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New Zealand Bound

The Star Friday 18 April 1879 Lyttelton
Arrived 17 - Himalaya, barque, 1008 tons, Captain Pitfield from London arrived last night. She left London on January 12. and anchored in the Downs next day, leaving Deal on January 16. Her voyage was uneventful. She brings a number of first, second and third class passengers. The Himalaya comes consigned to Messrs Edwards, Bennett and Co.

Passengers: saloon -
Cook 		Mrs
Cook 		F.
Delmain 	Miss
Engles 		E.
Hughes 		H.J.D
Hughes 		J.A. B.
Isaac 		Mr and Mrs R.C.
Isaac 		William
Isaac 		W.P.
Isaac 		E.
Isaac 		Emily 
Isaac 		R.C.
McAdam 		H.M.E.
Stevens 	Jane
Williams 	Mr and Mrs B.H.
Young 		Mr and Mrs G. 
Young 		Charles, Rob, and William 

Second cabin
Ash 		W.
Bottle 		H.J.
Brown 		Thomas
Claridge 	W.P. 
Claridge 	E.T. 
Crasskyl 	James
Dell 		H
Elmslie 	J.R.
Hall 		Geo.
Gledhill 	J.
Green 		A.
Graham 		H.W.
Inches 		G.S.
Sykes 		E.G. 
Tardiff 	J.T.
Ware 		R.
Ware 		Ellen
Ware 		Laura

The Himalaya
Timaru Herald
24 December 1897 pg3 col. a

Albany, December December 23
Arrived - Himalaya, from London. Passengers for New Zealand -
Messrs Harris, Lewis, Leace, Wilfield, Gilmore, Blackrock, Napier, Alister, Harker, Clitold, Acland and Dugdale
Mr and Mrs Davis and family
Mr and Mrs Clark
Mrs and Mrs Rhodes
Misses Harker, Culton, Keney, Catellame, Kangerbee and Turnbull
Mesdames Culton, Barker and Leace.