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The 'Dominion', 547 tons, sailed from England 8 May, 1851, and arrived Lyttelton 30 August. The 'Bangalore' sailed 9 May, and arrived Lyttelton 21st August, 1851 Total souls chief 29, second & steerage 90 =119 (3 infants)

8 May, 1851
List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand per Ship "Dominion", William S. Drake, Commander, Frederick Richardson, Surgeon-Superintendant, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping

Chief Cabin

Cookson    child          2    F      Died at 5 a.m. 22 June, 1851 Lat. 16.49, Long. 35 
Cookson    child          4    F                                                        
Cookson    child          6    M                                                        
Cookson    Isaac          35   M  Y 3                                                   
Cookson    Mrs            29   F  Y 3                                                   
Hankinson  Donald         19   M                                                        
Laughton   Fred'k Ausgtus 28   M      for Otago                                         
Mathias    Alfred         6    M                                                        
Mathias    Emily          12   F                                                        
Mathias    Frank          8    M                                                        
Mathias    Gertrude       7    F                                                        
Mathias    Herbert        10   M                                                        
Mathias    James Vincent  16   M                                                        
Mathias    Mary           5    F                                                        
Mathias    Mary Anne      40   F  Y 8                                                   
Mathias    Octavus A.M.   45   M  Y 8 Rev'd                                             
Mathias    Richard Canterbury  M      infant                                          
Mathias    Vincent        2    M                                                        
Meville    Frederick Lewis20   M      for Otago                                         
Richardson Fanny          15   F      for Otago                                         
Richardson Frederick      13   M      for Otago                                         
Richardson James          4    M      for Otago                                         
Richardson Malcott        9    M      for Otago                                         
Richardson Mary           44   F    4 for Otago                                         
Roberts    Mary Anne      35   F      for Otago. Another list: age 24                   
Rodgers    George B.      25   M                                                        
Stokes     Edward         35   M  Y   for Otago                                         
Stokes     Eliza          30   F  Y   for Otago                                         
Thomas     Miss           38   F      in second cabin on 2nd list                       

Second Cabin

Archibald  John      29   M                        Otago                                             
Hanson     Anne      30   F       Domestic Servant (another list Harrison, Mary, 30, Dom. Sev't.     
Hayden     Barth"    23   M       Schoolmaster                                                       
Jeffrey    Anne      35   F       Domestic Servant (another list Stephen, Anne, 35)                  
Paddock    Charles   32   M                                                                          
Saxon      Charles   21   M                                                                          
Tulley     Charles   26   M                                                                          
Tulley     George    30   M                                                                          
Whyte                32   M                               appears only on 2nd list


Amgood      Edward         26    M       Farm Labourer     appears only on 2nd list                          
Amgood      Robert         15    M       Farm Labourer     appears only on 2nd list                          
Baird       Alexander      41    M       Cartwright                                                          
Balmer      Charlotte Emma inf   F                         infant                                            
Balmer      Emma Eugene    26    F  Y 1                                                                      
Balmer      Richard        36    M  Y 1  Labourer          Surgeon's assistant                               
Binstead    Elizabeth      30    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Burrows     Caroline       12    F                                                                           
Burrows     Harriett       5     F                                                                           
Burrows     John           53    M    4  Shepherd                                                             
Burrows     John           18    M       Labourer          2nd list  Barrow, John, 24                        
Burrows     Samuel         16    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Burrows     Walter         9     M                                                                           
Davies      Arthor         inf   M                         2nd list Arthur Davis                             
Davies      Danial         9     M                         2nd list Daniel Davis                             
Davies      Henry          40    M  Y 7  Farm Labourer     2nd list Davis                                    
Davies      Henry          14    M       Agr. Labourer     2nd list Davis                                    
Davies      Jane           5     F                         2nd list Davis                                    
Davies      Jason          13    M                         2nd list Davis                                    
Davies      Kate           3     F                         2nd list Davis                                    
Davies      Selina         39    F                         2nd list Davis                                    
Davies      Selina         7     F                         2nd list Davis                                    
Edwards     Henry          20    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Ellis       Fanny          14    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Fisher      Alice          3     F                                                                           
Fisher      Edward         44    M  Y 5  Farm Labourer & drover                                                  
Fisher      Edward         10    M                                                                           
Fisher      Elizabeth      41    F  Y 5                                                                      
Fisher      Elizabeth      14    F                                                                           
Fisher      Ellen          15    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Fisher      Henry          6     M                                                                           
Fisher      James          21    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Fisher      John           18    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Fisher      Mary           7     F                                                                           
Fox         Francis        19    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Fox         Peter          17    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Godfrey     Ellen          15    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Godfrey     Henry          18    M       Labourer                                                            
Godfrey     Rosetta        38    F  Y 3                                                                      
Godfrey     Rosetta        9     F                         Rose                                              
Godfrey     William        39    M  Y 3  Carpenter                                                           
Hatchard    Edward               M                         Transferred to the 'Bangalore'                    
Hubcup      Elizabeth      1     F                                                                           
Hubcup      Emily          7     F                                                                           
Hubcup      Frances        42    F  Y 5                                                                      
Hubcup      George         16    M       Agr. Labourer                                                        
Hubcup      Margaret       13    F                                                                           
Hubcup      Robert         47    M  Y 5  Agr. Labourer                                                        
Jaggar      Henry          30    M  Y    Brewer                                                               
Jaggar      Jane           29    F  Y                                                                         
Johnston    Susan          26    F       Domestic Servant  2nd list Susan Johnson                            
Lawson      Benjamin       24    M       Labourer                                                            
Martin      E.W.           19    M       Labourer          2nd list A.W. Martin                              
Miller      Elizabeth      25    F       Domestic Servant  Eliza                                             
Miller      George         7     M                                                                           
Miller      George         46    M  Y 3  Farm Labourer                                                       
Miller      Isabella       34    F  Y 3                                                                      
Miller      Isabella       1     F                                                                           
Miller      Jessie         10    F                         2nd list a boy                                    
Miller      Robert         30    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Moore       James          28    M  Y                                                                        
Moore       Mary           27    F  Y                                                                        
Palmer      David          36    M  Y 3  Grocer                                                              
Palmer      Elizabeth      11    F                                                                           
Palmer      Emma           36    F  Y 3                                                                      
Palmer      Emma           7     F                                                                           
Palmer      George         5     M                                                                           
Reader      Charles Jnr.   48    M  Y    Carpenterr                                                          
Reader      Harriett       30    F                                                                           
Russell     Agnes          10    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Russell     Anne           18    F                         confined of a male child 26 May 1851                       
Russell     Ebenzer        11    M       Tailor                                                              
Russell     Robert         39    M  Y 5  Tailor                                                              
Russell     Robert         15    M       Farm Labourer                                                       
Russell     Sarah          38    F  Y 5                                                                      
Russell     Sarah          14    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Shreeve     Cecil          28    M  Y    Farm Labourer                                                       
Shreeve     Mary Anne      26    F  Y                                                                        
Smith       Jane           22    F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Stavmer     Martha         31    F                          for Otago, (?Shavmer)                            
Stavmer     Peter          30    M  Y    Labourer           for Otago, (?Shavmer)                            
Talbot      Anne           48    F       Steamstress       2nd list Ann                                      
Walsh       Moses          24    M       Butcher                                                             
Wyatt       Elizabeth      24    F  Y                                                                        
Wyatt       Henry          27    M  Y    Farm Labourer                                                       

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Passenger list for this arrival also appeared in The Lyttelton Times at New Zealand Room, Canterbury Public Library, Christchurch, New Zealand

Passenger Lists of Canterbury Association Ships published in 1900 will contain additional details on the above passengers. 

BURROWS : John BURROWS was a 52 yr old widower, accompanied by 5 of his children - John, Samuel, Caroline, Walter & Harriet. He was born 1798 in Shropshire and had married Mary BISHOP at Clungunford on 3 Jul 1826. Their 1st son died young and the oldest 2 daughters didn't come to NZ. He had been a miller at Checkhill Mill, Kinver & a farmer at Hempton, Chelmarsh, Shropshire. The family bible records the birth dates of the family but not all baptisms have been found yet. John lived at Ferry Rd, Papanui & Woodend before buying a farm at Halswell. The Halswell farm remained in the family until 1986. John died on 9 Oct 1866 and is buried in the Barbadoes St Cemetery, Christchurch. Family:
1. John b 24 Apr 1827 died young
2. Mary b 18 Oct 1828
3. Elizabeth b 14 Jun 1830
4. John b 13 Jun 1832 d Christchurch unmarried
5. Samuel Hollinshead b 1 Jan 1835 bapt. 3 Jan 1835 Enville, STS, ENG d 4 Feb 1907 Christchurch NZ. m. Catherine CLEARY at Sandhurst, VIC, AUS on 9 Apr 1859. Returned to NZ after first child John was b. in 1860. They carried on the family farm at Halswell.
6. Caroline b 15 Mar 1838 d 8 Mar 1864 Christchurch m. Thomas McKENZIE 13 Apr 1857 in Christchurch.  Thomas remarried to Charlotte SANDERS, and he was  killed  Jan 1869 at Kai-iwi in NZ Wars (Armed Constb.). Children from both marriages were orphaned when Charlotte also died young.
7. Walter James b 1 Apr 1841, bapt at Chelmarsh, Shropshire, d 21 Apr 1917 Ahaura, NZ m. Elizabeth DENTON. Cattle drover & dealer.
8. Harriet b 1 Nov 1845 bapt 19 Nov 1845 Enville, d 27 Feb 1924   m.. Henry John CHAPMAN 10 Mar 1865 at Kaiapoi. Lived at East Eyreton.
Contact: Ann Posted 27 July 2000.

Henry and Jane (nee Turnbull) JAGGAR married in Oxford, England on the 24th  April 1851 and on the 8th May they set sail on the Dominion, bound for New Zealand.   Also on board was Jane's half-sister Fanny ELLIS - one brother was already in New Zealand and the rest of their family followed a few months later.  They landed at Lyttelton and remained there for a number of years - their first child, Catherine, was born there in January 1852.  Henry worked as a cooper and brewer, his occupation in Oxford, and Jane opened a school for girls in the Lyttelton Immigration Barracks in 1852.

In November 1858 Henry opened a brewery in Kaiapoi and Jane became mistress of the Kaiapoi Church School. In 1864 Henry and Jane were sent to Timaru to open the first church school. Her brother Richard TURNBULL also moved to Timaru in 1864 where he became a councilman and later represented Timaru in Parliament for 12 years until his death in 1890.  They taught there, assisted by three daughters, until 1873. Five daughters became school teachers with Catherine opening the first school in Pleasant Point at the age of only seventeen.  At the end of 1873 they moved back up to the Christchurch area where Jane died in 1874.  Henry continued teaching, mainly on Banks Peninsula, until he retired in 1886 and moved back to Timaru where he died in 1905. Information courtesy of Sandra Worthington. Please contact Sandra if you would like more information or have information to share on this family.

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 37, 20 September 1851, Page 4
Died, on the morning of the 18th inst., suddenly, near Christchurch, Marianne, the wife of the Rev. Octavius Mathias.

READER: Charles John and Harriet Reader
Charles John was the son of Charles and Mary Reader whom were based in Temple Bar London.   Charles Snr. was a bookseller for Longmans Green and his sons were also tied up to the same trade.  Charles John worked at his fathers residence as a shopman before leaving with his wife Harriet on the Dominion to New Zealand.  He obtained passage by acting as a carpenter, as tradesmen were to have free passage, as they were sort after in NZ at the time.  Once in New Zealand C.J. Reader became the librarian at the Mechanical Institute which is now the Canterbury Library.  His family lived in the upstairs apartment until 1873 when it was discussed that the mere existence of the Institute was in danger so her forfeited 25% of his wage and moved out of the apartment so it could be let.  Charles John was also part of the Lyttelton Colonists Association which reported the Provincial Constitution which was proclaimed by His Excellency the Governor of New Zealand.  Charles John Reader also was an instigator in the findings of labourers being brought into the country under false pretences. Charles John and Harriet had four children: Charles, Emily, Thomas and William Henry.
Information courtesy of Stuart Reader whose trade is a bookbinder today.  Please contact Stu if you would like more information or have information to share on this family. Posted Sept 2 1999

Hawera & Normanby Star, 23 October 1909, Page 7
WELLINGTON, October 23. Hon. George F. Richardson, Minister for  Land, Agriculture, Mines and Immigration m the Atkinson Government, died to-day, aged 73. Mr Richardson arrived in New Zealand in the ship Dominion from London in 1851. He joined the Government service in 1860 as a cadet in the Survey Office, and was closely identified with Southland �affairs for many years. Mr Richardson met with a buggy accident 11 months �ago while inspecting a Wairarapa property on behalf of the Government. He never recovered, from its effects, but was only seriously ill for a few days before, his death. Deceased, who was a prominent officer in the Institute of leaves a widow, two sons and three daughters.

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 37, 20 September 1851, Page 4
ARRIVED. Sept. 14, barque Sir Harry Smith, 408 tons, Raymond, from Melbourne. Passengers, Mr. and Miss Nicholson, and 4 in the steerage.
Sept. 15, barque Wellington, 473 tons, Benny, from Melbourne. Passengers, Messrs. W. Kaye, R. Chapman, H. Jeffries, J. Payne, wife and child, C. Barnes, H. Tompkins, W. Webb, J. Jones.
Sept. 18, ship Lady Nugent, 668 tons, Parsons, from London.
SAILED. Sept. 14, barque Cacique, 141 tons, Milne, for Hobart Town. Passengers, Mr.T. Risbey, Mr. W Gardner.
Same day, barque Bangalore, 876 tons, Morgan, for Wellington. Passengers, Miss Roberts, Mr. Harris, Mr. Me Laren, Mr. Balfour, wife and family. Sept. 19, barque Sir Harry Smith, 408 tons, Raymond, for Melbourne.
Same day, barque Wellington, 473 tons, Benny, for Melbourne.
Sept. 20, barque Dominion, 583 tons, Darke, for Otago. Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Richardson and three children, Miss Richardson, Mr. and Miss Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. Shriver, Mr. Archibald, Mr. Meaville, Mr. Laughton.

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 37, 20 September 1851, Page 5
The importations of stock from Port Philip have been resumed, the 'Sir Harry Smith " and 'Wellington ' having arrived this week with full freights. Both ships have been tolerably fortunate, the losses having been moderate. We learn from competent authority that the sheep imported in the "Wellington" by W. Kaye, Esq., of Port Philip, are of a very superior description, having been selected with such judgment as to render them unrivalled among the flocks hitherto brought to this settlement. The same flock-master has also brought an importation of calves, many of which are thorough-bred.

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"The Sailors Alphabet"
A's for the anchor that swings at our bow,
B's for the bowsprit through the wild seas do plough,
C's for the capstan we merrily around,
D are the davits we lower our boats down.
Now E for the ensign that files at our peak,
F is for the fo's'sle where the good sailors sleep.
G for the galley where the cooks hop around,
H are the halyards we haul up and down,
I's for the irons where our boom ship,
J's for the the jibs that so neatly do sit.
K's for the keelson, of which we are told,
L's for the lanyard that keeps a good hold.
Now M is the mainmast so neat and so strong,
N for the needle that never points wrong,
O for the oars we row our boats out,
P for the pumps that will keep her afloat.
Q for the quarterdeck, where our officers stand,
R for the rudder, keeps the ship in command.
S for the sailors, who move her along,
T for the topsails we hoist with a song.
U for the Union which flies at our peak,
V for the victuals which the sailors do eat.
W for the wheel where we all take our turn,
X, Y, Z is the name on our stern.