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Voyage of the Good Ship "HINDOSTAN"

New Zealand Bound

 London to Auckland 1873

Daily Southern Cross, 29 December 1873, Page 2
Arrival December 28. Naworth, barque, 350 tons, Wilbar, from Liverpool. — T. and S. Morrin, agents.
Hindostan, ship, 833 tons, Robert Peek, from London, September l2.
Saloon passengers — Mr Authwuite, Mrs Authwaite, sen., Dr Walker (in charge of immigrants), Mr and Mrs Rowe and family. — N.Z 8. Co., agents. Colonist, schooner, from Napier and East Coast ports.— M. Niccol, agent

The Hindostan

The N.Z F. Co.'s fine iron ship Hindostan arrived in harbour yesterday morning from London, after a fine weather passage of 106 days. The ship is under the command of Captain Peek, late of the Beth Shan and others. She brings a general cargo, and a number of Government immigrants. The Hindostan has arrived in harbour in a most cleanly condition, and all the passengers speak very highly of the attention shown to them by Captain Peek and his officers. The ship has a very neat saloon fitted with every comfort. Captain Burgess piloted the ship up the harbour. Dr. Philson, the health officer, after inspecting the immigrants and vessel, gave a clean bill of health. Of the passage out Captain Peek reports as follows :— Left London on September 12th, and landed the pilot off Dartmouth on the 22nd...

List of Immigrants per Hindostan —
Cave : John 33, Amelia 33, Henry 4  from kent
Chapman : James 31, Sarah 31 from Warwickshire
Clarke : William 30, Elizabeth 29, Susan 9, Charlotte 7, Elizabeth 6, Sarah 5, William 2, Emily 1 from Staffordshire Engine driver
Crotty : James 31, Elizabeth 29 from Limerick Smith
De Saix : Peter 26, Susanna 23, Thomas 5, William 3, Andrew 1  from Wicklow
Ellis : Charles 22, Hanuah 23, James 1
Gomingle : Denis 2S, Ellen 26, John 1
Groves : John 42, Elizabeth 44  from Warwickshire Painter
Harvey : John 23, Anne 23, Mary 1 from Worcestershire Farm and General servant
Hawkins : Paul 24, Ann 29  from Glostershire
Little : James 44, Caroline 40, James 10, Elizabeth 8, David 5 from Cheshire
Lovering : Joseph 31, Elizabeth 29  from Trent Smith
McCown : Francis 27, Elizabeth 21 from Dublin
Mullingers, George 32 and Ann 40 Norfolk, laborer.
Patterson : Henry 22, Mary Ann 20, Mary Ann 1
Patterson : William 40, Mary 32, Bridget 7, William 4, Mary 2  from Middlesex
Robinson : Williams 32, Madeline 33
Roussel : Peter 30, Elizabeth 24, Peter F. 5, John S.1  from Jersey Farm laborer
Rowe: George 36, Jane 57, George 23, Sarah J. 21, Emily 19, Caroline 17, Amelia 15, from Dorest. Butcher
Short : Edward 28, Emma 23
Short : William 26, Emma 24, William 4, Edward 2, Joseph 1 from Lancashire
Wilcox : Robert 33, Mary 34, Mary 7, Charles 2  from Warwickshire
Wray : Alfred 30, Mary Ann 32, Florence 4, Beatrice 2  from Oxford Engine driver

Single Men :
Atkinson, Thomas 23 from Yorks
Brauer Jacob 18 from Germany, laborer
Cave, John 13 from Trent
Clarke, Charles 12  from Warwickshire
Dalby, Charles 24, Jacob 18 from Devon
Dempsey, Arthur 21 from Dublin, blacksmith
Fisher, Clifford 18  from Wilts
Harrington, William 12, George 10 from Surry
Hulene, Arthur 23 from Staffordshire
Marks, James 23  from Cornwall
Norton, Robert 21, Joseph 19
Roach, John 21  from Cornwall
Robertson, William 18  from Middlesex
Wake, Charles 13  from Middlesex
Vosper, William 21, from Cornwall, farm laborer

Single Women:
Abrams, Annie 21 from Essex
Byrne, Mary Anne 28 from Lancashire
Carroll, Bridget, 17 from Kerry
Empen, Margaret 21 from Germany
Gilbert, Ann 24 from Surrey
Harrington: Amanda 35, Caroline 18, Charlotte 12  from Trent
Hallows, Harriet 22 from Essex
Little, Agnes 20, Mary 18, Janet 13  from Cheshire
Lynn, Sophie 19 from Surrey
McConnell, Sarah 21
Patterson, Catherine l2 from Leitum?
Rowe, sarah j 21, Emily 19. Caroline 17, Amelia 15, from Dorest
Schumpal, Augusta 24  from Germany, colonial nominated Auckland 257
Simmonds, Emma 18 from Middlesex
Wake: Anne 21, Emma 19, Harriet 50  from Middlesex
Walsh, Mary 17 from Kerry, streamstrees, colonial nominated Auckland 259
Warrender, Berthie 24 from Staffordshire

Daily Southern Cross, 28 March 1874, Page 3
SUNDAY SERVICES. Divine service will be conducted to-morrow as follows :- At the Newton Hall, Karangahape Road, Captain Peak, will preach in the evening, at half-past six o'clock; as the 'Hindostan' sails on Thursday next, this will be the last opportunity Captain Peek's friends will have of hearing him.

Taranaki Herald, 5 July 1871, Page 2
The Captain of the 'Beth Shan' has a calling for the ministry, for we notioe in a Nelson paper the following advertisement: — " On Sunday next public service will be held by Captain Robert Peek, of the ' Beth Shan,' on board the ' Beth Shan,' at three o'clock in the afternoon ; and at half-past six in the evening, at the Wesloyan Church, Hardy-street. Captain R. Peek will also preside at a prayer meeting at the Bethel, Haven Road, on Monday evening. Ho will preach a Sermon on Wednesday evening, and hold other services each evening during the coming week, at the same place."

Daily Southern Cross, 6 January 1874, Page 3
Breach of Merchant Shipping Act — Alexander Murphy, John Gartrall, Nicholas Cochrane, John Russell, Richard Scudder, John Duffiey, were charged with a breach of the above Act by continued disobedience of of lawful commands on board the ship ' Hindostan ' on her voyage from London to Auckland. Prisoners pleaded not guilty. Mr. Hesketh conducted the prosecution. — Robert Peek, master of the ship 'Hindostan,' deposed that he arrived in Auckland on Sunday, 28th December. Prisoners were able seamen on board. (Articles produced.) On the 28th December, hearing a disturbance on deck, he came out of his cabin and found prisoners quarrelling with the officers. He ordered them to their proper places, but they refused, and used threatening language. The prisoner Murphy said there would be murder on board yet. On the morning of the 2nd January, witness went on to the quarter-deck, and found prisoners stripping off their clothes to flight. He ordered them, forward and they refused to go, and remained where they were. — Prisoners Murphy, Scudder, and Gartrall cross-examined, without eliciting anything of importance. — Frederick William Gardiner, second officer of ship ' Hindostan,' proved that, on the 28th of December, the boatswain gave certain orders to the men at the braces, when Scudder called him very foul names. The boatswain and Scudder had a tussel. The other prisoners came aft, and interfered. Witness ordered them forward. They refused to go, and remained where they were, using threatening language. They evidently intended to commit an assault on witness and the other officers. Murphy said, " When blood is flying about, I'll let some out too."— On Friday, the 2nd of January, prisoners were at the boatswain's cabin. The captain ordered them away, but prisoners refused. Quiet was not restored until the police came on board. Prisoner Gartrall put himself in a fighting attitude, and witness was compelled to knock him down. The others, with the exception of Scudder, rushed aft, and threatened to thrash him. Cochrane was the worst of the lot. Robert Tower, chief officer of the ship ' Hindostan,' gave corroborative evidence. He another stated that he had never met a, worse lot of men than the prisoners were. — The witness was also cross-examined by prisoners. — Edward Ross, boatswain, was also examined, but his evidence only corroborated that of the previous witnesses. — Pilcher Austin, A.B ; and Harry Hall Dickson, purser of the ship Hindostan; George Rowe, a passenger ; Henry Pope, of H.M. Customs; and George H. Skipper, ordinary seaman, were examined for the defendants, and gave unimportant evidence. — His Worship said it was inconceivable the number of offences which were logged against the seamen of the 'Hindostan.' It was a pity that the ship had not fallen in with a man-of- war, and got the prisoners well flogged. — Prisoners stated that they were in the dock only because they would not attend church on board the Hindostan.—  The Bench sentenced Alex. Murphy, John Gartrall, Nicholas Cochrane, John Russell, and Richard Scudder, to 4 weeks, and John Duffiey to 14 days imprisonment with hard labour.