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'Dona Anita'

New Zealand Bound
1866 to Nelson
1861 23rd Feb. to Lyttelton
1865 1st Jan. to Lyttelton

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 20 February 1866, Page 2
Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Arrived, 19. February barque Dona Anita, from London Nov. 4 1865 after a voyage of 107 days, from London. She has a large cargo and a few passengers for this port.

Passengers per Dona Anita, from London :

Miss Hounsell
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Milner
Mr. and Mrs. Rod
Mr. and Mrs. Scotland
Mr. and Mrs. Toogood

Steerage —

Miss Boyd
Mr. Bolyer
Mr. Carlton
Mr. Cocklan
Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey and child
Mr. Duret
Mr. Falrey
Messrs. Farlar (2)
Mr. Filloy
Mr. Fookes
Mrs. and Miss Giflard
Miss Goodall
Mr. Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Hornby and seven children
Mr. and Mrs. Klarge and three children
Mr. Korte
Miss Krone
Mr Lyon
Mr. and Mrs. Monnier
Mr. O'Sullivan
Miss Patullo
Miss Quinlan
Mr. and Mrs. Revell and child
Misses Robertson (2)
Miss and Master Simmons
Miss Stewart
Mrs. Withey

Cleared Outwards. February 19, steamer Lyttelton, 49 tons, Scott, for Wairau. Passengers - Mr. Henderson, Mr. Rogerson, and twenty from Dona Anita.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 21 April 1866, Page 3
Immigration Accounts. — The balance sheet of the Immigration Commissioners was published in a Gazette on the 18th instant. The disbursements during the past year were
£172 for passages in the Dona Anita, from London ;
£21 for gratuity to the Captain and Surgeon of Dona Anita

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 5 May 1866, Page 2
 Cleared Outwards. May 3, barque Dona Anita, 499, Sharman, for Lyttelton, in ballast.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 5 July 1866, Page 3
Christchurch, July 3, Sailed : the Dona Anita, for London, with a cargo valued at £27,500. She is the last wool ship this season.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 6 March 1866, Page 3
Thursday, March 1. [Before J. Poynter, Esq., Resident Magistrate.
John Higgins, cook of the Dona Anita, was charged with absenting himself without leave from his vessel, and was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment with hard labour.
Saturday, March 3. James Huxley, ordinary seaman, was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment with hard labour, for unlawfully absenting himself from his ship, the Dona Anita.

Monday, March 5. Four seamen, belonging to the Dona Anita, were charged by the captain with having absented themselves without leave from their vessel. In consequence of the fact not having been entered in the vessel's log-book, and the master failing to make out his case, the prisoners were discharged.
Benjamin Jones, a seaman of the Dona Anita, was charged by the police with having resisted them in the execution of their duty, whilst taking in charge the men referred to above. The prisoner was fined £3 and costs, and, in default, a fortnight's imprisonment. Ultimately the prisoner was discharged, on the master of the Dona Anita failing to prove his case against the absentees from his vessel.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 23 February 1861, Page 2
Arrived Feb. 22, barque Dona Anita, 456, Smith, from London.

Passengers— Cabin :

Miss Bollin
Mr Coates
Mr Darling
Mr. and Mrs. Hastelow
Mr Nicholl
Miss Nicholson
Miss Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Shephard
Mrs. Ann Shephard, Master Shephard, Misses Shephard (3)
Mr Wynen

Second cabin:

Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard, and four children
Mr. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Milsom and three children

This vessel, which left Plymouth on the 13th October last, with about thirty passengers and a full cargo of general merchandise for this port, arrived yesterday. So remarkably fine was the greater portion of the voyage that until after reaching Tasmania the royals had not been taken in. After Tasmania had been sighted a succession ol strong north-easterly gales was encountered, which much retarded her progress. New Zealand was sighted on the 19th instant. The Dona Anita has brought in safety the deer shipped in London for this settlement, so that with care we may hope to see this noble animal domesticated among us.

Lyttelton Times, 3 January 1865, Page 4
Jan. 1, Dona Anita, barque, 800 tons, Davis, from London via Invercargill Passengers — Misses Roberts and Braake, and 37 in the steerage.

Lyttelton Times, 5 January 1865, Page 4
Names of Passengers per Dona Anita. —
In the steerage— A. Nottingham, S. E. Philpot, J. H. Boys, J.B. Broadwood, Miss Broadwood, Miss E. S. Puny, W. Dodd, S. E. Crompton, Mrs M. A. Bedgood and four children, W. Simpson, J. S. Newbury, wife and three children, E. C. Gouldstone, S. Werner, James Gentles, W. Balflour, Chas. White, Edward Otway and wife, Geo. Bardly [sic George Barclay], wife and son, Robert Atkin, Robert Williams, Miss Lucy, Hollowell, Miss J. Batchelor, Thos. Milligan, George M'Michew and wife, and J. R. Watson.