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The Ship Forfarshire in Quarantine

The Forfarshire, 1230 tons, built in 1867, arrived in Port Chalmers, Captain Brown, from London (June 17th) with 21 cabin passengers 18 second cabin and 269 in the steerage. A total of 308 souls.

Otago Witness Saturday 11 October 1879 pg 13

The ship Forfarshire, 106 days from London, which arrived at the Heads on October 1st, and anchored outside for the night, was towed into Port Chalmers on the afternoon of the 2nd October a 4 o'clock and hoved in the Quarantine-ground. The Custom steam launch, having on board Captains Thomson and McCallum, the health officers; Mr C. Allan, immigration officer; and Mr J.R. Monson, Customers -surveyor went alongside; There were seven deaths had occurred during the voyage - five from the effects of diarrhoea, convulsions, and inflammation of the bowels, and the last two from diphtheria, one of who was an infant, was buried outside the Heads on Wednesday; while four cases of sickness still on board. The Health Officer requested Dr Drysdale to visit the ship. The Forfarshire left London with 337 persons on board, including the ship's company. Dr Reid and Captain Brown communicated with Dr Drysdale and the ship was put into quarantine. Saloon passengers should perform quarantine on board. Second and steerage passengers to be removed to the Quarantine Island. The ship to be thoroughly cleansed and fumigated. The yellow flag was run up the main mast. Captain Thomson on reaching the port at once communicated to the Central Board of Health at Wellington on the matter.

The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
The following image is from the The Otago Witness Saturday 11 October 1879. 
The actual transcription from The Otago Witness 23rd August 1879 courtesy of Leanne. Thanks Leanne.


Per Forfarshire (Captain Brown) from London June 18th, and Falmouth 25th

Blake 		Mr W
Blake 		Mrs
Conning 	Mr
Conning 	Mrs
Gilkinson 	Mrs
Gilkinson 	Harriett
Gilkinson 	Margaret
Gilkinson 	Eleanora
Gilkinson 	Mary
Gilkinson 	Harriet
Gilkinson 	Robert
Gilkinson 	Janetta
Gilkinson 	Richard
Gilkinson 	Effie
Gilkinson 	Norah
Kidd 		A D
Reid 		Dr R S
Reid 		Mrs
Rich		Stiles
Sinclair 	Alexander
Till 		Sydney
Second Cabin:
Barnewall 	Charles
Coles 		Henry Alfred
Finn 		John
Katterns 	W
Katterns 	Mrs
Katterns	___
Miller 		D T
Mayers 		W H T
Penson 		E
Penson 		Mrs
Rice 		H
Silva 		Manuel
Somers 		W
Somers 		J D
Still 		John
Still 		Mary
Tucker 		John
Vey 		A L
Arundel 	George
Arandel 	George
Arundel 	Mary Ann
Arundel 	James
Arundel 	Edward
Arundel 	Edward
Arundel 	Ernst
Belfield 	Melville
Benbow 		Evan
Benbow 		Edward
Bennett 	David
Boyd 		W
Briggs 		William
Brocklsby 	James
Brocklsby 	Mary
Brough 		Samuel
Brown 		Alfred James
Brown 		William
Brown 		Catherine
Brown 		Hannah
Brown 		William
Buchanan 	Adam
Buchanan 	Isabella
Buchanan 	James
Buchanan 	William
Churchill 	Samuel
Churchill 	Martha
Campbell 	James
Caise 		William
Carruthers 	W F
Clarke 		Ralph
Coleman 	Harry
Collier 	Alfred
Cooper 		Charles M
Copley 		William
Copley 		John
Copley 		Emily
Copley 		Annie
Croft 		Frank F
Croft 		Elizabeth
Croft 		Caroline
Cromarty 	James
Cromarty 	Elizabeth
Cromarty	________ 
Crow 		Jacob
Davies 		Evan
Davies 		William
Dean 		W H
Dean 		Mrs
Dean 		Mary
Dean 		Lily
Dean 		Charles E
Dewe 		W 
Dickie 		John
Dickson 	Richard
Dickson 	James
Dickson 	Andrew
Donald 		Henry
Donald 		Mrs
Donald 		Elizabeth
Donald 		Jane
Donald 		Sanuel
Donald 		Henry
Donald 		Gavin
Donald 		H
Donald 		William
Donald 		Christina
Dow 		David
Drummond 	A P
Duncan 		Wm
Elkins 		William
Elliot 		Thomas
Elridge 	John
Falconer 	Jas
Favender 	Edward
Ferries 	John
Fettis 		James
Fraser 		John
Fraser 		Mrs
Gardner 	William
Greene 		Kate
Greenwood 	Ogden
Gibbs 		David
Gilbert 	Samuel
Gomer 		J
Gorton 		Eli
Gould 		Benjamin
Gould 		Ruth
Gould 		George
Graham 		Sproule
Graham 		Ellen
Graham 		Mary
Graham 		Katherine
Graham 		Margaret
Graham 		Ellen
Graham 		Allan
Graham 		Agnes
Graham 		Flora
Graham 		Allan
Graham 		James H
Graham 		Ben
Graham 		John
Graham 		Sarah
Graham 		Robert J
Gray 		John
Gray 		Isabella
Gray 		Mary
Gray 		Isabella
Gray 		John
Gray 		Euphemia 
Gray 		Elizabeth
Gray 		Jane
Harper 		Thos
Harper 		Isabel
Harrison 	Mrs
Harrison 	Harry
Harrison 	Edith
Harrison 	J H
Henderson 	William
Henderson 	Elizabeth
Heslington 	T F
Heron 		George
Hodgkins 	James
Holden 		Mr
Hume 		William
Ingram 		Thomas
Jeffrey 	Wm
Jerman 		Thomas
Jerman 		William
Johnston 	Thomas
Johnston 	Mary
Johnston 	Margaret
Johnston 	Jane
Johnston 	Josephine
Jones 		David
Jones 		Griffith
Jones 		John
Jones 		Joseph
Judd 		George
Kent 		Silas (jun)
Kind 		J
Knight 		Charles
Knowles 	Frank
Kraus 		Hugo
Lawrence 	George
Lawson 		Robert
Lieber 		N
Linton 		John
Littlejohn 	Jas J
Lloyd 		Richard
Lloyd 		James
Looney 		Jeremiah
Loveridge 	John
Loveridge 	Charlotte
Loveridge 	Elias
Lowry 		Jas
Lyons 		Charles
McCaw 		Samuel
McDonald 	Patrick
McKay 		Jos
McMinemey 	James
McMinemey 	Mrs
Mack 		J
Maret 		Max
Maret 		Elizabeth
Maret 		Margaret
Maret 		Harriet
Maret 		Max
Maret 		Evelyn
Marland 	Henry
Marshall 	Mrs A H
Marshall 	Thomas
Marshall 	Lizzie
Mather 		C H
Martin 		Charles
Mayes 		Roland
Milgrove 	A
Miller 		Thos
Moncur 		William
Morgan 		William
Muir 		Alexander
Nillson 	Gunnder
O'Brien 	W
O'Brien 	Ellen
Patterson 	John
Patterson 	Charles
Pearson 	George
Pearson 	Ann
Pearson 	Esther
Pearson 	Harry
Pearson 	Harriet
Pearson 	Allan
Pearson 	Elizabeth
Pearson 	William Henry
Pearson 	Mary
Pearson 	Julia
Pearson 	Gertrude
Pearson 	Wm
Pearson 	Thomas
Pierson 	Thomas
Power 		Michael
Power 		Catherine
Prentice 	Archibald
Priddle 	Albert
Pugh 		Wm
Purdie 		Peter
Quantock 	J
Rawlings 	R W
Reardin 	Maurice
Renshaw 	George
Renshaw 	William
Renyman 	Samuel
Robinson 	Robert
Shales 		Mary Ann
Shales 		Elizabeth
Shales 		Thomas
Shales 		Harold
Shales 		Sydney
Shales 		Ada
Shales 		Charles
Shales 		Maud
Shale 		Thomas
Scott 		Samuel
Scott 		Annie
Scott 		Ernest
Smith 		John
Smith 		Thos
Steward 	Walter G
Stimpson 	Mrs E
Stimpson 	Miss M
Stimpson 	Mr E
Sullivan 	Frederick J
Sullivan 	William
Sullivan 	Emma
Sweeny 		Honora
Sweeny 		Bridget
Taylor 		A
Thomas 		Evan
Thomas 		Wm
Thwaite 	William
Tomlinson 	Frederick
Timmins 	Thomas
Tinmouth 	Margaret
Toms 		John
Turkington 	James
Warren 		Sampson
Warren 		Margery
Warren 		Samuel
Warren 		Margaret
Warren 		Nanny
Warren 		Mary
Warren 		Evangelina
Warren 		Ellen
Watson 		George
Watson 		John
Willacy 	James
Williamson 	Robert
Wilson 		Mrs Mary
Woolcock 	Hugh 
Wray 		John
Wray 		Alexander
Wray 		Lizzie
Wright 		J T
Wright 		Mary
Wright 		John
Wright 		Maggie
Wright 		Ellen
Wright 		Jane
Wright 		Maria