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New Zealand Bound

New Zealand to London 1887

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Timaru Herald
Christchurch, May 28
The following is the passenger list for the Ionic

For London (first saloon) - from Auckland
Eckford		Mrs
Knight 		Miss
Melville	Mr, Mrs and Miss
Melville	Masters R and C
Nicol 		Alfred
Nichol 		Mrs and three children
Oakes		Mr E.H.A.
Smith 		Mr B.B.
Want		Miss
Second saloon
Witherspoon	Mrs
Witherspoon	Mr  junr.
Witherspoon	Mr and Mrs
Bashford	Misses  (5)
Dominick	Mr O'Donnell
Johansen	Mr J
Kiddle		Mr W
Milsom		Mr James
Rose		Mr Alfred
Rose		Mrs Elizabeth
Rose		Miss Clara
Rose		Mr John
Sumnis		Mr James
from Christchurch
Holdsworth	Mr R.B.
James		Mr A.J.
Lord 		Mr James
Tosswill	Mr J.N.
Tosswill	Misses (2)
White		Miss A.J.
Second saloon
Best		Mr
Fryer		Mr R.W.
Saunders	Mr Frank
Shillito	Mr
Williams	Mr
Bradley		Mr W
Brown		Mr H
Hagget		Mr V
Heald		Mr George
McKay		Mr Alex
Merson		Mr and Mrs
Philps		Mr A
From Timaru (first saloon)
Macpherson	Mr, Mrs and Miss
McCallum 	Miss
Steerage From Timaru
Smith 		Mrs Jessie
From Dunedin (first saloon)
Claridge 	Mrs W.R.
Pettigrew	Miss

Second saloon
Snodgrass Miss Constance
Munro 		Mr and Mrs
Taylor 		Mr A
For Rio (first saloon)
Fitzgerald 	Mr and Mrs
Willard 	Mrs

from Christchurch (second saloon)
Edwards 	Mrs and Miss
Japanese troupe (18) from Christchurch

The land's in sight, we joyful cry,
Up rushing to the deck;
With eager gaze we scan the sky,
And to our comrades beck
Farewell, ye billows, on whose breast
For full six weeks we've rolled
Hail, fair New Zealand, where we'll rest,
And hope to work for gold.

Thousands of miles from land and thee
far over the rolling bright blue sea,
But, dearest, wheresoe'er's I roam
I fondly think of thee at home.

From an Old Green
R.M.S. Ionic 18th Oct. 1897, first saw the shores of NZ, arrived Wellington.
Published in the Sowerby Bridge Chronicle 5th May 1899: Column 3