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New Zealand Bound

The Southern Cross Friday 20th July 1860 pg2
Entered Inwards - July 19 - Egmont, ship, 800 tons, Gibson, from London.

Our old friend the "Egmont," Capt. Gibson, arrived on Wednesday in harbour, from England. She left Gravesend on the 5th April. Sighted San Batonio on the 13th, and crossed the line on the 15th May. Tristian D'Acunha was passed on the 1st, and the Meridian of the Cape on the 9th June, in lat. 46 40. Her highest latitude whilst running down her Easting was 48 to the S. of the Cogets. On the 12th July off Doubtful Bay in the Southern Island. Shipped a heavy sea which swamped the between decks and had to lay to till damage was repaired. The 3 Kings were sighted on the 16th. The "Egmont" was near the Barrier on Tuesday evening, and was standing off and on between that and the Kawau during the night. The 'Egmont" brings a long list of passengers and an assorted cargo. We regret to hear that one of the formar, Mr David Richardson, aged 51, died on the 25th June. He was in a most precarious state when he joined the ship. Cruickshank, Smart and Co. agents.

Passengers - cabin
Allen 		G.F.
Caven 		Hugh
Leatham 	Richard B
Richardson 	Dora, William A., Ada M.
Richardson 	William D.
Scotland 	Henry
Warrington 	Travers
Young 		John B.

Second Cabin:
Adams 		William
Atkinson 	Alex. W.
Allen 		Thomas, Elizabeth, Edward H., Marian, Joseph H, Fanny
Ashdown 	William, Fanny, Fanny, William H., Elizabeth, Benjamin, Arthur
Brears 		John
Berry 		Martha
Cox 		Thomas
Fletcher 	George H.
Fry 		James
Gann 		Joseph H.
Gorton 		Hy
Harker 		Edward, Kate, Edward, George, Ann
Harrison 	Richard, Elizabeth J., 
Hay 		John, Robert
Hewson 		__________
Hobbs 		Joseph, Walter
Hoyle 		John C, Rose
Muskett 	John H.
Richardson 	David
Stges 	William
Venning 	Edward, Sarah J.
Wainwright 	Henry
West 		Mary Sarah
Whichello 	Francis
Yates 		George W.

Barrett 	James
Burton 		Cecily, William, Ann, Thomas, Jane, Joseph and John
Crowley 	Charles and Cornelius
Docking 	Sarah
Duff 		John
Gill 		William
Green 		Louis
Hobbs 		Leonard R
Hoe 		Joseph
Honiss 		Edward
Lawless 	Thomas
McCarty 	Timothy and John
McGlashan 	William, Ann
McKenzie 	Rebecca
Mackie 		George
Malone 		Patrick D.
Simpson 	George
Smith 		Thomas C.
Whittard 	Charles, Isabella M., Charles W., Richard, Isabella M., Mary L., Alice
Reynolds 	John, Joshua, Maria
Waldie 		James, Mary A., Mary, Julia, John, Jessie
Walsh 		John
__________	William, William C., Edward B. 
________, _______, _________, ________

Evening Post, 15 June 1928, Page 13
The death has occurred at Kakaramea of the widow of the late Mr. William M'Glashan in her eighty-ninth year. Mr. and Mrs. M'Glashan came to New Zealand by the ship Egmont, landing at Auckland on 17th July, 1860.

The Southern Cross Friday 20th July 1860 pg2
The Persia, for Auckland, sailed on the 1st May from Gravesend, (arrived Sept. 17th) having on board 200 passengers and a  full cargo general merchandise. This ship is the property of Messrs Seymour, Peacock, and Co., and forms one of the passenger line of packets under the management of Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co. She is 1,683 tons register, being by far the largest ship ever dispatched to the New Zealand colonies. A circumstance worthy of note in the emigration trade in New Zealand is strikingly illustrated in the case of the Persia. of the passengers not more than about one-forth are steerage paying the lowest rate of fare. The remaining three-fourths are made up of chief, and intermediate cabin passengers, being  principally persons of capital large or small, induced to emigrate, not by the pressure of necessity, but from the conviction that they are there - in benefiting their own-interests. The superior character of the emigrants going to New Zealand has rarely been so forcibly exemplified as in the present instance. The Persia is a noble ship fitted up with a great deal of comforts and elegance. The following is a list of the chief cabin passengers:

Bromley 	Mr and Mrs
Collins 	Mr W.
Compton 	Miss
Comyn 		Mr
Corrie 		Mr E.A.
Fairbairns 	Mr F.
Goring 		Mr and Mrs and family (8)
Irvine 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Levy 		Mr B
Mullarky 	Dr
Pocock 		Mrs
Pocock 		Miss
Richardson 	Mr
Shuckburgh 	Miss
Stent 		Miss M
Stent 		Mr J
Stoddart 	Miss
Taylor 		Rev. Mr
Troutbeck 	Mr
Ward 		Mr E.A.
Watt 		Mr
Wilkinson 	Mr and Mrs