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New Zealand Bound

Southern Cross Monday 17 April 1876 page 2
Port of Auckland
Arrivals - April 15
Dilpussund, barque, 624 tons, Kelly, from London

Passengers: Mrs Buckly and 5 children, and Mr Mitchell

3 hhds., 3 casks, 1 case, 11 bales, 3 cases, Owen and Graham
8 cases, 1 bale, New Zealand Herald
34 anchors, 179 kegs, 8 machines, 393 tons pig iron, 124 kegs nails, 273 packages, 2 parcels.

1 chest solazzi juice, 2 chests shellac, 20 drums methylated spirits, 5 cases Price's night lights, 8 cases De Jongh's cod-liver oil, 3 cases Moeller's cod-liver oil, 2 cases Meggeson's jujubos, 2 cases Maw's sundries, 14 cases patent medicines - Hamilton Brothers.

Arrival of the Dilpussund
It seldom happens that a vessel from home to New Zealand passes so near Gippsland as to signal herself at Wilson's Promontory, yet such has occurred with the London barque Dilpussund, which arrived in out port on Saturday night last. Twenty-one days of easterly winds after passing the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, and then S.W. gales, forcing the vessel through Bass's Strait, is sufficient to account for her somewhat prolonged passage. Report furnished by Mr G. Allman, chief officer. The Dilpussund left London on the 22nd of December last, and Gravesend on the 24th... The Dilpussund brings a few passengers and a full general cargo. She is consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company. Her registered tonnage is 625 tons. She is a composite built vessel, and is commanded by Captain J. Kelly.

Southern Cross Monday 24 April 1876 page 2

The Dilpussund, from London, hauled alongside the wharf on Saturday, in the berth lately occupied by the ship Merwanjee Framjee. The barque Aline, from Glasgow, on Saturday, hauled alongside the western T of the wharf to discharge cargo.