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New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness May 15 1880 page 14

Per Shaw, Savill, and Co.s Dunbritton, 1475 tons, Captain Emmett, from London March 12th with 56 passengers. (consigned to Messrs Dalgety and Co.) Arrived Port Chalmers June 13.

Barker 		Thomas
Beadel 		Mr H W
Branson 	Dr C L L
Cowie 		Mr Charles E
Grove 		Mr C W
Harrison 	Mr P J
Potter 		Mr J C
Probyn 		Mr J L
Robinson 	Mr G
Second Cabin
Brown 		Mary
Kelk 		George
Kelk 		Mrs M
Kelk 		Henry P
Kelk 		Frank
McNeal 		James
Menzies 	John
Robinson 	J C
Robinson 	Annie
Robinson 	Francis
Robinson 	Annie
Robinson 	Mary A
Shipton 	John
Abbott 		Mrs Susan
Abbott 		Jane
Abbott 		Robert
Angell 		W
Angell 		Margaret
Angell 		Lizzie
Angell 		Willie
Barrowcliffe 	A T
Buchanan 	Mrs S
Buchanan 	Jane
Buchanan 	Dr
Carson 		Charles
Gorway 		Charles R
Houlder 	James J
Kershaw 	Alfred
Lyons 		James
Meehan 		Martin
Meredith 	Eva
North 		Thomas Henry
Rerons 		Thomas
Roberts 	Alfred
Roberts 	Sydney
Spurgeon 	T H
Thornborough 	William
Thornborough 	Mrs E
Wallace 	John
Wallace 	Mrs Eliza
Wardley 	Joshua
Wardley 	Elizabeth
Wardley 	Charlotte
Wardley 	Helen
Woodman 	Lucy
Woodman 	Jane
Wormold 	John

Robert Chalmers Robinson was born on the ship Dunbritton outside Otago Heads on 13 June 1880. He was named after the nearest Port, which of course was Port Chalmers. He was christened at Port Chalmers on 9 July 1880 and was known by his second name.

English Shipping
Passengers for Otago
Per New Zealand Shipping Company's Van Diemen, Captain J. Shandley, from London March 10th;
Steerage -
Baker 		Charles
Charles 	Edward 
Charles 	Annie
Colledge 	Joshua
Evan 		John
Farrell 	Bernard
Foster 		Elizabeth
Mills 		Nelson
Prothero 	Annie
Taylor 		Edward
Taylor 		William

Per Rotomahana: For Sydney, via East Coast - 
For Lyttelton - 
Dyson 		Mr and Mrs
Mason 		Mrs
McNay 		Miss

For Wellington - 
Bertonshaw	Mr and Mrs
Parker 		Mrs
Taylor 		Miss
Scott 		Mr

For Poverty Bay
Cooper 		Mrs and family (3)

For Auckland
Gorman 		Mr
Grant 		Mr
Horsefall 	Mr
Lees 		Mr and Mrs
Douglas 	Dr
Malligan 	Mr

For Sydney - 
Massey 		Mr
Wymond 		Mr
Per Arawata: For Melbourne, via the Bluff
For the Bluff
Jones 		Mrs and 4 children

For Melbourne
Anderson 	Mr and Mrs and family
Biggings 	Mr
Bradley 	Mr
Brown 		Mrs
Clare 		Mr
Derne 		Mr
Graham 		Miss
Grace 		Mr
Kilgour 	Mr
Marks 		Mrs
Marcorn 	Mr
McKenzie 	Mr
Morgan 		Mr
Perrie 		Mr
Sizeman 	Mr
Stack 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Per Wanaka: For Northern Ports -
For Akaroa
Johnston 	Mr J

For Lyttelton 
Hutton 		Mr and Mrs Hutton
Hutton 		Miss
Parry 		Miss
Bastard 	Mr

For Wellington - 
Forbes 		Mr J
Gardiner 	Mrs

For Wanganui - 
London 		Mr J

For Manuka - 
Buttle 		Mr W D

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