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New Zealand Bound

 7,730 tons, from Wellington, N.Z., for London, 2nd, March, 1899.

Commander- W.H. Kidley, R.N.R.     
Surgeon - W.H. Sutcliffe     Purser - W. S. Inman

The Passengers' Line
between New Zealand and London
Calling at Rio de Janeiro, Teneriffe, and Plymouth.


Lord Northland (1882-1915), the eldest son of Lord Ranfurly, Governor of New Zealand 1897-1904, returned to England in 1899 on the Shaw, Savill and Albion company steamer RMS Gothic. The passenger list includes a number of well-known colonial names in the saloon (first) class, and several family groups like the Pharazyns - Pharazyn was a Wairarapa runholder and politician. The number of women travelling is a notable feature of both the saloon and steerage classes.

Saloon - 99 passengers
Miss M Arkwright 	Wellington
Miss E Arkwright 	Wellington
Miss L Bennington	Christchurch
Mr W J Butler		Wellington
Mr F V Bockett		Wellington
Mr G G Bridges		Christchurch
Mrs Bridges		Christchurch
Mr B Blass		Wellington
Miss L Blass		Wellington
Mr C Castellaine	Wellington
Master Castellaine	Wellington
Mr J Dyson		Wellington
Miss F Daw		Auckland
Miss M Dempster		Wellington
Mr H R Elder		Wellington
Mrs Elder 		Wellington
and Maid
Miss M J Elder		Wellington
Miss M L Elder		Wellington
Miss M H Fry
Mr L J Forde
Mrs E Fraser		New Plymouth
Mr A F Fitzherbert	Wellington
Mrs Fitzherbert		Wellington
and child
Mr H Garcia		Christchurch
Mrs B Garcia		Christchurch
Miss H Garcia		Christchurch
Miss E Green		Christchurch
Mr Garland		Wellington
Miss L Hemming		Melbourne
Mr E Hornsby		Auckland
Mr S Hornsby		Auckland
Mr A J A Hankey		Wellington
and Valet
Mrs Hankey		Wellington
and Maid
Miss Joel		Dunedin
Miss L Jones		Dunedin
Miss A E Jervois	Wellington
Miss E C Lang		Napier
Master C S Lang		Napier
Miss E Myles		Wellington
Mr J Madden		Wellington
Mrs Melland		Dunedin
Miss M Melland		Dunedin
Miss H Melland		Dunedin
Mr S Mawley		Wellington
Mrs M Mawley		Wellington
Mr R A McLean		Auckland
Mrs McLean		Auckland	
Miss J McLean		Auckland
Miss  McLean		Auckland
Mrs M McLellan		Wellington
Miss J Mee		Christchurch
Lord Northland		Wellington
Mrs L Needham		Wellington
Lieut. F Powell		Wellington
Miss M Pharazyn		Wellington
Mr C Pharazyn		Wellington
Mrs Pharazyn		Wellington
and Maid
Master W Pharazyn 	Wellington
Miss E Pharazyn		Wellington
Mr A W Pottinger	Christchurch
Mrs Pottinger		Christchurch
Miss M Pottinger	Christchurch
Mr A Rousseau		Wellington
Rev. W Rutherford	Wellington	
Mrs Rutherford		Wellington
Mrs M J Russell		Wanganui
Mater Jas. H Russell	Wanganui
Miss J H Russell	Wanganui
Miss M E Scrivener	Timaru
Miss M Stowe		Wellington
Miss M E Scotland	Wellington	
Mr D Seymour		Wellington
Mr T E Saunders		Wellington
Mr S Slater		Wellington
Mrs Slater		Wellington
Mr J E Schermerhorn	Wellington
and Valet
Mrs Schermerhorn	Wellington
and Maid
Mr J E Schermerhorn Junr. Wellington
Master A Schermerhorn	Wellington
Miss K Schermerhorn	Wellington
Mr H J Smith		Christchurch
Mr St John Tolhurst	Wellington
Mrs S Worth		Wellington
Lieut. West		Wellington
Mrs J Wilding		Christchurch
Infant and Nurse
Miss G Wilding		Christchurch
Mrs H Watson		Christchurch
Miss G E Watt		Napier
Dr Whitfield		Wellington
Mr P H Yates		Wellington


Steerage - 71 passengers
Mr J Bockmaster		Christchurch
Mrs J Bockmaster	Christchurch
Miss F Bockmaster	Christchurch
Mr W E Beichling	Christchurch
Mrs Brocklehurst	Wellington
Mss M Brocklehurst	Wellington
Mr H Brewster		Gisbourne
Mrs J Craig		Wellington
Mr W E Cameron (for Rio)Dunedin
Mr W Dickson		Wellington
Mr F M Gold		Wellington
Mrs Jane Dawson		Wellington
Miss A Ewing		Dunedin
Mr F G Firman		Wellington
Mrs F G Foster		Auckland
Miss J Foster		Auckland
Mrs E Gray		Napier
Master W Gray		Napier
Mr J Hartwell		Wellington
Mrs Hartwell		Wellington
Miss A Hartwell		Wellington
Mr H Herbert		Wellington
Mrs F Jackson		Wellington
Mr J Harper		Auckland
Mrs Harper		Auckland
Miss Annie Harper	Auckland
Miss Alice Harper	Auckland
Mr C Hunnibell		Christchurch
Mrs E Kells		Wellington
Miss M Kells		Wellington
Mrs C J King		Wellington
Mr J G Lawson		Christchurch
Mrs Laurence		Dunedin
and Infant
Miss E Laurence		Dunedin
Miss M Laurence		Dunedin
Mr G Leach		Christchurch
Mr G H L La Fargues	Auckland
Mr J Melville		Wellington
Mr J McGuniness		Dunedin
Mr N McDougall		Auckland
Mr B Musgrave		Christchurch
Mrs Musgrave		Christchurch
Mr R E MacNaghten	Hobart
Mrs MacNaghten		Hobart
Master E MacNaghten	Hobart
Miss E MacNaghten	Hobart
Mrs M MaCaulay		Oamaru
Mr J Mulholland		Dunedin
Mrs G Moore		Christchurch
Miss E Moore		Christchurch
Miss J Moore		Christchurch
Miss G Moore		Christchurch
Mr T B Peddie		Wellington
Mr A Pettman		Wellington
Mr C J Probert		Oamaru
Mr E Rogers (for Rio)	Auckland
Mr Sexton		Dunedin	
Mr T Tenney		Wellington
Mr W Trice		Napier
Mr W Vary		Wellington
Mrs Vary		Wellington
Miss E Welsh		Napier
Mr W A Watty		Wellington
Mr J Willis		Dunedin
Mrs Willis		Dunedin
and Infant
Miss Willis		Dunedin
Miss A Wood		Dunedin
Mr F J Wafforn		Christchurch
Mrs Wafforn		Christchurch

Steamer Fleet


 Tons Reg



 Tons Reg

Aotea 6,364 Maori 5,317



Matatua 3,322
Delphic 8,283 Pakeha 4,331
Gothic 7,755 Rangatira 4,045




Kumara 6,500 Tokomaru 6,238
Mamari 3,583 Waiwera 6,500

The Star Saturday 25th Feb. page 4
Sailed from Lyttelton Feb. 24 - Gothic, R.M.S.S., 4975 tons, Kidley, for Wellington. Dalgety and Co., agents. There she will complete her loading for London. 

The Star Tuesday 28th Feb. 1899
Passengers by the steamer Gothic, for London, must proceed to Wellington by the steamer Rotomahana, s.s., 901 tons, Manning, this evening. Union Steamship Company, agents. Feb. 28th for Wellington: Passengers include: Messrs Pottinger and family, Rutherford(2), Garsia. Misses Green, Garsia, Wilding and Smith. The direct liner leaves the northern port on Thursday.

GOTHIC was built in 1893 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 7755grt, a length of 490ft 8in, a beam of 53ft 2in and a service speed of 14 knots. Launched on 28th June 1892 she was designed for service in the North Atlantic but under the ownership of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. was placed on the Australian joint service. Her refrigeration was the newly introduced brine, carbon anhydride cooling system as opposed to cold air. Only five ships were required for the service and her arrival released Shaw Savill & Albion's Arawa for charter. She was delivered in November 1893 and after a positioning voyage from Belfast to London with calls at Cardiff for bunkers and Liverpool where she was inspected by guests, she commenced her maiden voyage to Cape Wellington on 28th December. At the time she was the largest ship to enter the Pool of London and being the first ship on the route with twin screws she made a record passage of 37.5 days. During the summer of 1902 she was deployed as a Boer War repatriation transport and operated between the Cape and the UK and the Cape to New Zealand. In June 1906 her cargo of wool caught fire when she was off Lands End and had to be beached at Cattewater, Plymouth. Her repairs took eight months and when she resumed service her accommodation was configured as 104 1st Class and 250 3rd Class. The First Class cabins were reduced to 3rd Class shortly afterwards. She was refitted in 1907 and transferred to IMMC's Red Star Line and renamed Gothland for a service under the Belgian flag between, initially, Antwerp and Philadelphia and then Antwerp and New York. In 1911 she was placed on White Star's Australian service with the name Gothic and accommodation for 1500 steerage passengers. Two years later she was transferred back to the Red Star Line under the ownership of Soc. Anon de Nav. Belge-Americaine of Antwerp for a summer service Rotterdam - Quebec - Montreal as the Gothland. In June 1914 she ran aground on Gunners Rock in the Scilly Isles. All 281 persons aboard were safely taken off by the West Cornwall Steamship Co's Lyonese and local lifeboats. Her repairs at Southampton took six months and by the time she resumed service Belgium had been overrun by the Germans and, consequently, she was transferred to the Rotterdam - New York service which she maintained spasmodically. After a refit in March 1919 she returned to the Antwerp - New York - Baltimore service and in May 1921 operated for White Star as the Gothland. During 1922 she spent many months laid up and in May 1923 was tried out on an Antwerp - Vigo - Havana - New York service but that proved to be too protracted so she reverted to the Antwerp - Philadelphia run. She made her final Red Star voyage from Antwerp to Philadelphia in March 1925 and in January 1926 was sold for �16,000 and broken up at Bo'Ness, Firth of Forth.

Evening Post, 27 November 1902, Page 4
Following is a list of the passengers on hoard the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company's steamer Gothic, which left London on 24th Octobers- Saloon :
For Wellington � Misses Wollerman (2), Carroll, Duncan, Keogh (3), Kinsey, Mesdames Birch, Duncnn, Herring, Keogh (2), Waldie, Wollernan, Rev Lynch, Messrs Bailey, Carroll, Duncan, Goodson, Herring, Wollerman (2), Keogh, Jones, Bull, Master Keogh.
For Auckland � Misses Glover, Boss, Mesdames Pritchard, Brown, Davey, Dalston, Ross, Messrs M'Kinley, Webster, Bell, Dalston, Ross, Davey.
For Napier � Miss Hudson, Messrs Butters, Bibby, Bussell, Smith.
For New Plymouth � Miss Matthews.
For Nelson � Miss Barnicoat.
For Lyttelton � Misses Hawker, Jackman, Foster, Mesdames Bonrnique, Leithead, Newton (3), Messrs Leitbead, Newton, Sleightholm, Master Newton (2).
For Timaru � Misses Hart, M'Lean (2), Mrs Hart, Mr Hart.
For Port Chalmers � Misses Archer, Black (2), Shaw, Mesdames Archer, Black, Birch, Smith, Messrs Ritchie, Archer, Firth, Low, Masters Archer (2).
For all New Zealand ports there are 146 steerage passengers. On hoard the steamer there are 3330 tons of cargo for Wellington and 1400 tons for Lyttelton. The Gothic is due here on the 8th December.


Evening Post, 8 December 1902, Page 4


The Shaw, Savill and Albion Company s steamer Gothic arrived in the stream from London, Capetown, and Hobart about 8 o'clock lust night, and was berthed early this morning. She left Gravesend on 23rd. October, made a fine passage down channel, and arrived at Plymouth on the 24th. Embarkedl the remainder of passengers and mails and proceeded to sea on the 25th. Experienced fine weather, with light fresh to variable winds, to Teneriffe� reached on 30th October. After coaling the steamer left again the same day, mid to Capetown had a very flue passage, with light trade winds and smooth to moderate sea until arrival in Table Bay on 14th November. Passengers were landed, and the ship proceeded the same day. For the first two days a westerly gale was experienced, with high sea, then moderate to fresh northerly winds and fairly good weather until arrival at Hobart on 3rd inst. Left again the same day, and experienced fresh to strong southerly wind with rough sea until reaching the 165th meridian of longitude; thence to Cape Farewell, passed at 11.17 am yesterday, light easterly winds with moderate sea on arrival in port. Following is the list of passengers on board the steamer : � Saloon :
For Wellington� Misses Wollerman (2). Carroll. Duncan, Keogh (3). Kinsey, Nursing Sister Stevens (Capetown), Mesdames Birch, Duncan, Herring, Keogh (2), Waldie, Wollerman, Rev Lynch, Messrs Bailey, Carroll, Duncan, Goodson, Herring, Wollerman (2), Hull, Keogh, Jones, Master Keogh. For Auckland � Misses Glover, Ross, Mesdames Pritchard, Boss, Brown, Dalston, Messrs M'Kiuley, Webster, Bell, Dalston, Boss.
For Napier �  Miss Hudson, Lieut Howell (Capetown), Messrs Butters, Russell, Bibby, Smith. For New Plymouth � Miss Matthews.
For Nelson � Miss Barmcoat.
For Lyttelton� Misses Hawker, Jackman. Leithead, Foster, Newton (2), Archer, Mesdames Newton, Bournique, Leithead, Messrs Archer, Leithead, Newton, Sleightholm, Masters Newton (2), Archer (2).
For Timaru� Misses Hart, M'Lean (2), Mrs Hart, Mr Hart.
For Port Chalmers � Misses Black (2), Shaw, Mesdames Black, Birch, Smith, Messrs Ritchie, Firth, Low. For all New Zealand ports there are 146 steerage passengers. The steamer has 3330 tons of cargo for Wellington and 1400 tons for Lyttelton.