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New Zealand Bound
1863 to Nelson

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 1 April 1863, Page 2
Entered Inwards March 30th 1863, ship Electra, 606, Woodgate, from London.

Passengers :


Mr. and Mrs. Cheshire, and Master and Miss Cheshire
Mr. Hendley
Mr. and Mrs. Luckie and child
Mr. Weeding
Mr. and Mrs Wilkie, Misses Wilkie (3), Master A. Wilkie

Second cabin

Mr. and Mrs. Marris and daughter 


G Allan
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bond, and Annie Bond
G. Carter
P. Collins
Ellen Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gibson
Sarah Gledhill
G. Heron, Margaret Heron
J. Hendry
E. Holt and daughter
J. Imrie
R. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. T. Looms, and E. Looms
W. Low
Mary Ann M'Gregor,
Jessie Nicol
Julia Sullivan

The ship Electra, 606 tons, Captain John Woodgate, arrived in our harbour on Monday last, after a passage of 111 days from the Downs. She brings considerable cargo for this port, and a number of passengers. Two persons were drowned during the voyage; one an apprentice, named John West, lost during a gale while on watch near the forecastle, on the night of the 26th February ; the other, William Hutcheson, who while skylarking by hanging to the fore-port brace on the night of the 1st of January, fell overboard and was drowned.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 3 June 1863, Page 2
Sailed. May 28, ship Electra, for New Plymouth.