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Emigrants for Auckland July 1875

The Forfarshire, 1238 tons, built in 1867, arrived in Auckland, Captain Daniel Jones, from London, under the Shaw Savill flag, with 231 souls. She left London on March 19 1875. A protracted passage of 108 days. The deaths were four infants and one adult.

Alphabetical passenger listing found on the comprehensive Auckland Cities library site was compared with the below transcription. Comments in brackets. Auckland inward passenger arrivals 1840-1885 from newspaper.  Trans-Tasman migration not included. Often those in steerage were also not included in the newspaper reports. To obtain a full listing just entered the name of the ship and the year. Try different spelling variations. Also vessel newspaper reference. 

The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
The following images are from the The Daily Southern Cross Thursday 8th July 1875. 


The ship Forfarshire, consigned to L.D. Nathan and Co., arrived after a rather protracted passage yesterday from London, and anchored in the Tiri Tiri passage. The vessel is a fine specimen of naval architecture, and had it not been for the adverse winds encountered on the passage would, no doubt, have made a rapid run, The following is the report supplied to us by Captain Daniel Jones:-

The Forfarshire left London on the 19th March, and took her final departure from the Channel on the 22nd. Variable winds and heavy weather were experienced in the Channel. The equator was reached on the 10th April. After crossing the equator experienced nothing but light variable winds and calms from the S.E. until in latitude 33°S., a very high barometer the whole time. On the 7th and 8th May signs of a change appeared, with a falling barometer. Upon the morning of the 9th, the barometer had fallen to 29°35, with dark lowering weather, the wind increased to a strong gale, with torrents of rain. At 4p.m. until 8p.m. a heavy gale with violent squalls, and torrents of rain continued. Electric lights were visible upon each yard arm and at the mast-head. At 9p.m.. after a heavy burst, the wind died away, and veered to the North, where it remained until 10a.m. It then backed to the eastward, and continued with a very high sea until 3a.m. during which time the barometer commenced to fall to 28°90 and 5 to 28°75, blowing furious. At 5p.m. the fore-topmast head and topgallant mast gear carried away fell by the board, and shortly after the maintop gallant mast followed, smashing up the starboard forward cutter, splitting lower topsails, and doing much other damage aloft. At 6p.m. the storm abated, and veered north-eastwards, after which the barometer rose slowly, the ship being under close-reefed topsails during the time. A strong gale continued for about eighteen hours after from the north-west. All the foretop-gallant gear, sails, &c., was entirely lost, but we saved considerable of the main, thus ending one of the most severe storms it has been my misfortune to encounter, and which was in all its stages a complete cyclone of the severest kind. During this time the vessel was in latitude 33deg. 20min. S., and longitude 17deg. W. The remainder of the voyage a succession of severe gales, mostly from the N.E., was experienced. Since passing Tasmania, heavy S.W. and N.W. gales. Sighted the North Cape on Saturday last, a heavy gale being experienced down the coast; anchored for the night inside Tiritiri passage. The passengers are reported to be all well. The deaths were four infants and one adult. The Forfarshire will probably arrive in port during to-day, weather permitting, when the usual inspection of the Health Officer will take place. 

The following is a list of the immigrants on board:-


Boreham		Charles J. and Jessie 
Boreham		Phoebe R., Henry, and Alice M. 
Butler		James and Elizabeth 
Clements	Robert and Elizabeth 
Clements	Elizabeth, Robert E., and Sarah A. 
Crowley		John and Ellen 
Crowley		Mary 
Davis		Elijah and Anne 
Davis		Albert, Robert, and Caroline 
Doorley		Walter and Mary A. 
Fitzgerald	James and Ellen 
Fitzgerald	Margaret, Ellen, and Catherine 
Gleeson		Daniel and Ellen 
Griffiths	Joseph and Margaret 
Griffiths	David R. and Mary A. 
Jones		William and Mary 
Jones		William and Prudence 
Keane		William and Mary 
Keane		Patrick and Thomas 
Keefe		Edward and Mary 
Kidd		James and Mary A. Kidd
Kidd		Alice 
Kennedy		Thomas and Elizabeth 
Kennedy		Thomas, John, and Anne 
Kyley 		Maurice and Margaret and Mary Kyley
Lampard		Ada and Sydney
Lampard		Thomas and Emma
McManus		Joseph and Anne 
McManus		Anne 
McManus		William and Margaret 
McManus		Anne, Charles, and Theresa 
Meara		John and Harriet 
Meara		Margaret, James, Sarah, and Daniel 
Mills		James and Isabella 
Mills		Edward 
Morgan		William and Mary 
Morrisey	Thomas and Catherine 
Quin		Richard and Margaret
Quin		Margaret and Richard 
Rylance		William and Eliza J. 
Rylance		William, John, and Isabella J. 
Sharpe		William and Margaret 
Sharpe		Hugh, John, and William 
Sharpe		Charles C. and Maria 
Skivington	John and Mary 
Syme		William and Agnes 
Syme		Annie, William, Amelia, Jessie, Thomas, and James 
Thako		Ellen 
Wright		Charles and Margaret 
Wright		Edith 
Alkings		William 
Aldred		Francis 
Auld		Wm. 
Bagg		Wm. 
Baden		Wm. 
Beaumont	John 
Bowick		James 
Cock		James 
Cock		Thomas  
Colclough	Timothy
Conners		John 
Connoll		Patrick
Cornfort	Edward 
Croley		John 
Cunningham	Pat 
Daley		Daniel 
Davies		Thos. 
Dolan		Patrick 
Donovan		Timothy and Denis 
Dickson		James 
Enright		Thomas 
Fountain	Robert 
Fitzgerald	Maurice 
Fitzgerald	William and James 
Griffiths	Thomas and Jos. 
Hackott		Albert 
Howe		Robert 
Healey		Patrick 
Hickey		Kerin 
Hennessy	Edward 
Helps		W 
Heron		Patrick 
Hutchinson	W. R 
Hindmarsh	John 
Hogan		David 
Hogan		William 
Jenkins		Samuel 
Jones		Robert 
Keefe		Michael 
Keefe		William 
Kelly		Cornelius 
Keneally	Maurice 
Keys		John J 
Kingshand	Thomas 
Low		James P 
McCord		James 
Moreland	Samuel 
Murray		Samuel 
Mercer		John 
McCullom	William 
McManus		Wm. John 
Moriaty		Edmond 
Mulcahy		Michael 
Mullins		Kevin 
O’Brien		William 
O’Brien		Thomas 
O’Shea		Cornelius 
Pinkerton	Francis 
Quin		John 
Sharpe		George 
Skerritt	Edward
Spratt		James 
Smith		William 
Stockley	Henry 
Sullivan	John 
Surrey		William 
Sweeney		John 
Thomson		Alfred W
Thornton	William
Tills		Charles 
Waddell		William  
Walsh		Thomas 
West		William 
Williams	James 
Wisley		John 
Barnett		Mary A
Bryning		Eleanor 
Collins		Kate 
Daley		Ellen 
Fitzgerald	Mary, Honora and Bridget 
Foley		Mary 
French		Sarah 
Gliney		Catherine 
Goggins		Mary 
Griffin		Julia 
Griffiths	Sarah A, and Margaret 
Gowan		Agnes 
Hunter		Jane 
Keeley		Sarah A 
Keefe		Mary Elizabeth 
Keeley		Elizabeth, Edith, and Jessie 
Lavender	Mary 
Maguire		Ann 
Monks		Mary and Elizabeth
Morgan		Margaret 
McCarthy	Mary A 
McLaughlin	Jane 
Parker		Catherine 
Pinkerton	Jane 
Rossa		Eleanor 
Sprat		Ellen and Ann 
Syme		Jane 
Vine		Fanny M. and Emily 

NATIONALITY.- English 74; Scotch, 25; Irish, 125; Welsh, 5; American, 2. Total number of souls, 231.

CLASSIFICATION.- 27 farm laborers, 14 general laborers,, 20 ploughmen, 1 navvy, 2 gardeners, 1 farmer, 12 miners, 1 stoker, 1 tailor, 1 sawyer, 4 carpenters, 1 joiner, 1 cooper, 1 wheelwright, 1 boilermaker, 1 plumber, 1 painter, 3 shoemakers, 4 colliers, 1 miller, 1 bricklayer; total, 105. Single women: 22 general servants, 3 housemaids, 2 cooks, 1 dairymaid, 1 dressmaker, 1 nurse; total 30.












Otago Witness Saturday 18th October 1879 page 14
October 10th
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Kennedy, for Auckland via the East Coast. Union Company, agents.

For Lyttelton -
Burton 		Miss
McKinsley 	Mr
Mann 		Mr
Purdie 		Mr
For Wanganui - 
Collins 	Mr S
For Tauranga - 
McGlashan 	Mr and Mrs
For Napier
Adams 		Mr R
Due 		Mr
For Auckland - 
Long 		Mr
Murdoch 	Mr
Simes 		Miss
and 10 steerage
5 immigrants ex Forfarshire for Lyttelton, 1 do for Nelson, 19 do for Wellington.