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The Garonne  & s.s. Zealandia Quarantined

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Otago Witness Saturday 14th January 1882 pg11
Auckland, January 10th
The Zealandia, from San Francisco, was signalled at noon as flying the yellow flag. She had gone into quarantine. She has two cases of smallpox on board. They broke out on the 3rd and the 7th inst., after laving Honolulu. Both cases steerage passages. A steerage passenger, Mr Kerr, from Adelaide, died this morning from consumption. The Zealandia left San Francisco on December 20th, and arrived at Honolulu on the 27th. Passengers: for New Zealand:
Saloon Messrs Twist, Goose, Morrin, Marsh, Akroyd, Chapman, Staveley, Curtis, Simmonds, Raynes, Dobddington, Mrs Pope, Misses Pope, Morrin and Banks. Steerage: - Miss Solomon, Messrs Sullivan, Shortbride, Entryland, Lawson, John Norris, James Norris, Denman, Slanger, Conade, Contare, Georgeson, and Crawford. For Sydney - Ten in the cabin and 21 in the steerage. Amongst other cargo for Auckland are 200 half-barrels of sugar and 248 cases and 500 half-barrels of salmon.

Melbourne, January 7th
The Orient steamship Garonne has arrived and has been quarantined. She has 43 passengers for New Zealand ports. Six cases of smallpox among the Garonne's passengers. One-case has reached the semi-confluent stage. it is regarded as serious, and likely to end fatally. SA

Otago Witness Saturday February 4th 1882
Melbourne, January, 31st
Another case of smallpox has broken out amongst the passengers of the Mirzapore, who are quarantine here. The suffer had been isolated. The P. and O. steamship will be detained for a period of 14 days.

Otago Witness Saturday  January 28th 1882 pg 14
The passengers by the Garonne for New Zealand and now quarantined in Melbourne, are:

First saloon;
For Port Chalmers - 
Anderson 	Mr and Mrs and family and nurse
Butterworth 	Mr J.L.
Butterworth 	Misses and nurse
Coxon 		Mr Frank
Lamberton 	Mr James

For Auckland:
Ryan 		Rev. J.
Spence 		Mr E.P.
Walton 		Master
Washington 	Mr R

For Port Lyttelton
Newlyn 		Mr J H
Spence 		Mr E.P.

For Taranaki 
Barclay 	Mr T

For Napier
Lyndon 		Mr A

For Wellington:
Green 		Rev. W.S.

Second saloon:
For Port Chalmers
Lyall 		Mr G
Thompson 	Mr and Mrs R

For Lyttelton
Capp 		Mr and Mrs JR

For Napier
Twigg 		Mr C

Third class
For Lyttelton:
Alison 		Mrs and family
Capsteck 	Mr and Mrs

For Port Chalmers:
Turner 		Ann and child

For Port Lyttelton
Capsteck 	Albert
Hughes 		William
Longland 	Robert
Niven 		John
Skinner 	Peter
Mandall 	Lizzie

For Auckland
Crute 		John
Brothers 	William H
Humphreys 	A
Kay 		George
Watt 		Charles

For Wellington
Wilson 		John

One of the steerage passengers, Capsteck, for Lyttelton was a suffer, but is now convalescent.