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Arrival of the R.M.S. Doric, from London

New Zealand Bound

Reference online: Papers Past Images online. NZ National Library. 
The Evening Post
, a Wellington, New Zealand newspaper.

Evening Post, Monday 7th April 1890Evening Post, Monday 7th April 1890

April 6th - Doric, RMS, Jennings, 4771 tons, from London, Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart.
The S.S. & A. Co.'s R.M.S. Doric arrived here at 2.42. p.m. yesterday, having experience moderate and variable weather throughout. She left Plymouth at 1.30 p.m. on the 22nd Feb., with 133 passengers for New Zealand and way ports, and arrived at Teneriffe at 7 am on the 27th; moved on at 4 pm the same day, and made Capetown at 5.30 pm on the 14 ult; sailed again at 11.30 pm, and arrived at Hobart at 6 pm on the 1st inst., sailing thence at 8 pm the next day. The length of the voyage was 41 days 6 hours 46 minutes, the actual steaming time being 40 days 35 hours 58 minutes. The cargo consists of 1850 tons. The Doric sails on Friday for Napier and Lyttelton. She brought 39 passengers for Australia and 81 for New Zealand. 19 for Wellington. [Departed Napier 14th April for Lyttelton.]

Following is a list of her passengers:

For Wellington
Argall 		Mr H
Beetham 	Mr and Mrs G
Williamson 	Mr R. Cecil
Wiliamson 	Mr A

Second - 
Gorringe 	Mr
Plissters??	Mr

Steerage - 
Bond 		Messrs (2)
Fry 		Mr
Hussey 		Miss
Mairs 		Mr
Mairs 		Mrs and family
Ralph 		Mr
Ralph 		Miss
Wright 		Mr
Wright 		Mrs
Wright 		Miss

For other ports
Saloon - 
Glynn 		Mr
Goodall 	Miss C.A.  (for Napier)
Kensington? 	Miss
Perkins		Mrs
Price		Mr
Wilkes 		Miss
Wilson 		Mr
Wilson 		Misses (2)

Second -
Briton 		Mr
Cooke 		Mr
Elsmore 	Mrs
Grundy 		Mr
Rigg 		Mr
Rigg 		Mrs and 3 boys
Rigg 		Miss
Thomas 		Mr
Thomas 		Mrs and family (5)

Steerage -
Barnett 	Mr
Buchan 		Mr Alex (for Napier)
Clough 		Mr
Clough 		Mrs
Clough 		Misses (3)
Gamble 		Mr
German 		Mr
Kidd 		Mr
Mathieson 	Mr
McGloin 	Mr
Orton 		Messrs (2)
Richards 	Messrs (2)
Richards 	Mrs
Richards 	Misses (3)
Sandison 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mrs
Stewart 	Messrs (2)
Thomas 		Mr
Todd 		Mr
Towers 		Mr
Way 		Mr
Watt 		Mrs
Watt 		Miss

The Star 16th April 1890
Arrived - April 15 - Doric, R.M.S.S., 4744 tons, Jennings, from Napier. Dalgety and Co., agents.

The Star
April 17th 1890
Horbart, April 16
The R.M.S. Tongariro arrived from London via the cape at three o'clock this morning, and sailed again for New Zealand at 6 p.m. She brings twenty passengers for Australian ports and eighty five for New Zealand.