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New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness, 25 August 1877, Page 11. 
Reference: Papers Past

Invercargill's signals was made betimes on the 17th inst., and smart attention being accorded her by the tug Koputai, she was towed in by noon, and having ten tons of powder on board, brought up in the usual place off Pulling Point. One of the fine vessels of the Albion Co.'s fleet, the Invercargill his made the run out within average time, and is in first rate order all over clean on deck and trim aloft. She is still commanded by Captain Muir, and has brought a large cargo, amounting in the aggregate to 1900 tons, of which 600 tons are dead weight, iron, cement etc. Forty-two passengers have come with the ship, and so far as it is possible for landsfolks to enjoy a sea passage, that which they have just concluded, was anything but unpleasant to them. They received every attention at the hands of Captain Muir and his officers, and good fellowship generally prevailed. According to the master's private log, the Invercargill sailed from Gravesend on the evening of May 19th. ...
The Invercargill made a very excellent passage as regards time, 88 days from port to port, and 81 from land to land. It was also a fine weather one throughout.

Port Chalmers - Arrival
August 16th - Invercargill, ship, 1240 tons, Muir, from London, May 19th. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents.
(my count - 38 passengers - missing four passenger names)

Ewen 		Mr
Hill 		Mr
McIntosh 	Mr 
McPherson 	Mr and Mrs 
Sutton 		Mr and Mrs
Sutton 		Miss E.
Way 		Mr

2nd cabin and steerage  
Allan 		Mr
Andrews 	Mr
Armoore 	Mr
Bridget 		Miss
Can_ly 		Mr
Cope 		Mrs
Graves 		Mr and son
Groves 		Mrs and child
Kindrew 	Mr
McNutt 		Mr and Mrs and child
McPherson 	Mr
McWatt 		Mr
Mein 		Mr
Ralph 		Mr
Ross 		Mr
Stodert 	Mr
Swaites 	Messrs (2)
Tweedy 		Mr and Mrs and four children 
Toder 		Mr

Otago Witness, 17 October 1874, Page 12
Arrival Oct. 15. Invercargill, ship, 1240 tons, Tilly, from Glasgow (July 16th). Cargill, Gibbs, and Co., agents.

Black 		Mr
Campbell 	Mr and Mrs 
Drysdale 	Mr
Dunlop 		Mr
Lumsden 	Mrs
Morrison 	Mr and Mrs Alexander and infant
Morrison 	Mr and Mrs John 
Tilly 		Mrs 
and 448 nominated and free immigrants. 

Departure Oct. 14
Parsee, ship, 1281 tons, Nelson, for San Francisco. Russell, Ritchie, and Co. agents.
: Mr and Mrs Nuttle, and two children, Mr Redmayne, five children, and servant ; and one in the steerage.

Otago Witness, 20 December 1879, Page 12
Departure - December 15th
Invercargill, ship, 1240 tons, Muir, for London. N M and A Company, agents. Passengers Mr and Mrs Bulkely and 6 children, Mr and Mrs Nimmo and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Hill and 4 children.

Otago Witness, 28 July 1877, Page 11
Arrivals - July 22nd - Wanlock, barque, 745 tons, Tilly, from London, March 23rd.  Scilly, April 8th. New Zealand Shipping Co.. agents. No passengers.