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New Zealand Bound

London to New Zealand 1884

Sailed from London 25th January 1884 and left Plymouth 28th January 1884 Proceeded to Lyttelton via Wellington. Arrived Wellington 13th March and Lyttelton 21st March 1884.

Saloon Passengers
Second Cabin Passengers
Cash Mr T and Mrs Bond Mrs and 4 children
Melland Mrs E, Infant, Servant Bull Mr J and Mrs
Melland Mr E Cole Mr W and Mrs
Ward Mrs M. Derrett Mr and Mrs
Elder Miss M. Luke Mr E and Mrs
Pagan Miss J, and Miss E. Walton Mr F and Mrs
Owen Mr J and servant Ball Mr A
Barker Mr J Bond Mr J
Elder Mr T Bond Mr B and boy
Izard Mr W Bradshaw Mr A
McKechnie Mr R and Mr A Coup Mr H
Porter Mr E Guruy Mr G
Wilken Mr J Heywood Mr A
Yates Mr W Howard Mr J
Kench Mr F
Kera-Roose Mr H
Nicholson Mr H
Nicholson Mr J
O'Rourke Mr E
Reid Mr F
Riley Mr C
Seville Mr C
Vaughan Mr Guyne
Ashbrooke Miss S
Brown Miss J
Miller Miss C
Smith Miss H
Whiteman Miss R
Wilkes Miss H
Third Cabin Passengers
Benson William Alther Conrad
William Andrews William
Martha Bottamley Joanes
Charles Bradlay William
Annie Bramble C
Ellen Bruchman A
Mina Bulmer Peter
Craig Nathanial Cannon Charles
Adamina Cold James
Thomasina Cross John
Filleul Anne Engsler Ernest
Annie Eyan John
Hopkins Emily Foster James
Thomas Halse Henry
Imrie William Hannah John
Alexander Hawthorne James
Lamb Ann Heeb Michael
Thomas Hughes George
John Hunton Charles
Minney William Mills Alfred
Frederick Northy Catherine
Slobe John Ortner Evan
James Padlie William
Smith Henry Pettifrew John
Henry Sclapfer Jacob
Lucy Sullivan Alexander
Allen Upton Thomas
Kate Victory Alfred
Taylor Henry
Troon James
Warlick Jean
Steerage Passengers - Families and Children
Banks John 47 Lancashire Tailor
Sarah 47
Barker William L 32 Gloucester Butcher
Agnes 34
Leonard 10
Joseph 8
Ada 6
Agnes 4
Matilda 2
Florence 1
Albert E 2mths
Beckwith William 41 Yorkshire Joiner
Hannah 40
John E 11
George H 9
Birch Thomas 32 Staffs Plasterer
Mary 32
Thomas 2
Cook Thomas 37 Northampton Shoemaker
Alice 36
Thomas 8
Emma 6
William 4
Edith 9mths
Dolman Walter 55 Berks printer
Mary 54
Guest William 42 Yorkshire Gas Stoker
Hannah 42
McCleave James 30 Down Carpenter
Sarah 28
Mary 6
Margaret 4
Martha 2
Robert 3mths
Pulley Charles 27 Northampton Farm Labourer
Ann 21
Rosindale Matthew 39 Lancashire Iron Moulder
Elizabeth 39
Horace 9
Ethel 7
Nellie 4
Eveline 1
Staub Jacob 43 Switzerland Tailor
Elizabeth 42
Warren Gottfried 28 Switzerland Hair Dresser
Emilie 20
Jacob 1
Wilson James 32 Durham Smith
Ann 30
Mary 11
Ann 9
Margaret 7
Arthur 5
Edward 3
Elizabeth 2
James 6 mths
Zimmerman August 47 Prussia Labourer
Louisa 52
Wilhelm 9
Albert Robert 21 Leitrim Harness Maker
Banks Bramwell 13
Bell George 21 Derry Farm Labourer
Billcliff Arthur 19 Yorkshire Grocer
Cullohy Michael 20 Tralee Labourer
Conelly Hugh 19 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Michael 18 Farmanagh Farm Labourer
Dolman William H 14 Gloustershire
Douglas James 23 Antrim Farm Labourer
Doyle John 18 Carlow Groom
Edwards James 21 Cornwall Miner
Ellis Thomas 21 Cheshire Carpenter
Feely James 65 Tipperary Carpenter
William H 21 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Patrick 23 Tipperary Carpenter
Field Joseph 22 Lancashire Pattern Maker
Henderson Francis 24 Lanark Farm Labourer
Horton George 16 Middlesex Harness Maker
Irvine Thomas 21
Charles 19
Kennedy John 19 Dumfries Railway Porter
Kent Charles 21 Lincoln Labourer
Lutties Thomas Henry 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mahoney Patrick 20 Limerick Farmer
Marsh John 20 Weston Farm Labourer
Matthews William  20 Warwick General Servant
McCourt Thomas 25 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Francis 20
McGuffie James 20 Ayr Farm Labourer
McMinn Robert 19 Antrim Boiler Maker
McMurray Robert 26 Down Iron Turner
Neither Wilhelm F 16 Prussia Labourer
Philip Charles 20 Forfar Engineers Labourer
Arthur 15 Messenger
Prince Charles 21 Somerset Cowman
Proctor Samuel 20 Yorkshire Bricklayer
Scully John 18 Galway Farm Labourer
Simpson Henry 19 Wicklow Farm Labourer
Slocombe James 24 Cornwall Book Maker
Sullivan Eugene 12 Kerry Bootmaker
Thorne Edward 18 Somerset Farm Labourer
Wright John 18 Notts Butcher
Walter 16
Zimmerman Karl 23 Prussia Groom
Zimmerman August 21 Prussia
Adams Rose 30 Dorset Nurse
Albert Emily 18 Leitrim Servamt
Armstrong Mary A 21 Armagh Genral Servant
Banks Janet 23 Edinburgh Plain Cook
Banks Martha 24 Yorkshire Tailor
Banks Annie 18 Yorkshire
Bartley Catherine 27 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Beard Agnes M 26 Cambridge Plain Cook
Beckwith Mary E 17 Yorkshire
Bell Mary 25 Derry Domestic Servant
Billcliff Elizabeth 55 Yorkshire Housekeeper
Matilda 29
Zipporah 22
Annie 14
George H 5
Cameron Martha 20 Argyle Nurse
Campbell Annie 49 Ayr Shopkeeper
Cannings Ellen 22 Tyrone Cook
Cook Lois 17 Northampton Servant
Rose 12 Northampton
Creighton Alice M 20 Hereford Parlormaid
Culloty Bridget 34 Tralee Domestic Servant
Devine Mary 21 Dublin General Servant
Doyle Sarah 16 Carlow Domestic Servant
Eddy Sarah J 30 Cornwall Servant
Evans Minnie 18 Devon General Servant
Feeley Lizzie 29 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Fielder Annie 20 Hampshire Housemaid
Flanagan Bridget 21 Cavan General Servant
Foley Mary 19 Meath General Servant
Gavin Julia 33 Middlesex Cook
Gleeson Mary A 17 Kildare Housemaid
Head Annie 20 Hants Housemaid
Irvine Mary A 12\14 Tyrone School
Johnston Letitia 23 Norfolk Nurse
Kain Elizabeth 19 Carlow General Servant
Kough Johanna 20 Tipperary General Servant
Leggett Sarah 19 Armagh Nurse
Lyles Jane 29 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Mahoney Mary 28 Devon Housemaid
Mahoney Kate 19 Limerick Farmer
Martin Maggie 20 Linlithgow General Servant
McMinn/McMun Agnes 15 Antrim
Monk Miss 35 MATRON
Murray Agnes 22 Aberdeen General Servant
Neither Caroline 56 Prussia Servant
Neither Marie L 23 Prussia Servant
Nosworthy Mary J 19 Devon Domestic Servant
Oates Martha J 16 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Pearn Mary 19 Cornwall Dairy
Phelan Ellen 18 Queens Co Domestic Servant
Plant Florence 22 Lancashire Dressmaker
Prior Agnes 17 Bedford Housemaid
Proctor Rosey 18 Yorkshire Machinist
Quinn Mary A 21 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Roberts Anne 27 Kilkenny
Anastatia 21
Rosendale Agnes 12 Yorkshire
Sage Ellen 24 Limerick Domestic Servant
Simpson Charlotte 20 ? Housemaid
Soar Mary L 25 Middlesex Plain cook
Stapleton Florence 17 Middlesex General Cook
Stone Elizabeth 17 Devon General Cook
Sullivan Kate 23 Kerry Domestic Servant
Ellen 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Mary 16 Kerry Domestic Servant
Swift Eleanor 19 Kent Housemaid
Tyler Olive 15 Hereford Domestic Servant
Walters Annie E 20 Hereford Plain cook
Warman Rebecca 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Wainwright Jane 20 Lancaster Domestic Servant
Wilde Anne E 27 Dublin Housemaid
Williams Susan 22 Carlow Servant
Zimmerman Albertine 18 Prussia Servant
Ernestine 17
Luise 14

The above information courtesy of Lorraine. Posted 27 Nov. 2001. Anyone researching highlighted families please contact Lorraine Inns, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Another listing

Otago Witness Friday 6 August 1886 page 19
The Ionic brings in all 154 passengers for New Zealand (in addition to those landed at other ports). Of these 10 are saloon, 17 second cabin, and 127 steerage. Her cargo consist of some 2089 tons, of which 800 tons are for Dunedin, and the remainder for Northern ports.

Timaru Herald Wednesday February 2nd page 3
Surgeons of Passenger Ships
The Board of Trade interpreting of its provisions appears to be that every foreign-going ship having on board one hundred or more persons, and every ship carrying more than fifty fifty passengers (sailing under the Passengers Acts) shall carry an officer, who shall be a duly qualified and duly registered medical practitioner. The law gives no power to an officer to summon either master or owner, nor does it even hint that a vessel can be stopped if she sail without an authorised surgeon, although her complement may number several hundred persons. A Parliamentary return moved from June last year showed that during the two previous years 244 "experienced" surgeons sailed from the Untied Kingdom whose names did not appear on the Medical Register, and that of this number fifteen were under twenty-one years of age, and could not have been qualified at all.