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'Ida Zeigler' to Auckland

New Zealand Bound

in 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865 & 1866

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Daily Southern Cross, 22 November 1862, Page 3
The favourite clipper ship 'Ida Ziegler,' Captain A. Reynolds, fetched her anchorage in the harbour at noon yesterday, after one of her usually rapid passages from England. She was signalled at 430 p.m. on Thursday, described at 6 30 ; and Captain Burgess, port master, boarded her off Tni at eleven p.m., working her up all night with light winds. Bought up at seven a.m.. yesterday, off the Rough buoy, on account of ebb tide and calm, and got underweigh again at eleven, running up with a fresh sea breeze. The ' Ida Ziegler ' left the docks on the 17th August, and Plymouth on the 24th, experiencing light winds and fine weather down the channel. ...The ship is in g. clean and creditable condition, and is sufficient evidence of the attention of her commander and officers. The general health of the passengers was good. There were two births on board The passengers speak highly of Captain Reynolds's conduct on the voyage. The following testimonial was presented to him before entering the harbour
(Signed) Geo. Buttle, Miss Newman, H. W. Buttle, Arthur Pittar, Emma Wilson, John Hodgson, John Davey, James Richardson, Mrs. Richardson, D. Richardson, Emma Lysnar, H. A. Isaacs, M. A. Preston, Thomas Gerrones. November 21st, 1862.

The following is an analysis of trades and professions of the passengers, a list of which is subjoined ; farmers, 24 ; carpenters, 3 ; bakers, 2 ; merchant, 1 ; labourers, 2 ; waterman, 1 , civil engineer, 1 ; wheelwright 1 ; clerks, 3 ; smith 1 ; gardeners, 2 ; plumber, 1 ; chemist, 1 ; clergyman, 1.

Passengers:  Thomas Gerrones, Mrs. Elizabeth ditto, Wm L., Mary, and Thomas ditto
Henry Doblein, Henry ditto
Mrs Anne Roose
William Knott; Mrs. Mary ditto 
Caleb Kneebone, Mrs. Anna ditto, Sarah ditto
Joseph Spurge
John Opil
James Williams
Philip Riddle
James Hush, Christopher ditto
William Porter
James Brund, Mary E ditto ;
John Cotton
Abraham Isaacs
John Davey
Matthew Perston, Mrs. Mary Jane ditto, James ditto, Annie ditto
Lydia Decker
Elizabeth Williams, Robert ditto, Harry ditto
John Hodson
Mrs. Emma Wilson
Jean Alemler
James Dodd, Mrs. Jane ditto, and infant
Thomas M. Sharman
Robert McFarlane, Mrs. Dorothia, Ellen ditto, Edgar J. ditto, Robert S. ditto, Charles W. ditto
David Stevenson, Mrs. Ellen M. ditto, Elizabeth M. ditto, David ditto, William E. ditto
John Torrens, James A. H. ditto, E. M. Ellison ditto
John Graham
Samuel Moore
John Taylor, Mrs. Maria ditto, Ernest ditto, Alice Maud ditto
William King, Mrs. Alice ditto, Mary Alice ditto
Arthur N. Evans
Margaret Melville, James ditto
James Thompson, John ditto
Robert Torrens
Felt Laving
James Maine, Mrs. Amelia ditto, James ditto, William ditto, Amelia ditto
Rice Williams, Mrs. Susan ditto, William W. ditto
William Mason, George ditto
Hugh Ritchie
William McIntire
Patrick Montgomery
John Skelton
Thomas Hucklebridge
Albert Dauble
William Oldroyd
George Walters
Frederick Tilady
James Morris
John Hogden
Daniel Dakin, Louisa ditto.
Cabin. James Richardson, Janet ditto, David do. ; Miss Lysnar ; Rev. George Buttle, Whitable Newman ditto, William D. Buttle, Robert Newman ditto, Henry ditto, George Alfred ditto, Joseph Newman ditto, James ditto, Benjamin Watson ditto ; Hannah Watson; Ellen Hubbins ; James Parker; Arthur Pittar; Captain Swift, and Captain Law.

1863 Departure

The Daily Southern Cross - 3 February, 1863
and passengers also (listed in the DSC 31st January, 1863, pg 3)
A portion of the cargo consists of about 450 bales wool, 185 tons gum, 80 tuns of oil, 31 pkgs, sundries, 183 cases military stores.
Cleared outwards
February 3rd - Ida Zeigler, ship, 960 tons, A. Reynolds for London.

Passengers - 
Barton 		Captain and Mrs, and family
Bayton 		Lieut.  	(Boynton)
Brown 		Captain 	57th
Calvert 	Rev. W.
Carleton 	Mr and Mrs H.
Chamberlain 	Mr and Mrs and family
Corbett 	Mr and Mrs 
Da Costa 	Mr
Da Silva 	Mr
Dittrich 	Mr
Farmer 		Mr and Mrs and family
Fairburn 	Mr and Mrs and family
Galea 		Signor  	band-master 57th
Gimes 		Mr
Jenkins 	Mr
Milner 		Mr
McEwan 		Master
McEwan 		Master J.
Pike 		Mr
Rawson 		Miss
Scotland 	Mr and Mrs 	and family
Smith 		Mr
Tyhurst 	Miss
Tutty 		Mr and Mrs 
Waugh 		Lieut. 		57th
Werner 		Mr and Mrs and family
Wishart	Mr and family)
Williams 	Mr and Mrs William and family
12 steerage, 98 rank and file, 8 women, 15 children and 15 natives.
D. Nathan, agent.

The 'Ida' Ziegler' took on board yesterday, the greater portion of her passengers, including invalids troops. She now lies off the wharf in first rate trim and there is little doubt she is one of the finest ships that has ever loaded home from this port. She will probably sail this afternoon.

The natives now on board the 'Ida Zeigler,'  are under charge of Mr Jenkins, native interpreter.
Hapimiana Ngapiko
Rkihana Taukawau
Kameriera Te Hautakiri
Horomona Te Atua
Wiremu Te Wana
Hare Pomare
Hariata Tutapuiti
Paratone Te Manu
Kihirini Te Tuahu
Takerei Ngawaka

Southern Cross 4 Feb. 1863 pg3     

1864 January Departure from Auckland
The Southern Cross
Wednesday 27th January 1864
The ship Ida Zeigler, Captain Reynolds, sails for England this day, a full ship; 52 passengers are returning to the old country. Towards the close of the year we may look for her return.

Southern Cross January 26 1864

Cleared Outwards- Foreign
January 25 - Ida Ziegler, 860 tons, A. Reynolds, for London.
Passengers total 52. D. Nathan, agent.

Angela 		Sister Mary
Atkinson 	Mary, John, James and Thomas
Beswick 	Henry W.
Bowan 		Thomas R.
Bromley 	Lucy Ann
Ellis 		Sarah, Thomas and James
Green 		Fred. W., Mary Anne, Frederick, William and Baily
Heaps 		Ann and Thomas
Higginson 	Thomas, Mary, Jane, George and Reuben
Holden 		George
Lloyd 		Sarah
Lynch 		Daniel, Mary, William, Jas., Mary Ann, Isabella, Daniel, Robert and Susan
McMurray 	Charles, sen.
McMurray 	Charles, jun.
Meiklejohn 	William
Middleton 	Henry
O'Keefe 	Jeremiah
Ormsby 		James
Palmer 		Francis and Eunice
Phene 		Nicholas
Roch 		Thomas
Scott 		Elizabeth, James and Jane
Tiller 		Charlotte
Warwick 	Jane
Wells 		Benjamin and Mary
Wood 		Thomas

1864 October Arrival at Auckland

The Southern Cross.
 15 October 1864

The Southern Cross.
 15 October 1864


1865 Arrival

Southern Cross Monday 23rd January 1865
Port of Auckland

In harbour
Ida Zeigler, ship, 800 tons, Reynolds, from London

Projected departures
For London - Ida Zeigler, today

1866 Arrival

Otago Witness Saturday ?January 6 1866 pg4
At Auckland 154 rank and file proceeded to their quarters at Otahuhu where they will remain until embarking for England on the ships Siam and Ida Ziegler. The following officers accompanied the men: Captains Cay and Roger, Lieuts. Grierson, Whitburn and Howard, Ensign Lennard.

Otahuhu, a suburb of Auckland, on the narrowest part of New Zealand, on the isthmus between an arm of the Manukau Harbour to the west and the Tamaki River estuary to the east. Nine miles or 14 km's to the southeast of the Auckland city centre. The isthmus is the narrowest connection between the North Auckland Peninsula and the rest of the North Island, being only some 1200 metres wide at its narrowest point. Otahuhu was established in 1847, initially as a garrison town to protect the settlement of Auckland from the Maori lands around the Waikato. One of the four pensioner settlement. Nixon's Monument -erected in memory of Colonel Marmaduke George Nixon, was killed in the Maori war in 1864 and gallant soldiers who fell with him.