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New Zealand Bound

(Twin Screw) 12,232 Tons,
 from London on 4th December and Plymouth 6th December, 1913.
Commander  -  C. E. Starck, R.N.R.
Surgeon  -  C.H. Wilson, L.R.C.P. &S. (Ireland)
Purser  -  G.A. Holmes

Shaw Savill & Albion Company, Limited
Direct four-weekly service of Royal Mail Steamers between
calling at Plymouth, Teneriffe, Cape Town, and Hobart

Mr A. Albon
Miss L. Alexander
Mr S. Allen
Miss A. Allen
Miss C. Anderson
Mr J. Angus
Master O. Armitage
Mr B. Baguley
Mr F. Baker
Mr R. Baldock
Miss G. Barfield
Miss E. Barnes
Mr M. Barrie
Miss W. Bateman
Mr F. Bates
Mr C. Beagle
Mrs Beagle
Mr A. Beagle
Mrs J. Beaumont
Mr J. Beaumont
Miss E. Beechey
Mr A. Bennett
Mr J. Best
Mr T. Biswell
Mrs Biswell
Miss E. Biswell
Miss P. Biswell
Mr D. Black
Mr S. Bond
Mrs Bond
Master G. Bond
Master C. Bond
Miss B. Bond
Mr A. Bone
Mrs J. Bone
Miss L. Bone
Miss R. Bone
Master D. Bone
Miss I. Boston
Miss P. Boston
Miss G. Boston
Mr J. Breen
Mr W. Brettell
Mrs E. Bridle
Mr S. Brister
Mr F. Broadribb
Mr W. Brockbank
Mrs Brockbank
Mr T. Broome
Mr A. Brough
Miss G. Brown
Mr H. Brown
Mrs Brown
Miss A. Brown
Miss R. Brown
Mrs E. Burge
Mr J. Burns
Mr P. Burns
Miss A. Burns
Mr J. Burton
Mrs E. Burton
Master H. Burton
Mr A. Buttar
Mrs Buttar
Miss A. Buttar
Miss M. Buttar
Miss L. Buttar

Miss M. Buttar
Miss G. Butterworth
Miss M. Butterworth
Mr J. Cairus
Miss A. Campbell
Miss L. Chafer
Mr S. Charters
Mrs M. Charters
Mrs E. Cherry
Miss H. Cherry
Mr S. Cheyne
Mrs Cheyne
Mrs M. Chippendale
Master S. Chippendale
Mr H. Chubb
Mrs Chubb
Miss E. Chubb
Master P. Chubb
Mr T. Cleary
Mr W. Clegg
Mr J. Collins
Mrs Collins
Mr H. Collins
Mr W. Comfort
Mrs Comfort
Mr E. Comfort
Miss V. Comfort
Miss M. Comfort
Master E. Comfort
Miss V. Copeman
Mr W. Copestake
Mr W. Corlett
Miss H. Corner
Mr J. Cowley
Mrs M. Crackett
Miss K. Crackett
Miss N. Crossfield
Miss N. Cullen
Mr J. Curley
Mrs Curley
Master J. Curley
Miss B. Curley
Miss M. Curley
Miss L. Dalton
Mr J. Dalton
Mr P. Delaney
Mr J. Dalaney
Mr T. Dickson
Mr W. Dickinson
Mr A. Diamond
Mrs L. Dolphin
Mrs Donohoe
Mr A. Dougherty
Miss L. Dougherty
Mr M. Duffy
Mr J. Duffy
Mr J. Duncan
Mr J. Duncan
Master J. Duncan
Mr J. Dunnett
Mr C. Dyson
Master G. Dyson
Mrs R. Eckett
Miss E. Eckett
Miss I. Eckett      

Miss M. Edgley
Mr W. Edwards
Mrs M. Elliott
Mr W. Elliott
Miss L. Elliott
Master P. Elliott
Mr W. English
Mr F. Farley
Mrs M. Farley
Miss E. Farley
Mr W. Farley
Master E. Farley
Mr S. Fiddis
Mr S. Finch
Mr R. Fitzpatrick
Mr J. Fleming
Mr J. Fleming
Mrs Fleming
Master J. Fleming
Master S. Fleming
Master A. Fleming
Miss Fleming
Miss M. Fleming
Mr V. Fleming
Mrs B. Flooks
Miss B. Flooks
Master W. Flooks
Mr H. Foster
Miss A. Foster
Mr G. Fowler
Mrs Fowler
Master H. Fowler
Miss L. Fox
Mr G. Franks
Mr F. Frazer
Mr F. Gadd
Mrs Gadd
Mr F. Gadd Jr
Mr R. Gadd
Mr J. Gadd
Mr P. Gallagher
Mr D. Gallagher
Mr W. George
Mr R. Gibson
Mr K. Girling
Mr W. Glasson
Mr J. Glover
Mrs Glover
Master J. Glover
Miss M. Glover
Mrs R. Goldblatt
Mr R. Goldblatt
Mr I. Goldblatt
Miss B. Goldblatt
Miss C. Goldblatt
Miss F. Goldblatt
Miss B. Goldblatt
Miss H. Goldie
Mr J. Goldie
Mr J. Goldie Jr.
Mr R. Goldie
Mr J. Gomm
Miss E. Gooding
Mrs E. Goodrich
Miss J. Gorman
Mr B. Gosden
Mrs Gosden

Master R. Gosden
Mr D. Gow
Mrs Gow
Mrs M. Graham
Master F. Graham
Mr G. Graham
Mr J. Graham
Mr J. Graham, Jr.
Miss M. Gratwick
Miss F. Gratwick
Mr M. Grealy
Mr A. Grenwood
Mr D. Griffin
Mrs Griffin
Master R. Griffin
Miss M. Griffin
Master G. Griffin
Mr K. Gunn
Mrs M. Gurden
Master S. Gurden
Mr R. Hagen
Mrs Hagen
Mr W. Hambley
Mrs Hambley
Master W. Hambley
Mr M. Hamilton
Mr W. Hamilton
Mr G. Hamilton
Mr R. Hannah
Mrs E. Hardy
Master A. Hardy
Master G. Hardy
Miss M. Hardy
Miss R. Hardy
Mr C. Harris
Mrs Harris
Master S. Harris
Miss E. Harris
Mr D. Harrower
Mrs Harrower
Mr T. Hawken
Miss A.  Hawken
Miss D.  Hawken
Miss E.  Hawken
Mr I.  Hawken
Miss A. Hawkins
Mr C. Hayden
Mr G. Hedley
Mrs Hedley
Miss M. Hedley
Master E. Hedley
Master H. Hedley
Miss E. Hedley
Miss G. Hedley
Mr T. Henderson
Miss E. Herd
Miss B. Hewitt
Mr M. Hicks
Mr H. Hills
Miss M. Hoare
Mr T. Hogg
Mrs L. Holden
Miss F. Holden
Mr W. Holmes
Mrs Holmes
Mr S. Horton

Mrs Horton
Mr G. Howing
Mr P. Hubbard
Mr H. Hudson
Mrs Hudson
Miss E. Hudson
Mr G. Humberstone
Mrs H. Hussey
Master A. Hussey
Mr F. Hydes
Mr T. Innocent
Mr J. Jackson
Mrs Jackson
Miss L. Jackson
Master J. Jackson
Mr A. Jackson
Mrs A. Jepps
Mr J. Johnson
Mrs Johnson
Miss J. Johnson
Mr W. Johnston
Miss P. Jones
Mr J. Jones
Mr D. Jones
Miss J. Kavanagh
Miss A. Kavanagh
Mr J. Kavanagh
Mr H. Kay
Mrs Kay
Master J. Kay
Mrs I. Kaye
Mr A. Kennedy
Mrs Kennedy
Miss M. Kennedy
Master A. Kennedy
Miss C. Kennedy
Mr M. Killalea
Miss M. Laurence
Miss E. Laurence
Miss L. Law
Miss N. Law
Mr B. Law
Mrs M. Leathby
Miss F. Leathby
Mr I. Lee
Mr J. Lewis
Miss M. Lewis
Mr G. Lunn
Mr L. Macallan
Mr A. Mackay
Mr W. Mackay
Mr J. Macken
Mr D. Macken
Mr D. Mahoney
Miss I. McBean
Miss A. McBean
Mr J. McCraken
Mr A. McDonald
Mr A. McGregor
Mrs A. McGregor 
Mrs E. McIntosh
Mr D. McKay
Mr J. McKenua
Mr W. McKnight
Mr D. McLean
Mr J. McMurray
Mr J. McMurray, Jr

Mrs C. Mahy
Miss I. Mahy
Miss C. Mahy
Mrs M. Martin
Miss S. Martin
Mr H. Masters
Miss A. Matcham
Mr A. Menoen
Mr J. Milligan
Miss M. Moir
Mr J. Moodie
Miss B. Moore
Mrs H. Moore
Master W. Moore
Miss Moore
Miss E. Moore
Miss V. Moore
Mr E. Mountney
Mr T. Mulligan
Miss F. Mulligan
Mr M. Muirooney
Miss J. Murphy
Mrs M. Murray
Mr N. Nasmyth
Mr W. Neal
Mr H. Needham
Mrs Needham
Miss A. Needham
Mr C. Nihill*
Miss E. O'brien
Mr H. O'Kane
Mr W. Oliver
Mr A. Oliver
Mrs F. O'Reilly
Mr J. Osborne
Miss V. Osman
Mr P. O'Sullivan
Mrs L. Park
Master A. Park
Mr G. Parker
Mrs Parker
Miss C. Parkinson
Miss F. Parkinson
Miss E. Parkinson
Mr T. Pearce
Mrs Pearce
Mr C. Pederson
Mrs B. Perfect
Miss D. Perfect
Master K. Perfect
Miss S. Player
Mr C. Pratt
Mr A. Pringle
Mrs S. Purse
Mr J. Ramsey
Mrs Ramsey
Miss A. Ramsey
Miss M. Ramsey
Mr W. Ramsey
Miss E. Reed
Mrs B. Reading
Miss H. Reading
Master W. Reading
Master J. Reading
Miss M. Reading

Mr J. Robertson
Miss F. Robinson
Master J. Robinson
Mr W. Rosemond
Mr A. Rouse
Mr N. Rowe
Mrs Rowe
Mr J. Russell
Miss L. Ryder
Miss A. Salamiuto
Mr W. Salter
Mr C. Sangster
Miss I. Sangster
Mr E.Scholfield
Mr J. Sharp
Mr A. Sharp
Mrs  Sharp
Master L.  Sharp
Mrs C. Shepley
Mr W. Shepley
Mr A. Short
Mrs Short
Mr E. Short
Mrs S. Sibley
Miss M. Sibley
Mrs M. Simpson
Mr J. Simpson
Mr T. Simpson
Mr J. Slater
Miss M. Smith
Mr G. Smith
Mr J. Smith
Mr S. Southgate
Mr J. Sowter
Mr T. Stevenson
Mr D. Stewart
Miss H. Sullivan
Miss A. Sutherland
Mr D. Swales
Miss A. Swales
Mr A. Sutherland
Mr D. Swales
Miss A. Swales
Mr A. Sweetman
Mr J. Tait
Mr W. Taverner
Mr J. Taylor
Mr G. Taylor
Mr M. Taylor
Mrs Taylor
Miss E. Taylor
Mrs R. Taylor
Mr A. Taylor
Mrs Taylor
Master T. Taylor
Miss Taylor
Miss P. Taylor
Mr J. Thomas
Mr H. Thompson
Mr P. Thomson
Mrs Thomson
Miss M. Thomson
Mr W. Tidmarsh
Mrs S. Timms
Mr W. Timms
Miss N. Timms
Master T. Timms
Mr A. Treadaway
Mrs Treadaway
Mr J. Treadaway

Master F. Treadaway
Miss H. Treadaway
Miss V. Treadaway
Miss E. Treadaway
Master A. Treadway
Miss F. Treadaway
Mr J. Tullet
Mrs Tullet
Miss L. Tullet
Mr J. Tweedle
Miss I. Tweedle
Miss J. Tweedle, Jr
Mr R. Tweedle
Miss A. Tweedle
Mr H. Tyrer
Mrs Tyrer
Master S. Tyrer
Miss A. Waiting
Miss E. Waiting
Mr J. Wakefield
Mr J. Wallace
Mr B. Wallbank
Mr F. Ward
Mrs Ward
Miss B. Ward
Master W. Ward
Miss M. Ward
Mrs A. Webb
Miss H. Webb
Mr C. Webb
Mr J. Wegner
Mr H. Weir
Mr A. Wenham
Miss M. Wenham
Mrs A. Whall
Mr S. White
Miss F. Wilcox
Mr G. Wilkins
Mrs Wilkins
Master G. Wilkins
Miss E. Williams
Mr H. Williams
Mrs Williams
Mr H. Williams, Jr
Mr G. Williams
Mr D. Williams
Mr A. Williams
Miss C. Williamson
Mr M. Williamson
Mr P. Williamson
Mrs Williamson
Mr A. Williamson
Miss P. Williamson
Master F. Williamson
Mr F. Willis, Jr
Mr F. Willis
Mrs Willis
Miss M. Willis
Mrs R. Wistrand
Miss F. Woodhall
Mrs A. Yates
Miss K. Yates

Above listing contains 529 passenger names travelling in the Third Class. The vessel had a capacity for 688 passengers. There was passenger accommodation for 121-1st, 117-2nd and 450-3rd class.  Does anyone have the First and Second Class passenger listing?

Passenger list courtesy of Sandra Eckert. The source is the original 'folder' given to passengers when boarding.  Sandra is interested in the Comfort and Hart families. Sandra's grandfather was a merchant seaman who "jumped ship" in Lyttelton and eventually sent for his parents and four of his siblings. Parents: William Comfort, Alice Comfort
Albert b June 1, 1888 (Sandra's grandfather)(emigrated)
William A. b Nov 14 1889
Alice R. b June 7 1891
Florence M b Oct 16 1892
Percy & Leonard b Feb 28 1896
Edward b Jan 19 1899 (emigrated to NZ)
Violet b Sept 2 1902(emigrated to NZ)
Margerate (sp?) b July 1 1905(emigrated to NZ)
Ernest b Nov. 6 1907 (emigrated to NZ)

Paternal g.mother May Hart b. Wellington, NZ, m Albert Comfort in 1915. May had older sister, Alice, who married Wm. Dwyer. Probably other siblings. Alice and Wm. had three daughters: Myrtle Olive m. Eric Corney, Hettie, and ? Somewhere in the tree is Percy who was custodian at Hanmer Springs. Posted Dec. 3. 2003.

The Ionic arrived in Hobart on 16th Feb.1914. The second Ionic never carried sails. The masts were for derricks, wireless aerials, flags etc.

Real photo postcard of the R.M.S. 'Ionic'

The "Ionic" was built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast in 1902 for the Shaw Savill & Albion - White Star joint service to New Zealand. She was a 12,234 gross ton ship, l7,826 net tons, length 500.3ft x beam 63.3ft, holds 45 feet deep, one funnel, four masts, four decks, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots. The engine delivered 604 nominal hp. Fitted with electric light and fully refrigerated holds for the frozen meat trade. She had water ballast.  Her sister ship was the Athenic. Launched on 22nd May 1902, she sailed on her maiden voyage from London to Cape Town and Wellington on 16th Jan.1903. In 1909, the Ionic became the first steamer in the NZ trade to be fitted with wireless apparatus. In August 1914 she was taken over for use as a troopship for the NZEF, was narrowly missed by a torpedo in the Mediterranean in 1915, and in 1917 was used under the Liner Requisition Scheme. Up until World War I, the White Star/Shaw Savill service to NZ was via Cape Town outbound, and around Cape Horn inbound. After the War the service was rerouted through the Canal. On 31st Jan.1919 she resumed NZ sailings via the Panama Canal, and rescued the crew of the French Grand Banks fishing vessel "Daisy" in 1927. She was converted to cabin and 3rd class in 1929, and in 1934, with the merger of White Star and Cunard Lines, she was bought by Shaw Savill and Albion. . Her last Southampton - NZ sailing commenced 9th September 1936. In 1936 owned by the group's Norfolk & North American S.S.Co. and in 1937 she was scrapped in Osaka, Japan. The ship's bell is in Auckland's War Memorial Museum. [North Star to Southern Cross by John M.Maber] [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.10, Shaw, Savill & Albion]