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Embarkation and Application Numbers 1840 -1850 Nelson, New Zealand 

New Zealand Bound

Register of Applications 1849-1853
1855-1862 & 1872

New Zealand Company 1840-1850
Passenger application numbers enable you to find the immigrant's place of origin.  At the NPML find the NZSCo's passenger lists and note name of ship, find the passenger name and note his application number. Go to another film and find the application number.

The Nelson Provincial Museum & Library, located at Isel Park, Stoke, Nelson has a little known microfilm: "Register of Emigrant Labourers applying for a Free Passage to New Zealand".  Also available at the Auckland City Library and probably available at Australian State Libraries e.g. Mitchell Library, Sydney; Flinders University Library, Adelaide, and is similar to the film at The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey.  Britons Aboard. Many of the applicants did not come out to N.Z. (register for early New Zealand Company applicants only). Gives the UK addresses of the passengers. The embarkation # found on the passenger lists can be matched with the NPML application register microfilm data. Has not been indexed. Covers a large number of vessels 1839 to 1850 that were under the NZ Co. scheme. Gives the actual street address of their residence when they applied in some cases and the county in others. It also states the relationships, sister, nephew etc. of various passengers.
Auckland City Library catalogue. There is a related film which has an index to the register on it. Here are the details:

Microfilm reel with the actual register on it:
New Zealand Company register
Publisher: Sydney : Australian Joint Copying Project, 1980?
Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) reel no. 1480. Originals held at the Public Record Office, London. Colonial Office 208/270-274
For detailed list of contents, refer to Inventory 26.
Title record #: 315518 Date added: 03 NOV 1995
Holding information: Central City Library Family History (2nd floor) Not for loan

Microfilm with the Index on it:

Alphabetical list of applications for passage & embarkation orders.
Publisher: Sydney : Australian Joint Copying Project, 1980?
Notes: Includes applications from prospective New Zealand Company settlers, lists of Company supporters and despatches. AJCP reel no. 2569 Originals held at the Public Record Office, London. Colonial Office 208 10660-. On second half of microfilm reel.
Library Note: For detailed list of contents refer to Inventory 26.
Title record #: 315517 Date added: 03 NOV 1995
Holding information: Central City Library Family History (2nd floor) 2 NZL IMM (Microfilm) Not for loan

The microfilm for the embarkation list of New Zealand Company for each ship is sorted by ship then by surname and EMBARKATION Number. This is the reference number for that passenger on that particular ship's embarkation register. APPLICATION Number. This is the reference number for that passenger on the on the New Zealand Company application register.

The application number is on the far left. The embarkation number is on the far right. There is a remarks column  pg2, 3rd from right. Here is noted (sister to 3650) who is Robert Palmer.  Marital status, man's age, woman's age, boys then girls number, and ages on this page. Note this film does not include Cabin type passenger details.

"Form for Persons desirous of obtaining a Free Passage to New Zealand, sent (free of Expense) to the Secretary of the New Zealand Company, No. 9, Broad Street Buildings, London."

In 1842 included:
Name of man and his wife their children under fifteen
Address of some late Employer
Time the Applicant worked for him
Name and Address of the Clergyman, or Minister of whose Church the Applicant. Is a Member.
Name and Address of a Physician or Surgeon, to whom the Applicant's state of Health is known. 
State whether vaccinated or had smallpox.

Example: Application Register No. 4123
BRIGHT, Thomas, 30, and Elizabeth, 33, Bright and their five children
No. 6 Pread St. Paddington
Carpenter and joiner.
Worked for William Scantlebury, Esquire, Builder, No. 117 Oxford Terrace, has been employed by him for the last ten years. 
Frequent the church but not known by the Minister. 
I have always injoy a good-- of health....
Two of the children had been vaccinated, the rest had had smallpox.

[Looks like the Bright family came out on the 'Bolton' to Wellington in 1841]

'Register of Emigrant Labours applying for a Free Passage to New Zealand' page 262 Difficult to read

Application #1290, Entry 1841
Name Langford, Richard
Wife's Christian name Ann
Trade or Calling Chair & cabinetmaker
Residence 24 Gravel Lane, Southwa?rk
Married or Single M
Man's age 25
Woman's age 25
Boys No. 2
Boys Ages 2 4 mo's
Girls No. 1
Girl age 4
Embarkation No. #2102....

[ The Langford family arrived on the "London", barque, 388 tons sailed from Gravesend 17 November, 1841 under the command of Captain Joseph Gibson and arrived Nelson 10 April, 1842 after a comfortable passage. 162 emigrants and 23 cabin (15 adults & 8 children) landed two days later including seven French priests bound for Wellington. The surgeon-superintendent was Joseph Wilson and he came out with his wife and six children. Deaths: 8 males and 4 females. Births: 1 male & 1 female. Wilson was the superintendent/surgeon.
pages 23 & 24 Pioneer Passengers.]

Application: 1291
Entry: 1841
Name: Sammonds, James
Wife's Christian name: Ann
Trade or Calling: Chair & cabinetmaker
Residence: 2 P___p Co. W_____ St.
Married or Single: M.
Man's age: 30
Woman's age: 30
Girls No.: 1
Girl age: 8
Embarkation No. : 2115

Application: 1301
Entry: 1841
Name: Lewis. Wm
Trade or Calling: Gai-s__ V.
Residence: Little Park Street Cour?tey
Married or Single: M
Man's age: 37
Woman's age: 35
Embarkation No. : 1900

Application: 1302
Entry: 1841
Name: Rowe, John
Wife's Christian name: Sarah Ann
Trade or Calling: Shoemaker
Residence: 76 Summer Lane
Married or Single: M
Man's age: 24
Woman's age: 24
Boys No.: 1
Boys Ages: 10 mon
Embarkation No. : 1920

Application: 1303
Entry: 1841
Name: Higgins, Wm
Trade or Calling: Sawyer
Wife's Christian name: Mary Ann
Residence: 6 ------ Bishop Bath
Married or Single: M
Man's age: 35
Woman's age: 38
Boys No.: 1
Boys Ages: 7 mon
Girls No.: 1
Girl age: 6
Embarkation No. : 2144
Looks like Higgins was on the Clifford].

Assisted Immigration to Nelson 1855-1871 - a selection of data
Article in "Centred on Nelson 2005" - Conference Proceedings of the NZ Society of Genealogists.

Register of Applications 1849-1853
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Register of Applications 1855-1862,1872

Nelson Immigration: Register of Applications 1855-1862,1872 Archives NZ Wellington Reference: IM-N 4/4
Nominee: DAVIDSON, George (adult), Jemima (adult), David (u14), John (u14), Helen (u7), James (u7), William (u7), Marion (u7)
Address: c/o James MAIR 5 Richmond Place, Edinburgh
Sureties: William HARPER & Wm. WILKIE

Nominee: MAIR, David (adult), Helen (adult), David (u14), Helen (u7), William (u7), Marion (u7)
Address: c/o James MAIR 5 Richmond Place, Edinburgh
Sureties: William HARPER & J. MACARTNEY

Schedule No. 12- 8  Nov 1862
No. 2 Nominee: GROOBY, Edward (adult), Mary (8yrs), George (adult), Herbert (adult), Catherine (adult), Anne (1yr)
Address: c/o George GROOBY, Newthorpe near Eastwood, Nottingham
Sureties: Thomas GROOBY & Edward GROOBY Remarks: Sailed per 'Bard of Avon'

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