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 The 'Josephine Willis'

Lithograph by Vincent Brooks, 1855, New Plymouth, a small farmer's cottage.

to New Plymouth and Auckland in 1855

Taranaki Herald, 24 January 1855, Page 2
Arrived. January 25.— Josephine Willis, ship, 786 tons, Canney, from London. Passengers— Mr. and Mrs Gledhill and family, Mr. Deighton, L. Nash & , Co, agents.

Taranaki Herald, 24 January 1855, Page 2
Early this morning (25th instant) a three masted vessel was sighted, and shortly came to anchor ; she proves to be the 'Josephine Willis', from England direct, 94 days out, having left Plymouth on the 23rd of October. She brings a few passengers, and 300 packages of good.

Daily Southern Cross, 6 February 1855, Page 2
Entered Inwards. February 5 — Josephine Willis, ship, 750 tons, Edward Canny, from London via New Plymouth.

G. Bates
Andrew Bell
Mr. Berlby
Mr. and Mrs Brown and nine children
Mrs. Buller, (2)
Misses Buller
Mr. Buller
Thos. Buttle
Mr. & Mrs. Bycroft and 3 children
J. Carmon
Thos. Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
Miss Christopher
Mrs. Combes and 2 children
Mr. & Mrs. Cooper
W. Coxhead
Mr. Cruikshank
Mr. & Mrs. Davis and 3 children
John Dingwell
Wm. Downing
Catherine Earle
Mr. and Mrs. Finley and 2 children
Mr. and Mrs. Foulner
Mr. & Mrs. Glenny
James Grant
Sarah and Thomas Guvonan
Matthew Halligum
Mr. & Mrs. Hancock
Margarat Heath
Thomas Heath
Mrs. Hitchens
Hy. and George Holdships
Mr. & Mrs. Holland and 3 children
Mr. and Mrs. R. Horseley and 2 children
Miss Horseley
Mr. & Mrs Jenkin
Margaret Johnson
Mr. Kenderdine
Mary Kilkenny
Matthew Kilkenny
Bridget Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Lynch and 4 children
Mr. & Mrs. Maclean
Miss Maclean
A. Marriage
Sarah Moore
P. O'Hara
J. Rae
M. Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Retallick
Mr & Mrs. Rodda
Mr. & Mrs Sharp and 2 children
Dr. Singleton
Maria Stackpole
Robert and George Stackpole
Mr. Swales
Mr. and Mrs. H. Taylor and 4 children
Mrs. Trethowan and 2 children
Mr. Turnbull
Mr. & Mrs. Wasley
Mr. & Mrs. Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Whitford
Sarah Wilson
 — Brown & Campbell, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 27 March 1855, Page 3
DIED, In the general hospital, Auckland. Mr. Samuel Singleton, late surgeon of ship 'Josephine Willis,' in the 35th year of his age.

Taranaki Herald, 25 April 1855, Page 2
The Josephine Willis left Auckland for Madras on the 31st ult.