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"Green Jacket"

New Zealand Bound

The Southern Cross Monday 14 December 1863 page 2

From the Southern Cross, 31st Dec. 1863.

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
Image from Southern Cross 31st. December 1863 page 10.

Another listing - from The New Zealander

Arrival of the Green Jacket from London
The Green Jacket, 1,088 tons, commanded by Captain Samuel Mitchell, made her number yesterday afternoon, and dropped anchor off the Queen-street Wharf, about three o'clock. She left Gravesend on the 14th August, and took her final departure on the 20th of the same month. No deaths during the passage. There were five births. No vessels were spoken during the voyage. The Green Jacket is a fine clipper vessel. She was built in 1860, by the celebrated shipbuilder King, of St. John's New Brunswick, and is owned by Messrs. Fernie and Brothers. She is a sister ship to the Queen of the Mersey, and her accommodation for passengers seems all that could be wished for. Testimonial to "Dr Sam." SC 15th Dec. 1863 pg3



Cross		Edwin, Ellen and George
Flemming 	Matthew
Johnstone 	Major
Rocke 		Major and Mrs
Sohromberg 	Captain
Stevens 	Miss
Talbot 		Miss Ann
Young 		Edward


Bennett 	John R.
Boyd 		Thomas, Margaret, Margaret, Charles and Jane
Browne 		C.
Bullick 	John and Jane
Clare 		Thomas, Elizabeth and Frances
Clark 		Thomas
Clarke 		Robert
Clayton 	Ann, Frederick, John and Charles 
Cockrane 	Agnes
Coldwill 	Frederick
Crosbie 	Thomas and William
Davis 		Margaret
Douglas 	George
Driver 		Henry, Sophia, Samuel and Harry
Eager 		Dorah
Friar 		Miss
Friend 		George, Eliza, Alfred, George, Elizabeth and John
Gibson 		Lucy
Grey		Andrew
Hart 		Thomas, Ann, Jane, and Eliza
Hamilton 	James and Catherine
Hamilton 	William
Highway 	Francis, Mary A., Emma, Maria, 
Highway		Francis, Ellen A., George, William and Anne
Hjorth 		Harriet, Henrietta, Harriet C., and John G.
Hildeforth 	Hugh
Hughes 		Edward and Christiana
Hughes 		William
Jackson 	Archibald
Jackson 	Robert
Kingham 	Henry and Ann
Kirk 		James, Maria, William and Sarah
Listen 		William
Lockhard 	John, Catherine and Allison
McAusland 	John
McDonald 	Ronald
McMichael 	William
McQuillan 	Thomas, Isabella and John
Marsten 	Thomas
Metcalf 	John, Jane, Ellen and Lucy
Moss 		George and Isabella
Neath 		William
Osborne 	Joseph
Patteson 	Philip, Alexander, Charles, Alice, Joseph, Mary and Samuel
Price 		Alfred
Prescott 	Charles
Quinn 		Alice
Renshaw 	James, Eliza and Sophia
Rice 		Thomas
Rossen 		William, Mary, Sarah, Mary, Francis, William, Martin
Russell 	James
Selina 		William, Elizabeth, William, Arthur and Anne
Smith 		John
Somerville 	Janet, Margaret, Mary, Gavan and John
Sprigs 		Matthew
Taylor 		George and Janet
Teesdale 	Martha
Timothy 	John
Transon 	Cecil
Turner 		Edwin and Evans
Walker 		Andrew, Samuel, Francis, Charles and Henry
Watson 		John
Whittle 	Agnes
Workman 	Robert
Wright 		James

Trades and Occupations

13 farmers
1 sailor
2 cabinetmakers
1 closer
2 clerks
1 sawyer
14 labourers
1 assistant
2 butchers
1 servant
1 mechanic
1 civil engineer
1 tobacconist
1 joiner
1 carpenters
1 baker
2 bricklayers
1 engineer
1 sawyer
1 millwright
1 moulder
1 mason
1 merchant

The Southern Cross 15 Dec. 1863 pg 3
Passenger list for the Great Britain to Melbourne includes the All England Eleven.

Waikato Times, 26 August 1882, Page 1

by Mrs M. A. KIDDER-

When I see a brave ship
Speeding 'gainst the tide,
Well I know some little "tug"
Nestles by its aide.
With its hold tenacious,
. . That will never tire,
It imparts its power, fed
By a heart of fire.

Through the restless billows,
Past the anchored craft,
Past the scores of sailing ships,
Full rigged, fore and aft,
Goes this sailless vessel, Damaged, it may be,
And I know that at her dock
Safe she soon will be.

When I see a Weak man
Struggle with his might '
'Gainst the tempter's evil power,
Aiming to do right,
Seding through life's waters,
Daring wind and tide,
I'm quite cure a loving wife
Nestles at his side.

Then I pray such wives may
Always help as now,
True to him who strength may need
And the marriage vow ;
Lending him her council
In the time of care -
Hand to hand in sympathy,
Heart to heart in prayer.