearsly, Robert, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, laborer
Dearsly, William, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, laborer „De Bourbel, Harold, Woodend, gentleman
De Jersey, Charles, Papanui road, carpenter
Demsey, George Andrew, Tuam street, Christchurch, laborer
Dench, Edward, St. Albans, laborer
Denlopp, William, Heathcote valley, farmer
Denne, William Henry, Rangiora, sawyer
Denton, Arthur John, North road, Kaiapoi, farmer
Denton, Frederick Robert, Lower Heathcote, farmer
Derrett, Edwin, Papanui, carter
Derrett, Henry, Papanui, laborer
Derrett, William,-Papanui, farmer
Derry, William Henry, London street, Lyttelton, blacksmith
Dickenson, George, St. Albans, farmer
Dickson, Melville, Scotstburn, Papanui, laborer
Dilloway, John, Riccarton, hotel keeper
Dimond, David Patten, London street, Lyttelton, carter
Dixon, Joseph, Ferry road, farmer
Dobbs, Arthur Acheson, Kaiapoi,; farmer
Dobbs, Henry, Burnside, Fendall town, farmer
Dobbs, Joseph, Fendall town, tailor
Dobbs, William, Burnside, Fendall town, laborer
Dobson, Edward, Sumner, Provincial Engineer
Docker, Robert, Lower Avon, farmer
Dockery, John, Cass Bay, Lyttelton, dairyman
Dorsett, William George, Cashel street, Christchurch, painter
Dowdel, Samuel, St. David street, Lyttelton, wharfinger
Draper, George Dye, the Springs station, gentleman
Drayton, Alfred, Riccarton, laborer
Dudson, William, Sneyd street keel, farmer
Duffell, John, Papanui, farmer
Duffell, William, Papanui, farmer
Duffer, Richard, Ferry road, farmer
Duffield, John, Papanui, farmer
Duncan, Andrew, Great North road, farmer
Duncan, George, Heathcote valley, farmer
Duncan, Robert, Great North road, farmer
Dunmill, Thomas Ealmer, Colombo street, Christchurch, laborer
Dunsford, Henry,- Norwich, Lyttelton, ship chandler
Durand, Henry, Tuam street, Christchurch, laborer
Durell, Alfred, Kaiapoi, gentleman
Durey, George, Bevenden farm, Fendall town, farmer
Durey, John, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Dyer, John, Stoke farm, Governor's bay, farmer

Eaglesome, Matthew, Great North road, laborer
Eagleson, Edward, Linwood, farmer
East, Henry, Market, place, Christchurch, upholsterer
Eastgate, William Kent, Kilmore, street, Christchurch, writing clerk
Eaton, James, Riccarton road, farmer
Eaton, James, Ilam, gardener
Eaton, Thomas, Kaiapoi, blacksmith
Edgar, Noah, Cashel street, Christchurch, tailor
Edlin, George, Woodend, Kaiapoi, laborer
Edmiston, Augustus, College land, Lyttelton, accountant
Edmonds, William, Kaiapoi, cordwainer
Edwards, Cockayne, Ohinetahi, farmer
Edwards, Edward, Lower Heathcote, farmer
Edwards, George, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Elliot, Joseph, Papanui, farmer
Ellis, Arthur, Ohbka, sawyer „Ellis, Nicholas, Ohoka, sawyer
Ellis, Thomas, Riccarton, farmer
Ellis, William, South Christchurch road, farmer
Elmer, Frederick John, Rangiora, commission agent
Emmerson, John, St. Albans, laborer
Evans, James, Armagh street, Christchurch, laborer
Evans, John, Heathcote valley, bricklayer
Evans, Richard, Heathcote valley, laborer
Everest, David, Jones street, Kaiapoi, carpenter
Everest, Daniel, Lower Lincoln road, laborer
Everest, Henry, Lower Lincoln road, laborer

Fabian, William James, Voelas road, Lyttelton, storeman
Fairweather, Charles, Piraki street, Kaiapoi, farmer
Fantham, Joseph, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Fantham, jun., Joseph, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Farland, James, Heathcote valley, laborer
Faulkner, John, Ferry road, storeman
Fawcett, James, Hereford street, Christchurch, bricklayer
Fawcett, Peter, Governor's bay, Port Lyttelton, landholder
Fawdington, William, Lichfield street, Christchurch, livery stable keeper
Felton, Joseph, Waimakariri ferry, publican
Fendall, Joseph, Waimakariri ferry, laborer
Fendall, Walepole Chesyre, Fendall town, farmer.
Ferguson, David, Beswick street, Kaiapoi, schoolmaster
Flitch, George, Camsix farm, farmer
Field, ; James, Worcester street, Christchurch, gentleman
Field, Strickland Stonestreet, Worcester street, Christchurch, gentleman
Fielder, Henry Valentine, Colombo street, Christchurch, carpenter
Finch, John, Woodend, laborer
Fisher, Henry, Dublin street, Lyttelton, mariner
Fisher, James Temple, South Christchurch road, farmer
Fisher, John, Voelas road, Lyttelton, carpenter
Fisher, Thomas Richard, St. Asaph street, Christchurch, storekeeper
Fitton, Charles, Governor's bay, Port Lyttelton, laborer
Fitzgibbon, Patrick, Lower Lincoln road, farmer
Fitzsimmons, William, London street, Lyttelton, shoemaker
Flavil, Henry, Lichfield street, Christchurch, tailor
Fleming, James Long, Antigua street, South . Christchurch, laborer
Fleming, Richard John Phillip, Port Levy, farmer
Flint, James, Armagh street, Christchurch, carpenter
Flitch, George, South Christchurch road, farmer
Flowers, John Charles, Colombo street, Christchurch, painter
Fooks, Charles Berjeu, North bank of Avon, near Christchurch, secretary Waste Lands Board
Fooks, Charles Edward, North bank of Avon, near Christchurch, farmer
Ford, Augustus, Canterbury street, Lyttelton, storekeeper
Ford, William Ambrose, Oxford street, Lyttelton, carpenter
Forster, William, Riccarton road, laborer
Foster, Joseph, Canterbury street, Lyttelton
Foster, Thomas Wilberfoss, Rangiora publican
Fox, Peter, London street, Lyttelton, butcher
Francis, Isaac Mothersole, Cashel street, Christchurch, laborer
Franks, Francis, Kaiapoi, schoolmaster
Free, Thomas, Colombo street, Christchurch, labourer
Fremlin, William, Harewood road, farmer
Fraser, Charles, Woodend, carpenter
Fraser, John Marchant, Cass street, Kaiapoi, store keeper
Froggart, George, Cambridge terrace east, Christchurch, carpenter
Frost, Jabez, Rangiora, bushman
Frost, James, Riccarton, farmer
Frost, Joseph, Rangiora, carpenter
Fuller, Francis, Woodend, Kaiapoi, farmer
Fuller, James Wylder, Colombo street, Christchurch, shoemaker
Fuller, John, Kaiapoi, gentleman
Fussell, Joseph, South Christchurch road
Fyfe, John ...George, London street, Lyttelton, storekeeper

Gardener, Henry, London street, Lyttelton
Gardiner, Edward, Dublin street, Lyttelton, carpenter
Gardiner, Henry Dent, Harewood road farmer
Garland, Edward, Lower Heathcote, farmer
Garland, Joseph, Lower Heathcote, farmer
Gebbie, David, Gebbie's flat, farmer
Gee, Thomas, Canterbury street, Lyttelton, baker
Gee, Walter, Market place, Christchurch, confectioner
Genet, Edward, Dublin street, Lyttelton, wharfinger
Gibbons, Samuel, London street, Lyttelton
Gibbs, George, Woodend, Kaiapoi, laborer
Gibbs, jun., George, Woodend, Kaiapoi, laborer
Gibson, George Barbadoes street, Christchurch, carter
Giggs, George, Riccarton, butcher
Gilbert, James, Heathcote valley, farmer
Giles, Launcelot, Island, Kaiapoi, farmer
Gladden, William, St. Asaph street, Christchurch carpenter
Goddard, Charles, College land, Lyttelton, laborer
Godfrey, Henry William, Harewood road farmer
Godfrey, William, Winchester street, Lyttelton, carpenter
Going, George, South Christchurch road farmer
Going, Thomas, South Christchurch road, farmer
Good, Edward, Rangiora, storekeeper
Goodacre, Edward, Gloucester street, Christchurch, draper
Goodwin, John, Harewood road, farmer
Goodwin, Joseph, Colombo street, Christchurch laborer
Goosetree, William, Lower Lincoln road, laborer
Gosling, William, Market place, Christchurch blacksmith
Gosnell, William, London street, Lyttelton, book binder
Goss, James, Durham street Christchurch, carpenter
Gould, George, Springfield road, Christchurch merchant
Graham, Douglas, Riccarton, farm bailiff
Graham, Thomas, College land, Lyttelton, laborer
Graham, William, College land, Lyttelton, ivory turner
Grant, James, London street, Lyttelton, warehouse man
Gray, Albert, Coringa station, farmer
Green, Edmund, Salisbury street, Christchurch, engineer
Green, George, Papanui, laborer
Greenaway, John, Kilmore street east, Christchurch, gardener
Greengoe, George, Heathcote river, brickmaker
Greenstreet, Charles Hawkins,- Horseshoe lake, gentleman
Griffin, Joseph, Kaiapoi, bushman
Griffin, Nathaniel Edward, Colombo street, Christchurch, blacksmith
Grisbrook, Henry Bush, Kilmore street, Christchurch, carpenter
Grubb, John, London street, Lyttelton, shipwright
Guildford, John, Papanui road, farmer
Guinness, Frank, Montreal street, Christchurch, commission agent
Gundry, Samuel, Canterbury street, Lyttelton, merchant
Gunion, William, Avonside, laborer

Hack, Edward, Harewood road, farmer
Hall, Thomas, Fendall town, laborer
Hall, Thomas Williamson, South Christchurch road, gentleman
Hall, Robert, Hereford, street east, Christchurch, .carpenter
Hamilton, David William, Colombo street, Christchurch, carpenter
Hamilton, David Wilson, Colombo street, Christchurch, carpenter
Hamlett, Robert, Kaiapoi, lodging-house-keeper
Hammett, William, Kaiapoi, shipbuilder
Hammond, James, Charles street, Kaiapoi, laborer
Hammond, William, Papanui, laborer
Hancock, George, Kaiapoi, carpenter
Hankinson, Donald, Whately road, Christchurch, gentleman
Hare, James, Ferry road, gentleman
Hare, John, Sumner road, writing clerk
Hargreaves, Edward Allen, London street, Lyttelton, merchant
Harker, John Martin, Charles street, Kaiapoi, cabinetmaker
Harman, Richard James Strachan, South Christchurch road, civil engineer
Harper, James, Kaiapoi, laborer
Harper, John, North road, Kaiapoi, farmer
Harper, John, North load, Kaiapoi, farmer
Harper, Robert, North road, Kaiapoi, wheelwright
Harrington, William, Montreal street, Christchurch, builder
Harrington, junr., William, Montreal street, Christchurch, wheelwright

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