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1887 Shipping Intelligence -

New Zealand Bound
Wellington, N.Z.

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Evening Post Monday 12th September 1887 pg2
Port of Wellington
Sept. 10 - Wainui, 391 tons, Cromarty, from Auckland. Passenger - Mr Atkinson.
Sept. 10 - Kanieri, ss, 115 tons, Manning, from Blenheim. Passengers - Mrs Elbeck and Mrs Carmeikle.
Sept. 11- Wanaka, ss, 278 tons, Grant from Onehunga via Taranaki. Passengers: Cabin: Mr Wilcocks; 3 steerage.
Sept. 11 - Waihora, ss, 1269 tons, Popham, from Sydney via Auckland and East Coast. Passengers: Cabin - Miss Nicholls and Kennedy. Mesdames Valentine, Stewart, Wright and McCrab, Messrs Wright, McCrab, Webb, French, Valentine, Smith, Tully, Edwards and Gillies; 6 steerage.
Sept. 11- Huia, ss, 90 tons, Fraser, from Wanganui. Passengers - Miss Rankin, Messrs Williams, Brown and Burke.


Sept. 11 - Wanaka for Lyttelton. Passengers: Cabin- Miss Borrow, Rev. Mr Habens, Col Boddam; Messrs Smyth, Godfrey and Aulesbrook; 5 steerage.
Sept. 11 - Rotoura, ss, 576 tons, Nevile, for Picton and Nelson. Passengers: cabin - Miss Dransfield, Mesdames Allan, Dransfield and Duff, Captain Medley, Messrs Sclanders, Duff, Sutton, Glover, Webb, Beckley, Langlands, Mackay, Melhuish, Dickson and Campbell; 5 steerage.

Entered Outwards
Sept. 12 - Waihora, ss, 1269, Popham, for Melbourne via South. Passengers: Cabin - Miss Fanin, Venn, Young, Kay, Ford, Mesdames Nelson and child, St. Barbe, Wood and child, Coffey, Smith, Gillies, Shappere, Wilcox, Porter, Morrison, master Young; 10 steerage.
Sept. 12 - Blair Drummond, ship, 1450 tons, Hall, for Gisborne.

Expected Arrivals
Aorangi, RMS, from London via Hobart, 12th
Balmoral Castle, left London 24th July for Lyttelton via Sydney
Ionic left Plymouth 13th August
Whampon (via Auckland) left Foochow 16th August.
Rimutaka, left Plymouth 27th August
Wanganui, left London 8th June
Cape Clear, left Liverpool 12th June
Herbert Black, left New York 18th June
Wave Queen, left London 30th June
Opawa, left London 30th July
Statminsiter Selmer, left New York 5th June.

Evening Post Monday 12th September 1887 pg2
Port of Wellington
Sept. 12 - Whampoa, ss, 1109 tons, Fawcett, from Foochow, via Auckland. passenger - Mr Whittie, and 3 steerage. Captain Fawcett being now in charge of the Whampoa, all the other officers have received a step of promotion. After discharging her cargo for this port she proceeds South, and returns to Wellington before sailing for Hong Kong.
Sept. 12 - Aorangi, RMS, 2655 tons, Sutcliff, from London, Madeira, Capetown and Hobart.
Sept. 12 - Wakaiu, ss, 75 tons, Wills, from Lyttelton via Kaikoura. Passengers - Mrs McPherson, Messrs Knowles, McPherson and Chew, and 3 steerage.
Sept -13 - St. Kilda, ss, 174 tons, Gilbertson, from Greymouth. Passengers - Miss McLagan and 4 steerage.
Step. 13 - Wanaka from Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin - Mrs Aitken, Sir G. Whitmore, Messrs Overton and Hulbert.

Departures -
Sept. 12 -Neptune, ss 41 tons, Eckford, for Blenheim.
Sept. 13 -Wainui, 391 tons, Cromarty, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Higgins, Ritchie, McDougall and 5 steerage.
Sept. 13 -Huia, ss, 90 tons, Fraser, for Wanganui. Passenger - Griffiths.
Sept. 13 -Stella, ss, 156 tons, Fairchild, for the Brothers.

Evening Post 13 September 1887
The New Zealand Shipping Company's R.M.S. Aorangi, Captain Sutcliffe, from London, arrived off the Heads last night but weather being thick did not get in till 9.15 p.m. The voyage has been a pleasant one, and all the passengers have arrived in good health. Entertainments of various kinds were introduced, the concerts being under the leadership of Mr Lee, the organist of the Melbourne Town Hall. Excepting that Mr Wills is now third officer, and Mr McRay fourth officer, and Dr Hannah surgeon, the personnel of the officers is unchanged. The Aorangi left Plymouth on 30th July. She will Friday for Auckland. We have to thank Mr Kane, purser, for files and report.
The following is a list of her passengers: [93 passengers]

Second Saloon
Forsyth 	Miss A
Forsyth 	Miss E
Boyles 		Miss S

Banks 		Mr
Banks 		Misses (2)
Burns 		Miss
Cavendish 	Mr
Cavendish 	Mrs and boy
Cavendish 	Miss
Connor 		Mr J
Connor 		Mrs
Connor 		Miss
Darley 		Mr
Darley 		Mrs
Les 		Mrs
Les 		Miss
Rossiter 	Mrs
Rossiter 	Misses (2)
Shaw 		Mr
Sullivan 	Mr
Sweeney 	Mr
Webb 		Mr
Webb 		Mrs
Webb 		Misses (4)
Wyard 		Mr
Zinslic 	Mr
Zindee 		Miss

For Auckland:
Barry 		Miss
Bourke 		Mrs
Gillies 	Mr Justice
Gillies 	Miss
Thompson 	Mr and Mrs

2nd - 
Barbour 	Mr S
Beaumont 	Miss
Farrar 		Miss
Geake 		Mr W
Gilfillian 	Mr
Gilfillian 	Miss
Hanlon 		Miss
Hardy 		Messrs (2)
Hardy 		Mrs (2)
Jackson 	Miss
Lillington 	Mr
Lillington 	Mrs
Nield 		Miss
Shanley 	Mr E

Barker 		Mr J
Bruce 		Mr T
Butler 		Miss
Gibson 		Messrs R (2)
Gibson 		Mr
Gibson 		Mrs
Gibson 		Miss
Horsefiled 	Mr D
Jackson 	Mr H
Murphy 		Mr P
Neale 		Mr E
Williams 	Mr F
Young 		Mr
Young Mrs

For Lyttelton:
Pickering 	Mr F.H.

Dast 		Miss F
Dast 		Miss J

Davis 		Mr T
Dixon 		Mr W
Macaffery 	Misses (2)
Kinguella 	Mr
McHardy 	Messrs (2)
Norton 		Mr A
O'Reilly 	Mr W
Woods 		Mr F

For Nelson
Atikin 		Miss E
Hale 		Mr A

Rousen 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr

For Port Chalmers
Second Saloon:
Tyle 		Mr M
Watt 		Mr G

Arthur 		Mr W
Gillegan 	Mr
Johnson 	Mr J
Munro 		Mr D
Patterson 	Messrs (3)
Schneilder 	Mr C

For Taranaki
Lawley 		Mr L
Underhill 	Mr H.

Brown 		Mr J
Carter 		Mr P
Cole 		Mr W
Matkin 		Mr W
Rinks 		Mr H
Tirgey 		Miss

For Napier
Berry 		Mr H
Dawkes 		Mr D

Aorangi NZSC. 1883
The Aorangi in 1883.