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'Lady Jocelyn'

New Zealand Bound

The ”Lady Jocelyn” was built in 1852 in London as an auxiliary steamer for the East India trade. In 1863 she carried troops to New Zealand for the second Maori War. When the company collapsed she was renamed “Brazil”. Later purchased by Shaw Savill & Co. for Australasian trade, with engines removed and as a sailing ship under her original name, in 1869. This iron ship weighed 2138 tons. She was later bought by the Shaw, Savill Company and made several voyages to Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton (1873) (1881) and Port Chalmers. Up to the year 1878 she was the biggest immigrant ship trading to New Zealand. She was also the first immigrant ship to arrive in Tauranga. There are three pictures of her on Timeframes, online. One at Port Chalmers, taken in 1888, a De Maus photo, the Port Chalmers photographer. She made two voyages to Port Chalmers, arriving on November 6 1873 and April 15 1888. This photograph can be dated to the latter voyage, from the funnel of the refrigeration plant with which she was fitted in the 1880s. Another photo of her as a hulk about 1889 in West India and Royal Victoria Docks. She was broken up in 1923. 

Every newspaper reported different numbers.

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Evening Post,
12 November 1872, Page 2 LYTTELTON. 12th November.
The Lady Jocelyn arrived yesterday from London. The Bishop of Dunedin and family are passengers by her. She brings 33 cabin passengers, and 233 immigrants all well:

Timaru Herald,
13 November 1872, Page 2
The Lady Jocelyn, ship, arrived in Lyttelton on Monday afternoon, after a passage of 87 days from land to land, and 93 days from Start Point to the anchorage. She brings twenty-eight cabin passengers, and 233 Government immigrants, all of whom are in good health. Among the cabin passengers are the new Bishop of Dunedin and several old residents. There have been four births on the voyage and but one death. The ship has a large cargo and is consigned to Messrs Miles and Co.

Daily Southern Cross,
13 November 1872, Page 3
Lyttelton Tuesday. The 'Lady Jocelyn' has arrived, after a passage of 87 days from London. She brings the Bishop of Dunedin and party [Mrs Nevill and child Rev. Mr Penny, Mrs Penny and 5 children, Rev. Mr Smith and Mrs Smith], 23 cabin passengers, and 233 immigrants, all well, together with 50 navvies for Messrs. Brogden and Sons. The Bishop leaves tomorrow for Dunedin [on the Wellington, s.s., 530 tons].

Grey River Argus,
13 November 1872, Page 2
Lyttelton, Nov. 12. Arrived — Lady Jocelyn, 87 days from London. She brings the Bishop of Dunedin and party, 23 cabin passengers, and 233 immigrants, all well. The immigrants include 150 of Brogden's navvies [who are for Dunedin]. 

Star 16 October 1872, Page 2
Immigration. — The ship Lady Jocelyn, which sailed from London for Canterbury on 3rd August last, brings 204 Government immigrants, equal to 181 statute adults, of these there are 23 families, representing 67 statute adults, 78 single men and 36 single women. The trades and occupations of the immigrants are as under : — Farm labourers, 16 ; labourers, 24 ; gardeners, 4 ; blacksmiths, 4 carpenters, 6 ; harness-maker, 1 ; gunsmith, 1 ; wheelwright, 1 ; bootmakers, 4 ; engineers, 2 ; tailor, 1 ; platelayers, 3 ; navvies, 36. Among the single women, there are 2 cooks, 2 housemaids, 1 nurse, and 25 general servants. A number of the railway navvies and labourers are sent out by Mr Brogden, to be forwarded to Otago. The ship is due about the end of this month, and an advertisement in another column states that applications are being received at the Immigration Office.

North Otago Times, 5 November 1872, Page 4
The Lady Jocelyn, for Canterbury, was off Swanage on the 8th of August.

Daily Southern Cross N
ov. 1872
LYTTELTON Tuesday. The 'Lady Jocelyn' has arrived, after a passage of 87 days from London. She brings the Bishop of Dunedin and party, 23 cabin passengers, and 233 immigrants, all well, together with 50 navvies for Messrs. Brogden and Sons. The Bishop leaves tomorrow for Dunedin. All the immigrants per 'Lady Jocelyn,' numbering 223, obtained employment on the first day they landed, at good wages, except eight families. The following were the rates of wages : Families, £50 to £70 ; single men, from £35 to £45,  carpenters, 9s. per day ; tailors, £52 per annum ; general servants, £25 to £30 ; housemaids, £20 to £25; nurses, £20 to £25.

Otago Witness 12 October 1872, Page 15
The Right Reverend Dr Nevill, Bishop of Dunedin, and party, 24 in all, left Gravesend on 3rd August, in the Lady Jocelyn, for Lyttelton.

North Otago Times
, 15 November 1872, Page 2
The Bishop of Dunedin — The Lady Jocelyn arrived at Lyttelton on Monday evening. Bishop Nevill and party will come to Dunedin by the first steamer from the North.

Tuapeka Times,
21 November 1872, Page 5
The s.s. Wellington arrived from Lyttelton last evening, with a large number of passengers and the English mails ex Nebraska, which were shortly after arrival conveyed to Dunedin by the p.s. Peninsula. The passenger list includes the Bishop of Dunedin, Mrs Nevill, and child, the Rev. Mr and Mrs Smith, the Rev. Mr and Mrs Penny and family ; also 50 of Mr Brogden's navvies, transhipped from the ship Lady Jocelyn at Lyttelton. The Wellington, after landing 22 horses, sailed for the Bluff at 10 p.m , with 65 passengers (inclusive of Mr Brogden's navvies) and the Southern mails, arriving at the Bluff at 11.40 today.

Grey River Argus, 15 November 1872, Page 2
We are informed by the Immigration Officer, Mr Wylde, that in consequence of the number of applications received by him from residents in the town requiring domestic servants, he has endeavored to have some of those lately arrived in Lyttelton by the Lady Jocelyn sent to Greymouth, and that he has received the following letter from the Chief Immigration Officer in Christchurch : — " I regret I am unable to procure the servants required. There are only twenty-eight general servants on board the Lady Jocelyn, and I have applications for four times that number. I trust a much larger number of single women will shortly be sent out, in order that the wants of your district and other parts of the Island may be shipped."

Evening Post, 18 November 1872, Page 2
A peal of bells which will be the first, over used in Canterbury, recently arrived in Lyttelton from home by the Lady Jocelyn. They are for the Prebbleton Church.

Otago Witness 23 November 1872, Page 15
The 52 navvies for Messrs John Brogden and Son, who arrived by the Lady Jocelyn at Lyttelton a few days ago, were to have been sent to Dunedin, but it is now intended to send them to Southland to work on the Invercargill and Mataura railway, labourers being less easily procurable on that line than in the vicinity of Dunedin.

Press, 22 December 1874, Page 2
The following-is the list of passengers that sailed in the Lady Jocelyn for Canterbury on October 29th — Mr and Mrs C. Allaway, Mr J. E. Buchanan and family, Mr and Mrs Morris. Mrs Pilditch. Miss E. Leech, R.M. Buchanan. E. Saunders, A. Willett and family, Miss Morgan, H. J. Cunningham. T.R. Crockwell, W. Blandford, D. A. Buchanan, Mr and Mrs. James P. Penny, Mr Cooper, A. Leask, Dr Peard, Mr and Mrs G. Hogg and family, A. S. Parker, F.G. Dorrington, L. Waliis, W. G. Innis, G S Furbey, T. S. M. Cowie. and 450 steerage.

Sailed 31st July 1872
Arrived 11 Nov. 1872
Immigration Passenger list.
Reference: NZ Collection - Family Search

Apperley John


Brown George 3
Barker Peter 5
Brodie Wm 16
Best William 17
Borrett Elizabeth 22
Burt Harriet 23
Barker Annie J 23
Barker Frances E 23
Bostock Harriet 24


Cox Jefse 2
Cooper Edward 3
Collins Wm 5
Collins Wm Jnr 5
Cooper Hannah 22
Collins Sophia 22
Collins Betsy ? 22 (Bepsy)
Collins Mary L 22


Dunsford Robert 16
Dollan Sarah 23
Drew A Helen 23
De St Croix Jane 23
Dow Sophia E 23
Dow Ellen A 23
Dow Cath 23


Eayres Julia 23 
Eayres Sarah 23


Fowler Thomas 3
Fisher Phoebe 22
Fant Ann 23


Goodyer Alfred C 2
? Gerrey John 3


Howell Job 1
Harding Jeremiah 16
Hazelhurst James 16
Herbert George 16
Howell Hannah 22
Hudson Sarah 23
Hudson Eliza 23
Harvey Mary A 23
Hosking Jane 24


Johnson Wm A 16
Johnston Christina 22

Knox George 16

Llewellyn Ed. 17
Llewellyn Eliza 22
Llewellyn Mary 22
Luckhurst Harriet 24


Morrison Duncan 1
McSurgan Ber'd 6 (Bernard?)
Mullins Joseph 16
Mullins William 16
Mason Wilfred 16
Martin Alfred E 16
McSurgan John 17
McSurgan Patrick 17
McSurgan Bernard 17
McSurgan Eliza 22
Morgan Annie 23


Newcombe Jas 2



Painter Harriet 24



Ryan Mary A 23


Swift A. Wm 4
Sutcliffe? Ch's 16 (Charles?)
Shehey Ellen 22
Symondson Sarah 23
Shave Cath 23
Stinchcombe Sarah 24


Trengrove Sam.l 1
Trengrove John H 1
Thompson Jno 16 (John?)
Thompson Isaac 16




White William 8
Weston John 3
Wells William 4
Wilson Robert 4
Williams Jno 6 (John?)
Wilson Arthur C 16
Williams Wm. 17
Williams Richard 17
Williams James 17
Wilson Mary 22
Walters Maria 22
Whitehead Rachel 22
Whittle Julia 23
Walley Elizabeth 24
page 1 image 3 	Families and Children
MORRISON 	Duncan 		34 Roofs 	Laborer
		Mary 		24
		Isabella	 3
		Christy 	 1

HOWELL 		Job 		30 Stafford 	Agril. Laborer
		Elizabeth 	28
		William 	 9
		Robert 		 8
		Charles 	 5
		Arthur 		2½
		Hannah 		50				Transferred to page 22

TRENGROVE 	Sam.l 		54 Cornwall 	Blacksmith	Timaru
		Elizabeth 	56
TRENGROVE	John H 		27 Middlesex 	Blacksmith	Timaru
		Mary J 		23
		Wm. Hy 		 4
		Fred Js. 	 2
page 2 image 4
COX 		Jefse  		30 Berks 	Gardener
		Eliza 		30
		Harry 		 4
		Emily 		 2

GOODYEAR 	Alfred 		34 Kent 	Harness Maker
		Elizabeth 	30
		Robert Wm 	 7
		Chs A 		 4
		Elizabeth 	 2

WHITE 		William 	33 Hereford 	Warehouseman
		Caroline 	29
		Kate 		 7
		Walter 		 5
		Blanche 	 4
		Wild 		 2 

NEWCOMBE 	Jas 		23 Devon 	Carpenter
		Alice 		21
		Infant 		4½

page 3 image 5
BROWN 		George 		30 Cornwall 	G. Laborer
		Jane 		32
		Margt A 	 5
		Lydia 		 1

FOWLER 		Thomas 		28 Cornwall 	G Laborer
		Eliza 		28

GERREY 		John 		24 Cornwall 	G Laborer 
		Fanny 		24
		Jas Henry 	11/12 

COOPER 		Edward 		22 Stafford 	Laborer
 		Naomi 		21

COOPER 		Hannah 		50 				Transferred to S. Woman

WESTON 		John 		44 Warwickshire 	? Mechanic
		Sarah		34

page 4 image 6
WELLS 		William 	30 Derbyshire 	Farmer
		Elizabeth 	28
		George 		11
		Herbert 	 9
		Adelaide A       4
		Frederick 	 1

WILSON 		Robert 		35 		Railway	Porter
		Hannah L 	34
		Cath.e Jane 	 9
		Horace E 	 7 (girl)
		Rosie M 	 5
		Frank Y 	 3
		Albert E 	9/12

TRIFT 		A. Wm 		32 Lincolnshire wheelwright
		Louisa 		30 
		John 		7.1/2

page 5 image 7
BARKER		Peter		41 Epese	Bootmaker
		Ann C		43
		Anna Jane 	17				Transferred to S. Woman
		Frances E	15 girl				Transferred to S. Woman
		Alice Mary	10
		Robert Thomas    2

COLLINS 	Wm 		40 Cornwall 	Farm Laborer
		Ann 		40
		Sophia 		19 				Transferred to Page 22.
		Bessy 		18				Transferred to Page 22.
		Mary L 		16				Transferred to Page 22.
		Richard 	11
		James 		 9
		Nicholas 	 6

COLLINS 	Wm Jno 		22 Cornwall 	Farm Laborer
		Hannah 	21

page 6 image 8 blank
WILLIAMS 	Jno 		36 Cornwall 	Farm Laborer
		Cath.e 		36
		William W 	14				Transferred to page 17
		Richard 	13 				Transferred to page 17
		James 		13				Transferred to page 17
		Cath.e 		11
		John 		10

McSURGAN 	Bernard 	53 Tyrone	 Shoemaker
		Margaret 	45
		John 		26 				Transferred to Page 17
		Patrick 	24				Transferred to Page 17
		Bernard 	16 				Transferred to Page 17
		Eliza 		14 				Transferred to page 22
		Charles 	11
		Ann  		 9
		James 		 4
page 7 image 9
page 16 image 10 Single Men
DUNSFORD 	Robert 		29 Devon 	Farm Laborer
MULLENS 	Joseph 		24 Wilts 	Gardener
“” 		William 	22 Wilts 	Gardener 
JOHNSON 	Wm A 		22 Gloucestershire 	Farm Laborer
HARDING 	Jeremiah 	17 Chester 	Baker
HAZELHURST 	James 		21 Cheshire 	Blacksmith
APPERLEY 	John 		24 Hereford 	Carpenter
HERBERT 	George 		24 Gloucest. 	Gardener
KNOX 		George 		21 Stafford 	Engineer
WILSON 		Arthur C 	15 Galway
THOMPSON 	Jno 		21 Down 	Agri Laborer
“” 		Isaac 		18 …………
BRODIE 		Wm 		20 Orkney 	Blacksmith
MASON 		Wilfred 	21 Suffolk 	Laborer
MARTIN 		Alf E 		21 Surrey 	Carpenter
SULLCLIFFE?	Chris 		22 Surrey 	Tailor
page 17 image 11
WILLIAMS 	Wm 		14 Cornwall 	Farm Labourer
		Richard 	13 .......	do.....
		James 		13 ........	do....
McSWAGAN 	John 		26 Tyrone	Shoemaker
		Patrick 	24 ......	do. ..........
		Bernard 	16 ..... 	do............
BEST 		William 	30 Cornwall 	Farm Labourer
LLEWELLYN 	Ed 		15 Surrey 	Shop boy.

...............Page 12 blank.
page 22 image 13
HORWELL 	Hannah 		50 Stafford
COOPER 		Hannah 		50 Stafford
COLLINS 	Sophia 		19 Cornwall 	Servant
		Bessy 		18 Cornwall 	Servant
		Mary L		16 Cornwall 	Servant
McSURGAN 	Eliza 		14 Tyrone 	Servant
LLEWELLYN 	Eliza 		45 Surrey 	Gl. Servant
		Mary 		18
		Edward 		15 	Shop boy	Transferred to single men
BORRETT 	Elizabeth 	35 Middlesex 	Gl. Servant
WILSON 		Mary T 		31 Middlesex 	Gl Servant
FISHER 		Phoebe 		45 Stafford 
"		William 	10 Stafford
SHEHEY 		Ellen 		20 Kerry 	Dom. Servant 
SYMONDSON 	Sarah 		18 Middlesex 	Servant		Timaru
JOHNSTON 	Christina 	18 Northumberland Nurse
WALTERS 	Maria 		31 Staffordshire Gl Servant
WHITEHEAD 	Rachel 		50 Middlesex

page 23 image 14
HUDSON		Sarah 		15 Yorks.. 		Gen Servant
"		Eliza 		20 ..........		do.........
FANT 		Ann 		32 Middlesex 		Gl Servant
MORGAN		Annie 		16 Glamorgan, Wales 	Gn Servant  
DOLLAN 		Sarah 		60 Lanark, Scot.
HARVEY 		Mary A 		29 Tipperary 		Cook
DREW 		Helen A 	18 Edinburgh Scot 	Dom. Servant
WHITTLE 	Julia 		15 Jersey 		Dom Servant
RYAN 		Mary A 		15 Jersey 		Dom Servant
EAYRES 		Julia 		19 Jersey 		Dom Servant
"		Sarah 		17 ...........		do.........
BURT 		Harriet 	18 Jersey 		Dom. Servant
De St CROIX 	Jane 		17 Jersey 		Dom Servant 
BARKER 		Annie J 	17 Essex 		Servant
		Frances E 	15 ........		do.......
DOW 		Sophia E 	45 Berks
		Ellen A 	16 Berks
		Cath.e 		15 Berks
THAIR 		Cath.e 		27 Suffolk 
		Wm E 		 8 Suffolk 
		Harry E 	 6 “
		Arthur T 	 4 “
		Charles H 	 2 “
page 24 image 15
LUCKHURST 	Harriet 	23 Kent. Cook
BOSTOCK 	Harriet 	25 Stafford Gen Servant
PAINTER 	Harriet B	22 Cornwall Dom Servant
HOSKING 	Jane 		27 Cornwall Dom Servant
STINHCROMBE 	Sarah 		26 Sussex (?) Dom Servant
WALLEY 		Elizabeth 	20 Sussex (?) Dom Servant

image 16 blank
page 27 image 19
Promissory Notes given by Emigrants
Number of Note
605 Morrison Duncan
  6 .....ditto......
  7 Howell Job
  8 ....ditto.....
  9 Goodyer Alfred
610 White William
 11 ....ditto.....
 12 Newcombe Jas
 13 Brown George
 14 .....ditto.......
 15 Fowler Thomas
 16 Guney? John
 17 Weston John
 19 Collins William
620 .....ditto......
621 Collins Wm John 
  2 Williams John
  3 .....ditto.....
  5 Dunsford Robert
  6 Mullins Joseph
  7 Mullins William
  8 Herbert George
  9 Mason Wilfred
630 Suttcliffe Charles
632 Best William 
633 Llewellyn Mary
  4 Borrett? Elizabeth
  5 Wilson Mary T
  6 Shehey Ellen
  7 Symondson Sarah
  8 Johnston Christina
639 Walters Maria
640 Hudson Sarah
  1 ...ditto Eliza
  2 Fant Ann
  3 Morgan Annie
  4 Harvey Mary A
  5 Drew Helen A
  6 Whittle Julia
  7 Ryan Mary A
  8 Eyers? Julia
  9 “    Sarah
650 Burt Harriet
  1 De St Croix Jane
  2 Dow Ellen A
  3 Dow Catherine
  5 Luckhurst Harriet
  6 Bostock Harriet
  7 Painter Harriet B
  8 Hosking Jane
  9 Stitchcombe Sarah
660 Walley Elizabeth
page 29 image 18 blank
page 31 image 19
 53 Trengrove Samuel
 53 Trengrove Jno
1587 Cooper Edward
1603 Wills William
1585 McSurgan? Bernard
   2 Hazelhurst James
1593 Thompson Jno and Isaac
1588 Fisher Phoebe
1591 Johnston Christina
.......... Dollan Sarah
1609 Dow Sophia
page 33 image 20
Bills sent from the colony to the undermentioned
Bill Name of Person to whom Bills have been remitted by friends in the Colony
1584 McSwigan? Bernard..  
Drawer : I. M. Crocker
Acceptor: James H Wood, Jnr. 
Date: March 12th 1872

Ashburton Guardian, 1 May 1903, Page 2 Obituary
An old identity in the person of Mr John Williams passed away on Thursday at the age of 67. The deceased arrived m the Colony by the ship "Lady Jocelyn" in 1872, and landed at Lyttelton—the ship's first voyage. He was shepherd for six years at McAlpine's run at Selwyn, and then went farming at Springston for four years. After that, in 1882, he purchased his present farm at Pendarves, known as "Gleynn Farm." Deceased took an active part in public affairs, and was highly respected by all with whom he came, he contact. He was born, at St. Helena, Cornwall, England, in 1835. For several months he has been suffering from dropsy and heart disease, to which he eventually succumbed. The deceased leaves a widow, four sons and one daughter to mourn his loss. The family are all grown up and doing for themselves. The funeral takes place on Sunday.