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New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness Saturday February 15th 1879 pg 12
Feb. 11 - Fiji, ship, 1356 tons, Brown, from London. Cargills, Gibbs and Co., agents. [spelling differs from the Jan. 18th listing]

Otago Witness Saturday 18th January 1879
English Shipping
Passengers for Port Chalmers
The Fiji passed deal on November 6th; the Taranaki sailed from Greenock on November 7th and the Western Monarch from Plymouth on October 30th.

Passengers for Port Chalmers
Per Shaw, Savill and Co., Fiji (Captain Brown) from London, November 6th.

Second cabin:
Gourk 		John		[Goak]
Harrison 	Thomas
Isaacs 		John jr
Johnston 	W.A.  		[Johnson]
Jarrett 	G.		[Garrett]
Russell 	Thomas
Tremble 	Robert  	[Trembell]
Trotter 	G.J.
Trotter 	John
Young 		C.

Ackland 	William
Ackland 	Lucy Mrs
Adam 		Wildam		[Adair]
Barmby 		Elizabeth	[Mrs Baraby and son]
Barmby 		John
Chitson 	Richard
Evauber 	A 		[Mrs Evawler]
Gibson 		David
Jameison 	Jane
McMullan 	R.		[McMillan]
Reyner 		John
Reyner 		Mary
Reyner 		George  	[Mr and Mrs C. Reyner and 2 children]
Reyner 		Mary
Reyner 		Fanny
Reyner 		John
Solomon 	Morris
Weber 		Frederick  	[Mr and Mrs Veber and family (6)]
Weber 		Malvinne 
Weber 		Rudolph
Weber 		Bernard
Weber 		Erich
Weber 		Gertrude
Weber 		Arnold
Weber 		Brenhilda
Weber 		Charles  	[Mr and Mrs C. Veber and 2 children]
Weber 		Emily
Weber 		Frederick
Weber 		Alma 
Wilkinson 	Mrs Mary A.
Williams 	W.M. Mr
Williams 	Margaret Miss